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[written in 2005]

Time. What is time? It takes Earth 365.5 dayz to rotate once around the Sun. Pluto however, circumnavigates the Sun once every 90,490.8 Earth dayz or 247.92 Earth yearz.

But what about outside our solar system, our galaxy, nebula and even star cluster?? If the principle of Correspondence (as above, so below; so below, as above) applies to everything, there is time everywhere in various mathematical formulaz. The question is, is time really real or is it a man-made concept? And if this is a concept, how has it segregated us from the universal vybrating frequency of life itself?

To be a free-thinker, one must have the capability of stretching their mindz beyond the illusionary borderz YTs educational system allowz. Bein’ a free-thinker allowz you to think on higher frequencies or free-quencies...

The word ‘education’ should be a word under close scrutiny because the meaning totally contradicts how it’s utilized. The root bein’ ‘educere’ meanz, “to come from within.” So how is it we base our knowledge on accumulative grade point averages, diplomaz, and financial worth?!

Free-thinking is just that, Afrikanz, FREE! The curriculum is life and there isn't necessarily a need for professorz — at least in human form. Your classes are the lessonz experienced and the more “time” or commitment one puts in, the more jewelz manifest. I can truly attest.

Since March of 2003, when I wrote “What Frequency R U On?!” I can say my confidence in free-thinking has grown enormously! I say this because even the notion of thinking different can alienate a person and if that person is not confident or sound (in mind and spirit), what the mind revealz may be too much to handle causin’ mental regression. I give thanks every day and ask for continued will to continue this ancient path.

Yes, we do have an illustrious past in the Nile Valley. And yes, our Ancestorz were dope! But I find most hedz get caught up in romanticizing the past instead of breaking those illusionary borderz I spoke of earlier. Why do we think our story starts and stop near or around the Nile Valley?! Common logic and free-thinking would tell you our Ancestorz had Ancestorz. The same way we speak of Afrikan civilizationz millenniumz ago, so did they speak of cultures before them! Our ability to think past our immediate Ancestorz prohibits our ability to see life beyond Earth, our solar system, our galaxy, the Nebula and star cluster we are a part of, mainly because its been estimated the Sun in our solar system has been burning for 93million yearz yet we’ve only documented our story probably no more than the last 50,000. We’ve only tapped a fragment of life on this planet!

One reason because of this points to manz need to create time. Look around you, everything is run by time. Time tellz you when to get up, what time to catch the train, what day you get paid, what day billz are due, the expiration date on bottled water (?!!?), the list goes on.

I’m not sayin’ time is a bad thing, although man-made, it has enabled us to put thingz in perspective, which proves to be necessary for one to have direction. What I am implying is our concept of time has overwritten everything else by keeping us earth-bound. It has limited our ability to use more than the western-estimated-less-than-1/3 rd-of -our-brain; and most importantly, it has almost severed our connection with the perspective that, as I pointed out in one of my latest lecture series, “all thingz are Microcozmz of the Macrocozm.”

Let’s take the example I spoke of in the beginning of this piece. A full day on Pluto is about 153.6 Earth hourz — that’s about 6.4 Earth dayz. Thingz that happen on Pluto are different here on Earth. Going further, thingz that happen on other planets in other galaxies are different compared to what we know on Earth as well. Blame hell-y-wood (Hollywood), the educational system and the religious diocese, not me, for thinkin’ “M’Bwebe talkin’ ‘bout some Mothership/Parliament -ish!”

It is hell-y-wood who makes these visual decisive and destructive miscalculationz in the form of movies, for they know humanz rely more on our sight than using logical reasoning. Logic tellz you of all the alien movies they’ve made, when the settingz were on their planet, the plants were green and more important, they breathed oxygen!! Even if they were in a spaceship, when they encountered humanz (ie, Star Wars, Star Trek), they were breathing what we humanz use to sustain our earthly-lives. So Y IZ it all the necessary elements we need for life can be present on an alien frontier, yet the “alienz” themselves are little gray men with 3 fingerz and huge eyes?!!? Hell-y-wood been hoodwinkin’ us for a century!

It is the educational system that refuses to acknowledge the microcozm of the macrocozmic perspective when they teach health, social studies and astronomy separately. They teach us about ourselves before our very eyes in the form of chemistry (‘chem’ = khem = KMT = black, carbon or melanin; ‘-istry’ meaning “the study of”). They base their foundation on the Periodic Table, yet cease to make the connection to anything outside our universe.

Lookin’ at it macrocozmically, everything inside you exists because of the bigger you, or the vessel these inside thingz reside. These inside thingz are affected by the bigger you. This also works inversely where the macrocozm is affected by the microcozm. The food you internalize becomes a part of the bigger you.

Now visualize yourself bein’ planet Earth. Think of all the thingz that are on Earth. All appear to be workin’ individually, but are really in unison – whether good or bad. Step outside the shell of Earth and become the Milky Way galaxy. Think of the infinite number of thingz that go on on that level: imploding and exploding starz, blackholes, meteorz, planetary formationz, etc.

Don’t stop there Afrikanz – or should I say now ‘Elements’ (because we're no longer Earthlingz) – become the Nebula responsible for creating the galaxies that inhabit this particular vicinity of the universe. Better yet, become the Star Cluster who simply creates Nebulas!! Continue, continue, continue to expand macrocozmically and you will see everything is connected as you come full circle onto the level we currently exist in as seen in the first 5 minutes of the 1997 movie 'Contact'.

As said before, the foundation for the use of time is a man-made concept utilized to create and record an order of experiences. I believe Ancient cultures like that of the Dogon used (and still use) time, but not in the way of YTs eurocentric system; their way got us enslaved to time. They lock us down to worry about havin’ a payin’ wage to live off instead of the wayz of our ancients who created and invested in Nature and the land.

This binding grip to YTs concept of time has handicapped our ability to see beyond our sight. Our vision is blurred and because of this, we feel we can't find our way without our eyes, but Afrikanz, don’t we have, as YT sayz, 4 or even 5 other senses? And who’s to say we don’t have more than that?!

Author of Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization, Anthony T. Browder once said to me, “we’re Spiritual Beingz having a Human experience who chose to come back for a purpose.” To say that is to acknowledge there is more to “life” than what is experienced on Earth and in this lifetime. The analogy of a car comes to mind everytime I think of what Browder said:

A car is considered a vessel. It moves, but not without a driver (unless parked in neutral on a hill). The same pertainz to the human body and the spirit. We are taught to believe they are one, and to a certain degree, they are, but not exactly. Society has a way of tellin’ lies and half-truth’s and we take them whole.

Case in point, if we acknowledge we have living Ancestorz, where are they exactly? We know they are not in physical form. So where are they? What are they made of? Some believe in seein’ ghosts and spirits. If they are visible, then they are made of molecular and chemical structures and have some measure of mass.

If our Ancestorz exist then we must concede they are separate from the physical earthly body. This concept has been termed the non-physical self and the physical self. We can say we are somewhat familiar of the physical self or world, but there’s another part we have not. The ancient Djhuitic principle (erroneously called Hermetic) Polarity, speaks of everything havin’ an opposite: 'Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled'. In this case, converse the physical realm layz the uncharted, less exhumed non-physical self.

For example, author of Ruminations, KRS-One, pointed out when you silently read, although you are not using your mouth, tongue, larynx, and lungz to produce physical speech, you are still speaking. Repeat the lyrics of your favorite song without using your mind. Go ahead, try it. This is done without your tongue. But where does this internal voice/sound come from? “Who” produces such a sound? The Non-Physical Self...

It gets more interesting when you realize you can also hear the wordz of your Non-Physical speech. Even if you closed your earz, there is still hearing. You can still hear yourself reading without reading out loud. Even as you read this, you hear a voice!

The same notion can be applied to your sight. What is sight? We’re alwayz seeing. Even when we sleep we are seeing! The phenomena of lifting a “sleeping” personz eyelidz with them not be able to see you is soooo deep!! For those free-thinkerz, you can’t help but wonder if their eyes are lookin’ right at you, yet they’re sleep, what are they lookin’ at? What are they seeing, ‘cause they’re not seein’ me! Even better, where are they to have such vision?! I’ve pondered this since my early childhood, yo! I’ve been told in my “dreamz” that dreamz are the language of the elements many mistakenly call ‘God’ (this led me to write the piece, 'The God Complex', also on DGTv).

Ponder this… without the use of your two physical eyes, there is still sight! Your non-physical eyes see thingz your two physical eyes have yet to see and in some cases, your inner-sight is more accurate than your outer vision! See, your ‘inner’ can see the past, present and future while your outer only sees the present! We all truly need to get back in balance and genuinely get to know ourselves, THOROUGHLY, the way we s’posed to, with the Djhuitic Principle, Polarity (everything has its pair of opposites; duality; the union of opposites but only differ in degree).

Listen to self. If you scramble the letterz in the word LISTEN you get SILENT. How often do we listen silently to the rhythm of the most constant messenger in this physical realm — the heartbeat. In the Kemetic text, The Book of the Dead or The Book of Coming Forth By Day, the phrase “Be still and know that I am” sparks my pineal when speakin’ on this topic. That pulsating tempo our heart makes is more than just sound, it is imbedded-encrypted data reminding us of our kinetic connection to the frequency of ‘The All’ or 'Energy' as I like to call it (instead of 'god').

Talk within yourself while being quiet. Hear the soundz and ideas within, see with your eyes closed. What world/realm/dimension does this exist in? Definitely not the physical! It is your inner-voice that empowerz or animates your physical voice. It is your inner-ear that really hearz. It hearz physical events long after they physically exist. It hearz music, speech and soundz before they physically manifest in the present. Think of how a musician makes music or a writer writes. It hearz all from the past, present, and future at will! — I get madd chillz just mentioning this exciting phenomena many of us don't even know exists!

Inner-sight also sees the past, present, and future at will. Inner-sight directs and interprets the display of your physical eyes. Ask yourself Afrikanz, what and how are you seeing when you are dreaming or even day dreaming? What is the sight that is used to see your imagination?

When we speak of dreamz, we are talkin’ about the non-physical realm at its best. Here you see, hear, and even touch in the non-physical world. It is at this juncture the existence of the non-physical realm exists. A good book to read is Soul Traveler: A Guide to Out of Body Experiences and the Wonder’s Beyond, by Albert Taylor, PhD. Out of body experiences (OBEs) are very real, in fact, when you think about it, for every dream you had, most placed you somewhere other than where your body was sleeping, right? There Afrikanz, layz a simple example of an OBE. We have so many “dreamz” yet remember very few and are able to interpret even less, clearly showing more “time” must be put towardz overstanding the non-physical. We only know one side of ourselves Afrikanz, and that’s the side that makes us think we are only Afrikan, only beingz on this planet and the only species that was so clever to record our experiences with this invention called time.

By gaining a deeper inner-standing of correspondence and polarity, it makes perfect sense to realize this dream-like presence we frequent nightly for mid-to-long hourly sessionz, have more significance in the reason we exist than we’d like to think!

We cease to acknowledge that along with our being made of blood and oxygen, we are also electrical. In hospitalz they have a procedure called an Electrocardiography that traces electrical activity of the heart. An Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) can be used for checking currents in various parts of the body, including the brain.

Like the heart, which we take for granted as it continues its rhythmic beat even when we are at “rest” or sleep (when our consciousness is altered into another realm most call dreamz), the mind persists at a rate that, I believe, goes beyond the heart. The heart, we know will eventually stop beating. The mind, however, is a different case – especially if you still believe your Ancestorz are real!

The electrical sparks that derive from the human brain is not just electrical shocks you may feel from a poorly-wired socket. They are images, soundz, probably even gatewayz to dimensionz only our imagination (mind) would allow to see if and only while in this dream-like state. It is here we have not applied the principles of Correspondence and Polarity, for we have not spent enough “time” exploring it.

As I wrote in the piece, “What Frequency R U On,” I noted that while YT got us locked into this physical matrix worried about Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, un- and under-employment and the last episode of Friends, they continue to break barrierz the world won’t know for decades through corporationz like CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and Lockheed Martin. We are out of balance, Afrikanz, and our individual and collective timerz are tellin’ us we are running out of time, if not, at the very least, waisting our time weighin’ too much on the physical side and not enuff energy towardz the non-physical.

There is more to seeing, hearing, and speaking than physically looking, listening, and talking. Your inner-movements and senses direct most of your physical (outer) movements and senses. We simply give the physical realm too much credit, when in fact the physical body does very little on its own. Even the will to live doesn’t originate from the physical body! If this were the case the body would choose to live forever!

Even if you wanted to die, the body would choose to preserve itself and live on. Ask yourself to die right now…….. nothin’ happened, right? Your heart didn’t stop beating, brain function didn’t cease. If you were to hold your breath, because the human body needz oxygen to exist, you will find your body tightenin’ up and eventually forcing you to take in air. The only way you could force yourself to die is if you put yourself in harmz way, but the body will not shut down on command.

As I said before, the body doesn’t live, it functionz, only the spirit lives, learnz and expandz. Like the car analogy spoken of earlier, without the spirit commanding the body, it is literally lifeless and without direction. This is why many believe that physical death is not the end.

So knowing this, ask yourself, If you don’t need the physical body to have speech, sight, hearing, ideas, emotionz, will, personality, consciousness, then why wouldn’t these abilities exist without the body altogether?!

To me, death is more like the separation of one’s physical senses from one’s non-physical senses. We microcozmically experience this every nite we go to sleep and have these thingz called “dreamz”. The thing about “dreamz” is that it seemz so real. And to be quite honest, it is real, non-physically!

We literally cut ourselves off from what lies beyond the Earth, our Solar System [which is but rocks called planets rotating around a star – and there’s an infinite number of starz in the universe/poly-verse (Polarity states duality, so maybe the concept of one uni-verse is also incorrect)], our galaxy we reside in called the Milky Way, the one Nebula responsible for creating the Milky Way, the Virgo Cluster, NASA (National Aeronautic & Space Administration) sayz we’re a part of, and so on…

Using rational and logistical thinking, one would find that of all the religious and spiritual movements use of time – including those that evolve from the Nile Valley of Afrika – none could prove they are as old as the planet Earth or the Sun. Sayin’ this should lift the barrierz that block free-thinking. Ask yourself, Afrikanz, do you really think soulz and spirits didn’t begin to live eternally until man-made religion came about?

Of the 3 major western-religionz (christianity, judaizm, and islam) – which are no older than approximately 2000 yearz – that’s not even one centimeter on the ruler of Earth’s existence! Do you really think the soulz of our Ancestorz, Ancestorz did not experience eternal life until the so-called biblical Jesus?!!? If you believe this, the diagnosis is clear, YT has entrapped your mind.

The concept of a “dream”-world or non-physical realm co-exists with the physical world. Many of us spend a lifetime wondering what happenz after death. The mind is bamboozled by religionz who ask you to trade your ability to think in exchange for the-so-called-notion-and-can't-even-validate concept of 'everlasting life'. But what actually is everlasting life? It cannot be physically because as the Djhuitic Principle, Rhythm states, "everything works in cycles; everything moves, nothing rests," the human body does not have the ability to eternally stay in tact. So this leaves the spiritual or non-physical.

Buckle your seats, the journey has just begun…


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