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(written 2008)

You've probably read pieces I've written like "Y I'm Not A Registered Voter" and political conspiracy pieces, and although I still stand firmly behind those works, the upcoming Presidential Election has me somewhat bewildered, hopeful even, that we just might witness a change. If this change Barack Obama's talkin' about is true, he's gonna put me outta business and I can't say I'd be mad about it!

The thingz he's talkin' about regarding bringin' americanz together is unique in that no other aspiring presidential candidate has ever done it the way he has—including Jesse "Boule'" Jackson.

The timing of Obama seemz ripe as well. For the first time, whites are feelin' what we've been feelin' for decades, the inability to maintain basic life necessities like jobs, homes and bein' able to feed your family. Rising foreclosures, gas and food prices have reached suburbia and it took YT gettin' hit in the wallet for them to realize that maybe the "black guy" can bring somethin' new to the white house and the direction of this country.

However, we must be honest enough with ourselves to realize that what tv and 'massa'-media allowz us to see is but a small percentage of what really goes on behind closed doorz, hence the root of me totally not bein' sold on Obama. True, the speeches I've seen and read can make the most rebellious wish for a new day—which is what we all want anyway... peace, prosperity and sanity! But bein' a student of conspiracies, skepticizm of Obama still loomz, and as in most cases with past presidential electionz, you're forced to choose between the lesser of two evilz, this situation seemz different! My skepticizm lies in the fact that Barack is not your usual candidate. From what little we've been able to uncover, aside from his affiliation with the Council on Foreign Relationz (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC)—and that's really all I needed to fulfill skepticizm—either his file is on secret lockdown, he's the next breed of manchurian candidates or, possibly, he really is that honorable cat.

Flagz raised when we learn in 2007 he chose the notorious Zbigniew Brzezinski as his top foreign policy adviser. Brzezinski has operated as director of the CFR, was the architect of president Jimmy Carter's Afghanistan policy that killed thousandz of innocents as well as organized the Afghan Arabz, who later became 'al-Qaeda'. He was also tapped by David Rockefeller to birth the origin of the TC, and when you study them, you find they are directly and indirectly responsible for global white supremacy—read 'Trilateralism' by Holly Sklar.

So I look at Obama's background and he wasn't groomed to this role from childhood like many of our other past presidents. He didn't attend the same private schoolz, wasn't a member of the same auxiliary and fraternities either. So why Obama? Could it be the Trilateral Commission—known by many conspiracy theorists as the group of hedz that choose presidents before there's even an election—gonna allow an "outsider" become "Commander-in-Chief"?!

These are the questionz that circle through my mind. As much as I wanna believe Obama's the truth and the american government could be on some atonement -ish, finally abiding by the constitution and lifting the worldz negative opinion about this country, I am not too naive to think this possible 180° turn would be like a crackhead goin' cold turkey in one day with a roomful of white snow! Still I hope for that day... What human with a heart wouldn't??

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• Talk about shooting the messenger! I love the way these guys can write entire pages of words that have nothing to do with your writings, but more to do with YOU! I came across your site after reading something similar elsewhere and I am most impressed. The house negro keeping an eye on the field negro analogy makes total sense to me. Keep up the good work.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Derek Mullings ( on Monday, Janyary 30, 2011 at 2:44 AM

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