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(written 2008)

Ain't no time for fakin' jacks, stop fakin' jacks, brothaz that fake jacks get laid on they back!" — Pete Rock

"aaaaand, CUT! Ok, thanks Jesse! That's a take!"

Did you see this nonsense?! I cain't be the only one who saw this! On the night Barack Obama won the nationz 44th Presidential elect, among the millionz of hedz who celebrated, it all came to a sudden stop — or record skip, if you will — when a camera caught a weeping Jesse Jackson with his finger in his mouth!

Wasn't it just a couple months ago he said Obama wasn't actin' "Black enough" and was caught on camera suggesting his wish to personally neuter Obama?! Now he cryin' for the man knowingly sittin' in front of cameraz appearing to be moved by this monumental feat for the world to see?!

Now granted, maybe a part of this is real, but if you study the videotape, you may think something else...

Watchin this historic night on CNN, suddenly there was a live shot of Jesse. He was surrounded by otherz rejoicing, yet he just stood there, speakin' to no one, as if prepping for the exclusive shot — y'kno, standin' out 'cause he was doin' somethin' everyone else around him wasn't.

If you're able to see the first secondz of the initial footage, you will notice there was a white woman standing and rejoicing in front of him jumping up and down takin' part in the global celebration with her head occasionally blocking parts of Jesse's face.

Then suddenly, from the left of the screen, a personz hand reaches over on top of the womanz head, pushiing it down, gesturing for her to lower her head so the camera could get a clear shot of Jesse. All the while, Jesse stood there, turning up the water works moreso now, 'cause he knew the spotlight was on him!

Not once did he wipe his tearz as any normal person would. He just stood there gazin' out "with his widdle finga in his mouth!" Not once did he look at the camera, as though he knew this was a chance for him to steal some shine, "hey, what about me? What about Jesse?!" Don't be fooled, yo, this ain't the first time he's done this!

Why do I feel Jesse was fakin'? It's in his entire "professional" genetic makeup for it's literally how his career began.

(Before I get into Jesse, I want to point out you can find what I'm about to paraphrase, in detail from one of our Master Scholarz, Steve Cokely. Look him up online, he's done several lecture's on the topic that is worthy of attention—IF you can handle it!)

August 19, 2003, The Final Call printed a piece entitled, "SCLC Returns to Memphis". Many are not aware there are those who believe Jesse was involved in Martin Luther King's death and that there was an investigation—even the late Corretta Scott King (later retracted by the Final Call the following week. Why really? Don't know)!

Remember back in 1998, right before the alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, met with the King family? Many don't know that the following year there was a conspiracy trial (King vs. Lloyd Jowers and other unknown conspiratorz) for King's death in 1999, where a jury consisting of six Afrikanz and six whites concluded King's death was in fact, a result of a multi-tiered government conspiracy.

At the end of the trial, good ol' Jesse wrote an editorial that appeared in the Los Angeles Times, where he stated, "For those of us who were with Dr. King in Memphis, the ‘lone assassin’ theory always seemed suspect. James Earl Ray had neither the means nor the method nor the motive to stalk Dr. King, shoot him and arrange his own getaway. Despite these misgivings, the lone assassin theory became the near universal explanation. Deviation from it was too forbidding, for any conspiracy would point directly to government involvement, or at least acquiescence, in King’s murder."

A panel consisting of Cokely, Dick Gregory, Martin King III, Rev. Bernice King, attorneyz William Peper and Lewis Garrison and otherz—was put together by the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) entitled, "Fact or Fiction: The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.", where they talked about the setup that had MLK on the second floor balcony of the Lorraine Motel (in Memphis, Tennessee) at 6pm as a sitting duck for a bullet.

It is alleged 15 minutes before King was shot, Jesse removed a community group from the hotel that was there to protect King. Why? And why hasn't anyone questioned him about this? In addition, the evening before that fateful day (April 3rd), the night he performed his last speech, "I've Been to the Mountaintop", it's believed a 'practice run' was conducted where King, Jesse and party was pictured outside the motel on the second floor at 6pm on their way to dinner.

It is also believed by some that MLKs room was mysteriously changed from the ground floor to second floor that same evening. 6:01pm the following day, a .30-06 caliber rifle bullet rang out entering King's right jaw, traveling through his neck, severing his spinal cord, stopped in his shoulder blade, and shortly thereafter, ended his life.

If you look at the pictures from the day King was killed, none have surfaced (to my knowledge) that show Jesse on the balcony with King's right-hand man, Ralph Abernathy and Boule' member, Andrew Young. But somehow, the picture from the day before became the 'official' candid moments before King died. As well, amongst the chaos, Jesse's career just so happened to take off...

After the ambulance took away his body, all that was left was a massive amount of King's blood. Abernathy, in a state of shock grabbed a jar and started scraping up the blood, crying how it was King's blood and precious, "This blood was shed for us," he allegedly stated.

Nearly a whole half-hour after King was shot, Jesse comes on the scene, makin' his way to the balcony—many thought he was hiding down by the pool. Young rememberz seeing Jackson dip his handz in the huge pool of blood and after raising them to the sky, wiped the blood on his shirt. Young stated, "people freaked out and did strange things... it was... it was... I mean, what do you do in a moment like that?" If you're Jesse, you take advantage!

The majority of hedz from the SCLC quickly followed King to the hospital leaving Jesse Jackson behind. This is where Jesse seized the opportunity! He told otherz not to say anything to the Media. Once the Media arrived at the hotel, they quickly focused on Jesse, now with King's blood all over his shirt. With the rest of the SCLC at the hospitial, Jesse pretty much anointed himself—with the sacrificial blood of King—as the media spokesman stating to the press, "The black people's leader, our Moses, the once in a 400 or 500-year leader has been taken from us by hatred and bitterness. Even as I stand at this hour, I cannot even allow hate to enter my heart at this time, for it was sickness, not meanness, that killed him. People were, some were in pandemonium, some were in shock, some were crying, hollering, "Oh, God!" And I immediately started running upstairs to where he was and I caught his head and I tried to feel his head and I asked him, I said, "Dr. King, do you hear me? Dr. King, do you hear me?" And he didn't say anything and I tried to hold his head." So noble of him to come on the scene after everything went down!

(Exceprt from, 'And the Walls Came Tumbling Down' by Ralph David Abernathy, "It seems that shortly after the ambulance had left, the press had converged on the place, camera crews and reporters, local staff and network, all eager to put someone on camera to tell the story. Jesse and Hosea had both agreed that until they knew what had happened, they would avoid the press and stay out of sight. At least that's what Hosea had thought was the understanding.

So he was more than a little surprised to look out the window and see Jesse, standing in front of several cameras, speaking into a microphone that a reporter was holding in his face. Curious, Hosea slipped outside and eased up behind Jesse, though on the other side of a chain-link fence.

"Yes," Jesse was saying, "I was the last person he spoke to as I was cradling him in my arms."

With a roar of anger, Hosea started cursing and was halfway up the chain fence before one of the others pulled him down and held him until his anger had cooled. But Jackson had told the same story, or very nearly the same, that morning on The Today Show." (end Excerpt)

While the rest of SCLC was back at the motel trying to figure out their next steps, like Bobby Brown leavin' New Edition, after meeting with reporterz outside the motel, Jesse quickly left Memphis, makin' his way back to Chicago where in 14, I repeat, just 14 hourz after King's death, he appeared on the Today show with his bloody shirt while a newly hired booking agent got him spots on other TV showz. You mean to tell me in the midst of all this chaos, this cat found the time to hire a bookin' agent?! King just died, yo!!

And the show didn't stop there! Later that afternoon Jesse appeared before the Chicago City Council wearing a blood-stained shirt and saying that it was the same shirt he had been wearing the previous evening when he had held Martin.

Now ask yourselves, why else would he wear a shirt with blood on it from the previous day? He surely didn't wear this shirt as he travelled back to Chicago from Tennessee! In addition, why would he tell bold-faced lies of him bein' the last person he spoke to when he showed up 30 minutes after he was shot? As many believe (and some can prove), this wasn't Jesse seizin' an opportunity that just so happen to fall in his lap, this was planned! Overnight Jesse Jackson became a nationally known figure, self-appointing him as the next leader of the Civil Rights Movement!

Oh, Jesse wasn't alone! Many hedz know he was a gangster (had affiliation, along with half-brother, Noah Robinson, with the notorious street gang the Blackstone Rangers and leader, Jeff Fort, who was later convicted of killin' more than 200 people). So we can assume Abernathy, Young and company feared Jesse's constituents with some not make waves; to go along to get along.

Several hedz, along with Young created the historical photo-still that fooled the whole world, they pointed in what's believed by several hedz, in the wrong direction of where the shot came from. One other jewel is the allegationz of King tellin' his close friend, Ralph Abernathy, not to trust Jesse, suspecting him to be an agent.

Fast forward to 2008. Were these tearz of sincerity or of jealousy? Maybe it was the spirit of MLKing and the guilt of his involvement overtakin' him. But to think that is to believe Jesse has a heart—if you read Abernathy's book, you'll beg to differ!

So we're left with it bein' jealousy. Given his two unsuccessful presidentail bidz of 1984 (won by Walter Mondale who lost to Ronald Reagan) and 1988 (won by Michael Dukakis who lost to George HW Bush), its crystal-clear to me! Seein' Jesse all tear'd up on camera showed he's still willing to steal whatever he can from the deedz and accomplishment of otherz. In addition, when you look at Obama's choice to not even considering Jesse, nor Al Sharpton worthy to sit the bench on his team, all I see is the latter (perhaps Obama, havin' spent a great deal of time in Chicago, is aware of Jesse's track record).

When you take into account his membership to the Boule' and the aforementioned, this jack needz to be laid on his back!



Read this piece by M'Bwebe Ishangi: From the Plantation 2 the Bighouse

BOOK: And the Walls Came Tumbling Down by Ralph David Abernathy, an autobiography; ISBN 0-06-016192-2

Unmasking Jesse Jackson - Geoff Metcalf interviews 'Shakedown' author Ken Timmerman
(read about the real reason why Jesse created Operation PUSH among other unknown "treats")

Black Leaders Plan Jackson Protest (2002)

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• Righteous writing. The truth may hurt some but only those who choose to live in Wonderland. Ase.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Mawiyah and Nadir ( on Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 6:19 PM

• I thought Jesse was initially "mean muggin" and then he started balling. Let's give him the benefit of doubt and say maybe he was moved by the speech. If Barack is half as intelligent as he appears to be he will steer clear of un-Reverend Jesse Jackson.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 1:17 PM

• Baba, I like to believe everyone who knows about THE CASTRATION monstrosity had the same question that night. I must admit that while I wanted to harbor on it, I was so filled that I wouldn't allow Bro. Jesse, my family of Jehovah Witnesses or anyone else to "steal my joy". Aside from that, I thought it was interesting how the media chose to focus on him for so long. I could only come up with their continued efforts to down play OUR GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS with anything negative they could find. (they knew everybody would be asking that question!!!)   

The next day I was very curious about what your commentary would say (because we ALL knew you were going to have SOMETHING to say! LOL!!) More important (to me) than Jesse was how did you FEEL when the numbers came in and the call was made? Were you reminded of any historical calculations that suddenly connected? Your previous commentary (Plantation to the Big House) had an unexpected soothing balance to it that I deeply appreciated. Honestly it made me hungry for more instead of the normal preparation I have to do in order to digest your content and use it for positive momentum because I know your intentions and mission (just keepin it real).  

ACCOUNTABILITY and ENLIGHTENMENT is IMPORTANT work. No passes for Jesse or anyone else who Stands up to lead our folks...."just don't be so hard on us mere mortals"  

Sidebar: (I thought your response to the comment about McKinney aned the green party were ON POINT. Went to the Website...HOT MESSS!!! LOLOL!) Keep doing what you doing. We Need It!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Tanita Harris-Ligons ( on Monday, November 10, 2008 at 8:32 PM

• yo, once again yall followin in the footsteps of the great Steve Cockley by exposin the fake, so called blak leadership sellouts. Keep it going 4 us imformation soldiers out here on the frontline.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by ( on Monday, November 10, 2008 at 11:21 AM

• I believe you are correct with this article. I also noticed Jackson standing along with tears streaming down his face and it was obvious to me that he was faking. I too wondered why he did not try to wipe the tears from his face. There has always been something about him that did not seem right to me. This man has always seemed very self-serving and loves attention. I hope his sons are not like him.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Mae on Friday, November 7, 2008 at 2:22 PM

• Whoa! this is powerful stuff. One Love.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Sharon ( on Friday, November 7, 2008 at 10:38 AM

• You missed the mark. Jesse was crying because he saw in his lifetime a man able to make it to the promise land. And yes, Jesse has his issues as well, but remember if there was no Jesse Jackson there would be no Barrack Obama. God sent Barack but God always sends servants to survey the land first.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Glenn ( on Friday, November 7, 2008 at 9:17 AM

M'Bwebe's Response: Er, um... Jesse paved the way for Obama?! Actually, if anybody, it's Shirley Chisolm, who ran for President in 1972! And you try and equate Jesse as a servant of "God"?! Jesse? Godly?! The "Reverend" who ain't even a real or official Reverend?!!? C'mon, yo! Stop coverin' for him! No Barack without a Jesse? LMAO - OUTLOUD!

• I said the SAME thing! Why wasn't he wiping his tears off his face. I have learned so much about him that I am just disgusted.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Paris on Friday, November 7, 2008 at 6:24 AM

• So yes, the pic is funny as hell and deserves a few chuckles. But we HAVE TO STOP the constant judging of people. There are so many issues going on this world right now, than to take the time and write, research and pull-out someone else's flaws. Your time in writing this was just wasted, and could've been used for something more positive, like maybe figuring out what to do to uplift your people, and not bring another man down. And regardless of all the evidence and documents you pull out, as a 67 year-old man, Jesse devoted his entire LIFE to fighting and struggling for the rights that we currently enjoy. And there are many who started with him who are not here right now to witness this wonderful moment in history! Did you ever have to ride on the back of a bus?  Did you ever have to participate in sit-ins? Drink out of a fountain for "coloreds" only? Be told you couldn't vote until a bill was actually passed? So yeah, he may have been going through various emotions like "wow we finally made it," "I wish Martin was here to see this," or maybe even "damn, maybe I should go cut my nuts off." Those tears can be a combination of joy, happiness, sadness, or even regret. But regardless, He is a man. Nothing more, nothing less, and so are you. Who are we to judge?  (It's easy to see a smudge on your neighbor's face & be oblivious to the ugly sneer on your own - Matthew 7:1-5) And dude, you know I love you, but you just wasted my time in reading this nonsense. IT'S TIME TO GROW UP AND THIS HAS TO STOP! YOU BETTER POST MY COMMENT TOO! LOL
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Osa on Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 12:58 PM

M'Bwebe's Response: (You my homey, but I gotta get you, so I apologize in advance if I come off too hard!)
Now yes, we go back and the luv is mutual, but we must each acknowledge (and accept) each otherz perspective. There are some who, no matter what a person does, choose to only see the good in them, whereas, there are those (such as myself) who hold them accountable! As much as I gotta respect your choice, I whole-heartedly disagree with givin' pardonz—especially when it has an effect on Afrikan people.

You may think this form of "judgement" is wrong, but how else do you hold one accountable for their acts?! True, maybe in some cases for the average hed, judging may be wrong. But not for an alleged leader; a person who CHOOSES to be at the forefront to LEAD a collective. No, no one is perfect, but that does not mean imperfection is allowed to go unaddressed! This is what Jesse chose. Far too often the masses let people of this stature literally (and in this case) get away with murder!

You may also think my article is time wasted callin' it "nonsense," but I assure you, there are otherz who value the importance of information, whether bad or good! Knowledge ain't for everybody so for those that don't wanna know, that's your choice. But know there are hedz who do value HISTORY, do value RESEARCH and do value FINDING OUT THE TRUTH, no matter what the outcome! You may be no activist, but that doesn't give you the right to downplay anyone who is!

Are Jesse's lies to the press right after Kings death and his hustle back to Chicago with booking agent in hand to be on TV, Ralph Abernathy's claim of his embezzlement of fundz from the SCLCs Operation Breadbasket program, the actionz of a true leader?! Maybe for you, not for me!

Is Abernathy's book not worth a read? Maybe for those who would accept anyone as their leader—which, in turn, allowz culprits to continue their misdeedz (btw, I only dwelled on Jesse's involvement in Kings death. There are countless other accusationz and documents on Jesse takin' pay-offs that I won't get into now. Maybe a later piece).

If you still see Jesse as a "leader" and wanna dwell on his civil rights rap sheet, not caring about how he came on the scene or what he's been doin' behind the scenes, then I guess its ok for the murdererz and co-conspiratorz of Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, Steven Biko, hell, even Tupac and Biggie's assassinz, to now become leaderz, right?! To me, this is yet anutha excuse to remain passive, inactive activists! And because of our collective inactivity, as a country we suffer; as a people we suffer and as a community, we suffer...

You mention growing up. That involves maturity, hence, making grownup, tough decisionz and bein' accountable for one's actionz. When will the healing begin? You can't heal without addressing an oftentymz painfully-layered wound—Jesse's history is one of 'em!

By the way, I don't see Jesse's connection (whatever it is) to King's death a "flaw" as you put it. It's really sad that you would reduce it to that. He didn't just happen to lie of his involvement, he chose to. I mean, are you sayin' the true investigation of both Jesse's involvement and the identity of MLKs real assassin shouldn't be known?? The truth isn't worth knowing?!!? Would your mind be changed if it were to hit closer to home (assuming, God forbid, you and your family hasn't had anyone killed with the identity of the killer unknown—or, like in Kings case, concealed).

• You are so on point with this article. I was feeling the same way and even posted my contempt for Jesse, cuz these heads have goldfish memories. I went on a website saying that his actions are hypocritical and out of bounds as he was crying yet wanted to castrate Obama. They was replying that despite that, I should be proud what Jesse did for the movement. If he did anything for it, I won’t and can’t hate but its about the present rite now. Peace god.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Ron Johnson ( on Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 12:29 PM
• Wow… that is some deep stuff bruh… I need to pick up the Abernathy book because I never did read it, but had heard there was some STUFF to know. Thanks for sharing the “light” for folks like me FORMERLY in the DARK!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Megan Mills on Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 12:19 PM

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