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(written 1994)

When present at a marriage, one can recall the vow, " sickness and in health", but in the vow of life YT has added is "or potential wealth!" Have you ever asked yourself Y IZ it dat Afrikan people have such an illustrious past, but can't seem to pick ourselves up today? I have, numerous tymz. After meditation, I came to an epiphany. There's many reasonz, and one seldom discussed points to the health and the medical field!

I've often heard the saying, "one should be proud to be an American." Based upon the history of how this rich country came to be, I seriously beg to differ. The phrase, "Only in America" is individualizm; somethin' more important than community, for "Only in America" do you read and hear of this bein' the 'Land of the free, home of the brave' and at the same time the rich getting' richer and the po'...well you know! "Only in America" do you hear of this bein' the 'Land of Opportunity'...if, and only if you aspire to mimick the wayz of whitefolk.

The very wordz America speak are contradictory indeed. America doesn't stand for love of all mankind. The truth for what it standz for is all around you! Money is far more important than the people are. Why? Because people are expendable, especially an oppressed, miseducated people like, say, American-Afrikanz who live in this country still tryin' to be included! For history's sake, let's look at one... just one of the many medicinal and technological holocaust's our people have endured from the handz of YT.

Instead of vaccinating 600 Afrikan men, as first promised from a virus made by none other than YT themselves, they were injected with syphilis. According to the July 26th, 1972 edition of the Jew, oops, New York Times, page 1 and 8:

"For 40 years the United States Public Health (PHS) had been conducting a study of the effects of untreated syphilis on blackmen in Macon County, Alabama, in and around the country seat of Tuskegee. The Tuskegee Study involved a substantial number of men: 399 who had syphilis and an additional 201 who were free of the disease chosen to serve as controls." (another word for guinea pigz!)

The mad scientists behind this made a fortune in the data they got from these Afriaknz who suffered unknowingly by the very personz they expected to help them. And they could not have done this without the help of the black version of Skull&Bones, the notorious Boule'! Let me make this clear Afrikanz, AMERICA IS A BUSINESS ran by whitefolk primary for whitefolk! America does not stand for the people, hasn't since the Revolutionary War when George Washington allowed Lord Mayer Amschel Rothschild finance his victory. Rothschild, when asked what he wanted in return, was quoted as sayin', "I don't care who runs the country, I want to own the money!" Hence, is where we see 'Federal Reserve Note' on top, again, on top — or before — we see 'The United States of America' on the one dollar bill.

America, co-conspiratorz to global white supremacy, has set up a system that assist's them in creating a cycle that ensure's economic prosperity as long as the people remain ignorant.

First I'd like to address the problemz with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Remember the old sayin' "The best way to hide somethin' from someone is to put it right under one's nose"? If we opened our eyes we could see the countless traps laid before us. For instance, the very wordz Food AND Drug Administration clearly states what they do to our food... they put drugz in it!

See, gasoline is to car as food is to human. Our digestive system is quite similar to an car engine. What causes wear and tear leading to the eventual breakdown of it? Excessive usage and time. The same thing applies to the human body, with the excessive usage being the uncalculated tymz your digestive system digests each meal you eat and liquidz you drink.

Where there's more quantity or need, there's less quality or time spent on the product. For instance, lookin' at the fast-food industry, these companies make maximum profit by selling the cheapest product. Ever notice why McDonald's just launched it's "Dollar Menu" to compete with Wendy's 99 menu"? Trust me, in any business, the name of the game is to "spend less" in order to create profit. You may find no fault in this, and actually there is none, unless you're in the food industry. See, this is where I draw the line because food is what we eat to survive.

Food industries — that specialize in meat, chicken and fish — have factories that process these live stock to be murdered, ending up on your dinner plate. Think of all the chickenz Kentucky Fried processed with other additives to make it's processed chicken. We never ask where did these millionz of chickenz come from, how long ago did they die and how long did they live. We don't think about how these once living specimenz breathe in the same oxygen we do; have blood flowin' throughout the veinz of their body like we do; and have a functional brain (no matter how small) that can tell the difference between freedom and imprisonment, and can experience anxiety attacks when the smell of death is near. NOTE: when a living being (including animalz) are scared or excited, the body produces adrenaline — a process where the increasing rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and preparing muscles for exertion are drawn out from fear or exhilaration. This adrenaline has the capability to give you extra energy to face/enjoy your experience. But if the adrenaline is not used it will turn toxic for the human body. An ital example is in the case of animalz in slaughter houses who can see and understand they are about to be murdered. The fear and excitement of trying to get out can be seen — which buildz up enormous amounts of adrenaline. The killerz, I mean, farmerz, hang them upside down, slit their throats and let the blood slowly drain out of them. The fear-and-pain-turned-adrenaline these animalz experience now not used, settles into the genetic makeup of the animal and becomes toxic. This is the conspiracy, or what I'd like to call, 'The War Against Your Immune System'.

We have been conditioned to only see the end result. We don't know what it's like to live in a dark, cold cage with injectionz of all kindz of BGH (bovine growth hormones) and steroidz to make the animal grow faster than natural, while never seein' daylight; we haven't seen pictures of what goes on in slaughter houses; we haven't envisioned trading places with a cow that is escorted to its death as its neck is cut leavin' left to watch its own blood trickle down before him while hanging upside-down. We don't think of these thingz because there are entities responsible for shielding you from seein' this. Think, if the FDA and WHO (World Health Organization) - 2 major corporationz responsible for the quality of food we eat — actually showed you the process of takin' a month old calf, inject it with all these drugz, murder it well before maturation and then deliver it to your local food mart coloring it red so that you think it's fresh (as if bloody meat confirmz freshness). If they did these thingz, EVERYONE would be a vegetarian! There would be no FDA, WHO, ADA (American Dental Association), AMA (American Medical Association), the Pharmaceutical Industry; all would cease to exist! So they must hide this from you!

If a product is in demand and you gettin' paid, you'd want to continue production for more profit, right? But how can you when a baby chicken has to grow in size and thickness? Naturally, this process would take several month's, maybe even a couple yearz. But the way the industry is today, tryin' to supply a demanding need, they cannot wait that long and remain profitable. So what remedy do they opt to use? In comes anabolic steroidz, rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) that causes chickenz, pig, and cattle to double it's size in a matter of a couple weeks! With their increased size, they are seen as "mature" or "meaty" enough to be slaughtered, processed, and eventually wind up in the meat section of your favorite food market.

Speaking of slaughter, do you think the Slaughter houses are clean? If you ever wanted to enter a house of death, this is it! Throughout the building you can hear the moanz and screamz of animalz being murdered, cries of pain, as well as witnessing their own kind being butchered. Envision yourself as one of these animalz for a moment. If there's one thing Afrikan people and these animalz can relate with is bein' imprisoned against their will, packed in a cage like our Ancestorz were on slaveships. Couple that with a poor diet, constant steroid injectionz, no daylight, and no ability to move around, you begin to develop a sense of paranoia, anxiety, as well as depression.

You've heard of the old cliche' "you are what you eat", yet the food industry wouldn't dare echo this. Far too often people talk of health, but not from where and how food gets to your plate! The miseducational system has neglected in teachin' us in health class where certain foodz come from and how they actually become food. To think what you eat does not become a part of you is the primary reason Afrikan people, in particular have the health problemz we do.

Take a look at yourself now. Your body is the result of all the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks you've eaten. Whether nutritious or not, everything you put in your body was processed and became a part of you. This shedz a deeper insight to the cliche' previously mentioned. So, with that fresh in your mind, let's look at the animalz some of eat.

The blood and cellz that circulate through the muscles — strategically called meat ('cause you probably wouldn't eat it if you were reminded what meat is... decayed flesh) — have now been swallowed by you, obviously becomin' a part of you. See, everything you eat doesn't come right out when you use the toilet, if that were the case you would never maintain a weight.

When you closely look at meat (which is really muscle or flesh once attached to skeletal bone that made up the structure of a living animal), we are not taught that our emotional state also is a part. Throughout a life-breathing entity (human or animal) there's all kindz of intelligence. We take for granted that the heart beats automatically, that our bodies begin the process of healing automatically after we cut ourselves, and how our we recharge naturally after a night's sleep.

All this "intelligence" can be cultivated righteous or defectively. The emotionz the animal felt during its imprisoned life, all the way up to its death and everything in between (including depression, anxiety, rage, and horror), make up that piece of (dead) chicken on your plate. Before this animal was killed, it was quite aware of its death. When your life is in danger, or even if you 'bout to romp with someone, your heart starts to race and your body creates a defense mechanizm called adrenaline; that butterfly feeling you get in your stomach. Adrenaline is used once you perform. However, the adrenaline produced in slaughtered animalz doesn't get used because they can't defend themselves.

In the slaughter houses, they aren't given the chance to fight for their lives. They're chained up, and oftentymz hung upside-down. Case-in-point, once the animal is dead, the adrenaline that wasn't used now becomes toxic... that's right, POISON! This poison, along with all the steroidz and rBGH that were a part of this species everyday eating habit, are still alive and kickin' in the overcooked piece of decayed flesh sittin' in front of you on the dinner table. But it doesn't stop there.

Geraldo Rivera did a show back in 1993 where he had an episode on the selling of aged meat. They had an undercover camera placed in a deli at a supermarket. They found that major stores sell old meat to their consumerz! In one store, a worker was videotaped takin' bologna from an Oscar Mayer package and put it in the window display to sell. The startling thing was that the package's 'sell by' date was June 1988!! What I found was that manufacturerz of meat kill so many animalz to meet the demand, thanks to rBGH and steroidz. They produce so much meat they have to freeze it!

Well, what happenz when you freeze meat? The frost you see isn't just frozen water, it's also bacteria! According to Geraldo's special, there is an allowance by the FDA to be no more than 7000 colonies of bacteria and other germz per slice of bologna. They sampled several from major food marts and found they had a minimum 1 million colonies of bacteria and germz... and this is per slice! And you wonder why we get sick and catch viruses!!

No, chances are you won't suddenly die after eating this meal. You might not directly feel the affects for yearz, because these are silent killerz. But your immune system — the human bodies defense mechanizm against illness — will be attacked. This is how the AMA and FDA make their money! They feed you, get you sick and then supply you with "medicinal remedies" you think will make you better but wind up creating an additional dependence because they never tell you to stop eatin' what made you ill in the first place! Now you're still eatin' the same crap plus you're poppin' pillz. Common sense would tell you the root of your problem is what you've been eatin', but when you live in a society where ignorance 'pon the mind of the masses, it doesn't registerz (again, read 'The War Against Your Immune System'.

Who's to say the FDA is really concerned with our health? They say we should eat at least 3 tymz a day. They encourage us to eat from the 4 basic food groups:

(1)Meat & Fish
(3)Wheat & Grainz; and
(4)Fruits and Vegetables.

We have been conditioned to live to eat rather than eat to live. We haven't been made aware that our Ancestorz who carved Her-Em-Akhet (erroneously called the Sphinx) and the Pyramidz of Giza were actually herbivores, or plant eaterz, and did not eat meat. It is no coincidence that a people with such a natural diet was able to erect a monument that has withstood the tests of time; a feat not even the modern worldz alleged most technologically-advanced race, the Japanese, was able to duplicate when they tried to recreate the Pyramid in 1977.

We haven't been educated on the vital relationship food has with the Afrikan body. We haven't been taught that the reason your stomach growlz, even a short period after you eat is most likely because although what you just ate did fill you up, if it lacked the nutrients your body needz, your body still craves for it. And overtime, if you continue to ignore eating food your body needz, in order to survive it will start to pull what it needz from its ownself! Meaning, if you continue to eat white rice, white flour and white sugar — 3 known substance that extract vital nutrients from your body instead of puttin' in — your body will pull these nutrients from itself, which, of course if counterproductive. How can a car pull gas from itself when it needz gas to run?

The difference is that a human body has reserves, but these reserves have a limit. After yearz of an unbalanced diet and once these reserves are empty, cancer sets in. Cancer isn't somethin' you catch, it's somethin' you develop. Cancer is when your body turnz on itself and starts to eat its ownself alive! Actually, it already turned on itself when you didn't give your body what it needed after all those chicken dinnerz, ice-cream, and fast-food restaurants. This is where the conspiracy sets in, because the very people that tell you to eat this -ish, made you sick and who do you run to to deal with your sickness? The very people who poisoned you in the first place, the Medical/Hospital administration!

America has had a plan to control the population as well as ensuring a hefty profit. First, the Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry (a constituent of the FDA) supply the FDA and farmerz with anabolic steroidz and other toxinz to induce in their livestock; Second, the farmerz slaughter the drug-infested animalz and the FDA approves the selling of them to the public for food to be "safely" eaten. Thirdly, we develop problemz with our digestive and respiratory system, from heart attacks (really you've been attacking your heart) to colon cancer; and last, we come full circle where you, the ailing patient crawl to your doctor in immense pain hoping for a miracle that'll cure your suffering. Your doctor, instead of tellin' you what you can do holistically to cure yourself — because he took the Hippocratic Oath, root word, HYPOCRITE) — instead opts to perform expensive surgeries on your temple, leaving you addicted to painkillerz from radiation treatments.

Think Afrikanz, if we all practice holistic health, there would be no need for doctorz, hospitalz, pharmacies (notice how many chain Drug Stores are poppin' up in our communities??) and there'd be no Food and Drug Administration. Our health is the seat to our liberation and YT knowz it. That's why they market all the soda (white refined sucrose, erroneously called sugar), malt liquor, and fast-food joints to us. They overstand that a people ignorant to the one thing they can control (your human body), will be a slave eternally. It painz me to see our Elderz walk with canes and oxygen tanks, unable to walk down a flight of stairz for fear they may break their hip because of osteoporosis.

What's also painful is the effects it has on our youth, especially our young females who now reach puberty as early as 8-9 yearz old because just as the rBGH given to the cattle and chickenz makes them fatter and meatier quicker, the same happenz to humanz who eat chicken, burgerz, etc, but the effects are more blatant in young girlz. This can be seen as our teenage sisterz have the physical appearance of 20 year oldz.

What many are not aware of is this food promotes accelerated growth which is also can be known as accelerated aging. So yeah, a teenager will look like a 20 year old, but eventually that 40 year old body may be actually be 50 or 60.

All of this equates to one thing and you have a choice Afrikan, you can either disregard this without further investigation, or you can take your health into your own handz. Many of us have chosen to the re-Afrikanization Process of our mindz, but refuse to reanalyze how diet is just as vital. Until we take the burden of truly Knowing Thyself, we will be co-conspiratorz to the assassination of ourselves. See, YT don't have to lynch Afrikanz no more, we can't wait to do it with our next meal! When you're diagnosed with an ailment that needz medical attention, don't blame anyone but yourself, because it is you who broke the vow, "In sickness and in health" and opted for adding to their wealth. Oh, and as far your share? Yourz is escruciating pain, leading to a premature death! LIK SHOT!

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