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(written 2000)

It's 2000, another year for the Olympics, right? Another year where Afrikan athlete's—representin' nationz that kidnapped their foreparents, used them for free labor, rape, and senseless killingz—will dominate winning gold, silver, and bronze for their oppressorz country.

This paints a grim and distorted picture of confusion many countries have tried their best to not bring to the table. Ask yourself, how could I represent a country (in particular, the united snakes, I mean, states) that doesn't respect me as an Afrikan? I used to have an Olympic dream, now I have an Afrikan goal! Starz and stripes on my body remind me of the very starz our Ancestorz saw after receiving their daily beating after the cracking whip left deep blood stripes on their backs. And to think, today, barely 100 yearz later, we wear these uniformz with pride and dignity—willing to be deemed the "fastest" or "best" as we take our "victory" lap around the track draped in the flag of our oppressor!

This is a nightmare! The very medalz, athletes fight tooth and nail for, are most likely the same precious elements that killz an average of 33 Afrikanz a day in the diamond, gold and silver mines in Afrika. The companies that melt these precious metalz to their finished form, are most likely connected with the greatest crew of conspiratorz the modern world has ever known... The New World Order, aka One World Government—the DeBeers mining company for starterz!

When I see the hundredz of medalz given out during the 2 weeks of the Olympic festival, I think of where they came from and that each medal represents 33 dead Afrikanz! Oh no, on the contrary, this is not a time of celebration! How about the condition of the people the black athlete represents? I wonder if these athletes ever thought if they didn't have anything to offer "massa", would they be on the streetz starving mentally, physically, and spiritually, like the majority of their people?

Just as the many Afrikanz that represented this country in the warz we had nothing to do with, they come home and are still treated less-than. What ever happened to consciousness amongst the athletes? What happened to Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the other brothas that stood up in the late 60s?? There's not much on what happened, but I can surely guess this movement was altered (code word for 'shutdown') by constituents of global white supremacy!

With people of color dominating the number of contestants, why isn't there some sort of allegiance between them, to show the "powerz that be" that the injustice must stop, globally! We got a glimpse of that during the 1968 Mexico City Olympics when 200 meter gold winner Tommie Smith and bronze-medalist John Carlos took the stand without shoes, wearing black socks and an enclosed black-gloved fist protesting racizm in the United States. Has anything gotten better since '68?!!? So why has the Afrikan athlete given up their fight? The Olympics serves as one of the best platformz of relaying the injustices of people and conveying it to the whole world! However, today it seemz today athletes are more concerned about NIKE and adidas contracts and Pepsi and McDonald's endorsements—of course, this is by design.

I find it difficult for Afrikanz to be so eager to represent their adopted (through colonializm) countries in the Olympics when, for most of the Olympics 100 yearz of history, Afrikanz were not allowed to participate! History showz, as soon as we were allowed to particpate, we dominated. Remember Track & Field sprinter Jesse Owens dominance that made adolf hitler's theory of white genetic superiority?! Since participating, we not only win gold, we virtually blew out the competition!

The last time a white athlete participated in an Olympic 100m final, Jimmy Carter was President. And the last time a white athlete held the 100m world record, Khrushchev was ensconced in the Kremlin. Over the past decade, the 10-second mark in the 100m has been broken 200 tymz—but not once by a white athlete! And it's not just at the 100m that YTs so noticeably absent. Every men's world record at every run track distance from 100m to the marathon now belongz to a runner of Afrikan descent. But the beef is for WHO we won it on behalf of!

Most have not concentrated on the fact that the Olympics is a greek custom. Need I elaborate more on the Greek/Afrikan relationship?! The grecian influence is being preserved by customz like the Olympics, glorifying the era when greeks ruled and because people support the Olympics, as well as fraternities and sororities and Greek mythology as a whole, their story may continue to live another millennia—if we allow it!

According to writer Charles Grantham,

"When one really studies Classical Greece and in particular the institution referred to as 'rites de passage', soon realizes that Greek men demonstrated certain habits unacceptable in African society and in African institutions."

The behavior he is referring to? "Greek iconography and ancient Greek literature, homosexual encounters among Greek males were common...", he addz. According to european writer, Eva Keuls, author of The Reign of the Phallus, they had unnatural sexual relationz between two males with one being a young boy. The relationship consisted, she writes,

"between a mature man at the height of his sexual power and need and a young, erotically undeveloped boy just before puberty."

The classical Greeks believed that a real Greek man would have participated in all aspects of the rites de passage, including anal intercourse! This was accepted as a norm because all greek males were doing this! It was the norm!! Even noted pirates, oops, scholarz like Plato was down with homosexuality! In Kenneth Dover's Greek Homosexuality, he writes,

"Plato takes homosexual desire and homosexual love as the starting point from which to develop his metaphysical theory."

I unleash these secrets because it's too late in the day to accept customz, holidayz and ritualz just because they've been practiced for a while. We are more mature than that and deserve the right to hear both sides of everything! Further, we owe it to our Ancestorz for it is under more harsh conditionz they endured with their blood, sweat, and even their lives, for the world we live in today. Do we do them honor by draping ourselves in flagz as well as customz of our oppressor?

As we reanalyze beliefs and customz that have been forced on our people, we will find we are protecting—either by condoning or silence—a wicked lie. Most everything YT celebrates was done while we were being kidnapped, raped, dehuemanized, and murdered, so why would you think 100 yearz later this celebration is doing our people any good?! C'mon wake up! It's time to douse that Olympic flame out!

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