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(written circa 1995)

As more Afrikanz are becoming more aware of the conspiraceez of global white supremacy, many are starting to realize where one of the most profound battles are being fought... your immune system. Many Afrikanz are embracing the philosophy of vegan and vegetarianizm, it's just that most have been misinformed as to what this lifestyle really entailz. Most think if you don't eat pork and red meat, you are a vegetarian. Although the absence of these two substances, mistaken for food, is admirable, it is but a small piece of the pie.

There are many Afrikanz that call themselves vegetarianz yet they still eat chicken, turkey, fish, and dairy products. Being a Vegetarian dealz with the absence of eating all living and once living animalz.

There is no doubt that changing your eating habits entail wisdom, overstanding and perseverance. But the benefits of cleaning your temple (body) revealz many profits. Most know of what red-meat and pork is about and even dairy, but many have not been exposed to a "food" substance as lethal if not more to the temple than the two previously mentioned.

The poultry processing industry has been listed, by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, as one of the most hazardous occupationz. They said the chicken we buy is "grossly contaminated with both coliform, bacteria and salmonella".

The word "chicken" is often correlated with the word "coward". But when you study the actionz of these animalz, they are nothing of the sort. Afterall, haven't you heard of the gory cock fights that happen? These stereotypes along with the misconception of how they're raised have all been falsely revealed to the public so you think the chicken you eat has been raised on a farm. But according to author of Diet For A New America, John Robbins, this isn't so.

"To begin with, today's chicken farms are not really 'farms' anymore, but should more accurately be called 'chicken factories'. Factories, because the chickens live their whole lives inside buildings entirely devoid of natural light. The day of the barnyard is long gone. There are no barns and no yards in today's mechanized world of poultry production, only assembly lines, conveyor belts, and fluorescent lights."

In the assembly line, chickenz aren't called chickenz anymore. If they were bred to be eaten they are called broilerz. The second, is the hen who lay the eggz we eat; they're called a "layer".

Chickenz have a life expectancy of 15-20 yearz; however, living on farmz like Purdue's, they will live no longer than 2 months! The chicks diet doesn't contain a natural food diet; instead of eating wormz like we see on cartoonz, they are fed antibiotics, steroidz, and growth hormones.

Antibiotics are used because they become so sick from this unnatural food diet, they need it or they'll drop dead. Dying too soon (as if 2 months isn't) is not a profit-maker for the chicken businesses. According to a 1970 government report, they found 90% of all chickenz had leukosis or chicken cancer.

The food fed to chickenz are purely to accelerate their growth. This increases their weight gain since they are sold by the pound. Most are so overweight before they are killed that they can't hold themselves up. That is why you may find some bones already broken when frying chicken.

Because of this unnatural food diet, the chickenz immune system weakenz and causes dis-ease to set in. Now if a chicken dies because of a weakened immune system (which is AIDS or when the immune system become deficient), why doesn't one think once they consume this dis-eased, decayed flesh, their system won't be affected?! What's worse, as of 1996 (and I'm sure it won't be changed anytime soon), the USDA does not check chickenz for salmonella!

They say you are what you eat. With that in mind, when a chicken is confined to a closed-in area for the duration of their life, the mental state eventually become extremely unstable. Let's equate for a moment the way a chicken lives his life with the Maangamizi our Ancestorz experienced coming from Afrika traveling across the Atlantic. Just as our Ancestorz were, these chickenz are literally packed with countless otherz as if they are sardines, living their entire lives this way!

Before I go further, we must first see this animal as an air-breathing, blood circulating, heart pumping, living creature. It has practically the same senses as we do. Regardless of the level, a chicken still knowz delight, fear, and pain. All animalz have brainz and have the capability to comprehend when somethingz not right.

In addition, animalz have behaviorz just as we do. They can be provoked to irritation as well as coerced to being pleasant. Just as you would literally bug out if you were confined to a packed jail cell, so does a chicken including any other animal bred for food consumption.

Now, look I hope you are in touch and can now correlate yourself somewhat with what a chicken goes through. If you were confined to a cell with no room to move, do you think you would become extremely agitated and even violent to those around you? This is what happenz to chickenz.

The constant confinement causes them to mentally lose it. Some even peck each other to death. But there are no medics that come and tend to their woundz. They sit there bleeding, many barely alive and they will remain in that cage if and only if they can still produce.

Those that heal may find themselves actually growing into the cell barz! Yes, there are many cases where chicken legz have grown around the cages (stomach turning yet?)! But again, as long as they can produce and/or reap a profit, they remain alive caged until their time is up and wind up on millionz of families dinner table!

As said, chickenz have senses. Before they're murdered, overstand, they can detect fear. This fear, as in any living thing, turnz into adrenaline. If you know anything about adrenaline, it usually converts into energy. The anxiety you may feel before performing on stage, playing in a game, or about to sit in the dentist's death chair is adrenaline. It's also associated to when you feel "butterflyz" in your belly.

These chickenz feel the same thing as they are hung by their clawz and sent down the "last mile" to the furnace to be steamed to death. The only thing is the adrenaline they felt is not used. health experts have noted any adrenaline not used can become toxic. The unused adrenaline in the chicken remainz in them and is frozen, then shipped to your local foodmart which then endz up in your refrigerator, then pan/oven/griill, then your dinner plate, then your gut.

The old cliche' "You are what you eat" reignz true because you didn't just eat the chickenz skin and muscle. You also ate it's mind state. And we wonder why we have anxiety, violent and paranoia attacks! Look at all the violence in the world. Not sayin' all violence can be linked to meat eating, but I'm sure that could be a great research project!

As far as dairy products, you can say you don't eat beef, but you eat the liquid emissionz from the same animal, the cow in the form of milk. The human species is the only being who drinks the milk of another animal! You never see a cat sucking on the nipples of a dog?!

Most don't even know what milk is. Cow milk is nothing but urine and toxic emissionz that didn't cling or become a part of the muscle of the cow. On top of that, you may think the milk is pasteurized, but what is pasteurization?!... RADIOACTIVITY!

Milk is really toxic-filled urine with additional cancer-causing radioactivity, making it even more potent! Milk serves as the main ingredient in cheese, ice cream, butter, and most pastries!

Yeah, you probably vexed by now. You're probably wondering, "what do I eat now?!" You may want to take a more in-depth look into eating products that does your body good. The problem for most is the taste. Chances are you'll find it is destroying you physically as well as spiritually!

You are what you eat! Whatever your body consumes as nourishment becomes one with your body, your thoughts (psyche), and spirituality. If you are eating foodz that endured a violent, imprisoned, and a psychotically unnatural lifespan, you're also eating their poisonous adrenaline they gave off before they were murdered.

But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) won't tell you that eating a once living organizmz adrenaline found in animalz can be fatal — not to mention, being murdered before reaching its natural physical maturity — what makes you think those same qualities don't become a part of you?! WAKE UP!

UPDATE: Correction, on June 9, 2011, the FDA finally admitted chicken meat containz cancer-causing arsenic! Imagine that! But trust, you certainly won't find chicken pulled off the shelves in your local market any time soon!

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