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(written 2006)

Remember when Chicken George, I mean, MC Hammer danced for KFCs popcorn-chicken about a decade ago? This was the beginning of the industrial strong-arm of tv product placement into the rap game. Well, thingz are about to heat up again!

According to Advertising Age, in 2005 McDonald's has offered to pay popular Hiphop performerz if they mention their Big Mac sandwich in their lyrics. The agreement offerz no advance on royalty cuts, but will pay each artist $5 every time the song is played.

Already geared to promote Mickey D's obese-causing "food" are Kanye West and Busta Rhymes. So if you do the math, a track with only 10 airplayz comes to about $50. This openz the door for price warz.

As they auction on the price of our health replacing it with profit, you can expect Burger King to up the ante, for example, to $7 with McDonald's countering with $10. Sure, this is an opportunity for mceez to make a few extra pennies, as well as broaden their market value to a more non-urban audience, but what about the flipside. What bad can come of this?

One of america's rising epidemics is obesity. The rise of overweight people in this country is alarming! There are several combinationz that contribute to its growth. One, the taste. If you read Eric Schlosser's 'Fast Food Nation', you'll read about the IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.). The IFF is responsible for how most thingz on the market taste the way they do. What they don't tell you is how they are able to make practically anything taste like something it isn't, like making a piece of spoiled, intoxicated and decayed flesh taste like a "fresh" beef pattie—as if old meat can ever taste fresh!

The IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.), along with Monsanto Corporation and the FDA (Food AND Drug Administration) should be Public Enemy #1 for there's no tellin' what we're actually eatin' because it's camouflaged by the flavor! I'm sure these scientists have the capability to make a piece of human feces taste like apple pie!

Second, the availability. There are more Fast Food chainz opening up—predominately in urban areas—on the daily! Couple that with continuous radio, tv-play and rock bottom prices, I'm sure these chainz thrive in even the poorest of communities.

And third, the effect. If you are addicted to the taste, you don't care of its nutritional value (or lack thereof). If you saw the 2003 movie, 'Super Size Me', you saw how rapidly a personz health deteriorates with continued consumption of fast food.

So how can a rapperz continued pursuit for paper help us? It simply won't. If anything, it will draw more of our youth to these human slaughter houses causing young Afrikan females to have earlier menstrual cycles, reach puberty quicker, expedite our natural aging process and (dare I say) support the continued rise of homosexual habits in especially Afrikan males—why? Because over 40% of the burgerz hedz eat are from cattle injected with recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone or rBGH; an injection that includes a steroid hormone, estrogen!

What hedz don't know is that rBGH is banned in Europe and in February 1999, after an 8-year scientific review, Canada rejected Monsanto corporation, the creator of rBGH. revealed even more wicked drama when it was found Canadian health officialz claimed Monsanto tried to bribe them as well as government scientists testifying they were being pressured by "higher-ups" to approve rBGH against their better scientific judgement. Why? Because it's directly linked to Mad Cow Disease!

Briefly, rBGH is a genetically engineered copy of a natural occurring hormone produced by cowz. The drug is sold to dairy farmerz under the name 'Posilac'. It also goes by the name BGH, BST or rBST. When rBGH is injected into dairy cowz, milk production increases by as much as 10-15%. Of course the FDA won't tell you it's bad for you because it increases production, which increases profit both for the meat and dairy industry and the hospital administration.

It must also be noted that Monsanto is responsible for practically all genetically engineered foodz (soybeanz, tomatoes, etc.)! Today, they control an estimated 99% of food "creation" leaving less than 1% to organically grown crops. Word is they're even tryin' to get the label "organically grown" on their products! With the recent merger of the FDA and organic farmerz, it seemz it has already happened .

What's worse is Monsanto's latest technology called the Technology Protection System, is also called "Terminator Technology". Developed with taxpayer money by the US Department of Agriculture but patented by Monsanto, terminator technology is a genetic technique that renderz the seedz of crops sterile after one or two yearz! This assures that Monsanto's seedz cannot be illegally saved and re-planted year after year, forcing farmerz to purchase their genetically-altered seedz from Monsanto.

This easily puts them in control of our very lives.

"...[I]t appears the US. Government my view genetically modified crops as a powerful new arm of US foreign policy. Nations whose staple foods are grown from seed that they must purchase year after year from a handful of US. Corporations are nations likely to see the world the way the US. Wants them to see it. When asked, they are likely to play ball, whether they want to or not. A new world order, indeed." (

Now do you think these mceez will make a responsible decision and choose not to partake in this form of suicide sacrificing the lives of millionz for a few thousand George Washingtonz? I doubt it…

I shoulda known on October 21, 2002 when I read the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and the organic industry merged with the new organic label, organic food was well on the course of being ushered into the class of unhealthy foodz. Actually, before that after realizing the sudden surge of hedz wanting to eat healthier foodz in the 1990s!

All the industrial, pharmaceutical (including hospitalz) and government industries saw this comin' well before the public: if the masses suddenly move to eat healthier—meaning, eating less red meat and dairy products—they would suffer tremendous financial losses because, let's face it, sick and dead people simply make money! (For reference, read "In Sickness & in Health? Or Potential Wealth!")

Have you noticed over the last couple yearz your local supermarket now features an organic produce section? Currently, organic foodz represent a small part of overall grocery sales in the united states, but the market is growing fast. In 2001, sales of organic foodz and beverages grossed more than $9 billion.

If you're familiar with then-president Jimmy Carter's 'Global 2000 Project' launched in the late 1970s—which called for the slow death of some 2 billion people before the year 2000—you'd be able to connect the dots on the timing of organic foodz. There is no way the Meat & Dairy industry, the hospital administration, the FDA, and countless other groups could achieve Global 2000s goal if everyone was suddenly eating healthy! So they had to infiltrate the organic industry!

Many of us—even I until recently—thought by eating organic foodz, we were safe. But, again, we shoulda known. Those who became vegetarianz and veganz after learning how toxic "regular" food is could conclude that the energy of the worldz food has been vibrating predominantly on a negative or death frequency for some time, so the move for organic foods to be infiltrated was inevitable.

One only needz to look at the corporation Monsanto to see how major their influence has been on how foodz are made today. Monsanto's not only a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural chemi-killz (chemicalz) and developerz of plant biotechnology, they are also the worldz leader in producing genetically modified seedz.

Over the past several yearz larger and brighter-colored produce has been introduced as passed off as 'food'; but it's genetically modified. If you've wondered why the fruits that had seedz (like cherries and grapes) are almost a thing of the past being replaced with seedless fruits, it's because they're genetically modified. And if you're a farmer or you know one who has to constantly buy seedz to replant crops, it's because the seedz they're now forced to buy make promises to be the size resembling what might be on Fred Flinstone's plate, the catch is they have been scientifically made to be unable reproduce!

We are livin' in an era where the very sustenance needed to sustain our lives are bein' polluted with (caucasian)man-made technology all in the name of profit and population control. Remember back in the day when you could actually drink water from the faucet?!

Have you noticed the sudden rise of cancer? Todayz fast-paced society is full of fast- food joints and microwaveable and genetically modified foodz. Most not knowing, this eliminates the care in preparation as well as tallyin' the nutritional value in the foodz most eat, not realizing in most cases they're no longer eating food as evident in what's eaten being harder to digest.

On top of that, the kindz of foodz we eat are less healthy mainly because it "simply ain't momz cookin' no mo!" Patience and luv in making food has been replaced with haste, demand, and profit.

This year, according to the National Cancer Institute website, there will be more than 1.3 million cases diagnosed and more than 500,000 hedz will succumb to the disease. It's estimated by 2020 cancer could be responsible for the deaths of over 10-15 million people every year, that's nearly half the amount of Afrikanz livin' in America today! We could be wiped out in one generation just by coming to the dinner table for the next decade!!

As veganz and vegetarianz, we thought we escaped this treacherous man- eating dis-ease by givin' up the Jimmy Dean sausages, Oscar Mayer weinerz, Kraft Mac & Cheese, barbequed ribz, honey-glazed ham, collard greenz, kool-aid, and peach cobbler (to name a few of my childhood favorites) for we surely were on the path of certain destruction and health ailments. But it stingz even more when you left all that -ish to find out some of the alternatives we been eatin' are just as, if not even more, worse!

With the most common cancerz being colorectal, breast, and prostate, in decline, thyroid cancer has risen sharply. The reported number more than doubled from 3.6 per 100,000 hedz in 1973 to 8.7 per 100,000 in 2002 and about 24,000 newly diagnosed thyroid cancerz have emerged nationwide according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Not to scare you, there are cancerz that grow so slowly they pose no threat to life. But of those that are, there seemz to be a connection to a particular ingredient that's been embraced by the vegetarian community... no, not *canola oil, it's SOY!
*watch 'Canola Oil: A Drop of Death' on DGTv

The fact that soy causes several formz of cancer is clearly a cover-up. For every book or website claiming this destructive food product, there's most likely several hundred that speaks different. For those confused I'd consider in the meantime, because soy isn't unanimously clean of these allegationz, give soy up until you have information that undoubtedly clearz soy of these accusationz. Don't do what I did for nearly 3 yearz ignoring what I heard because I felt I've given up so much, refused to give another thing!. Denial can only hurt you. So please, once you finish readin' this, if you're not convinced, do the proper research to complete your curiosity so you can come to a complete decision on whether to give it up or not...

Now, if you ask me, I say do not eat! I strongly suggest you read Kaayla T. Daniel's, "The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food". In it, Daniel unveilz hard-to-find cover-up material the american press refuses to publish.

Over the last 10 or so yearz, the vegan/vegetarian community has witnessed a boom in a new "food" source that quickly has become america's favorite "health" food to eat. With the assistance of positive write-ups in "massa"-media, it's believed by most that soy is the key to disease prevention and can add yearz to your life—all the while never shedding an ounce of proof that it is so.

What exactly is soy? Soy foodz come in many formz including many products that go through a massive processing procedure. "Massa"-media's done an excellent job in deceiving the public soy is a major part of the Asian diet—although it's been reported the people of China, Japan and other countries in Asia eat very little soy. The claim that soybeanz have played a major part in of the Asian diet for more than 3000 yearz is simply not true.

In Daniel's book, she states the Asian consumption rate ranges from "9.3 to 36 grams per day. That's grams of soy food, not grams of soy protein alone." A cup of tofu is about 252 gramz and a glass of soy milk is about 240! Most hedz in america eat not just tofu and drink soy milk throughout the day, they also eat veggie burgerz, Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) nuggets that taste like chicken nuggets, soynuts, soy yogurt, soy ice cream, soy energy barz and the list goes on!

What's more dangerous are infants who are fed soy formula and soy milk! Mainly because the amount ratio is more because they are smaller in size and body weight. Most hedz don't even realize they've most likely eliminated or severely lessened the nutrients calcium and vitamin D 'cause they think they're gettin' it in soy milk. In fact, not all soy milks have these nutrients. There are it's share, I'm sure you've seen the boxes that highlight calciumz added. Nevertheless, the real issue is why don't all of 'em have it?!

Learning from soy studies that it has shown links to malnutrition, digestive problemz, thyroid dysfunction, reproductive disorderz, infertility, heart disease, immune-system breakdown (which is AIDS, when your immune-system becomes deficient or unable to no longer work), and heart disease is alarm enough to wonder should one consume soy.

"Americans rarely hear anything negative about soy... Thanks to the shrewd public relations campaigns waged by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Protein Technologies International (PTI), the American Soybean Association, and other soy interests, as well as the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) 1999 approval of the health claim that soy protein lowers cholesterol [and] maintains a "healthy" image." states Daniel.

You've heard the sayin' "too much of anything is bad for you." This ringz true and also applyz to the vegan/vegetarian diet. Why? Because processed "health" foodz have made it so. This doesn't apply to naturally made foodz although thingz have changed ever since companies like Monsanto monopolized the seed industry making dam near everything GM (genetically-modified).

We've seen so many different kindz of soy products—soy sausage, hot dogz, salad dressing, lunch "meat", smoothies, etc.—we don't realize in one day we might ingest so much soy our diet is actually worse than non-vegetarianz because they have the luxury to choose from various different kindz of toxinz (better known as food).

Here in america, over the last decade or so the industrial processing system of making soy has enabled scientists to develop cheaper meat substitutes. What many aren't aware of is the soy revolution is also in pharmaceuticalz and used as a plant-based resource that replace petroleum-based plastics and fuel.

Initially, soy left over from the soy-oil extraction went to animalz and poultry. But since food scientists have found wayz to disguise the color and flavor of soy, it's now bein' aggressively marketed as "people food." They accomplish this by simply adding toxic additives like sugar , salt, artificial flavorz, colorz and monosodium glutamate, that's right, MSG!

Todayz food products contain soy in nearly 60% of foodz found in your local supermarket. What's as shocking' is it's also present in hamburgerz sold at fast- food joints!!

Soy is made into different kindz which had even me thinkin' perhaps there's good and bad soy. WRONG! All are bad! Take textured soy protein for example. It's made by forcing defatted soy flour through a machine called an extruder under conditionz of such extreme heat and pressure that the very structure of the soy protein is changed. Production differz little from the extrusion technology used to produce starch-based packing materials, fiber-based industrial products and plastic toy parts, bowlz and plates.

Another kind is soy protein isolate (SPI) which is first mixed with a corrosive alkaline solution to remove the fiber, then washed in an acid solution to speed up the depletion of protein, yet it's still called soy PROTEIN isolate! Next the "protein" curdz are dipped into another alkaline solution and spray-dried at extremely high temperatures. All this to erase the beany taste while sacrificing all vitamin, mineral, and proteinz and increasing the levelz of cancer-causing ingredients like nitrosamine.

SPIs are abundant in so many products we eat and as mentioned earlier, YTs media has done a superb job hiding info on an organization like the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) who in 1979 published that the only safe use for SPIs was for sealerz for cardboard packages.

There's madd studies done by scientists who report the use of soy protein in animal feedz cause malnutrition, digestive problemz such as pancreatitis and other health issues. Phytates block mineral absorption, causing zinc, iron and calcium deficiencies; lectinz and saponinz have caused leaky gut and other gastrointestinal and immune problemz; oxalates causes problemz for people prone to kidney stones and women suffering from vulvodynia – a painful condition marked by burning, stinging and itching of the external genitalia; and finally, oligosaccharides give soy its notorious reputation as a gas producer.

Soy allergies are on the rise for 3 reasonz:

(1)the growing use of soy infant formula which is reported to be some 20-25% of the formula market;
(2) the increase in soy-containing foodz in grocery stores, and
(3) the possibility of the greater allergies due to the creation of genetically modified soybeanz.

Soy is one of the top allergenz that cause immediate hypersensitive reactionz such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, hives, diarrhea, difficulty swallowing and anaphylactic shock which can result in immediate death! Delayed allergic responses are even more common and occur anywhere from several hourz to several dayz after the food is eaten. Sleep disturbances, bedwetting, sinus and ear infectionz, crankiness, joint pain, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal woes and other mysterious symptomz are also linked to the consumption of soy.

There are those who claim there's a gay gene, where a child is born gay. Although there may be a few exceptionz including children born as hermaphrodites (born with both sex organz), this is very hard to believe. It's further improbable when you know the effect soy has on humanz.

According the Daniel, there's more than 70 yearz of human, animal, and laboratory studies that show soybeanz put the thyroid at risk. The chief culprits are the plant hormones in soy known as phytoestrogenz or isoflavones. The United Kingdomz Committee on Toxicology has identified several populationz at special risk: infants on soy formula, veganz who use soy as their principal meat and dairy replacements, men and women who self-medicate with soy foodz and/or isoflavone supplements in an attempt to prevent or reverse menopausal symptomz, cancer or heart disease.

Since the mid-1940s, scientists have known that phytoestrogenz can impair fertility. Fertility problemz in cowz, sheep, rabbits, cheetahz, guinea pigz, birdz and mice have all been reported. Recently they discovered soy lowerz testosterone levelz too! Could that be the reason for the rize in homosexuality?? Humanz and animalz appear to be the most vulnerable to the effects of soy estrogenz before and during pregnancy, the youth's infancy, puberty and lactation as well as during the hormonal shifts of menopause. Of all these groups, infants on soy formula are at the highest risk again, because of their small size and developmental phase, and because formula is their main source of nutrition.

"A crucial time for the programming of the human reproduction system is right after birth—the very time when bottles of soy formula are given to many non-breastfed babies. Normally during this period, the body surges with natural estrogens, testosterones, and other hormones that are meant to program the baby's reproductive development from infancy through puberty and into adulthood. For infants on soy formula, this programming may be interrupted." Daniel's writes.

Baby boyz experience a testosterone surge during the first few months of life and produce androgenz—a male sex hormone like testosterone—in amounts equal to those of adult men. A lot of this testosterone is needed at such a tender age to program the body for puberty, the time when the sex organz should develop and begin to express male physical traits such as facial and pubic hair as well as a deep voice.

With soy estrogen in the diet thus replacing testosterone, this naturally appropriate and crucial development may never take place, hence instead of developing into a "he", he'll develop characteristics of a "she".

Point blank, if this is so, the creation and distribution of soy is an act of war, with family being it's major casualty! In the yearz since soy formula has been in the marketplace, parents and pediatricianz have reported growing numberz of boyz whose physical maturation is either delayed or does not occur at all. They've reported these youths havin' breasts, underdeveloped semen to reproduce, testicles that never come down from the abdomen into the scrotum (called cryptorchidism) and steroid insufficiencies are increasingly common and on the rise. Sperm counts are also falling. Open your eyez people! This is Global 2000 at work!!

Soy formula is bad for little girlz as well. Natural estrogen levelz approximately double during the first month of life, then decline and remain at low levelz until puberty. With increased estrogenz in the environment in the diet, an alarming number of girlz are entering puberty much earlier than normal. 1% of girlz now show signz of puberty, such as breast development or pubic hair, before the age of 3!! And by the time they turn 8, 14.7% of Caucasian girlz are affected, whereas nearly half (48.3%) of Afrikan girlz born in american had one or both of these characteristics. Y IZ Dat?! Again, this is an act of war, and as usual, the main target are American-Afrikanz!

Why does it attack our sistaz in larger numberz than YT has yet to be determined although we have reason to believe racial discrimination is behind it. According to Daniel, of all the estrogenz found in the environment, soy is the likeliest explanation of why our young sistaz reach puberty so quickly.

"Since its establishment in 1974, the federal government's Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program has provided free infant formula to teenage and other low-income mothers while failing to encourage breastfeeding. Because of perceived or real lactose intolerance, black babies are much more likely to receive soy formula than Caucasian babies," writes Daniel.

So here we see the US Government targeting low-income families, of which statistically, most American-Afrikanz make up.

Early puberty creates reproductive problemz for them later in life including a period that no longer comes, anovulatory cycles where eggz are no longer released, eggz that fail to mature and develop into healthy eggz and several other hormonal dilemmaz. In addition, because the mammary glandz depend on estrogen for their development and functioning, the presence of soy estrogenz at a vulnerable time might expose young girlz to breast cancer—another condition on the rise and definitively linked to early puberty.

If they continue to induce soy, they can most likely count on a life of continued painful menstrual periodz, possible development of allergies, asthma, higher rates of cervical cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome, blocked fallopian tubes, and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Those who become motherz and feed their children soy formula also expose them to higher levelz of aluminum, fluoride, and manganese. These metalz have the potential to affect brain development. Children have been found suffering from attention-deficit disorderz, dyslexiaz and other learning problemz.

Do I need to say it again that this is an act of war with the primary target being Afrikan people?! To counter YTs inability to reproduce as often as people of color (hence the creation of Eugenics), they're literally trying to wipe us out with gay men and infertile women… the destruction and potentially total elimination of the Afrikan!

Since I found out about this, I’ve heard several hedz say this is not true and that soyz bein’ attacked by the Meat & Dairy Industry ‘cause so many are givin’ up their products and moving towardz an alleged "more healthy" diet.

The argument is further made difficult because finding research on soy is scarce—mainly because soy hasn't been part of our diet long enough. Even health authorities are somewhat baffled recommending the public to "wait and see" what happenz in a couple yearz.

Several hedz have sung to me the 'too-much-of-anything-can-hurt-you' theory. But I believe waiting to see what happenz—meaning, continue to eat soy and once it’s been a part of the diet long enough, when there’s an adequate amount of cases to prove or disprove these allegationz—would be the biggest of mistakes.

To me it's just plain ignorance, IGNORing the hazard signz we have today. Why choose voluntarily to be a guinea pig for these industries that see us—as they classified humanz are in the Global 2000 project as "Useless eaterz"? What happenz if these claimz are true and soy does cause all these thingz you just read? To find out 5, 10, even 20 yearz down the line, would be probably double that in time to recover because during this time, many most likely fed soy to our babies so that can be a generation (or two) destroyed! What? You think you can cry to the hippocratic (hypocrite) hospitalz for a cure?!

Daniel M. Sheehan, formerly the senior toxicologist with the FDA's National Center for Toxicological Research, has called the soy-eating experience as a "large, uncontrolled and basically unmonitored human experiment."

There's another choice you can make. How about just give it up altogether and continue to do the research until you there's sufficient evidence to clear soy of these charges. Not only will you save your life, but otherz as well! The choice is yourz, but realize it may affect more than just yourself!


UPDATE: Here's a list of advisable Monsanto products to stay away from.

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