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(I know this topic may turn a lot of you off, but I ask, before passing judgement, to read this piece in its entirety)
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(written 2008)

Jewel: Think there are no rigged electoral voting scamz? Peep the testimony from Clinton Eugene Curtis, a computer software programmer here. Give thanx Bro. Matt Mason!

My mother and I had a very fruitful conversation the other day regarding the vote. I made it clear to her that I am not, nor intend to be anytime soon, a registered voter. Among my many reasonz — concluded from intense research — I felt the need to put in writing my reasonz for becoming a non-participant in this "the voting scam".

Starting out, I ask that you refer to an article I wrote that appeared on in 2006 regarding the 25-year Voting Rights Act Bill. Many, I even dare to say, 99.9%, of [*1]American-Afrikanz are not aware of this Bill, nor that it was recently passed and it what's even more shocking is it wasn't even passed unanimously! Meaning, there are still people in our government who wish to take this illusionary "right" away!

In summation, the 1965 Voting Rights Act Bill is the only of its kind and it's catered SPECIFICALLY to American-Afrikanz, where every 25 yearz, officialz (of whom voterz put in office) of the United States Government meet to decide whether they will grant American-Afrikanz the right to vote!

Again, this bill is EXCLUSIVELY for us! No other ethnic background has to go through this! The U.S. Government, by law, can revoke our "priviledge" to vote every 25 yearz while otherz can vote freely as long as there is a voting system in place!

Yes, you read correct! Every two-and-a-half decades they decide if we're worthy enough to have the right to vote! If this doesn't slap you in the face emphatically telling our people we're still and shall remain second-class "citizenz", what does?? The question is more than 'why', it should also be, 'what are they afraid of?' What potential power do we have lying sleep within us they're aware of, that we aren't aware of?!

Many feel the only way you can change something is by participation. But what if the Voting Rights Act Bill of 2006 didn't pass?? What if they decide not to pass it the next time around in 2031? How could one make change then?! We have to consider this as a possibility and therefore make alternative strategic planz, both while we're currently "granted" this right and once they decide to take it away! One way, for those willing to use their voting "power", is to apply pressure for more results from our s0-called politicianz. For more on that, read, 'Back When Revoltionareez Were Real - Update'.

"We, the People," have falsely bought into the belief that the actual maintenance and direction of the U.S. Government can be altered, edited, and even re-routed, every four yearz. Joseph Stalin of Russia once said, "People who vote decide nothing, people who count the vote, decides everything". Need a more recent reference? How about the 2000 Presidential election, remember Bush vs. Al Gore and the state of Florida?? How many hedz knew about the 2004 election where we had two Skull&Bones memberz runnin' against each other?

This government is not run by the people, but by an unseen puppeteer. We've been duped to believe every four yearz we can bring a new face in with fresh ideas, but aside from all the pre-election speeches with them talkin' about what they're gonna do once in office, have these thingz really been done once in office? Would I be wrong in thinkin' that regardless of who was in office as president, the U.S. has gone spiralling down the same path of eventual Babylonian-like destruction? I mean, ask yourselves, who outside of America actually likes America these dayz? We are more hated abroad than at any other time in recent history.

No matter who's in office, the President takes orderz from an elite group who prefer to be unseen; a group who have no loyalty to this country, but to the execution of the final acts of the Luciferian Conspiracy. For reference, go to the Conspiracy index in our R-Kyvz section. (What does the media want the public to be the top topics to determine the winner of the election? TERRORIZM and BORDER SAFETY! Hilary has her "who do you want to answer the phone at 3am" campaign and McCain championz himself as the one best fitted to address our current war crisis. By addressing these scare tactic's, it's as though these candidates don't see America out of this war for some time — which you will find is part of the final acts of the Luciferian Conspiracy I mentioned.

I would also challenge you to read about the history of The Trilateral Commission. You will find, they have been responsible not only for the government's continuing plunge into a One World Government (one of the last stages designed by the Illuminati via the Luciferian Conspiracy where they've done so by electing the president well before there's even an election, dating back to at least Jimmy Carter). One of many other jewelz to read is Carroll Quigley's 'Tragedy and Hope'. It's a thick book, and I assure you, this type of information may "scare" you, but if we are to be responsible citizenz of this country, some of which are aspiring parents or already have children, we owe it to them and the ensuing unborn to do something to ensure their safety.

Another gem you should copt is 'The Rockefeller File' by Gary Allen, where he exposes the inner-activities of the infamous "made-men" clan, the Rockefeller's. *NOTE: this past February 29th, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Jay Rockefeller endorsed Barack Obama. Now we know Hillary's husband is a (Cecil) Rhodes Scholar and was literally 'given' his presidency from Bush, Sr. as he was promised another Bush would be in office — his son GW, but to date, Obama's background/affiliationz have not been exposed...

I, personally, do not see the alleged power voting is supposed to bring mainly because it's been abused for so long it gives off a false sense of being, creating the illusion of inclusion; that a voter who's an active voter, has power and in the very least, a voice. 

As I rebutted to my Mom, yes, our Ancestorz DID die for our right to vote as a choice! They did not fight just to vote for voting sake! As well, I do believe they fought for it because at the time they thought it was a fair and just process. Seeing what its become since, we see it was naive to believe a system created by the very one's who maintained the social and racial inequaties we experienced since returning back here as kidnapped hostages beginning in 1619AD, would be honorable counting ballots.

I believe, had they known it would turn to be the tricked-out version of what it is today; a process where candidates have memberships with (not-so) secret-societies [Skull & Bones, Council on Foreign Relationz, Masonz, the (Cecil) Rhodes Scholar Society, etc.], forcing us to choose between the lesser of two evilz (when you end up still voting for evil), they probably would've changed their focus and fought for something else like those 40 Acres and 2 Mules we still haven't, and most likely won't ever get!

So before you ready to playfully go upside my head like my Mom was because of my reluctance to participate in this reindeer game, please do the research yourselves. If, after you read my article and suggested readingz does not convince you, I implore you to do additional research that will contradict these facts; if at the very least, do the research to confirm/validate why you feel you should vote.

And not to leave you without an alternative, I informed my Mom, my focus on the liberation of our people is in the field of economic's. You can never have any power if you don't have finances to back it up. So, while we throw a quarter into the "I-Hope-This-President-Won't-Do-Us-Dirty-Like-The-Past-One's" Fountain, our focus on responsible spending and development of American-Afrikan businesses continues on the decline. You can take a look at all the other ethnicities, and although it may seem they're no more in unison than we, the one thing you will find are various modelz in place created in the field of cooperative economics. These groups are buying land, heavy in the investment game, and some are even in the position of lending money (take a look at the jewish community in Crown Heights, Brooklyn). 

Where are our Afrikan lending institutionz? Where are our economic Think-tanks that are able to create school and housing projects for our communities? Why do we not have any organizationz capable of funding a child or young adult's business ideas? Is it all tied up in the church? Is it all spent at the cell-phone stores, sneaker shops, and weave salonz? Is it being spent at the countless malnutritioned fast-food joints?

We must be reminded that before integration, financial development was a critical component taught in our homes. Why? Because we knew we were all we had — nobody gave two -ishes about Black people and we knew that — so we placed the value in each other, our culture and our generational existence. During those dayz, we had no say in American government, our "rights" were blantantly unavailable. And although many may see this as an era we'd like to forget, let me remind you this zeitgeist produced countless American-Afrikan-owned businesses, technological advancement and invention design (look up Black inventorz) as well as the infamous Greenwood Avenue aka Black Wallstreet of North Tulsa, Oklahoma — which, by the way, was destroyed by "our" great ol' U.S. Government, May 31, 1921 — as well as the first Wall Street in the heart of todayz Wall Street district in New York City, 'Seneca Vilage'.

Jomo Kenyatta once said about the dayz the christian missionaries came to Africa,

"When they (the missionaries) came to Africa, WE had the LAND and THEY had the BIBLE. They taught us to throw away our Godz and believe in theirz. They convinced us to close our eyes and pray to their God. When we opened our eyes after praying to their God, THEY had the LAND and WE had the BIBLE!"

To me, I can easily substitute "Land" with Self-Determination" and "Bible" with "Voting".

Some of you may see this simply as militant rhetoric. I assure you, I'm no militant. As rapper, Talib Kweli said, "You can't be militant if you don't have a military." We aspire to be more than militants. Militaries invade and bomb anything they fear goes against their "values". Militaries are malicious holding no remorse toward the society or its victimz. Militaries, upon victory, plagiarize and re-write history for their benefit (need I mention the works of the Persianz, Greeks, Romanz, Asianz, Arabz, AND forefatherz of this country?).

We are a movement, and all movements start in the mind. Understand that while some see that change can happen through the vote, there are otherz lookin' for more engaging wayz to affect change, and while I am the first to give a person reasonz not to vote, I accept those that believe in it. And as with my viewz on the hypocracy of religion, if you choose to believe in somethin', strive to be the best at defending it because the debates are coming!

The idea of my bein' a non-voter is not origial. There's a growing number of people that have gone beyond the "I-don't-vote-'cause-the-government-is-wack" theory. Many are informing ourselves and are focusing their attention toward other avenue's including economic development. So please don't think we're lame throwing away a "right" we had to die to get permission to have (again, unlike anyone else), we are progressive and workin' for the same solution...FREEDOM! Just from a different angle. Afterall, what do we need most, a President? or financial stability!


[*1] - FROM SECOND PARAGRAPH - I believe we are Afrikan first, and the type of Afrikan we are, are one's who reside in America. When calling ourselves Afrikan-American, 'American' serves as the noun and the kind of American we are is 'Afrikan'. By switching the two, we'd see the global effect it would have on the Afrikan Diaspora. Just think if all Afrikanz around the world called themselves Afrikan second (which is the noun) and not first (the adjective, or 'kind of'), we'd be globally united... ie. French-Afrikan, Brazillian-Afrikan, Jamaican-Afrikan, Haitian-Afrikan, etc.).

NOTE: Read 25 Yearz?! Y Not Life!!

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• Peace Family. Your position on not being a registered voter is a position that's only attainable by "awakened" American-Afrikans. The vast majority of our people are still asleep, and dreaming of holding hands with everybody and forming a "rainbow coalition". But, please remember, it's not our fault. We all have our Ancestral Memory (DNA) and all of the terrible things (Willie Lynch) that were done through-out our time in this bullshit country "to program us" to feel the way we do, about this country, it's citizens, and their voting process.

A small amount of research will show & prove that voting is basically an "Illusion of inclusion" it becomes obvious that the decision is made by the rulers of this land, not by the ruled. History, being our greatest teacher clearly shows that there has never been an enslaved people, that "voted" their way into equality, while in the land of their enslavement. Our needs are "mental" (Liberation) not electoral.

Now, for all of the Sistas mainly, and of course some of my Brothas that would consider attacking my post or position, I have just one simple, easy question for you...If your boy Obama, who didn't have a resume of experience or success, who no one ever heard of, who was clearly "selected and financed" by non-blacks, who made NO promises to our people during his campaign-run 4-years ago, and obviously delivered nothing of value other than "hope" to our people, IF he was a white-boy, would you be aggressively encouraging our folks to register & vote for his reelection? Be honest!

I'm told that there will be a "debate" tonight between Bro. Obama, and the Republican candidate. This will of course be just like it was 4-years ago; Blacks for Obama, and Whites for the Republican. Meanwhile the economy, and the environment, etc. will all continue to deteriorate regardless to which candidate wins in November...and Blacks will also continue to have the highest cases of Obesity, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Heart-Failure, Drug addiction, Abortion, Illiteracy, Divorce, Homicide, Fatherless homes, Unemployment, and on, and on, and on.

You see, the only difference between Obama supporters, and Brothas like M'Bwebe, is that he is knowledgeable enough, and conscious (awake) enough, and is committed to our progress enough, to NOT support a process or a person that does not represent an improvement for our people. You Obama supporters on the other hand...danced and sang and cried in the streets 4-years ago, SIMPLY because you were presented with a Black man as a candidate...period.

Now, as far as our Ancestors and Elders that fought, bled and some died for our right to have the choice to vote. Question: when we look at the Return On Investment of Voting, has it really yielded anything worth celebrating? The same argument goes for our fight for desegregation... We lost much more to desegregation, than we gained. My point? We fought for our inclusion because we were denied access. HOWEVER, after gaining the right to vote, to live with, to go to school with, to work with and of course to marry (countless Brothas have cashed-in on that), are we better-off as a people, or worse? So, just because we fought for something, does not mean that we shouldn't measure the results, and make some adjustments as we move forward. In many ways; thinking, believing and acting like our Elder from 40-years ago is holding us back today...THINK about it.

Here is a simple challenge for Obama supporters that believe so passionately in this country's voting process...Why not vote with your dollars? Buy Black, Marry Black, Read Black, Teach Black, Love Black, Build Black, Think Black, and last but not least...Be Black! And, guess what will happen? We will become like the Chinese in America, the Latinos in America, like the Indians in America, even the Mexicans in America...SELF SUFFICIENT...and not overly concerned with "WHO" is in the White House...Family, we don't need a Black Man in the White House...we need a Black Man in every Black House!

But, accepting this simple challenge, is a lot harder and requires more effort, so most will simply vote, and keep hope alive!


xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Bro. Jay ( on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 7:27 PM

• Respect. Peace brother. I read your article, thanks for the feed. While I agree with most of what you have to say, my question to you is this: This system is fucked; true. We as American-Africans basically had to force our way in this society via death, marches, sit-in, more death, fights, boycotts, and any means necessary. We wouldn't have gotten this far if people didn't bleed, sweat, and die for our way of life as we know it. I've always felt the way you feel about this system and to be honest, before Obama I had never voted before. Do you believe if we take the same force that it took our ancestors, to get us to the point that we are now, that same force can infiltrate and change the system/government? Slowly but surly we are having more young people get into politics, especially since Obama. If you don't feel it will every happen, what is your solution other than not voting? How can you force change without agitation? Lastly, I let my mother read your article and she is an elder who lived the 50-60 struggle era in the South. She would like to know how old you are because while she agree with most of your article also, she feel your reason Y you r not a registered voter is not a 'good' enough reason and may be because you are under the age of remembrance. Furthermore, she said during the early 60's a lot of Black folks wouldn't participate in the rally's, boycott, marches, ect. Cause they thought it wouldn't make a difference....Just as you feel voting will not make a difference... Look forward to your response.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by BLKQEEN ( on Friday, October 29, 2010 at 9:16 PM

M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Agreed, our people have endured much, more than any human has had to, but the way I see I it, we've been reduced to believing we are romanz walking amongst romanz. To each their own, but I honestly feel you cannot turn a weed into a rose. This country's foundationz (better yet, the GLOBAL aspect of white supremacy) is rooted in the degradation of Afrikan people. So to think we can somehow change the way white folk feel is a form of mentacide (mental suicide, a word of origin from Dr. Bobby Wright).

Did you read the piece that compliments this one entitled, '25 Yearz? Y Not Life!'? I ask that you read this one before replying. I say this because no one, INCLUDING black politicianz (and Obama) have yet to address the issue of our race being the only one who has to be given permission to participate in the vote every 25 yearz (again, read the piece)

Government is just like the Parliament we see in England, the only difference is there are no VISUAL King or Queenz. There is only so much Obama can do (and moreso, so much "they'll" allow him to do) in 4 yearz, and even in 8 if given a 2nd term. The politics of this country do not change, the only thing that does are the faces. Read books like, The Rockefeller Files, Tragedy and Hope, etc. (I also invite you to read more about the unseen elite, the 1% of 1% who govern the world.

My alternative to voting is not to and, in so many wordz, create our own. There are so many starting points, I will use Drs. Neely Fuller, Jr. and Francess Cress-Welsings, 9 Areas of People Activity as the blueprint, as well as Amos Wilsons, Blueprint for Black Power.

Regarding your mother, as I've dealt with many Elderz from that era, they may feel my wordz are insensitive to the struggles they've either seen or even endured first-hand. I assure you, there is no disrespect, for I hold great admiration for the courage that was needed to physically face what they faced. For that, I am grateful. However, I still stand firm on the notion regarding voting was the right to have the CHOICE to vote. Voting accomplishes nothing ESPECIALLY when the only choices you have is to pick the lesser of 2 evilz...

I'm intrigued to know how she might feel knowing after all that was sacrificed, it could have all gone away in 2006 when congress silently passed the 1965 Voting Rights Act for an extension to the year 2031. Meaning, come 2031, congress can decided to take away this right if they choose! So do we REALLY have full and equal rights as every other american in this country?? I think not... Bless...

• I've never been a registered voter either. I believe the system is fraud as well, and have been in many debates over why I don't vote. I've been called a conspiracy theorist, a jehovah's witness you name it. I don't answer to no name but my own. The system was not designed for us, it was designed against us. Unless the system is brought all the way down it will never work. When one culture or race desides for another it's their ideas and beliefs, history, culture etc... No one can tell me about me but me. Don't VOTE!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Ametra Shotwell ( on Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at 7:56 PM

• Just wanted to say much love to you black man we are lost and we need the strength of those who are not scared of speaking the truth its a tough road even your own will let you down but i will always support you king much love to you...
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Lingo on Thursday, October 10, 2008 at 9:03 AM

• this is what's up!!....thank you for the enlightenment! Peace and Love.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Qia on Thursday, April 30, 2008 at 9:16 AM

• Excellent article brother. I think the part I was interested in you hitting was the bloodline relationships by presidents. Obama being related to Cheney and Bush. Bush being related to Kerry and Gore. Clinton being related to Dole when they ran against each other. I read somewhere that every president has come from 1-3 family lines of nobility from Europe, and the one who always wins is the candidate that has the most royal heritage. Clinton traces his family line back to the Windsors where every Scottish Monarch came from. This is an all in the family establishment. President's are not elected, they are selected. Unveil on Brotha!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Bessi Harvey on Saturday, March 29, 2008 at 5:06 PM

I think you should listen to this young person and try and understand why it is important to vote.
CLIP #1:

CLIP #2:
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by ine dabath ( on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 10:28 PM

[M'Bwebe's Response:] Seen it several tymz already and although the young brotha is articulate, what he's addressing does not cover what was mentioned in my article. He is speakin' on pertinent issues, but he does not address why the US. Governments belief that Afrikanz-in-America are not worthy to participate in the vote and meet to decide every 25 yearz—based merely on our ethnicity and nothing else; as well, he does not mention the allegationz the power the Trilateral Commission has in the choosing of candidates before there's even a vote.

I will admit, Obama is a great orator and even stirz a little "hope" in me when I hear him speak. And it irks me to no end when political analysts mention if he winz, he'd be the second "Black" President, not behind John Hanson, a Moor who held the office 1781-1782, but Bill Clinton?!!? What's even more insane — other than our ignorance of this overlooked historical fact of Hanson, is that you'll find many Afrikanz-in-America still think Clinton'z Black! Why? 'Cause he playz the sex, I mean, sax?!!?

Obama's speech last week on Race and Religion should go down as not only one of the few (if only) tymz in modern-day society the topic of race was dealt with historically and intellectually, he actually said some powerful, moving statements that made me fantasize of a United States that one day becomes a truly equal nation — but then the record skips, knockin' me back into reality when I think of the North American Union and their push to merge the US, Canada and Mexico, eliminating all borderz and introducing the 'Amero', the new currency that'll replace the dollar (have you been monitoring the steady decrease in the value of the dollar on Wall Street?).

Then I think of how this merge is merely one of the closing chapterz of the Luciferian Conspiracy where it's also goin' on in 3 other areas of the world (Afrika, Asia and Europe) which will eventually become a One World Government; a component of global white supremacy, who'll introduce biochip technology on the people's of the world. Has Obama, or any candidate for that matter, addressed these allegationz? No... and more than likely, they won't!

Did you even read the piece I wrote? What this kid (Derrick, the Obama supporter) successfully proves is that one should be careful when they approach any Afrikan-in-America. He exemplifies a person that has concerned himself with thingz other than the B-S we call Hiphop music on the airwaves or bein' caught up on the latest gossip on 'CoonTV' like Flavor Flav's show.

But the question is, is he informed? And is his information balanced? Has he, better yet, have we, looked up the points made in my article or any other theories by otherz regarding the allegationz of global white supremacy and the future of our people?

Allz I'm sayin' is name me a political candidate that made all these promises to get elected and once elected, honored them (or lived to honor them)?!

Think about it...

For reference:
1) Watch my Video Article (VA): The Biochip
2) Read about the Countdown to when everyone has to have the new National ID Card by January 2014, a precursor to Biochip technology in the latest edition of my digital magazine, DGT Digital, page 23 —

I understand your position and am quite aware of what you are saying, I read the Illuminati in high school and began to see the so called mark of the beast everywhere. I am not saying its not real, I just realize that this world is going to always be under European control, not because they are better, no but because trade policies and monetary control are favored in there way. Unless we are do like the Jews and unify completely which I am sorry to say due the diversity within the black race is too great for that to happen. The black race itself is in dire need of self sustained empowerment that controls its own food sources and wealth for itself. After the Civil rights movement Black folk decided give their money to white people because we had this thought that their products were better than our own and decided to integrate our money out of our communities. The Jews integrated their people but not their money which they kept in their communities, which has empowered them to become a force in America and now the can get reparations and say what they want, while black folk pander to what white America thinks. In order to get ahead in the world we can't depend or think that white America or Europe cares for black folk any where, we should be more focused on gaining wealth and leaving the coons and the idiots alone. This country has always been a mercantile capitalist super structure based an getting labor for cheap or rather slave labor for investor who invest in what ever it is they want to produce. For me, I may not agree with it but I don't have the monetary funds to do anything but i do have the ability to try my hardest not to be on the bottom of the heap, if that means being selfish, to some so be it. I can't make change broke in Bed-Stuy but with some cash I can make change with donating money to education or whatever I deem worthy to try and uplift those less fortunate than I. I think you are doing a good thing trying to show folk different ideas and opinions, and trying to make folk think in general, I am not a basher of different opinions. I just have a different approach, but I think that we both care for black people but have divergent ideas. As long as at the end of the day we can help without being divisive and showing malice toward each other in our goals for the black community, that is good.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by ine dabath ( on Monday, March 26, 2008 at 12:09 PM

[M'Bwebe's Response:] Although YT may be in control now, it will not be alwayz under their rule. Just look back at history. Every age has its time. So many civilizationz have risen and fallen; so will theirz, the Djhuitic Principle of Rhythm dictates it... So don't fret, although we may not see the change of power (whose percentages lowerz each day) in our lifetime, we must realize we are part of this change in momentum. Remember, in order to stop a car from goin' 70mph, it has to slow 1mph at a time. We are part of this regression and rebirth of the pendulum swing to the positive side. I look forward to seein' you on the same road... the road of enlightenment! Bless...

• Most definitely do I agree that the end of European control will come, I would prefer it in my life time, but sadly I see black folk now buying into their way more than ever. A friend of mine said it best, those black leaders that got through did just that, got through and broke the ladder so the next generation would be scrambling to pick up the pieces instead of climbing it. I know I have been affected, I know that's why some of my choices have what they are in terms of art and aesthetics but I try to be aware of what I do say and buy into. Much respect on trying enlighten people, its important to think, that's why folks died so we have the right to think and make responsible choices. Its an important choice we have to make. Stay enlightened, it is good to have interesting chat instead of forwards that are about Paris Hilton, some dumb stripper , or hot ghetto mess black folk! Thanks for keeping the internet thinking. Peace.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by ine dabath ( on Monday, March 30, 2008 at 6:24 PM

• i wish i had emailed you or called you when my thoughts were fresh. the day you sent [this piece] out i FW'd it to my sister circle. you started such a convo. i so meant to tell you about that. i am registered for various reasons and actually went out of my way to vote this year after sitting the last one out, but......i think it was well-written, clear...and liked the fact that it was your mother who you were building with...
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Toni Blackman on Thursday, March 18, 2008 at 9:25 PM

• I'm feeling you completely on this piece. It amazes me how enslaved we as black people are MENTALLY. You see, our chosen (not by us) leaders have convinced us that if we don't vote, that we are "traders to our race" and that we are "sitting it out".

We are so enslaved that we will actually go out and vote for a person in a satanic secret society, and then have the audacity to tell other people, "Vote or shut up". Ok, so let me get this straight. You have more right to complain than I do because you voted for your own slavery and I didn't? We are truly 180 degrees from the truth! You would think in 08 after we have been lied to by every president, that people would have sense enough to do a background check on their candidates. Obama, Clinton, and McCain are ALL members of the CFR (ushering in the one world government). Dick Cheney's nephew, Obama (watch those bloodlines) is also a former British Intelligence Agent and now, more and more people are saying that he is Boule! This man has more ties to White Supremacy then the WHITE candidates. If he gets in office, he is liable to find Weapons of Mass Destruction in the hood!

Testimony has already been given in court that software programs exists that can rig an election, and the only way you could detect it is to view the source code. When asked about viewing the code, the machine owners WON'T LET ANYONE SEE THE CODE!

Man they been riggin elections since the Rockerfellers used Roosevelt to split the republican vote with Taft so that Woodrow Wilson could get in (check the 1912 election) and sign the Federal Reserve Act in 1913! I'm not against voting, I'm just against being stupid! If you are going to engage in the system, at least be smart and push toward vote reform!

And to answer Adiaha's post. If my son was playin on a basketball team and they won the game by 20 points, but after the game, the scorekeeper flipped a switch and said, "oops, yall lost by 1 point". And then did it over and over, I wouldn't tell my kid, "Hey son, don't worry about it, just keep playin" HELL NAW! So why is it ok for black people to do this every 4 years? People who argue for voting, do so on emotions and no facts.

After Katrina, I know black folk who were ready to summon the spirit of Garvey and organize for a move outta here... until what? Here come Barack Obama! Now we have forgotten about rigged elections, federal reserve owners, 911 and NWO and have reverted back to the ignorance of thinking a democrat or a republican can change Amerikkka! And Ron Paul is a publicity stunt to keep the "conspiracy theorists" engaged in this rigged process instead of overthrowing the government! The Illuminati always stay one step ahead of the game.

I am also a proud Non-Voter. I also realize that everyone won't see it my way no matter WHAT! They will learn, I can only hope and pray that they will before it is too late. But for the awake ones, we need to unite. And I agree that it has to start in economics.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Matt Mason on Monday, March 10, 2008 at 8:25 PM

• Right on Brother Ishangi!!!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Marielle Turner on Thursday, March 10, 2008 at 4:36 PM

"Many feel the only way you can change something is by participation. I agree. But...." Anything after but is bullshit. You are an intelligent brother with some valuable things to add to our society. "Sitting it out" because your feelings are hurt or things aren't going the way you desire is a cop-out. You are copping out on the rest of black folks, your children, and their children. Sitting on the side lines and whining about being a black god and nobody recognizing the fact is the same as having a temper tantrum. Would you allow your son/daughter who was loosing a basketball/volleyball/soccer game to throw their hands up and sit on the side lines until the games was over and their destiny handed to them? I advise that you get your self together and get back out their and FIGHT! At least you will die trying and not whining. I have read many other articles from your e-zine and was particularly impressed with the rebuttal to the insane National Geographic article on Egypt. Your pro activity in getting the word out on the lies being told was participating in the entire National debate on race. You did not sit on the side and whine. While you may not vote, I'd venture to say that your participation in disemanating your truth, is a type of participation in the national presidential race. Not what I would advocate but it is something. VOTE! Peace. Love & Light.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Adiaha on Thursday, March 10, 2008 at 11:45 AM

[M'Bwebe's Response:] See, that's the problem... You choose to attack an alternative perspective callin' it "bullshit"! You have the right to feel the way you do, as do I. You have the right to promote your belief in the vote, as do I have the same right to convey why I don't. Did I mention anything about whining? Did I mention anything about my feelingz bein' hurt? It's clear you let your emotionz control your ability to read it with an open mind. Did I tell anyone NOT to vote?! No! I explained why I'M NOT VOTING, and gave several reasonz why in addition to offering an alternative focus... But you didn't get that, 'cause everything I said after "but", as you said, "is bullshit!" As I said in the article, I challenge you to do the research yourself and in doin' so you will either (1)come to a similar conclusion or (2)cement or validate why you feel one should vote! We must agree the topic of voting or not is a sensitive issue (proof in your response). But if we are to progress and at least "understand" each other, replies like yours, about an intelligent—and not argumentative—written topic like this, should be kept to yourself! Call it a cop out or whatever you want, the discussion remainz, are you mature enough to have a respectable conversation?? Guess we'll see...

xxxxxxxxxxPosted by GaviJAH InKosi on Thursday, March 06, 2008 at 9:22 PM

• Deep... never really thought about it that way.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Janboogie on Thursday, March 06, 2008 at 9:21 PM

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