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(written circa 1995)

**Ital Jewel: Watch 2 Video Articles, 'White Sugar pt.1: The Mark of Cane' & ' White Sugar pt.2: Killin' You Sweetly' about the effects of white sugar on DGTv, click here.

Tis the nite of nite's where the persona of evil is celebrated yet again. As many Afrikanz around the world fight to reawaken from this hex YT put on us nearly 6000 yearz ago, most still have not shaken their demonic celebrationz. Halloween kicks off the beginning of a 3 month venture that will not only subliminally "force" us to honor by recognizing his "hollow"-daze, he will literally steal the monetary wealth we claim to not have, right under our noses! And to put icing on the cake, he will have our children feenin' off sugar highz, craving for another hit!!

If you haven't guessed by now, I am totally against celebrating YTs hollow-daze (they're 'hollow' or rather, have no depth or positive historical significance which leaves us in a 'daze', not realizing the history behind these dayz are nothin' to celebrate but , rather, to protest on behalf of the victimz), especially those that historically have not been in favor of people of Afrikan descent. This isn't a day to celebrate; this is a time to get serious!

So what, we may get a day off the plantation, doesn't mean you sit and do nothing for the day! Don't you see the slave mentality he's hexed us with?! On the weekendz or dayz off, we'd rather sit and do nothing productive like planning our own businesses, building our own schoolz, or even something minute like speaking to the youth in the streetz!! Naw, we content with takin' care of just our own. As long as my kidz are alright and are in a festive mood to celebrate our oppressorz ritualz, we ain't got no problem. On the contrary Afrikanz, we have madd problemz! When will we seriously start deprogramming our mindz. One way to begin deprogramming can come from simply learning the true origin of YTs hollow-daze.

This is the nite of nites with this path filled with unsuspecting horrorz and ill subliminalz that will cause many a soul to become the devilz' or perish forever. This beast won't even have to work on this particular evening because this is the one nite almost everyone is devilish in some sort of way, and on this nite of nites it is tolerated more than any other of the year.

There will be so many people praising demonology, or rather, celebrating the existence of evil without even realizing it. True indeed, if we knew exactly what we were condoning we wouldn't continue such an act. But after you read this piece and still choose not take into account any of the points made, nor do additional research yourself, consider yourself consciously condoning these acts of beastly worship! As a hueman now given the origin of halloween, you are responsible for your acts (you shall, as well with the additional pieces on "misgiving" and "christmess"). I do not protest to be The Creator, but I am a free-thinker; in control of my own mind. Everything I do in life will involve the necessary research, be it literal or internal, to where I can represent like the responsible free-thinking being I was designed to be.

If you are ignorant (ignoring) of something and continue to willingly remain so, it is just as bad as the original perpetrator because you refuse to find the truth yourself. "If you ain't part of the solution, you part of the problem."

What is it that attracts million of people to dance with the devil on this nite and it be accepted? What makes the many religious sects, allow hedz to be devilish on this day as if to say, "it's ok 'cause it's only once a year."

There's a side to man-made h0llow-daze many are not aware of...the fall/winter season is big bizness! Halloween is one of the 3 top candy-selling seasonz of the year. The manufacturerz of Halloween costumes and decorationz take their fill of the large profits reaped by the public's desire for celebration followed by the 3 major holydayz the next 3 months. There is a side of this day we consistently persist not to acknowledge. Not only is Halloween a danger to the spirit, mind, and body of Afrikanz, it's roots are embedded in many centuries of old pagan practices!

Who were the caucasian powerz that decided to have this day be considered one of celebration?! - OOPS! I forgot, this country was founded by wicked white men. So they're only doing what comes natural to them. But what about you Afrikan? Why do you involve yourself in celebrating this health and spiritually imbalanced day?! You mean to tell me celebrating the existence of evil and satanic worship should be considered a special day for all the world, including our young impressionable Afrikan seedz, to celebrate?!!?

Halloween can be traced to the celts. October 31st was the most important day for them for it was their new yearz day and the eve of their festival for samhain—lord of the dead (another name for satan). This eve was the time for the gathering of many evil spirits and soulz. To release the returning soulz, the Celts sacrificed(murdered) human beingz and animalz!

During the 4th century, roman emperor, Constantine "the (not so) Great" (324-327AD) declared christianity as lawful. The spread of Christianity was slow due to pagan beliefs, ritualz, and practices of the masses. Headz of the church embarked on a mission to stamp out other pagan religionz.

The celtic belief was too much for the christianz so they compromised by giving the Celts ritualz and a few hollow-daze new meaningz and names. The christianz "all saints day" was originally celebrated on May 1st. This day honored early christianz martyrz. Another name for "all saints day" was "all hallow eve". This day of honor(?) was moved to November 1st. It allowed for the idolatrous celtics (who are now christianz) to still celebrate on this feast of samhain! October 31st then became "all hallowz eve", later shortened to Halloween!

The name samuel, sam for short, which meanz poisonous, is one of the names of the beast. If you take note, the national symbol of the united states is uncle Sam, who originated as an unfriendly nickname for the government during the war of 1812. Sam's costume is decorated with stars and stripes with white hair and chin whiskers that come to a point, just like the devilz ram, or goat, you see when looking at a satanic pentagram (Goat of Mendez, a 5-pointed star pointed downward). Remember, nothing happenz by coincidence. Everything has a reason.

One of the many languages the beast speaks is through the use of subliminal messages. When questioning "Y IZ Dat?!" about everything you see and hear, you'll find this country is founded on satanic ritualz dating back to this nationz forefatherz, the masonz, with wicked memberz like george washington, thomas jefferson, ben franklin, and many, many, many more!! In fact, most if not all politicianz are memberz, or affiliates, of this satanic brotherhood, including jesse jackson; bill cosby too (for more information, look up the new world order, Illuminati, Boule' and trilateral commission, the round table, and CIA — or better yet, look up the master work of Steve Cokely, a guru in masonic/governmental secret societies)!

How has this system allowed millionz of unknowing citizenz indulge themselves in an occasion that not only disrupts the "goodness" we're s'posed to be tryin' to attain, but as well, creates a trauma-like imbalance to our temple (body) due to the increasing amount of refined sucrose sugarz we consume and call them "treats", as if we're doing something good for ourselves!

The demonic powerz that be are able to keep the majority ignorant because we do not read nor investigate/reanalyze our belief system. Along with storing the truth in books, totalling a couple hundred pages with no pictures, the beast feelz he can rest because as they say, we don't study history! In addition, the relay of telepathic enforcement, via tell-a lie-vision and massa-media, possesses our ability to rationalize and literally makes us go out and get costumes and candy for our seedz; what's worse, the products we purchase are not manufactured by Afrikan-owned companies so we get double exploited!

We must question society's motives on man made holydayz. Not only does the beast of this New World Order have us worshipping the existence of satanic forces, they are watching us unknowingly commit suicide through dependency on the most lethal and addictive drug, white sucrose/dextrose (sugar or anything else that endz with "-ose")! We are keeping ourselves imbalanced by exceeding the amount of wickedness in both the mind and body. With these elements annihilated from positivity, total corruption has manifest our god complex. We have become what we despise. We've become living contradictionz of the pursuit of constant elevation and now dwell in the cesspool of ignorance and evil.

To be a living example of righteousness, you'll find all the customz you've been forced to partake in since a seed is, no doubt, the very evil you strive to abstain from. KRS-One best puts it when he said, "believer's of Jesus be denouncin' Satan onas every level, but every Halloween they dressin' like devilz!" Now you got the real treat, who's the trick on? LIK SHOT!!

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• Just wanna thank you. My 6 year-old son was asking me about Halloween and if he can just celebrete one day to see what it's like. I told him we can look up its origin together and I went straight to knowing you would have an article on its origin. Now he doesn't want to try it and says he wants to destroy it. Thanks fam! Good work!!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Sis. Kianga on Friday, October 21, 2016 at 8:26 AM

• Hotep M'Bwebe Ishangi, Right on with tha knowledge King .... From your brutha Andra....
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by ( on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 3:08 AM

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