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(written 2013)

We should all know throughout history, whatever YT had a limited understanding to, their usual reaction is to label it a mystery. But for the elite, they don't want you to know either, so they make urban legend folklore of it! One of the most popular (and least studied) is the #13 and more specifically, the date 'Friday the 13th'.

The #13, the first metaphysical number of transformation to the next level, is a number that’s been tagged as either a mystery or negative. Ask yourselves, how many elevatorz have you been on and there's no 13th floor button to push? We all know the 14th floor is actually the 13th, yet for some reason, as long as the button sayz 14, we think it is! Talk about brain-wash! I mean, technically there IS a 13th floor, just ‘cause they don't include the button doesn't erase the fact that a 13th floor exists!

Also ask yourself, if this is such a wicked number, why is so much of America's history include this number? Because it truly does have power, only YTs used it for their benefit! How many colonies were started after stealing land in North America and later called the United States? 13! How many memberz were a part of King Arthurz clan of vigilanteez? 12 (King Arthur, made it 13. Let me also point out the secret societies of the world base their secrecy on the virtues of the King Arthur's Round Table Group, ala Lord Rothschilds and Cecil Rhodes secret group that uses the same name). And how many memberz of the biblical Jesus made up his crew? 12 (+ Jesus) = 13.

But then they turn around, try and spook us out with -ish like Friday the 13th movies! Why all the paranoia? Like anything else, it has roots...

According to research about the Hiram Key, the Temple of Solomon was a structure designed under the teachingz of sacred geometry by the earliest founderz of Freemasonry, and was made in such a way as to raise the essence of the Ausarian Drama: the legend of Ausar, Auset and Heru (erroneously called Isis, Osirus and Horus).

In 1867, British engineerz found a secret room beneath the Temple Mount. Legend has it, it was the Ark of the Covenant, but there before the fall of the Roman Empire. Those 9 Knights mission was not to save Christianz but to locate the Ark and bring it back to Europe. After the mission, they returned to their native landz. Two were from Rosslyn, Scotland (most likely where the Scottish-Rite Masonz were born) and set up a headquarterz. For their theft —oops, "successful task" they were given the official seal of the Roman Catholic Church. This increased their membership, with many bringing wealth with them.

After this they enjoyed numerous victories against the Muslimz, along with stealin' madd wealth. It was believed by many the Knights Templar could attribute their power to the fact that the secret they stole from Solomonz Temple was a piece of the true cross of the alleged crucifixion of Christ. It was said they never lost a battle while in possession of the cross.

This streak ended when they lost to the Muslimz in the battle of Hattin in 1187. At this moment, the Templarz became a threat to the Catholic Church. The Pope and the King of France, Philip le Bel, plotted to fight against the Order and seize their stolen wealth. On Friday, October 13th, 1307, they moved in to arrest the Knights (this is why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky, not Jason Vorhees from the movie franchice, Friday the 13th). Most of the Order was wiped out. The leader of the Order, Jaques de Molay, was burned at the stake. Surviving memberz went underground and re-emerged as the Freemasonz.

If you're familiar with de Molay, the Masonz have an auxiliary organization for youths called the Knights of Pythagoras in his honor. Also, the notorious Boule' (Sigma Pi Phi) makes reference to de Molay as well. Boule' member and author of their history book, Charles H. Wesley was quoted once saying, "The Round Table lives only in poetic life and history. They can live again in life. And we can make them live through us. It can continue as a dream — and it can continue through us." Wesley, along with his Boule' brethren look to resurrect the spirit and deedz of Rhodes and Rothschilds, two of the worldz most effective oppressorz of Afrika and her descendants!

Additional Jewelz to ponder:
• 'New World Order’ has 13 letterz
• 13 of the 39 signerz of the United States constitution were masonz.
• When we look at the backside of the American 1 dollar bill, we find 11 interesting things. Below are 8 that include the #13:

1) On the right, we see what’s called the ‘Great Seal of the United States of America’. You’ll see an eagle behind a crest that has 13 stripes reppin’ the 13 original colonies

2 & 3) The eagle is holding a branch that has 13 olives on the 13 leaves in the left foot and

4) 13 arrowz being held in the right foot.

5) You’ll find 13 letterz in the wordz ‘E Pluribus Unum’—which mean one nation—written in the swirling banner that’s in the eagle’s beak

6) Above the eagle’s head, you’ll see 13 starz inside a cloud that form 2 over-lapping pyramidz, one right-side up, the other upside down. Erroneously known as the star of david today, this is originally a Kemetic symbol, called a Sephedet, which honorz the union of Ausar and Aset, the parents of the first Trinity

7) On the left side of the dollar bill, you’ll see the 13 letterz that spell out ‘Annuit Coeptis, which translates, “He [God] has favored our undertaking”

8) Right below it, you’ll see an unfinished Afrikan step pyramid that has 13 columnz. The pyramid has 91 steps on each of the 4 sides, making 364 in all. Adding the top level makes it 365, the amount of dayz equal to one year. Another encoded calendar meaning revealz the pyramid having 4 sides of 13 levelz which comes to 52, which is the number of weeks in a year.

excerpts from:
- The Terrorist Factory, Pt. 2: The Masonic Connection
- Numerical Mystereez, Video Article on DGTv

- Further research:
The Terrorist Factory Series

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