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(written 2008)

UPDATE: Ok. I'm convinced Al Sharpton is working for the NYPD!! On Wednesday, May 7, 2008, Al Sharpton led a protest where approximately 237 people were arrested (according to NY Daily News). After bein' "ordered" by Lt. John Wolf to refrain from blockin' traffic as Al tried to lead a march across the Brooklyn Bridge, he refused, dropped to his kneez and started praying (to who??) as he and several hundred otherz were cuffed and arrested. more below>>

Ok. I'm an American-Afrikan, born and raised—and no, its not a typo[1]. So as a member of Afrikan Diaspora, I should be able to say somethin' if/when we messin' up just like the next member of this family, right? The Sean Bell verdict came out and absolutely no one should be surprised. Sean Bell is not the first — he's just the latest; and he certainly won't be the last. What is startling to witness is our unrelenting reluctance to remain reactionary revolutionareez!

What you're about to read may piss some of you off, and although I wanna raise your awareness, the anger should be more towardz us! This piece is directed to us because our team has gotten so used to loosin' this battle against racial injustice, I wonder why we even suit up!

The score? It's GWS (Global White Supremacy) 135 - AL (Afrikan Liberatorz) 0—that's right, we gettin' our asses blown out! The Sean Bell verdict caps off the latest 15-0 run and we're still in the first half!!

It started when I got a text message on the afternoon of Thursday, May 1st. It read, "We are shutting down NYC on Saturday, May 3. We urge all minorities not to spend a single dime anywhere in NYC on Saturday. No gas, food and no clothes. RIP Sean Bell!" "What? Anutha boycott?!!?", I thought to myself...

Soon after came a barrage of emailz with the same message that came out earlier in the week. And although I agree something needz to be done, it's still so puzzling the strategies we come up with are so short-sighted...

Who are we trying to affect? The economy. Why just one day?![2] I mean, dam people, are we really that idiotic to think one day will hurt the economy?! They will recoup whatever "loss" they may have the other 364 dayz! In addition to that, whoever decided this would be the counter to the Bell verdict?! Did they take into account how unsuccessful this day-long boycott would be since the notice was sent out less than 48-hourz before the targeted date?!

I really have to question our intelligence (or lack there of). We've proven the stereotype of bein' doomed to repeat errorz because of our reluctance to study history, for if we did, we would know the perfect example of a successful boycott was just 50 yearz ago! Why haven't we considered duplicating the success of the 381 day Bus Boycott of Montgomery, Alabama in 1955-56?!

I went out to a couple stores Saturday (the day of the boycott) in Brooklyn and from what I saw it sure seemz the masses didn't get the memo! We were up to our usual selves, bein' 99% consumer and less than 1% producer, buying everything in sight thanx in part to the IRS' Stimulus Payments that started on May 2nd — did the "organizerz"  behind the boycott take this into account? Obviously not!

Using sports as an analogy, as with any franchise — in this case, Afrikan people, somebody has to get axed for the teamz poor performance (in fact, we've never had a winning year in america when analyzing our relationship with white-folk). Oftentymz, the firing doesn't happen to the playerz, it's within the coaching personnel.
Al Sharpton has been the leader of the Sean Bell case, day-one. The Bell family as well as the streets have looked towardz Sharpton to deliver justice. Continuing with the sports perspective. What would you say Al's record is? I dare to say Al's about as good a coach as Isiah Thomas was for the Knicks (the only difference is that Isiah did win some games)! Now of all the yearz he's been around as our coach (leader), how many victories has "Coach" Sharpton brought us?? Back in 1999, Sharpton led us in one of the last big cases where an innocent black man was shot at 41 tymz by the NYPD (Amadou Diallo). I can recall a boycott was called then. What's happened since? Different face, same boycott and same results!
These "leaderz" should be put on notice for we've stood by waiting for them to deliver for too long! They've, in turn, brought is shortly-lived reactionary tactics, providing small bandages over a huge wound; and they've done this with no reprimand, no demotion, no nothin'! The thing is, the problem isn't Sharpton (and I include Jesse Jackson and any other self-appointed leader), they're actually doin' what they were created to do... delay our liberation by keepin' Afrikan people from uprising against our oppressor. The problemz lies within ourselves, for we continue to wait, never exercising the choice to upgrade to a person(z) that'll meet our wants and needz. Harsh wordz for some, real talk for those that are sick and tired of bein' sick and tired!

So what are we to do since Saturdayz one-day boycott is over? What are the next steps? Based on past accounts, nothin' will be done... I read that Sharpton makin' idle threats of shuttin' down New York, again! In Sundayz New York Daily News, it was reported he was planning a day of civil disobedience with locationz for peaceful protests. He planz to have each protester get down on their kneez at 3pm. He noted anyone who joinz should be prepared to go to jail to protest the acquittalz of the 3 cops. "If you are not going to lock up the guilty in this town, then I guess you'll have to lock up the innocent," Sharpton stated... This is the best strategy "our leader" can come up with?! More Afrikanz in jail?!!? His best plan is to have Afrikanz KNEEL down (to the oppressor) and risk arrest?! Why are we keepin' this clown-with-a-conk in a position of leadership?? Risking the lives of more Afrikanz, gettin' them incarcerated is the answer??? I don't question Al's intelligence; I know he's an idiot! What I question are those who follow this clown!
Exactly whose side is Sharpton on?? You gonna bring 'ol massa more Afrikanz to put in through the prison system?! You been a so-called leader for Afrikan people for several decades and that's your solution?? I have not heard you mention anything about payin' to bail out those who follow you! What is your plan to get these volunteerz out so they can be home with their families?? It's -ish like this that makes me wonder if we have any intellect at all!

Let's face it, we are a joke and I'm fed up with bein' laughed at! The NYPD, the United States judicial system and government, they all laugh as they continue stick it to us murder-after-murder on up to acquittal-after-acquittal.

We are the laughing stocks of all races on the planet! No one takes us serious, and how can we expect to be when these are the best counterz to global white supremacy we have?! It's well past tyme we wo/man-up and revise how we're gonna deal with it, for if we don't, the cycle will never end...

To the average hed, they may think I'm sayin' let's strap up and start splittin' wigz! Without a plan, that wouldn't solve anything but get you dead quick! Oh, we'd have some temporary payback, but YTs system would only increase what they already been doin'. This is gonna take strategy and creating it does not mean the planz gonna take so long to make, hedz will lose their fire.

We have to understand global white supremacy is like an octopus with several armz doin' simultaneous thingz for the good of their cause. Why not try fightin' fire with fire?
Several committeez need to be created. Read Amos Wilson's classic 'Blueprint For Black Power' and Neely Fuller's, 'The United Independent Compensatory Code/System'. These are but a few required texts to study. From this, a Think Tank will need to be created. This Think Tank/Task Force will create short and long-term planz in the 9 Areas of People Activity Fuller outlines in his book — those 9 bein', (1)Economics, (2)Education, 93)Entertainment, (4)Labor, (5)Law, (6)Politics, (7)Sex, (8)Religion and (9)War. Health should be considered the 10th area — so that we will move to eliminate reactionary responses and have tactics ready to be deployed.

In addition, studying these areas will move us toward self-reliance and with that comes independence which translates to power. If we study the strategic steps our Ancestorz took to create Black Wall Street, we could duplicate it, building wealth and inspiring pride (and our own defense)—which removes us from a reactionary position so when pawnz like Sharpton come by with one-day boycotts and ideas of goin' to jail as the solution to injustice, he'll be properly ushered out of the Afrikan community. And this should go for anyone else who comes with these house nigga theories—that's right, I said it! Again, harsh wordz for some, real talk for those that are sick and tired of bein' sick and tired!

We have to deprogram ourselves from waitin' for someone else to do somethin' we can do. Instead of waitin' for someone to give you a task, take on the task of fillin' in the void! Don't wait for a committee to call you up to join. You are a committee. And until a committee of hedz actually manifest's, use the two aforementioned books, read them familiarize yourself with the ideology. Engage in conversation with your family and friendz, post blogz online—whatever it takes to keep the topic alive, and refrain publicly from counter-attacks like these that make no sense! Many hedz don't even know how to think differently, so education on alternatives like these are needed.

It's either that or continue to have winless seasonz...


We need a quick revision between nounz and adjectives: American-Afrikan is correct. 'Afrikan' is the noun, or what I am, and the type of Afrikan I am is one who lives in 'America', which is the adjective. Think if we all named ourselves this way around the world (Jamaican-Afrikan, Canadian-Afrikan, etc), maybe then we'd deal with issues that affect "black" people on a global level.

[2]Refer to this piece I wrote, 'National Black Boycott Month!' link:

Articles like this can be read in M'Bwebe Ishangi's book, 'Analitikul Cogitationz' and

UPDATE: Ok. I'm convinced Al Sharpton is working for the NYPD!! On Wednesday, May 7, 2008, Al Sharpton led a protest where approximately 237 people were arrested (according to NY Daily News). After bein' "ordered" by Lt. John Wolf to refrain from blockin' traffic as Al tried to lead a march across the Brooklyn Bridge, he refused, dropped to his kneez and started praying (to who??) as he and several hundred otherz were cuffed and arrested.

According to a lawsuit filed the same day by the New York Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Leonardo Blair (an Afrikan man born in Jamaica), a New York Post crime reporter, was stopped, arrested and jailed without justification last November while walkin' from his car to his aun't house in the Bronx, New York.

Said Donna Lieberman, NYCLU executive director. “Walking while black is not a crime, and yet every year hundreds of thousands of innocent New Yorkers are stopped, searched and interrogated by the police for doing just that. For justice in our city to be truly just, the NYPD needs to start treating all New Yorkers fairly, regardless of the color of their skin.”

Here's where it gets deeper! According the article,

“In 2007, the NYPD stopped about 469,000 New Yorkers – almost 1,300 people every day. Eighty-eight percent were completely innocent. Though they make up only a quarter of the City’s population, more than half of those stopped were black. Another 30 percent were Latino. Though whites make up more than 35 percent of New York City’s population, they were only 11 percent of those stopped. In 2006 and 2007, blacks and Latinos were the target of about 90 percent of the nearly one million stop-and-frisk encounters.

The suit also challenges the legality of a database the NYPD maintains with the names and addresses of every person stopped and frisked by the police, even though more than 90 percent of those people, like Blair, have done nothing wrong. That police database likely now has the names and home addresses of over one million law-abiding New Yorkers.

“The NYPD is using its sweeping stop-and-frisk operation to build a massive database of the names and addresses of law-abiding New York City residents, most of are black or Latino,” said NYCLU Associate Legal Director Christopher Dunn, lead counsel on the case. “As a result of this, hundreds of thousands if not more than one million New Yorkers who, like Leo Blair, have done nothing wrong now are at risk of becoming the subjects of criminal investigations by virtue of being in the database.”

Now I refer back to Al Sharpton and his protest. Most arrested never even had a record, but voluntarily allowed themselves to be taken into police custody, all to support Al's supposed tactic in protest of last week's verdict. The protestorz were instructed to form a line and kneel down—in some photo's, they're kneeling in front of the NYPD!!

Did he not just hand over a couple-hundred new hedz to be added to the database?! Y are we still following this fool!?!!? And when are we gonna realize the Civil Rights era is long gone, so these tactics are outdated!

All Sharptonz doin' is sacrificing Afrikanz to the one's he really serves—and no, it ain't Jesus!

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• Raahubaat, how about using the Moroccan Treaty of 1787. We are afterall Moors/Muurs(navigators). That is our nationality that was given back to us by one Noble Drew ali. He was sent here to get us to THINK again. He stated he has given us the tools and all we have to do is use them. Here is some truth anyone know that a liscence is a fraud and unconstitutional. It is. Anyone know what a PERSON is? Or tell me, what is a STRAWMAN OR TIN? What is NATIONALITY for that matter. Who is Ben Bey, Prince Hall, Ben Franklin, and what do they have to do with us today?
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Donald B. Wilson Jr. ( on Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 11:40 PM

• Al Sharpton is nothing but a pacifist. He's just there to calm the masses of carbon laden folk, as instructed by his superiors(Remember THE BLACK 6?). There needs to be NO MORE MARCHING! A network needs to be set up where for a period of 3 months we cease participating in a certain system(ie : 2 weeks no shopping for sneakers, clothes, next would be no nail salons/weaves-yes, if we gonna go all out, go hard-next, no more chinese food for the next 2-3weeks(it would do your body a great service to cease putting msg & plastics-from the soybean oil- in your system, in addition to the fried grafted chicken skin we folk love 2 crunch on)..After that how about cutting out the purchasing of gas(actually every1 should have done this when the prices skyrocketed before. Many troops would have been home & the prices would definitely be much lower than it is now. So the impact of not participating(in the purchasing of gas) after brother Bell was senselessly murdered would now resonate at a higher frequency. Doing this would also jeopardize Sharpton's "let's march' agenda & his position as a so called leader in the community because we would take the responsibility to be our own COLLECTIVE leaders.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Antoine Judkins ( on Wednesday, May 8, 2008 at 11:59 PM

• I could not have said it better myself. To mention action and use Amos Willson and Neely Fuller as a tool for our plan is right on the money. These individuals use a no-nonsense, non-reactionary, non-emotional reponse to White Supremacy. To me, Neely Fuller's approach is exactly what we need right now or we will continue to be treated as we have been.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Anon Ymous ( on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 9:34 AM

• I feel you and know that this is a message Afrikans need, everywhere we are at. However, and I know you know this, in order for us to appropriately move, to act against a genocidal supremacy that continues to vent against us, we must first recognize ourselves as powerful, self-defining, self-directing people and do what needs to be done to remove this threat. For too many of us such a thought is so beyond fear that we cannot conceptualize it. So we use the tactics we know best, regardless of known outcome. As Ture and Hamilton said, "powerlessness breeds a race of beggars." And, as my mother repeatedly said to me as a child, "you have to speak to people in a language they understand." People have to be made to understand what language we have to speak in to be understood in this reality. And there have to be collections of Afrikans known only to themselves, fully cognizant that we are at war, who know how to speak whatever language is required for us to become independently liberated as a global, national sovereignty so that others, less courageous, will see the maroon/revolutionary model and understand the necessity and see the possibility of it as a means of Afrikan survival and elevation as a global power. Our current in our river of revolution is deep. The problem is that most of us have not tapped into it for fear of drowning. I don't know what the score is but I do know the hour.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti ( on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 10:16 PM

• This article is golden. I like how you compared this situation to a game. Because it's a game to them. The funny thing about the situation with (Not too Sharp)ton is this. Here we are in 2008. 104 years after the inception of the Boule' and almost 100 years after the NAACP has gotten started. We have all of these elitist, who sit on panels and use big words and are so called "educated" with multiple Degrees, Ph.Ds, MDs, Cd's and DVD's of ABC, BBD and the East Coast family... and in OVER ONE HUNDRED years, none of them have figured out what you just dropped in 4 pages (readable in a few minutes)??!!!! We still using the same played out tactics that have NEVER worked, while discussing phantom covenants (with people who have never kept ANY agreement written or unwritten with anyone but themselves in the history of the planet)?

Without getting into a long speech about the Negro Leadership conspiracies (which always meets opposition), I'm convinced that if a person were to just Pay Attention, He/She would KNOW something is fraudulent, even if nobody told them!

I also agree with Talani. We need to stop waiting for the "chosen" superstar and start playing team ball. We need to start running the triangle (pyramid) offense with UCLA and backdoor cuts and get Everyone involved. Because if you look through history, everytime we get a REAL superstar (dunking on the oppressors, and 1), he always gets a career ending injury (either from a flagrant foul or landing on a so called team mates foot - if you get my meanin). Then that superstar is replaced with someone who can't hit wide open layups, yet we keep passin him the ball. That scoreboard you showed is on point! It's late in the 3rd. We need to close out this quarter with a run to get within striking distance, before they put us away in the 4th for good..
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Matt Mason ( on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 6:55 PM

• None of this surprises me at all. Marching, protesting, boycotting are all effeminate styles of defense against injustice and these have been our main weapons against our oppressors. Of course we're the laughing stock you can't win a masculine battle fighting like a Bi#*h, all talk and no action. I say it's time to do a detox and get rid of the dead weight. As a people we have too much weakness weighing us down. We got to cut them lose and let them go. What do you say M'Bwebe? I'll cut and you push!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Tanessa Lewis aka Empress Lockness i ( on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 4:09 PM

• I read the article and I too am an American-Afrikan woman who knows about the GWS [Global White Supremacy] right here that I am living everyday personally with my family. We the (Blak) community need to wake up soon because if we don't....this planet that is rightfully ours, that was stolen will continue down the path of destruction and extinction. Atleast that is what the GWS wishes to happen anyway. I applaud your efforts and hope it continues to reach our people. WAKE .......UP.......Peace and Love.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Kendra Best ( on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 3:42 PM

• Thank you for saying it. I am an American Afrikan. Peace.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 11:49 AM

• I'm speechless. This article verbalized my thoughts perfectly. To build on your comments, it's imperative our community eliminates the head and create heads plural for leadership. When you think of Jewish, Arab or Asian communities there is no dominant leader. Contrary to our divine mono charismatic mentality, other communities have the Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Coalition, Arab league the list is infinite. How the fuck in 2008 blacks still looking to Rev. Jackson and Sharpton for guidance, no disrespect, but enough. Where is the Law of Evolution active in the black community? Civil Rights era leaders of the 60'sand 70's are still leading the parade, shame of us. History shows time and time again, economic boycott gets attention immediately. Our generation (hip hop) has to be held accountable as well. Before we can really move forward there are some internal casualties necessary not rehabilitation which would be expensive and time consuming. Forgive my rant, beloved..
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Talani Goodson ( on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 11:47 AM

• I appreciate your comments. Only an economic shutdown of this city will start to make the changes we need in order to survive. Otherwise the killings do continue.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 11:20 AM

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