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[written in 2005]

(Refer to part 1: Free-quencies of Tyme)

Before I can even begin speakin’ on the art of travel, I want to reveal the microcozm of the macrocozm concept as it applies to the human body. As done in part 1, I will explore the concept of being the adoptive term, 'free-thinker'. What is a free-thinker or better yet, what isn’t it? It is not a person who believes without question. It is not a person who commits to a mindset because of tradition or because that is what everyone believes. A free-thinker is not one who confines all their knowledge-base on a few books or a just over 2000-year-old man-made religion and feelz there are just some questionz that aren’t meant to be known.

A free-thinker is one who encompasses viewz, constructively and critically, from various perspectives — including intuitively. A free-thinker also thinks outside the illusionary borderz the norm’s mindset is imprisoned in. A free-thinker is not afraid to stand alone on a concept. And more importantly, a free-thinker will not betray nor relinquish what their heart knowz, even if it meanz bein’ ostracized, outcast, or seen as “out there.”

This is important because when author of Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization, Anthony T. Browder, said to me, “We are Spiritual Beingz havin’ a Human experience who chose to come back for a purpose,” a non-free-thinker would not be able to grasp such a concept. This theory has a resounding appeal because it (1) separates the physical from the non-physical (as spoken about in part 1). Second, it openz up a whole new realm for in-depth elaboration since it speaks of our “choosing” to come “back” for a purpose.

To choose is a sign of intelligence and will. Does our spirit exhibit this ability? If Browder’s statement is true it applies. And what about the part of coming “back”… back from where?! This “place” is a realm seldom spoke about. Why? Probably ‘cause if someone heard you speaking of some unknown realm that no one really knowz how to get to, you might find yourself in a padded room strapped in a straight-jacket.

This concept, though on the thin line of bein’ presumed ‘off your rocker’, has been virtually swept under the rug in most if not all think tanks (especially Afrikan). Most would rather speak of miracles and visionz from a biblical “god” rather than explore the dimensionz each of us journey to, on a nightly basis... yeah, I'm talkin' about hedz sleepin' on sleep!

Every night, when you go to‘sleep, you do what has been deduced by western science as experience a series of mere ‘dreamz’. Many believe dreamz are meaningless episodes and fantasies of our lives, a movie reel of our experience, if you will. This definition, adopted by the masses, has left the people of this world plugged into the mindset of linear-thinking. YTs training system, better known as school, are one of the main culprits responsible for this. This training has confined the us, making hedz believe we are the only intelligent life that exists in an ever-expanding poly-verse.

If you’ve seen the 1997 movie Contact with Jodie Foster, you might remember the scene where her father said, "if space is infinite and we’re the only one’s in it… what a waste of space!" We’ve let Hell-y-wood define our perception of life outside our planet. Many find it difficult to even grasp the concept of life past our solar system!

I don’t know how to say it any simpler Afrikanz, we are a microcozm of the macrocozm! What you see is not everything there is. The duality of ‘seen’ is ‘unseen’. There are so many books and movies that talk about life elsewhere, giving us the idea that they’re little grey or green men with big eyes and four fingerz, but can — and this buggz me out — speak English!!


“When you control a man’s thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his proper place and stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit.”

This quote from Carter G. Woodson (fellow Boule’ member I might add) transcendz the color line when speakin’ about the impact good ol’ ‘ massa ’-media has on the public. Not only do they have us believing that “alienz” can fly into Earth, breathe oxygen, and speak the language, in what has been termed flying saucerz or disc-like aircrafts [do a little research and you’ll find it doesn’t take much to make a flying saucer right here on Earth. I mean, if YT can put a plane up, why couldn’t they model the exterior design (motor, valves, etc.) to have a saucer-like body?!!?], yet in the same breath they downplay the tenacity “dreaming” and its connection to the physical realm has.

Some 20 yearz ago, actress Shirley Maclain got public attention for her alleged out-of-body experiences where she claimed to have been able to leave her body with a life-line or physical-to-spiritual umbilical chord attached to her so that her spirit may find its way back to her body. She claimed that as long as the line was intact, you were “alive”. However, if the line became severed, you had no way of returning to your physical body which meant you died in the physical realm. Never before had anyone gone on tv speaking of this. The hype it created had many in disbelief with very few ready to give it a deeper look.

Although I can’t say I am a firm believer in Maclain’s “life-line” theory, it was then in my early teenz that I became fascinated with the unknown. This subject was an untraditional theory that could be deemed “outside the box” of normal thought. I was very much interested in knowing more of this as a youth but (1) I didn’t know I had no cultural/spiritual base and (2) I didn’t have access to Maclain or anyone that shared this interest. So it was suppressed, or better yet, stored away until I began my deprogramming and then process of mental maturation.

Take one trip to your local planetarium and, if you’re a free-thinker, you will start thinkin’ “outside the box”. With the help of the 7 ancient Djhuitic (shouldn't be called 'Hermetic' because Heremes is a pirated greek version of the KMT deity, Djhuiti) principles, you will realize that we are truly the microcozm of the macrocozm; or a smaller part of a bigger thing (duality).

We are of the universe; therefore, there are universes in us. Microcozmically, if you were to zoom into you it would look just like the universe (again, go to your local planetarium for reference). When you look at the skin on your hand, we do not realize there are billionz, probably trillionz of moving activity goin’ on that our naked eye cannot see.

Just because we cannot see it, or even feel it, does not mean it does not exist. It’s been estimated some 6 trillionz thingz goes on at every moment in our body. If you had a high-powered microscope and focused on your hand, you’d be able to see movin’ objects. Just as if you were to look at a plants soil and see crawling lifeformz livin’ their lives on and around the plant, so is the same with the living organizmz that crawl on you.

These thingz help protect and maintain your physical existence and the duality is that some work to destroy you. This is called balance. What’s an even deeper concept is to these crawling lifeformz, your body is their “Earth”; just as, macrocozmically how we walk on the Earth. We are microcozmincally those crawling lifeformz dwelling on the “scalp” or “skin” of the Earth.

Look at the wrinkles and crevaces in your hand. These lifeformz as they work to maintain their lives are in fact, maintaining yourz! To these lifeformz, too finite for the naked eye to see, these crevices are valleyz — as big as the Grand Canyon! This makes the perception of what we are much bigger than the illusionary parameterz the european-based western society wants us to see.

Macrocozmically, what we do to sustain/destroy ourselves does so for our household, community, city, state, nation, country, planet, solar system, galaxy, nebula, star cluster, and so on. The same applies inward. This interconnection should be one of the first thingz taught to us from our youth but because we’ve put our trust in the handz of a manipulator, we continue to poison our universe first through misleading ‘boxed-in’ and eurocentric-based information; secondly, by way of an improper diet; and third by opting to choose linear thinking instead of free-thinking. How was this done? Along with the school system, co-leading is religion.

Again, Browderz statement bringz relevance to this discussion because too many obstacles have been placed to keep us from truly knowing an alternative way of who we are, which ould enable us to define what our purpose for being here is. Afterall, this is probably the one poly-versal question, “Why am I here?” (for those interested, I suggest reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo).

As a child, what was one of your first questionz after learning about health in school? “Where did I come from?”, “Why do I have to die?” and the infamous, “Where is heaven?” All 3 are literally lengthy articles in themselves. The first two I dwelled on in my lecture, Afrikan Spirituality: the Microcozm of the Macrocozm. For this piece, I will focus on the "where is heaven", question.

Our perception of heaven is man-made consisting of just a physical concept and not a non-physical, or spiritual notion. From all the stories of what heaven is like, most speak of the same concept: a bright light, you walking towardz this light and on your way relatives and friendz are there to greet you. Ok, then what? How many hedz do you know that actually went to heaven then came back giving full detail of what it’s like? It’s also been said that in heaven everyone is happy and everything is all good.

Now (I'm speakin' to the free-think Afrikanz), of all the people that ever lived and will live; dead and that will die, quite a few are wicked men and women (murdererz, thieves, etc). They all came/will come from a place where thingz aren’t all good (Earth), in fact somewhat chaotic and you are a product of this environment. So ask yourselves Afrikanz, how long you think you’ll be able to adjust to such a place without corrupting it or goin' back to your earthly-old wayz?

Ask yourself who came up with the policy of who gets admitted into heaven and who doesn’t? Oh, forgot. It’s said that all you gotta do is accept jesus christ as your lord and savior and you in, Sun! So again, I ask, how many corrupt hedz who repented at the last minute just so they could get in heaven, are there and have not gone back to their wicked wayz? This is pure linear-thinking. It’s also madd material for a comedian.

I mean, take a person who lived their life as a pedophile. We're told, for example, by the bible if you accept jesus, you will go to heaven. So this criminal, moments before he dies, accepts jesus. He gets to heaven, and everybodies supposedly all nice and whatnot. You mean to tell me I'm supposed to believe heaven is so great and positive, this man will be able to resist manifesting the same Earthly habits now in heaven?! I’ll let you marinate on that for a lil’ bit…………………….

Everytime you’ve asked where heaven is more than likely you were told “up” or “out” there... somewhere. This society is not in the practice of tellin’ you heaven is “inside” you. This gives a feeling of detachment because you have to look outside of you, leaving you to feel excluded. The same goes for the concept of “God”. We feel we’re that high-powered toy everyone wants that can do all the hottest thingz, yet no batteries are included and “some assembly may apply.”

Because of our conditioning, we’ve been programmed to settle with an answer that does not answer our question. Oftentymz we are told, “you’re not s’posed to know everything” or “god is the only one who knowz.” This has become acceptable, relinquishing the ability to be that free-thinker because if there were more free-thinkerz, we’d ask that person who told us we’re not ‘sposed to know, who told them we’re not?! There are two types of people who give such answerz. Either they’re a linear-thinker, who takes everything at face value due to stunted curiosity; or they’re someone who may have tried to seek an answer but gave up settling for ignorance (again, read The Alchemist).

If you know you are a microcozm of the macrocozm and the macrocozm is “god”, you will know that you are “god”, microcozmically and macrocozmically, thus giving you the capability to know more than you think. We totally ignore the tenacity our brain possesses. Our mind has worn illusionary shackles thanks in part to physical and now mental enslavement on behalf of primarily whitefolk. Think of how most would react when you say you are god and that you can know all. They’d call you blasphemous, egotistical and out of your mind, as if to imply the human mind is incapable of knowing “all”. But ask yourselves Afrikanz, if the universe is mental and everything that has ever been created on this earth was first in the mind then brought into physical manifestation; better yet, if wo/man can create aircrafts, cloning and antimatter, why do we feel we cannot know more?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “Know thyself.” But have you heard the entire phrase? “Know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and God.” If we have the ability to procreate — something that’s taken for granted the amount of encrypted data that goes into creating a fetus — why do we continue to downplay our ability? Because we have been programmed. Just like a computer programmed to work efficiently for x-amount of months, so have we been duped to believe our efficiency is at 100% when we’re probably, collectively, at the 30% range.

What we fail to realize is that this program can be deleted. If you read my piece, What Frequency R U On?, you’d be aware of the constant energetic vybration emitted from what I believe is that realm that’s been demoted to be called dreamz. If we were to heighten our awareness and tune in to that higher frequency just as you would change to another tv or radio station, we would be able to hear this frequency and assist our conduit (instrument) of this info exchange, the brain, as it tries to override YTs program of mental arrest.

See, it is the brain that is the vital organ that truly run tingz! Physically, yes the heart is regarded just as vital, but this is only in the physical realm, what about the non-physical realm? When you lay down to sleep every nite, everything is pretty much at rest except your heart, respiratory system and your brain. All are needed and rely on each other to function, but only the mind has the key to the non-physical realm. In this realm you are spirit, not needing oxygen to breathe nor a beating heart, not even legz that walk for that matter, because when you break us down (microcozmically) that is exactly what we are… MATTER!

The mind is truly the most underrated muscle. We work so hard to maintain physical fitness, but cease to exercise the greatest organ we have. Many are not aware that the mind is different from the brain. The brain exists in our head and governz our body whereas the mind exists in our environment and governz our lives. We have the mind, including the environment, in the spirit while the body, including the brain, is in the mind. We should all know the brain exists in our head and governz the body but the mind is beyond our physical space and time for it has the ability to exist in the realm of the spirit where past, present and future are all one event.

In part 3 I will continue exploring the mind, show it’s relation to the notion of traveling (dreamz) and introduce the conceptual duality of matter and antimatter.


(Read to part 3: Free-quencies of Tyme3: The Star Of a Story)

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