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(written circa 2011)

Author, Anthony Browder once said to me that we are “Spiritual Beingz having a human experience who chose to come back for a purpose.” I believe we’re all microcozmz of the macrocozm — a smaller part of a bigger thing. And just as we live in part of a polyverse, there are polyverse's in each of us.

I choose to call it a poly- (meaning, more than one) instead of uni-verse because the realm we live in actually is incalculable. With space being perceived to be limitless, there's no way of knowing exactly how many worldz, galaxies, and dimensionz have existed as well as presently exist!

If you study the fourth Djhuitic Principle, Polarity, it states, “everything has its pair of opposites,” meaning there is duality in everything; two legz, two eyes, two brainz (left and right), the physical and non-physical realm, and yes, there being more than one universe. Polarity states duality, so the concept of there being a single universe has to be incorrect. Using the Microcozm of Macrocozm theory, it proves there isn’t just one or a universe, but many polyverses!

In short, the Microcozm of Macrocozm theory can be easily explained if you were to look inward (or microcozmically), zooming into yourself, you will find innumerable organizmz and cellz resembling what you'd see macrocozmically in space, or the polyverse.

Look at the skin on your hand. Many aren't aware there are over 6 trillion formz of activity goin’ on at any one moment that we can't feel nor our naked-eye can see. We shouldn't be too naive to think just because we can't see or even feel it doesn't mean it does not exist.

Focusing on your hand with a high-powered microscope, the deeper you get, you’ll be able to see cellular activity, just as macrocozmically you may see movement looking out the window of an airplane on your descent to land. At 30,000 feet, you'll see thingz in motion, but as you come closer to the landing pad, these tiny specks of movement are actually people moving about their business; the microcozm of the macrocozm.

Another example is looking at a plants’ soil. There, you’ll see crawling lifeformz livin’ their lives on what can be considered their planet. So is the same with the organizmz that exist on you. As these lifeformz maintain their lives, simultaneously they are preserving yourz! To them, your body is their planet! This makes the perception of what we are much bigger than the illusionary parameterz the european-based western society wants us to see.

Have you ever wondered why it seemz the polyverse gives the impression life is only on planet Earth?! YT realizes there’s more to life than what’s “inside the box”. While they raise large sumz of money for fellowships and groups that specialize in studies and debates on the possibilities of life “outside the box”, they want us to remain inside the box, caught up in tryin’ to pay rent, feed families and deal with the conditionz of global white supremacy. Meanwhile, they're researching our ancient scrollz in search of answerz we, melanated people, innately know if we tuned into our higher frequency.

One of the easiest wayz to prove this is by using the Djhuitic Principle, ‘Correspondence’. By simply realizing everything is connected, from micro- to macrocozmically, it’s easy to realize that we can understand the thingz we don’t know simply by studying the thingz we do. We are, just as everything is, a mere consumption of elements of a bigger thing(z).

If you’re aware of the Seven Djhuitic Principles (not Hermetic), Correspondence speaks of how everything is linked; both a smaller part of a bigger thing and vice-versa. It got me thinkin’ about how fragile life as we know it is on this planet. We worry about many thingz, from natural disasterz (tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes) to man-made atrocities (nuclear bombz, oil spillz, radiation leaks). YTs carved up the planet overruling the fact that we’re all citizenz of this planet first and foremost, and should have access to anywhere on this planet without the worry of passports.

With all this man-made nonsense, it can make one feel separated from the 'Unknown' and thus, segregate amongst each other. This is purely a european mindset scientifically diagnosed to reside predominately in melanin-deficient organizmz, specifically humanz. Oftentymz the inability to comprehend leadz to a feeling of separation anxiety from the bigger picture. But if we applied Correspondence, we would see we are not alone. In fact, every earth-minute that passes is a blessing.

We seldom dwell on what goes on outside our atmosphere. You think your local crack-corner is dangerous? I beg to differ. Space is the precedent of a danger zone, where anything can happen at any moment; a comet crashes into a mega-ton block of rock; a star explodes (or implodes creating a Blackhole); or a galaxy is engulfed by an adjacent over-powering galaxy causing bright colorz to blaze across the dark spectrum of the polyverse. Most of these colorz are remnants of colliding matter far more destructive than the A-Bomb here on Earth.

Looking at it through this lenz, we have been blessed, for it only takes a solar-wind powerful enough to move us a fraction of a degree off our current axis of 23.5 ° and life as we know it would be drastically and even fatally different! We experience four seasonz because of how the Earth rotates around the Sun. If the Sun cooled down or was to rise a fraction of a degree, we could either freeze instantly or burn!

This is somethin’ YT can never control, because space is too large – it’s infinite! Everything moves, so we have no clue what’s floating towardz our direction. This isn’t to scare you, it’s to make you appreciate what we are and the time we have to be an asset to our existence rather than one who sit’s on the sideline and wonderz when this religious god is gonna come and save us. Live life, ‘cause tomorrow really isn’t promised...

Ask yourself, are we alone? If space is infinitely expanding, do you know how big space is? Better yet, in order for space to expand, it has to expand over or into something. What is it that its expanding into?! In other wordz, what was before space?? These are a series of questionz I’ve had since the dayz of my youth. And although I haven’t been able to answer them yet, I believe applying ‘Correspondence’ has helped me remain on the path of eventually knowing.

Of all the space programz on Earth, none are older than 100 yearz old. We’re led to think because we haven’t been able to prove there’s life elsewhere in the polyverse that there isn’t when in fact, it may take hundredz, even thousandz of more Earth yearz before we’re able to contact anyone or thing. So remain open, keep studyin’ and applyin’ those principles!!


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• I wanna say u really hit the nail on the head when u spoke on, "we as citizens & blacks the rightful elders of the planet shouldn't need a passport!" That's a level of control I neva even thought about! As far as the microcosm of the macrocosm goes, if u correspond the current mindset of Blacks initially & the rest of the human family globally with that of YT current research of space u can see the parallels! The percentage of our brain power we use today almost directly matches the 4.9% of visible matter in space! The rest is what they call the unknown or dark energy/black matter(MELANIN) that makes up the majority of space! My question is. How do we tap into this dormant melanin or unknown regions of our mind? I know we 4got! Bobby Hemmit spoke of an "acoustic memory" or what u call the innate ancestral databanks! Not to bog u down wit more questions but how does one go about tappin into this dormant knowledge? I'm not lookin for a direct answer more like a guide me in the right direction/info/book!

I really want to learn to do it cuz our(BLACKS) problems are so complex & Our-story has been so booby-trapped that my patience is not ready for anotha 50yrs of trying to make peace & all this politically & religiously correct debatin Allah no Jesus no Yaweh no KMT! I have a dream azz approach! We need to organize thinkers with a f*k religion BLACK 1ST attitude & vibrate that type of energy in2 our people & ELIMINATE these crackaz on all levels men women & children! That's how they did us! U saw Star Wars III that "execute order 66" George Lucas ain't slick he meant order 666(carbonated/melanin beings)! Worry about which oppressors god came 1st later!

Excuse my emotion but when u really start to unravel fact & fiction & understand this "black conciousness" thing if u don't feel vengeance in yo heart then u should go back to bein a nigga! Hotep!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Peter Showers ( on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 11:01 AM

• excellent article bruh, as always!! thankx.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Michelle Franklin via Facebook on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 11:50 AM

• Just simply the omniverse.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Jamal K. Johnson ( on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 11:43 AM

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