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(written circa 2004)

A while back I wrote the piece Back When Revolutionareez Were Real which spoke in comparison of our current self-appointed leaderz versus those of the past. Now that we have yet another charade of an election upon us, we have to seriously see how messed up our situation is. Many who still believe in the vote merely voted for John Kerry and Edwards mainly because he wasn't Bush, despite Kerry’s faithful allegiance to the same white supremacy cult as Bush, Skull&Bones (read Bush, Kerry: Bloodbrotherz to the Core online). I ask you, Afrikanz, where’s our leadership in these tymz?!!? Hedz voted for Kerry thinkin' he's like Clinton (as if he was all that). Where’s our alleged leaderz and their stance for the future of Afrikan people in america ? Who does Farrakhan, Jesse, Al Sharpton and the like endorse?

Afrikanz, we are long overdue a revamped plan of our future here. We’ve allowed hedz like the aforementioned to “lead” us to nowhere for decades with no pressure nor request of vision they may have for our future. In my opinion, we need to adopt the philosophy of professional sport teamz. For example, take the National Football League (NFL) and National Basketball Association (NBA). Some 10-15 yearz ago we began to see a difference in the demandz of head coaches and even general management.

Prior to that, a coach’s job was secure for as long as he wanted to coach. Up until the early 90s, you had some that were a frachise’s first and only coach. Dallas Cowboys head coach, Tom Landry was there for 29 yearz, winning the Superbowl 2 tymz; Chuck Knoll of the Pittsburgh Steelers reigned 22 yearz, winning 4 Superbowlz. These coaches remained at the helm despite a winning or losing season. Come the early 90s, the business of sports changed and patience went out the window. Franchises became infatuated with winning now, at any cost and if it meant firing a coach despite their winning system or even trading half the team, they’d do it for an immediate winning season.

I think we Afrikanz should adopt the same strategy. WE NEED A WIN NOW!! The “coaches” or “leaderz” of our people in this country haven’t delivered us a victory since they were self-appointed by YT (of course, we know they have been effective in doin’ their job which is to stall our liberation. Read Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson).

For too long we have allowed the Jesse’s and Farrakhanz to CON us into thinkin’ we’re makin’ progress while their pockets get fatter and links with the enemy get stronger, while we continue to suffer generation ‘pon generation. Y do we continue to blindly support these agents yet refuse to demand a progress report?!

We should hold our current so-called leaderz to a 1-2year contract. If they provide no victories from what they proposed, we pull from a pool of ‘free-agents’ who’ll be ready to fill their shoes and implement improved strategies. As simple and maybe farfetched as this may seem, it really is practical and can be implemented immediately. This would not only involve the people more in the decisionz and directionz we plan to go, it will also enable us to hold accountable any and all parties who we put in positionz of leadership and power.

Got any other ideas?!!?

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