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(written 2010)

Children account for 19% of the population, yet amount to 47% of the deaths, with a tally of 45,000 dying each month. [W]e find the seldom talked about real cause stemz from outside nationz who simply want what the DRC has... an abundance of natural resources, mainly the mineralz Cassiterite and Coltan which makes Tantalum used to make cellphones and laptop computerz!
xxxxx M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi

I was watching Law & Order a while back and the episode was about an Afrikan woman who witnessed a rape but was reluctant to assist the police because of her bein’ an "illegal alien" from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

What initially was your typical rape-case-turned-into-somethin’-apocalyptic, the show exposed the outbreak of civil war in the Congo where some nearly 6 million people have died since 1998, raising the question of what it is they're actually fighting about.

In the DRC, children account for 19% of the population, yet amount to 47% of the deaths, with a tally of 45,000 dying each month. While most (including myself before learning this) ignorantly think most of these deaths are attributed to malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition—all preventable conditionz by the way—we find the seldom talked about real cause stemz from outside nationz who simply want what the DRC has... an abundance of natural resources, mainly the mineralz Cassiterite and Coltan which makes Tantalum used to make cellphones and laptop computerz!

Like most conflicts that involve Afrika and her melanated people, you will find colonializm at the foundation of the beef. In 1885, King Leopold II of Belgium began his villainous acts in the DRC. In 1960, the Belgianz left taking with them the economic rights for the country to flourish—soundz just like what happened in Haiti, right?!

Soon after, Patrice Lumumba’s leadership was short-lived as he was overthrown and eventually murdered January 17, 1961. This was executed with the assistance of European and United States support for Mobutu Sese Soko—who happened to be the main connection to YT havin’ access to the rich resources they could steal from the people of the Congo.They gave Soko approximately $400 million in military training and weaponry—obviously to protect their interests.

Then US. President Dwight Eisenhower told his national security advisorz, Lumumba should be elimated (Derek Ingram, wrote the article, ‘40 years on — Lumumba still haunts the West’ in the Gemini News, Sept. 2000) usin’ Moise Tshombe to kidnap him bringing him to an isolated spot where three firing squadz under the direction of Belgian Captain Julienne Gat and Commissioner Verscheure murdered him.

The culprits behind this massive cover-up wants the world to believe America’s involvement in the Congo is to fight communizm and the “Soviet influence in Afrika,” said by writer, William Hartung, but the real deal is in securing their own interests, namely, the mineralz bought by American companies that make cellphones and laptops.

With over 2 billion hedz now using mobil phones, it’s said Americanz buy a new cellphone every 18 months, while those in Europe every 12, so you can see the demand and thus the vein of greed growz with Afrikanz bein’ stepped on at the base—and I haven't even mentioned viral thurst for iPads and Android tablets!

As with anything YTs historically done, the capture and forced-free labor of Afrikan people have been the method to get these mineralz, and just like they used torture and death tactics to enforce this on the slaveships as we endured the ‘Maangamizi’, aka ‘The Middle Passage’, so are they this very moment in the DRC.

Women, (mainly) children and men are forced to mine, hundredz of thousandz are raped and millionz more murdered in the name of profit for these white-owned companies.

At the turn of the millennium, the demand for Tantalum increased driven mainly by the boom in modern computer-based technology: mobil devices, computers, iPods, digital cameras, GPS systemz, Intel chips, recently tablets like the iPad, and many other electronic gadgets you see sold by giants, Nokia, Ericsson, Sony and the like. As of October 2003, it's been reported there were about 125 companies that have contributed directly or indirectly to the conflict in the DRC.

In late 2009, writer, Joe Lauria exposed Niotan, Inc, a Nevada-based company, as the first to be caught purchasing mineralz looted from eastern Congo—note, I said, ‘caught’! Although, to date, I have not found anything official listing all companies involved. It’s fair to say all companies that sell these kindz of products should be under scrutiny. That includes Microsoft, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Nintendo, and company!

To add insult to injury, in June of the same year, Advanced Micro Devices (or AMD), a California-based microchip, silicon and software corporation, announced their latest product slated to compete with Intel’s HP laptop. It's a computer chip said to be a dual-core Athlon processor targeted at ULV silicon ultra-thin laptops. Here’s the insult... of all the names they could’ve chosen to call this chip, guess what these indivi(devilz) decided? They’re callin’ it the “Congo” chip!!

Now some may think it to be a coincidence they’d come up with such a name, but realize Afrikanz, when it comes to global white supremacy, there's no such thing as a coincidence!

This is a form of immoral, reprehensible, and inexcusable gloating on behalf of caucasianz who obviously see Afrikan people as less than human! So don’t be fooled by a sudden “apology” like they alwayz do once put on the spot. And although they are but a few who’s position on blood mineralz is obviously blatant on record, don’t think the other white-owned companies don’t feel the same way—they just haven’t been caught doin’ anything as flagrant… yet.

2012 UPDATE!
The gloating continues! On Friday, March 16, 2012, Apple released its 3rd generation of the iPad. On Monday the 19th, they reported over 3 million had been sold over the weekend! The ironic thing is it was only released in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and the US Virgin Islands!

They made them available in 24 more countries Friday, March 23rd through the Apple Online Store! So we can see the global mayhem this has caused—the closest thing that comes to mind is the Jordan sneaker release or even Black Friday every Thanks-stealing hollow-day!

What should not be overlooked is the fact not one country in Afrika is on the list!

The very next day, on March 20th, Apple announces they have an excess of $98 Billion in cash and a market value of about $546 Billion!! At this printing, they're stock is worth $600 per share. This announcement came as the conspiring pirates licked their chops for a return of some of this money to the shareholderz

It's reported they will hand out about $45 Billion over three yearz, including some $30 Billion of dividendz and $10 Billion of buybacks. Apple could make $50 Billion in free cash flow in the fiscal year ending in September 2012. "With sales and profit rocketing — and the bulk of its huge cash hoard still stuck overseas — bigger payouts will surely follow." (Reuters)

In addition, we find it seemz Apple has the GOP (Grand Old Party — Republicanz who are against taxing the rich) mentality when it comes to taxes. "With them having this $98 billion of cash and investments on its books at the end of December. Close to two-thirds is held overseas, and repatriating it to the United States would involve a big tax hit. So Apple is keen to avoid tapping this, preferring to let it grow while it awaits a possible tax holiday." (Reuters)

Here we see gluttony at its best! It is quite obvious any moneyz that will be sent to the Congo will be in weaponz and military training to arm more (and younger) Afrikanz to protect their billion-dollar plantation not caring of the number of additioal Afrikan lives that will be lost!

With all these "Occupy Wall Street' movements around the world, why isn't this company being brought to the forefront?! What can we as individualz do about it? Like those organizationz who pressure jewelry companies to refrain from sellin’ “blood diamondz”, so should duress be brought to all who sell any kind of gizmo’s that use some kind of microchip.

For a deeper insight, go to these links:

WATCH: 'The Vice Guide To Congo'

We cannot let our people continue to suffer at the handz of global gluttony!


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• I would like to thank u for feeding the masses with light, spiritual food, knowledge, wisdom and most of all the TRUTH! I am very grateful to the creator and the universe for
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Yvette Smith ( on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 7:59PM

• That was an excellent article. Thanks for bringing to the light what a lot of us that work in the high tech industry know. While we are dying to have the next iPhone, iPad, 90 inch Samsung TV's, Nintendo's and Playstations, our brothers and sisters in Africa are dying at our greed and selfishness. Not only is Africa the last bastion of natural resources on the planet, the fact is that every country and fortune 500 organization that needs its natural resources are there. Look at what China is doing to/for Africa. Apple gets its precious minerals for its electronics thru one of the big Asian contract manufacturers like Foxconn who is then going to Africa to pillage the continent. They want to keep what is happening in Africa a secret until it can rape it dry. The same thing is happen in Niger where they have the worlds largest deposits of Uranium. You see they need the yellow cake to run their power generation facilities. I hope that one day soon, Africa can also wake up and know the power that she continues to possess. If we can get organized in Africa, we can take back control of the world,from an economic standpoint. Africa is where engineering, manufacturing, all products are born and sadly enough they go back to die. Check out the electronics industry's pollution of Africa -- all those old cell phones, tv's and computers go back to Africa to die in landfills that leach toxic substances but still the children work over daily trying to find a nugget/needle in the haystack. Keep up the good work Da Ghetto Tymz!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Denderah Ptah ( on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 9:15:10 AM

• I agree this is an excellent article, but we as black people can preach all we want as long as the black man remain "SLAVES" to this white man's religion we can never gain no ground.It's dependency on YT religion that keeps black people brain dead and allows him(white man) to exploit the masses.So we can shout as long as we want but as long as we define ourselves in these wicked religions(Christianity,Islam and Judaism) we will continue to get exploited.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Dahoma Kimameta ( on Monday, April 26, 2010 at 2:18 PM

• Great article my brotha. It's funny because I'm reading "The Black Holocaust" by Brotha Del Jones. And that arlilce could be made into a chapter into that book. It's crazy how YT keep using the same old tricks. We gotta say enough at some point. PEACE AND BLESSINGS...
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Millard Morgan ( on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 1:41 AM

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