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(written 2004)

It seemz hedz use the word “Revolution” as loosely as one uses the wordz “I Love You” these dayz. Gone are the dayz of actual action taken after the infamous “No Justice, No Peace” rally; gone are the dayz of the Black Panther Party who held neighborhood watches of the police; and it seemz, gone is the will of the following generationz after because of strategic war tactics by the US Government and our Elderz choice to forget the revolution and in exchange, accept jobz.

Metaphysically, one thing we cease to realize is that we are electrical beingz, with a steady flow of currents shooting in and out of us. The american education system (a.e.s.) leaves us thinking we’re mainly blood and organz, barely mentioning this—if at all. Because of this, many can't fathom the fact that broken down to our very last compound, we are elements. See, we are conduits, emitting and transmitting energy—which can also be called data, information or intelligence; and this happenz at all tymz. What do you think it is that enables you to stick a balloon on the wall after rubbin’ it on your head? What is it that allowz you to shock someone by just touchin’ them after you rub your feet on a carpet floor? Electrical energy. Start to see yourself as a machine and you will be able to comprehend how electronics and machines work.

Machines are all based off the human body, which, by the way, all these inventionz were created first, in the mind. Just like a battery, we have a positive and negative side. Like the meanin’ behind Her Em Akhet (erroneously called the Sphinx, see 'The Riddle of Her Em Akhet' on DGTv), whose reason for havin’ Khafre’s head on top of a lion was not because there were human-faced lionz walkin’ the landz of the Nile Valley. In every person, there’s a higher- and a lower-self; a 'God' side and a 'devilish' side or better put, a 'positive' side and a 'negative' side.

Our Ancestorz taught that if you could suppress your lower-self or beastly nature—with the king of all beasts bein’ the lion—you could elevate yourself to the higher level of God. In order to achieve the ‘Summom Bonum’ (KMTic for ‘Greatest Good’), your frequency must be elevated to the level of God, not the God, because I don’t think there is ONE. Rather than get into that here, watch 'The God Complex' on DGTv. So when we talk about real revolution, we need to redefine our innerstanding of what we are sayin’.

If you want to disect wordz, when you break the word ‘revolution’ down, you can get RE- (to do over) -VOLT (energy, matter) -TION (action). In other wordz, Afrikanz, WE NEED TO RECHARGE OURSELVES WITH ACTION! But in order to do that, we must assess what frequency we are vybrating on. What frequency are you on, Sun (which is a Star, which is energy/matter)?!

The positive or higher side is usually on top (if your balance is right) and the negative (or lower) is on the bottom (just like Her Em Akhet). However, in some cases, the highest point transmits and the lowest point consumes or takes in, case-in-point, shockin’ someone with a touch after rubbin’ feet on carpet.

As well, there are cases where the highest part (where your brain sits) receives frequenceez. This high point also can be described similarly to how an antennae functionz. Back in the day, before there was cable tv, how did you get a picture of your favorite program on your television? There was an antennae on top of the roof—which is the highest point of the house. It is here where you can transfer information using wavelengths, aka frequenceez. From this, YT created all kindz of info transmitterz, exchanging data without us even seein’ it, provin’ the point that just ‘cause you don’t see it, don’t mean it does not exist.

For example, when you’re in your car with the radio on, think about the phenomena of takin’ a current—that is unseen nor heard—and have it change into sound, which is heard. Think about what we hear (radio) dictates fashion, sayingz. We carry out the philosophies 'massa'-media projects and this is done effectively due to YT owning all the media outlets emitting transparent waves, cloning the masses to be reactionary to what they hear instead of focusing on each one's individual purpose.

It is their goal to dictate your purpose for you. The real challenge is how does one change the vybration level? There are a number of Ancestorz that are trying to communicate on these higher frequenceez, much, much higher than YTs radio and television emissionz. For starts, one must begin to listen silent. It is also in this word 'LISTEN', we find the word, 'SILENT'. What is "listening silently?" A form of meditation!!

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• great piece. i was on that train of thought this morning about my own "batteries" and what am i doing and what i am NOT doing to improve my own higher consciousness. there is a desire to help those achieve greater heights, especially our young people. cannot preach what i don't practice myself. thank God for the willingness to keep growing and learning. thank you for breaking it down. i love to "listen silently." that's powerful, my brotha. today i will practice the skill of listening silently...
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Sydney James via Facebook on Monday, May 3, 2010 at 3:28 PM

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