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(written circa 2001)

As we continue the quest for the God Complex, we find that the knowledge we learn serves as fuel for our mindz. However, there's one dimension of the conscious realm many front on. This being the topic of health. I find it hard for one to be "conscious", "deep", "spiritual", etc. when they poison their temple with decayed flesh and liquid meat.

The scenario goes, "How could you be so into God, but not into yourself?!" To all you religious peeps, how could you be about being good christianz or muslimz, when you eat and drink from inhumanely manufactured and then slaughtered animalz?! It's not so much that they were murdered, what they consist of is nothing but poison to our body!

Even those I meet on the path of righteousness that say, "Oh, I don't eat pork, I only eat chicken and turkey!" Some may even say they don't eat beef, but I seriously beg to differ! If you don't eat beef, then you shouldn't be drinking milk! If you don't eat chicken you shouldn't be eating sunny-side-up or scrambled eggz! These products are derived from these same animalz most say they no longer eat! C'mon yaw, let's get with the facts and stop ridin' the fence!

The greatest concern for Afrikanz should be our dairy intake. As Dr. Frank A. Oski, director of pediatrics at John Hopkins University said, "Humans are the only species to drink from another species; as well as being the only to drink milk beyond infancy." We've all seen the commercialz and adz displaying the subliminal command, "Milk Does a Body Good". We've all been brainwashed to believe you can only receive calcium from milk. But, as with everything else, we never completely investigated our optionz. Just what is milk good for?! If anything, it's good for business! In 1990, the Dairy Industry raked in $7.2 billion! On the other hand, it most definitely is not good for your health!

There are several reasonz dairy products — milk in particular — are very unhealthy and unsanitary for humanz. The production process is a very dirty procedure and it's unhealthy because of the way the cowz are raised and cared for.

Milk advertiserz still use the racist analogy that white is clean and pure; hence we get the lie that milk is good for you. Everything the cow ingests ends up in the milk. That would be cool if cowz were ingesting natural thingz like grass and water, but we find that is not the case. The farmerz need cowz to produce maximum milk so they can make maximum profit. To get more milk, they need more cowz. To get more cowz, they must come up with a chemi(kill) that will make them produce and grow at a faster rate. The chemical is bovine growth hormone or rBGH. This increases the cowz production about 20%. With technology thrown into the milk industry, cowz are already producing 10 tymz more milk than they would naturally.

Not only is it unhealthy for us, the cowz, already stressed from the extensive production, get sick as well. Like anything that becomes ill, puss and mucous build up on the insides. Remember everything the cow ingests ends up in the milk. Puss and mucous is white or light in color and thus hidden by the intoxicating, camouflaged white color of milk. Farmerz can't have sick cowz because they are of no use, right? So they pump them with up with antibiotics and as a result. The drugz are in the milk we buy; yet another chemi(kill) added to the already disgusting recipe.

You're probably thinking all these thingz are cleaned up in the pasteurization process. Actually, pasteurization makes it worse! In order to maintain a consistent taste, milk must be combined. This dealz with the merging of milk from various farmz. Billy Joe Bob's milk is combined with Cecil's, Bubba's, and Jetthro's farmz! And I'm sure there aren't many farmz that are run exactly alike!

This consumption of milk is then taken to the production lab for pasteurization. Technology cleanz, or claimz to clean, the milk with heat. Heat is called radioactive isotopes by lab technicianz. These isotopes are supposed to heat the milk to a certain level and boil out its impurities, but because there is such a strong demand for the product, the machines must move at a rapid pace. The heat barely reaches the level is should so the impurities remain in the milk and the radio isotopes are added; another ingredient to gumbo milk! Quiet as kept, radioactive isotopes are cancerous. One other secret ingredient: traces of the cowz urine also is part of the final product.

When it comes to marketing this toxic-waste the FDA, government, USDA, 'massa'media, and a host of otherz partake in commercializing liquid meat, trying to convince you milk is good for the body.

John A. McDougall, M.D. callz dairy foodz "liquid meat" because of their nutritional contents are so similar. Eating foodz high in fat contributes to the development of heart disease, certain cancers and stroke — the USAs three deadliest killerz.

Some say, "well then I won't drink whole milk, I'll drink 2%". Cowz milk and other dairy products are high in fat and cholesterol. The dairy industry has cleverly expressed fat content as a percentage of weight. Using this system, 2% milk, which is 87% water by weight, soundz like a low-fat product, right? Expressed as a percentage of total calories, 2% milk is in fact 31% fat. Whole milk is 49% fat — there isn't much a difference between the two.

Yogurt is 49% fat, cheese is 60-70%, and butter is 100% fat! But, as a consumer, we wouldn't know this because we are misled to believe we're drinking 2% of what whole milk is, when in fact, there's barely a difference. Even if I was drinking something that is 2%, or even 31%, of what is said on the carton, what is the other 98%, or 69%?! Probably more toxic shit!

People are the only species to drink the milk of another species, and the only to drink milk beyond infancy. Whole cowz milk is suited to the nutritional needz of calves who double their weight in 47 dayz and grow to 300 poundz within a year!

After 4 yearz of age, most children develop the inability to digest milk sugar lactose. If they consume dairy products after early childhood it can cause diarrhea, gas, and cramps. According to Dr. Milos Krajny, secretary of the Ontario Allergy Society, virtually every major allergy study implicates milk and dairy products as the leading food allergen. Not only does milk develop allergies, it also develops diabetes, cataracts and osteoporosis!

Although the thought of breast feeding may turn a stomach or two, it is only because we've been programmed to think this. Milk is only essential in an infants life the first 3 yearz. Look at nature, Afrikan! Do you see grown dogz running up under his momz to get some milk?! Do you see any adult animalz drinking milk from their mother?!

Milk is not a necessary part of our diet like they have you thinking. The industry tellz you to drink milk so it will make your bones strong. But what they won't tell you is that, in fact, it does the opposite! Heard of osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is bone loss due to calcium resorption, which the industry will not reveal that it is not halted or prevented by an increase in the intake of calcium. High protein foodz like meat, eggz, and dairy products suck calcium from the body by causing excessive calcium loss through the kidneyz, making the kidneyz work harder and causing loss of mineralz such as calcium.

Western medicine has discovered the hazardz of drinking cowz milk, but the money-hungry beast does not want to do away with this $7 billion business. So what do they do for the environmentally and health conscious? They create a plan to market human milk! But they don't want the average consumer to be disgusted by this revolutionary product so they plan to have the human milk come out of a cow! They plan to combine human with cow genes to produce a mutant-like, fast growing species of cow that will produce humanized milk!

This will not be your average farm cow. It will grow in a laboratory. Imagine what the cow will look like having half human genes! They believe this milk will be more healthier for babies and motherz who can't breast feed. They plan to make all dairy products with it, again, not warning the consumer.

Now that you know what milk is, it is now time to decide your next step. You may disregard the info and continue to persecute your body and soul, or you can look for calcium in other foodz and drinks like almondz, raw greenz like brocoli, collard greenz, rice and almond milk, non-dairy and soy-based ice-creamz, sesame seedz, orange juice, figz, nuts, navy and pinto beanz, and onionz.

Eliminating dairy products and eating natural foodz will preserve yearz of your life and aid you in being more spiritual. It's virtually impossible to be spiritual when you have violently slaughtered, toxic substances inside you. And lastly, do not let YT tell you what is healthy and what does your body good. Their body structure is different than ourz. What they lack, doesn't mean we do. Take caution about what you are eating, drinking, and feeding to your seedz, you may be doing more harm than good. LIK SHOT!

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• This is a GREAT article!! I wish it could be read by everyone. I found it by accident. I have a question... First of all, I was instructed to give my 17-mo. old son straight milk. I said, "he is going to get an ear infection." Fast forward to a month later — raging ear infection for 2 weeks, ending up in his first antibioitic therapy at only 1 yr. old!!

The problem is, he is extremely low weight, having been heavily exposed to alcohol before birth (and maybe other things.) His diet is now heavy in cheese, butter, milk, ice cream etc. to try and get some weight on him.

Rice milk, soy milk have so few cal, we don't know what to do! Do you have an idea? Thank you so much!!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Diane Princehouse ( on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 4:17 AM

M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Lemme first point out I haven't gone to any medical nor health institutionz of higher training... The greatest alternative I've found to date for rice and soy (and you really should stay away from soy products) is Almond milk. It's loaded with calories and much needed calcium! If you want give your child an opportunity to live a life free of allergies and eventual obesity and/or cancer and heart issues, you should take your child off dairy products immediately! And again, I would not substitute cheese with soy cheese because soy is proving to be the #1 culprit in the development of cancerz in non-meat eaterz! Soy is in EVERYTHING! You can build your sonz immune system as well as put some weight on him with plenty of fruit and/or green smoothies, beanz and pastas. Not only will the benefits affect your child, if you choose to value health for yourself, you'll see the change as well... I recommend reading Dr. Llaila O. Afrika's, 'Nutricide' for additional research...

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