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(written 2004)

Yo, global white supremacy is really heavy! This psychotic imbalance that has been diagnosed by author, Llaila O. Afrika as ACS or Abandoned Child Syndrome really showz just how deeply rooted YTs mindset is; to the depths that they outwardly contradict themselves. The problem is, their system has been so effectively been indoctrinated into the mindz of the masses, most are blind to the fact.

If you've been readin' DGT for awhile, you should know by now that the majority--if not all--the wealth of the United States economy is based on the theft of natural resources, murder, and free labor of Afrikanz both on the continent of Afrika as well as American soil. Knowin' this, you should also be aware that Fortune500 Corporationz take special interest in Afrika, especially with satellites like NASAs LandSat7—which has the ability to scan the globe and locate which regionz are the richest in natural resources, that just so happenz to point directly at Afrika.

So suffice it to say, YT knowz their business' cannot be successful without resources comin' from Mama Afrika. Knowin' this not only indicates YTs schizophrenic personality where they love to hate us, yet want to be us. Still, I'm literally TIRED of this blatant disrespect and rape of our people and homeland.

::: SCREEN NOs. 5&6 BLOWN UP :::

Case in point, ever really took a look at the corporation, Michelin?! They're a tire company, started in France in 1891, and have used a man, made of white rubber tires better known as Mr. Bibendum, as their corporate identity/logo. Ever looked at Mr. Bibendum?! Notice his color?!!? Now ask yourself Afrikanz, what color are tires?! Aren't you TIRED of this bullsh*t?! Although we weren't able to find significant info to support the "theory" some rubber tires were first colored white, it is evident Michelin preferz him white knowing tires are BLACK and are white only if you had white-walled tires. So why is he white today? This is where it gets even deeper.

Thanks to *good friendz of DGT, we got our handz on a comic newsletter that depicted how Michelin started, written in french. After translating it, we found this story to be very startling. You can follow from the comic to the left.

(Screen#1)The fable starts out with a well-educated man on a mission in the Afrikan Sahara desert. He got so tired that he fell asleep in the sun. (2)Because bein’ the desert windz, the sand buried the sleeping man up to his bald head. Along came an ostrich and saw the man's bald head thinking the head to be an egg. So instinctively, (3)the ostrich sits on the manz head attempting to hatch it. (4)Sure enough, the egg (head) hatches and out comes a baby Mr. Bibendum shouting out "A Boire, A Boire!", or "Feed me, feed me!" as would any newborn whine.

(5)Mr. Bibendum is then "adopted" by Moroccanz. His nurse (or nanny, who's depicted as such) fed him through her large Afrikan breast's while she ate nailz. These nailz made him immortal. As she continued to nurse him, he got bigger. (6)He eventually grew big enough from literally sucking the life out of his Afrikan "nanny" who gave him his power (just like how YT hsa been leachin' the nourishment of Afrika's natural resources). He took the cup of nailz she fed him and stuffed himself, leavin' her to wilt away. (7)He steps out into the world and goes after two brotherz, who were, at the time, the best in the tire business. He murderz them and embarks on his global quest to destroy all competition, mainly through killingz.

(8)He got an old car and began building tires. (9)A statue of him was erected in honor of him slaying the two brotherz and (10)caused havoc in June 1902 in Vienne, where classical music and bakeries brought them fame.

(11)He went on to conquer Madrid, Spain and successfully murdered the competition throughout Europe. (12)Crossing the Atlantic, he took over America and returned to France with trophies of his massive takeover. (13)He was hailed by driverz around the world as King of the world.(end)

Now of course this is make-believe, but there are certain points that I believe to be true. (1)YT ain't stupid, they're arrogant. They brag about how they conquered the world and make it no secret they were willing and able to kill if need be (which was probably their preference. We know YT don't believe in negotiating with anyone!). (2)How the source of their strength comes from Mama Afrika, which in the story was characterized as the Moroccan nanny. Why the Afrikan mother who nursed Mr. Bibendum ate nailz is symbolic for Michelin's claim their tires are so durable, nailz can't penetrate; therefore their claim of immortality. And (3), they love to hate us; clearly showing Afrika (and highly melanated people) as the source to their success yet their intentionz, relationship wise, is very clear: they will suck us dry getting everything they need (ideas, lifestyle, resources, soul, etc) to survive and conquer, then leave us to wither, but not die because we can still be of use.

I wonder why we Afrikanz still can't figure that out?! The history of Michelin tires is ILL! The subliminalz are even "ILLer!!" NOTE: The main ingredient to make a tire besides rubber is CARBON. Carbon is Black! Tink 'bout dat, Afrikanz! LIK SHOT!!

*NOTE: We revealed an interesting link the Rubber Industry has with the U.S. Government's use of the Boule' in keeping Marcus Garvey out of Liberia. Read: 'The Boule' Series, Part 4: The Psychological Makeup of a Sellout'

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