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(Released 2016)

“The Ancestors may be contacted in books, songs, prayers, proverbs, music, ritual, and art. The soul which wishes to receive inspiration makes a habit of visiting these sites of ancestral excellence… The principle way is study and practice. Contact with Ancestors is not a physical right, it is an intellectual exercise, and physical rites can help insofar as they lighten the body…"
— Ayi Kwei Armah, ‘The Eloquence of the Scribes’

• Sankofa - to go back and get it. Mainly consisting of the retrieval of Afrikan lineal and cultural roots.

• Kemet - while most claim it means black land, it actually is the study of black people. Also written as Khemit, Kemit, KMT, and Khem.

• Metamorphosis - the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in multiple distinct stages.

• Sankofa Kemetamorphosis - the transformative combination of returning back to the Nile Valley era of Kemet to recoup our Ancestral collective memory and apply this to our current and future mental, spiritual and physical conditions.
(This isn’t the official definition, just my interpretation)

Kemetamorphosis. The fusion of ‘Kemet’ and ‘morphosis’. In my opinion two words and concept that culminate the Afrikan equivalence to Muslims’ Hajj to Mecca, Christians’ pilgrimage to Bethlehem, or the so-called Jewz trip to Jerusalem; a re-membering (or putting back together) of our past giving us the tools to pave a more clear future.

For twenty-five years I’ve walked the conscious path of Afrikan reclamation and reassertion. I’ve read many of the books and attended innumerable lectures and conferences, but it wasn’t until two-and-a-half decades later that I physically set foot on the River Nile, where the earliest recorded civilization began.

I recently returned from my Sankofa Kemetamorphosis taking a tour provided by Anthony Browder's IKG Cultural Center and The ASA Restoration Project and I must attest — no, persist — EVERY Afrikan must not only take at least one trip to Afrika, but in doing so MUST start in the east region where Kemet and it’s southern neighbor, Kush of the Nile Valley reside.

For years I planned to go with each time something coming up. It wasn’t until I was finally there that I understood the principle of “divine timing” was always at work; this was precisely the right time for me to be here. The alignment of the Sahu couldn’t be more clear!

In the process of Kemetamorphosis, correct word usage is essential so as to reclaim the soul and spirit of this journeys intent and purpose. It’s been proven the whitewash of our names, relics and cultural history made the trek of recovering our past difficult. With that said, you will find throughout Kemet many terms that have been changed from it’s original name and meaning by initial purpose of hiding the original meaning. Through firsthand research, Browder has shed light on a few prominent one’s we should be aware of:

• Kemet: original word for Egypt

• Mir: indigenous tag for pyramid. Mirw is plural for more than one

• Tekhen: earliest term for Obelisk also known as Cleopatra’s needle and even the iconic symbol of this nations’ capitol, the Washington monument

Her Em Akhet: aboriginal name for the Sphinx

Sahu: a star constellation erroneously known by many as Orion’s belt

• Waset: autochthonous name for the capital of Kemet known today as Luxor

• Kush: native name for Nubia

• Medu Neter: original name for hieroglyphics

Erroneously called Egypt, Kemet stands as civilizations earliest written and architectural collection of the origin of wo/man. But let’s not get enamored in thinking Kemet is just a city of sights and mysteries, more clearly, it is one of genesis and esoterically a place to learn the interstellar connection we have with our, what I like to call, “Ances-Starz” (a play on the word Ancestors and their connection to the stars in the sky particularly the Sahu) and the constellation existence of space and time. As Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson would say, “we are star stuff!”

Our Ances-Starz of the Nile Valley were the first researchers of the stars. Todays world is deeply indebted to them for we find practically everything we know and practice came from them. From the zodiac calendar and wall carvings of the first virgin birth seen at the Dandara Temple of Het Heru [fig. 1], to the study of the Nile enabling the birth of civilization and agriculture, to the notion of the use of the first light bulb, and even the practice of safe sex (the first condom found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb, on display at the Cairo museum). [fig. 2]

Not only were they originators of the arts, sciences and mathematics, they collected and researched life beyond Earth and used this knowledge to manifest literally in physical form the notion of “bringing heaven to earth” in the configuration of strategically placed relics carved out of solid limestone that included mathematical equation and architectural alignment, the likes that still puzzle the highest intellect in this field to duplicate today.

On an everyday-folk level, Kemetamorphosis allowed me to experience ten days of a two week tour with a group of the most passionate, talented and purpose-driven Afrikanz one could ask for. From Sis-Starz Dr. Patricia Newton’s realness on the importance of next steps critical to our future to Sabrina’s well-versed expertise on “The code” of Drs. Francess Cress-Welsing and Neely Fuller, Jr.’s Nine Areas of People Activity; to Sis-Star Cheptu’s insight and revelation to an ongoing paranormal grapple I’ve had with my inner-conscience since 1991 (written about in my first book, ‘Analitikul Cogitationz’); and the harmonic and deeply spirited vibrations of Myah’s southern hospitality, the magnetic inner-chi of Tamla, the multi-genius and entrepreneurial spirit of Wendi, Toni’s calabash mixture of wisdom and “don’t come for me unless I send for you”; to Sis-Star Gina’s galvanizing assertiveness and direction, Najma’s humble glow, and the unforgettable afrobeat essence of Carmel.

I also met some of the most diverse brothers who are more than willing to collaborate by tangible means: Jamaal who introduced me to the use of hempcrete (a concrete alternative); to Marcus’ solar energy plan; RaJay’s ‘George Washington Carver-like” background in biology; Chris’ creative masterpiece documentary, “Out of Darkness”; the other Chris’ patois-laced third-eye vision with his iPad; Ray and Roman’s balance in high kinetics with punchlines; Garvey’s ghost whose poem mimicked the Max Roach jazz classic (his presence was still felt after having to leave early); to Kaba’s wisdom and pipes that flow effortless as the River Nile, Anthony’s cool and calm demeanor processing and politicking (I see you Bredren!); Vic’s fixation with Auset and Heru; to Carl’s mellowness the likes of Beres Hammond, and Bro. Ahmed our tour guide who’s infamous “famileeeeee” call forever echoes in my mind. His humility, hustle and care imprinted a brotherly connection that will transcend time.

Us all meeting at this time was of no coincidence, it was divine timing. One of which is…

Ances-Star Dr. John Henrik Clarke noted “all history is a current event.” And it was figuratively the moment I reached Waset, more precisely South Asasif, the site of Karakhamun’s tomb, it became clairvoyantly clear.

In short, the findings of this tomb is significant because they prove a cultural link between the royal Kushite family of Kemet’s 25th Dynasty (8th – 7th centuries BCE) and Kemet’s 3rd-6th Dynasties (28th – 26th centuries BCE), who are credited with building the Great Mirw at Giza. This proves Kemet was a melanated black Afrikan civilization from its inception.

Rather than go into detail on the history of this tomb, I offer to read Browder’s book, ‘Finding Karakhamun’. But I will expound briefly on my experience from this tour. For starters, knowing this Afrikan’z story, I couldn’t help but think he may be history’s earliest combatant against gentrification.

To the educated, knowing Kemet is in Afrika is common. But to the masses it remains inconsequential and hence the need for a Sankofa Kemetamorphosis.

The truth is further suppressed by the role Egyptologist’s play in refusal to acknowledge and even ignore the role Afrikanz (dark-melanated black people to be exact) played as inventors of civilization as we know it and spreading throughout the world. This is all tactical and classic racism at its best.

If you don’t know, Kemet fell victim to a number of cultural invasions far more deadly than what we are experiencing today in urban neighborhoods (read ‘When Knowledge Became Kryptonite'). Nevertheless, it was a seizure of black land with the intent of takeover, whitewash and then almost fatal amnesiac act of plagiarism of any remnants of its originators.

Kemet is no longer, as it is evident to see. As Browder puts it, “Kemet is gone. Kemet is dead. Arabs control the land and Europeans pay their way to partner with the Egyptians to conduct excavation missions.” Couple that with the oftentimes hostile vendors literally attempting to sell our culture back to us with cheaply made artifacts out of China is as ass-backward as it gets.

That, I would say is the only conflicting feeling I had while in Kemet. The blatant disregard for black land and culture is evident under current arabic occupation. Chants of muslim prayer can be heard throughout the day along the Nile in Waset. Even the condition of Karakhamun and Karabasken’s tombs re-discovered by Dr. Elena Pischikova and her daughter Katherine in 2006 were found being used as living quarters, stable, quarry, as well as a dump site.

The unfortunate disregard of sacred land by interlopers is a clear sign of gentrification. Still, with all that said, Kemet is safer than most places here in the United States, yet you won’t hear that from the media. But in these lies lay opportunity, one Browder embarked on seven yearz ago to the day.

This conscious choice by so-called “scholars” of antiquity (speaking of Egyptologists) to ignore Karakhamun’s tomb reached large non-Afrikan foundationz and institutes that have money, hoping lack of funding will turn the project into a dream deferred. But that’s the thing about divine timing… it hasn’t. And actually, it’s been a blessing. Turning their backs on our-story has allowed the excavation of black land to be put in black hands.

Under Browder and his daughter Atlantis’ command at the ASA Restoration Project, this has been the first Afrikan-American funded excavation in history and I learned because of the ongoing instability of the economy due to the revolution, it was the only excavation of the season. On top of that, this project will make major headlines in a few months on some major news that will be shared with the public soon.

After one visits South Asasif and bearz witness to the works of Karakhamun and Karabasken we learn just how important black land mattered to them as it does to us now. To some extent, being there, at this time, doing the work I’m doing through a company I co-founded called Black Land Matters, gave me an epiphanic-like moment of clarity… this is greater than visiting at 2700+ year old temple tomb, this is about lineage — we are Karakhamun resurrected!

It is irrefutable to me now. Kemetamorphosis is more than about learning of the past. It’s about digging to the root of the truth, exhume and restore our rightful place in the history of time. This simultaneously ensures a more desirable future for Afrikan people. One of communal, sustainable and cooperative measures that mirror our Ances-Starz who left these very blatant larger-than-life relics and Medu Neter carvings on the walls; the original graffiti writers who tagged the story of time for the world to know the origin of wo/man.

And as the definition of Sankofa implies, one cannot know where they're going without knowing from whence they came.

Browder states it best in his book, ‘Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization’:

“History should tell a people who they are, where they came from and what their potential is as a people. If it fails to do so, it is useless. The name that a people call themselves must provide them with an understanding of their history by connecting them to a land mass, a language, a culture, a religion, a philosophy and so on. If a people’s name fails to accomplish these simple tasks, then their name is useless.”

In summation, we are Karakhamun and Karabasken reincarnate. We… Are… Our Ances-Starz reborn from the constellation of Sahu who chose to come back for a reason. And that is to rebuild our people and land by simply reconnecting our past to our present and future. A extensive extension chord indeed, but through Kemetamorphosis we have been re-membered through remembrance.

Imagine 2700 years from now — hopefully these and future resurrected temple tombs will still be in tact, and if they are not, we look to have the work we do echoes the foresight of Karakhamun and Karabasken… preserve the historical fact the lineage of the worlds oldest civilization was started by Afrikan people!

Kemetamorphosis enables us to rejoin with our Ances-Starz of the past to chart a brighter and more communal future for our babies, babies, babies, babies, babies… I invite you to schedule your Kemetamorphosis with the ASA Restoration Project for 2017 with these few ‘next steps’:

• Come to Anthony Browder’s 2017 Ancient Egypt Light of the World Study Tour. Contact Consolidated Tours Organization, Inc.
- Phone: 800.554.4556
- Email:
- More on the Study tour:
- I highly recommend asking the assistance of tour guide Ahmed Hashem

• Order ‘Finding Karakhamun’ by Anthony Browder:

• Watch a docuseries short 'The Future of our Past: Using Cooperatives to Survive and Compete in the Next Twenty Years' on the history of cooperatives by Black Land Matters

• Support ASA Restoration Project!
- Sign up for next years tour *here
*You can make a tax-deductible donation on the bottom right corner of that page

• Learn about our Black Land Matters initiative and membership using the ancestral practice of cooperatives to purchase domestic and foreign land together to rebuild communal communities together:

• Additional readings:
- Her Em Akhet vs. the Sphinx
- Kemet vs. New York City & DC
- The Unapologetic Quest to G.E.N.T.R.I.F.Y.: Ethnic Cleansing Thorugh Economics

Let’s (re)BUILD!

Cooperatively, Ubuntu & Abibifahodie!

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