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(written 1998)

Flashback. Countdown...December 31st, 1999. The world awaits the beginning of a new era. While many are preparin' themselves for the party of a lifetyme, many await the "2nd Coming" of Jesus Christ. To no avail, Jesus is a no show. The faithful have been mislead, though they still refuse to believe it. Instead, they randomly try and choose anutha date buying their fate some tyme.

What happened? Y didn't he show? Religious folk will say, you can't predict when "he'll" come, "he'll" come when "he" wants to, "like a thief in the nite." Think about the people back in, say, 4000BC, even further back, like 25,000BC (BC, being 'Before Christ' — can you see the current world religious systemz arrogance?!!?), do you think they were waiting for the infamous "2nd Coming"? It may be hard for you to realize this but the dayz of worshipping Jesus are numbered. Look through the eyez of tyme and history Afrikanz. You will find that each era had a God they prayed to, then as hundredz of yearz passed, anutha God was chosen. The worship of Jesus Christ as the savior will serve to be no different than any of the other Godz of our past.

It may be hard for you to believe Afrikanz that we are, in fact, at the dawn of that new age! The worship of Jesus Christ as the worldz savior reign is comin' to an end. The question is who's the next savior?

Our Ancestorz knew that an enlightened people could never be enslaved and that an ignorant people could never be set free. I know, you thinkin' just because Jesus hasn't revealed himself when you wanted to does not mean he doesn't exist. I assure you, it's not about that. Not is it only because of his reluctance to reveal himself at the turn of the century, more importantly, because our Ancestorz in Kemet wrote it in the starz over 6000 yearz ago.

What was known as the "Great Year" determined by what is called the Precision of the Equinoxes, which operates on accord to the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth's axis. Our Ancestorz, who were also Gnostics (who the Biblical Jesus allegedly studied with), studied the wobbling effect of the Earth's axis and carved a great circle in the heavenz According the Wayne Chandler, author of Ancient Future, the Kemetianz calculated the tyme it takes for the Earth to go through each house of the zodiac which takes 25,920 yearz. They "divided this astronomical event into 12 parts, each representing a constellation usually symbolized by an animal. From these...we derive the 12 signs of the zodiac originating from the greek word 'zoion', which means 'animal'."

Each zodiac takes up 30 degreez. When we multiply 30 tymz the 12 signz, it equalz 360 (degreez or whole). Each period lasts approximately 2160 yearz. Multiply that by the 12 zodiacs, we come to 25,920, the Great Year. Some scientist's estimate we've gone through thousandz of Great Yearz. With the Earth estimated to be as old as 4.6 billion yearz, we've had to have gone through almost 177,000 Great Yearz! Even though it is estimated by YT that the human species — as we know it — have been on Earth for only 115 Great Yearz, or about 3 million yearz. As each age passed, the zodiacs influence can be seen.

During the age of Gemini (6000-4000BC), was a tyme when humanz developed writing, bearing no coincidence that Gemini is the sign of communication). The recording and storing of information was created; next was Taurus (4000-2000BC) witnessing new technology in buildingz and art, with the age of Aries (2000-1BC) known as the Iron Age, characterized by its militancy. Kemet was overthrown by the Persianz, Greeks and then the Romanz. With the age we just left, Pisces (around 1-2000AD) is the period where christianity was enforced on the land, with Pisces, in the symbol of the fish, being the sign of spiritual knowledge.

The thought of there soon bein' anutha God to take the place of Jesus may be sacrilegious to many. After all, to make such a statement would perceive many to believe I am an atheist. Be that as it may, when questioning religion, we all realize this to be a very touchy topic to discuss oftentymz ending in argument while very seldom enhancing comprehension.

That is Y I chose to write this piece. Not to continue the argument, but to use history as the measuring stick and show that Jesus wasn't alwayz the 'God of choice', and won't be the last, In addition, by lookin' at the history of wo/man, we will show that just as each era had it's own form of worship, their tyme came and went and a new belief system was installed.

Just as I was led to believe growin' up in a non-Afrikan environment (society), Jesus and God were the only 2 holy people I really had to worry about. The Bible achieves this fabrication by starting out in Genesis with the infamous wordz, "In the Beginning." To most, if not all, 'In the Beginning' is all they need to know. Because of the way our educational system has instilled in us to accept without question, many perceive the beginning to be just that, 'the beginning' and nothing coming before that. Bein' an Afrikan devoting myself to reclaim Ourstory, I couldn't be satisfied with accepting this.

So when one readz the Bible and it talks of the beginning, one is mislead to believe the Bible has alwayz been here, since the beginning of man. Using the Nile Valley as my measuring stick, you'll find no presence whatsoever of a text called the Holy Bible. In fact, you won't find any story of Jesus either. What you will find is a spiritual text entitled, The Book of the Dead aka, The Book of Coming Forth By Day discovered (meaning it was here well before that) around 4266BC, during the reign of Hesep-ti, the 5th pharaoh of the 1st Dynasty.

From this you will find numerous similarities that are found in the Holy Bible. Now, using intelligence Afrikanz, it would be a BIG coincidence for a book to surface, with practically the same storyline and not be related. With the Holy Bible as a text, nowhere near 2000 yearz old, plus with the religion Christianity barely over 1000 yearz old, it's hard to believe it is authentic with all the plagiarizm and book burningz YT has done over the millenniumz. In fact, it is well known throughout those who've studied this topic that the Holy Bible is equivalent to being a sort of "cliffnotes" to the Book of the Dead.

Ask yourself, from what you know of Kemet, have you ever read or seen any icon that depicted any image (true or false; Afrikan or white) of Jesus? No, they had their own God. We must overstand that our Ancestorz used holistic knowledge to dictate tyme millenniumz after they've been long gone. They found immortality by preserving the knowledge we now use today, yet fail to overstand, due to the ignorance of YT.

Back in the Nile Valley, around 4000BC, a new age had dawned, the age of Taurus. The Kemetic government was suddenly changed in both political and religious matterz along with habits, customz and beliefs. For instance, the custom of tying up the bodies of the dead so they couldn't walk about at the nite was stopped, women were treated with more respect and dignity and human sacrifice was restrained.

With this sudden cultural shock, the people were to experience a new consciousness. The KMTic priests instructed the pharaoh to have his queen wear a new crown of 2 hornz, symbolizing the hornz of the bull Taurus, with a disc, which symbolized the moon, between them. Aset can be seen wearin' this crown which commemorated the dawning of the age of Taurus and to show that there is both a female and a male force. Read about the Ausarian Drama and you'll learn of Aset's tenacity. 2100 yearz into the age of Taurus, iconz and statues of the bull, called Apis (which turnz out the be the first letter of the English alphabet) could be seen among the people living around the Mediterranean.

Following Taurus came the dawning of a new age of the zodiac, Aries, the sign of the ram. It was during this age Moses came up out of Kemet and said, "I am the ram, the ram of God."

When he came down from the mountain of Sinai in Exodus 32, he found the people erroneously lapsed back into worshipping the bull (Taurus) with the making of the golden calf. Exodus 32:20 readz, "Then he took the calf which they had made, burned it in the fire, and ground it to powder; and he scattered it on the water and made the children of Israil drink it." Y? Because Moses had learned from the Kemetic Priests that the age of Taurus had passed and that they were livin' in the age of Aries, therefore, his people were worshipping the wrong icon. Most have been misled to believe he didn't want the people worshipping idolz, but it wasn't that...he didn't want them worshipping the wrong one.

After the age of Aries came the next zodiac, Pisces. This is the tyme where christianity came into dominance, with its followerz choosing the fish as their symbol. This is the age we are moving out of. If you've ever noticed on millionz of carz, you may see the model of a fish in the rear. As stated before, our Ancestorz already had an outline for the priesthood to follow. In Matthew 4:19 of the New Testament, we find the announcement of Jesus who said to his crew he would "make you to become fishers of men." Many associate the lamb and even the black panther to him, but never the fish. This fish symbol standz as the symbol of christianity where drawingz of the fish back in the day were used as secret signz between early christianz. And just as the people established the current symbol for which they worship, the next age will bring yet anutha symbol and, dare I say, anutha belief system.

Almost 60 centureez before our era, our Ancients watched the reflecting light of the moon, as it moved slowly across the Pyramidz of Giza. Based on the movement of the moon, they calculated the light as it shown directly on the center of the Pyramidz shadow.

These measurements were compared with the measurement's they got from the sunz shadowz and gave them a date 6000 yearz into the future, in the astronomical age of Aquarius, the water bearer. There have been several dates said to be the start of Aquarius. According to author of 5/5/2000, Richard Noone, it started August 20, 1953; Astrologist, Joanna Martine Woolfolk believed it started January 2000, regardless, we are either in the age or it is upon us and it can been seen by it's definition.

So what should we expect from the age of Aquarius, the water bearer? It is said this will be a tyme where the concept of individual nationz will fade and that humankind will join together as one people (yeah, if and only if white supremacy is annihilated). This is a tyme where society will experience a new awareness and scientific knowledge and invention throughout the airwaves. With the rate of inventionz like the internet and space travel behind us, no tellin' what the world will see the next 2000 yearz, maybe even travel outside our solar system. With these possibilities, the concept of the God we know that walked this Earth seem diminutive.

Aquarius is also a mental sign. This is an era where the information age will see heights we haven't attained since the dayz of the Nile Valley, if — and only if — we use our Afrikan Ancestorz as our measuring stick.

I have yet to find out who or what will be the next savior. After all, we've still got over 2100 yearz to go in Aquarius. We may not be actual witnesses to this change but do know this, it will come. The question really is, who you gonna listen to, your Afrikan Ancestorz who prophesized this millenniumz ago, or some self-serving caucasian who wants to continue holding you down using one of the 3 major western religionz (christianity, judaizm, islam) to derail you from knowing thyself. The choice is yourz, but the forecast soon will come to light. MORE FIRE!!

For additonal info, watch 'Numerical Mystereez' on DGTv.

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