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(written circa 2004)

Since working on my latest lecture series, Afrikan Spirituality: the Microcozm of the Macrocozm, the research has challenged me to address several topics many of us were taught as youths. One in particular is the age-old theory of Evolution.

YTs claim is that man came into bein’ from the family of primates (which include apes/monkeyz). When we use YTs dictionary of wordz, they say ‘evolution’ meanz, “(1)The theoretical process by which all species develop from earlier forms of life; (2)the gradual development of something into a more complex or better form.”

‘All species develop from earlier formz of life’, now lets build on that. If something evolves or develops from something before it, that could also be seen as something that replaced its predecessor. Now, if we evolved from apes and/or monkeyz, common sense would lead you to believe — based on their definition of Evolution — apes and monkeyz should no longer be here!

So, suffice it to say, this theory should be thrown out the window. It makes sense to me why YTs school system would want us to believe this because this theory bindz you to the physical earth, totally disregarding what exists outside our atmosphere. It is this type of thinking that has cut us off spiritually and metaphysically makin’ it virtually impossible to “think outside the box.”

Here at DGT we profess the will to be open to 'alternative thinking'. This type of thinking, I believe, has the potential to open gatewayz to a realm that I’d like to introduce as a replacement of ‘Evolution’, I call it ‘Nebulution’ (for reference, read The God Complex).

See, we’re really microcozmz of the macrocozm. What is the macrocozm? I’d like to refer to the ever-expanding poly-verse as a physical example. If you look beyond the gravitational pull that keeps us grounded on Earth, the planet itself “floats” and circumnavigates the Sun — which is a Star among an infinite number of living and dying Starz. By studying the Djhuitic (erroneously called Hermetic) principle, 'Correspondence' — As above, so below, as below, so above, we find the study of nature of the first rung on the ladder to greater understanding and eventual overstanding self knowledge is the basis of all true knowledge. Mastery of the passionz allow higher thought and action.

To free the spirit, control the senses, the reward will be clear insight. We are what we eat, physical food becomes a physical body. So goes for what we take in mentallywhich becomes our mental body. You will find that if we live in the poly-verse, we are of the poly-verse, and if we are of the poly-verse, there must be poly-verses in us, because we are the microcozm of the macrocozm or smaller part a bigger whole.

If we could zoom into ourself, it would look just like the poly-verse! Look at the skin on your hand. We weren’t taught there are billionz, probably trillionz of moving activity goin’ on that our naked eye cannot see. It’s been estimated some 6 trillionz thingz goes on at any moment in our body. If you were to get a high-powered microscope and focus on your hand, the deeper you get, you’d eventually see that we are merely molecules, electronz, and chemical compoundz.

These same elements also exist in space (again, because we are the microcozm of the macrocozm). Think about how planets are created. To date, astronomerz and scientists have been able to hypothesize the creation of life wasn’t actually how the Bible stated. To believe the “story” of genesis literally, totally goes against how the rest of the poly-verse continues to exist. Journey with me...

We look at the sky at night and don’t realize we are witnessing the birth, change (not death), and rebirth of Starz before our eyes. Ever wondered what gives birth to Starz? Nebula’s. Nebula’s are a cluster of gases and dust that appear as a cloudy patch of light. Nebula’s are probably creationz greatest because they come in all sorts of colorz, shapes, and sizes.

I’d like to refer to Nebula’s as parents who give birth to Starz as their offspring. These Starz wander out of the womb of a Nebula and begin their journey into infinite space expanding in size and energy over time. No one really knowz how long the life of a Star is and I'm sure as with humanz, they vary in lifespan. For comparison, it is estimated our Sun is 93million-human/earth-yearz-old and should burn another 93million.

The older a Star becomes, the bigger it becomes and beginz to take on a white color — which, by the way, in the ancient Nile Valley of Afrika, the color was seen as the color of death, or the ending hence, the ‘white’ snow of winter givin’ off the presumption that the earth is dead (or quiet) when it’s really sleeping; or the ‘whiteness’ of flour, sugar, and other deadly products that bring nutrition to an ‘end’ when consumed.

In relation to a ‘dying’ or changing Star, the beginning/birth is symbolized by the blackness of its carbon-based core and the death or change of the Star comes as the Star turnz white. This same concept microcozmically can be applied to a piece of dog feces seen in the park — alright, if you got neighborz like me, seen in front of your house!

When first vacated from the host (dog), the feces has a dark brown to even green appearance (depending on how much vegetation it has in its diet). As it sits there on the soil for example, an exchange beginz to happen. The earth Starts to pull the nutrients from the manure and replenishes it into itself. What it does not need it leaves. It’s like suckin’ the marrow out of a bone. The earth sucks what it needz and what’s left apperaz as a white nutrition-less piece of -ish. Over time, the feces beginz to dry up and eventually become one with the elements of the air as the breeze of oxygen and other elements flow throughout.

Macrocozmically, some Starz explode at their change (death) while otherz implode creating what’s known as a Black hole, which is believed to be a portal to other parts of the poly-verse. For those Starz that explode, the outer core that shoots out are pieces of the Star that are now independent of the Star. Of these, there are some that get caught up in the gravitational pull of the now new nucleus formed from the “old” Star. This new nucleus creates an energetic gravitational pull forcing the “new” pieces of debri to circle around this new nucleus.

The temperature in space is said to be -273°C, which meanz, it is so cold, if you were to step out of a space vessel into space in a turtleneck and a bubblegoose, wrapped in an electric blanket, you would still freeze solid immediately like glass! And because everything is moving so fast in space (giving off the appearance that nothing is moving, because everything is moving relatively at the same speed), a particle of debri as small as a grain of sand can shoot right through you, shattering you to pieces!

However, if you take the heat of this new nucleus/Star/Sun, the heat plus the cold of space creates steam and water. Now what is the molecular structure of water? H2O!! Hydrogen and Oxygen. Now, YT will have you believe there is no oxygen on any other planet, nor in space for that matter, other than planet Earth. This arrogant and ignorant belief is a vital part to the people of this planet’s belief that we are the only life in space. In the movie, 'Mission to Mars', Don Cheadle was able to prove oxygen existed on Mars. I believe this to be true not only on Mars but throughout space! Why? If you believe in the microcozm of the macrocozm, what’s on the smaller scale is the same (only different in degree) to what is on the larger scale.

The water blendz with space debri [which is most likely frozen (and to be frozen, that meanz water has to be present!)] circling the new sun and, coupled with heat and water, softenz some of the rock into soil where in other parts of this new debri (which is actually a new planet forming), the ice has melted into oceanz, seas, lakes, and swamps. Using common sense, you can now see how vegetation, fungus, bacteria and other living organizmz manifest, on up to human life as we know it.

Many of us can’t clearly see this due to this societies programming system called school and the church (religion). These are places where they separate science from spirituality; a place where many of us become imprisoned behind the transparent prison barz of trained thought, ceasing to use our vast-connected mindz that can reveal probably the most demanded question... 'what's the meaning of life and my purpose?' — will be expounded on my 2nd book, 'The Unknown-Known: the Seldom Traveled Quest of Questionz (2012)

Coupled with YTs ongoing slaughter of truth with all the alien movies they dream up in Hell-Y-wood, it’s quite a challenge to get someone to believe there may be life elsewhere and that this intelligence isn’t necessarily little green or gray men with big eyes, long fingerz, and wants to kidnap and perform tests on you.

I challenge you to do further investigation and on this challenging quest, when and if you feel the focus is becoming blurred, remember, we are, just as everything is; a mere consumption of elements of the bigger thing.

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