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(written 2010)

First, let me point out the premise of this piece in no way is to denounce Afrikanz (or high-melanated beingz, mainly referred to as 'Black' people) in any way. Although this piece may prove to be yet another controversial piece, my humble and honest intent is in finding the root of truth. With that comes enlightenment, for it has been proven those in search, will find and as alwayz, I make a point to share what is learned. It is my hope those who read this will be able to remove any personal emotion and engage in this quest for truth, using a historical and chronological timeline as our measuring stick…

Late August, 2009. I'm in one of those wholesale-bulk stores buyin' from my monthly survival task list, "Water… check; toilet paper… check; wine… check," (ok, I didn't get everything for survival). After walking by the pharmacy section, I was approaching the area where you can buy magazines.

Most tymz I walk right by, but on that day I saw a glimpse of a cover of a magazine that caught my eye. I stutter-stepped, took a few steps in reverse, turning my head 90 degreez counter-clockwise to the left to see the cover that seemed to had been previously looked at and tossed back into the magazine rack inappropriately.

The cover had a large stone with a Masonic compass and square embossed on the surface. Now, symbolz I'm very familiar with and apparently had a higher sense of awareness espeically since at the time, I was rigorously workin' on my 4th Video Article for Season 3 of DGTv, 'The Classified Origin of D.C.'

It turned out this was a companion guide to the then soon-to-be released Dan Brown novel, 'The Lost Symbol'. Ironically, just a few dayz before, I heard of his new book and was thinkin' how crazy it was for him to be droppin' this when I just so happen to be producing something similar for DGTv. I thought, dare I copt his book and wind up pushing back my project because of the numerous jewelz I would probably learn, or disregard, finish my project and read his book after? Choosing the latter, I still bought the guide so I could study it.

While workin' on Season 3 of DGTv, I had sensed a unison of two topics I hadn't thought ever could: spirituality with conspiracy. Since DGTs inception, I've been writing primarily about both and with my recent study of the masonic connection to Washington, DC — thanks in large part to Anthony Browder — a feeling of interconnectedness seemed to take hold of me. I now felt myself revisiting my book of jewelz; a series of notebooks where I jot ideas and thoughts on thingz to both research and write about — the source of a lot of the pieces you read in DGT (mc's have a book of rhymes, I have a book of jewelz).

Around this time — around the end of 2009 — the Tiger Woods drama hit the media. Simultaneously, I was revisiting a thought I had about historical "holy" men and how they're revered despite their lustful wayz. I thought of recent hedz like the Nation of Islamz Elijah Muhammad, on back to biblical figures like Solomon… yeah… a king who had at least 700 wives!

Once I started thinking of Solomon, the iconic foundation of Judaizm, I thought of his symbol, the Star of David — one I must point out is a stolen symbol who's original meaning represented the first royal parents, Ausar and Aset from ancient Kemet. Having addressed this in both Video Articles, 'Numerical Mystereez' and 'The Classified Origin of D.C.', my next concern turned to lookin' at the similarities the so-called Jew has with Rastafarianz (this goes beyond the appearance of orthodox jewz bein' full bearded with two locks whereas Rasta's are usually fully locked). Here's where it gets interesting...

The Wall Street Journal published a piece in the March 9, 2010 edition, written by Tamara Audi entitled, 'Jamaica's New Tourism Spiel: Beaches and Reggae and Jews'. It dealt mainly with Jamaica's tourist battle with Mexico who recently started promoting to whites by using a seldom-told secret of the historical relationship Jamaica has with Jewz to draw them in.

According to Audi, settlement in Jamaica came from a jewish pirate from Amsterdam named Moses Cohen Henriques in 1740. "Starting in the 17th century, Jewz fleeing the Inquisition arrived in Jamaica from Portugal and Spain. By the end of the 18th century, Jamaica had six synagogues and 2000 jewz," stated 70-year-old Ainsley Henriques, Jamaica's unofficial jewish historian.

Over generationz, many wound up marrying Jamaicanz and stopped practicing Judaizm. While otherz left for the new colonies in America, the remaining ones continued to worship at the Kingston synagogue. Currently, Jamaica has only one synagogue, no rabbi and a community of about 200 so-called Jewz. [*Jewel: 'Island Records' is owned by Chris Blackwell, a jew born in London and raised in Jamaica, who also ownz Strawberry Hill, a mountain resort above Kingston — the exploitation of Afrikan culture for profit continues…]

I found that many outside the culture of Rastafari are not aware they have what's called the 'mansionz of Rastafari' with the three most prominent bein' the Nyahbinghi , Bobo Ashanti and the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Many who consider themselves of the lost tribe of Israel (the Twelve Tribes) follow jewish dietary restrictionz forbidding shellfish and pork, but the connection goes even deeper… it points to the dayz of the first King of the Israelites, Solomon.

I must first point out we could debate who the true jewz are, which my research inclines me to believe the jewz you see today are actually imposterz, or better put, pirates. But this piece isn't really about that. As I will l point out, this is more about the iconic figure millionz of hedz ignorantly revere… Solomon.

King Solomon [1011 - 931 BCE or Before Common (or Christian) Era], ruled for 40 yearz during what's believed to be the best of Israelz history; said to be a time of peace and prosperity. It is also shared by historianz of Solomonz stray from the teachingz of the Torah — particularly with his lifestyle of idolatrous and polygamous acts — as the catalyst of his fall. [*Jewel: I must mention the building of Solomonz Temple became an adopted symbol of the Freemasonz (again see, 'The Classified Origin of D.C. on DGTv).]

This is key because I've alwayz heard during reasoning (cypherz) with Rasta's, the mention of Solomon revered as a deity among the ranks of King David (his father, whom himself committed countless promiscuous acts in addition to murdering one of his mistresses husband), Marcus Garvey and Haile Selassie I aka 'God' incarnate. In fact, Selassie, also called HIM (His Imperial Majesty) is said to be the divinely anointed King in the lineage of Kingz David and Solomon.

We can see his connection to what's called the Davidic Line (also referred to as the House of David) from their use of the Star of David — two pyramids (one upside-down, the other right-side up) — a symbol overlooked as one also shared by jewz. This symbolic meaning behind this is fabricated, which I will get into in a sec…

Before I go on, I must point out, there's an additional link Rastafarianz may have with Masonry. It has been suggested that the Rastafarian word for God, Jah, comes from the term Jahbulon. William David Spencer, in his book Dread Jesus, proposes that Archibald Dunkley and Joseph Nathaniel Hibbert were among the preacherz that inspired the Rastafari movement, and that both were memberz of the "Ancient Mystic Order of Ethiopia", a fraternal order derived from Prince Hall Freemasonry. Spencer believes that several features of the Rastafari movement derive from this lodge, including the name "Jah", from the word Jah-Bul-On. Jahbulon (or Jabulon) is a word which was used historically in some ritualz of Royal Arch Masonry. According to Francis X. King, it is also used in Ordo Templi Orientis ritualz.

So herein lies the dilemma, if HIM is connected to Solomon, then what I've found about Solomonz wanton acts could put into question the true virtues of Rastafarianizm: is it really royal or part of a bastardized faction? Don't follow? Ok, I'll put it bluntly… is the Rastafarian movement (in particular, the Twelve Tribes sect and any other who beholdz the tenants of Solomon) born as a result of predatory sexual abuse? And if so and Solomon standz as the foundation, should his reverence put the entire belief in question? Let's take a look at history…

Like many reverendz, preacherz, memberz of clergy or any other man of spiritual or material power, the inflated ego eventually demotes them to the level of pimp or a player; be it pimpin' undelivered biblical promises or preyin' on the weak mind of his flock financially and even sexually, very few can honestly say they haven't. Solomon was probably one of the first, if not best, having 700 wives and 300 concubines — meaning, women who where his sex slaves.

In todayz world, the tolerance of these acts could be judicially challenged, whereas back then it was most likely commonplace. Frankly, along with Afrikanz, women and children had no rights.

In the Book of Deuteronomy 17:17, the biblical Moses warnz that once Israel has a king, he should not have too many wives. Evidently, the Torah put limits on mistresses and wealth knowing the difficulty it would create stayin' focused on the role as King. But like all playerz, Solomon, though fully aware of these restrictionz, felt his wisdom was far superior than any other baller and could handle it.

A large number of these wives were from foreign landz used to create, as some state, political alliances concentrating on the marrying of various women of nobility and royalty. What's crazy is how historianz (I'm sure most who're men) blame these women for his downfall by changing his beliefs. I find this to be an attempted excuse to cover-up the weakness of his insatiable sexual appetite. I mean, how you gonna marry someone from a different land, most likely with an entirely different creed and expect them to just drop their own deities in exchange for his?! Remember, we're not speakin' of one wife, we're talkin' 700 of 'em!

And one of those 700 just so happened to be the cornerstone of Rasta's existence...

Her name was Queen Sheba, better known as Makeda, of Ethiopia — yet most images have removed her Afrikan features which of course, shouldn't come as a shock. It is generally said she was impressed by Solomonz wisdom and wealth so much, she travelled to see him bringin' many gifts. Among them were 4.5 tonz of gold.

While most texts like the bible, talmud and koran mention her, they conveniently omit the sexual relationship — probably because it wasn't mutual. See, somethin' went on most don't want you to know. I've concluded it seemz Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, was raped. There's an Ethiopian account of what happened that for some reason has been of less focus from the world.

After exchanging gifts, Makeda stayed, some say, as long as six months. On the night before she was to head back to Ethiopia, Solomon extended an invitation for her to have dinner with him in his chamberz. Little did she know he had a rich and highly-spiced dinner prepared for her. She agreed on conditionz of Solomon not forcing himself on her. He replied he wouldn't as long as she didn't take anything from the palace that night.

After dinner, they went to their separate bedroomz, but Solomon was sly — such the mind of a predator. He had a pitcher of cold water placed at her bedside knowing the highly-spiced meats she ate would build an enormous thirst. Innocently, she drank the water, which Solomon cunningly used as a breach of their agreement. See, he considered the water as her taking something from the palace and thus did exactly what she forbade him from doing, forced himself on her. Although probably commonplace back then, this is but another term for rape.

Before she left the next morning, Solomon claimed to have had a vision of a son in Ethiopia. He requested if she gave birth to a son, for her to send him to visit. As she departed, he gave her a ring that bore his seal. Nine months later, she gave birth to a son who grew to become the founder of Ethiopia's Solomonic dynasty. Menelik I, was his name, who's also credited with bringing the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia after meeting with his father when he was 13.

One may think rape is a drastic allegation but it is clear to me. If she was there for half a year and on the last night, her condition was for him not to force himself on her makes it obvious he'd been tryin' to mack for some time unsuccessfully. No tellin' how long she had to put up with his sexual advances — knowin' him, it started the day she got there!

So I call it rape because it is apparent she did not want him to force himself on her. And with him having probably waited all this time, he wasn't about to let her leave without gettin' what he wanted — after all, bein' the king, I'm sure he was used to getting his way. Couple that with an uncontrollable lust for women and, well, you can pretty much see my argument as to how she wound up pregnant. For a deeper historical account of Makeda's relationship with Solomon, read the Kebra Nagast and The Book of the Glory of Kings.

Back to his son, Menelik I. During his visit to Israel, Solomon wanted him to stay, but Menelik promised his mother he would return. So before he departed, Solomon anointed him 'Emperor of Ethiopia', and when his mother died, he became King. Historianz believe along with the Ark — which is said to reside in the Mary of Zion cathedral in Axum to this day — Solomon gave him the original Ten Commandments to bring with him to Ethiopia.

As a result, Israel has had a connection with Ethiopia. In 1948, when the state of Israel was founded, many Ethiopianz were awarded citizenship. As mentioned, Menelik, the first jewish Emperor of Ethiopia by way of Solomon, founded the Solomonic dynasty that ruled Ethiopia with few interruptionz for close to three thousand yearsz. Two-hundred-twenty-five generationz later or in 1974, it ended with the fall of Emperor Haile Selassie.

Solomonz seal is believed to be the source of his alleged 'supernatural' power. The thing is, as with everything else YT has done with our history and symbolz, when you change the name of something, its might is also concealed in addition to the knowledge and connection to its true origin.

Over the yearz, this seal has been described as being a hexagram or pentagram in design with Spanish jewz adopting it in the 13th century. This is where the split began, where the pentagram became known as Solomonz Seal and the hexagram as the Star of David.

Many see this symbol today and think of the so-called jew. The fact is, this symbol of perfection can be dated back to dayz of KMT (more on this is revealed in my Video Article, 'Numerical Mystereez' on DGTv). This seal, erroneously called the Jewish Star and The Star of (King) David, is also believed to be a talisman. This same symbol is shared by Rasta's, but I am willing to bet they too are unaware of its Kemetic origin, or we would've seen a connection.

To further confirm my claim, ask a Ras about the trinity. You won't hear them mention Ausar, Aset nor Heru. What you'll most likely hear is that Haile Selassie is both God the Father and God the Son of the holy Trinity, while it is themselves, and potentially all human beingz, who embody the Holy Spirit — which is more like YTs chauvinistic version of the Trinity (Father, Son and the Holy Ghost), than the original and only trinity that rightfully includes the woman. I mean, why do hedz refuse to use common sense knowing the true family consists of a man, woman and child(ren)?!

To Rasta, the human being is a church that containz the Holy Ghost. They see Haile Selassie as the head and themselves as the body as another way of expressing this doctrine. Some see Melchizedek in addition to the biblical Jesus as having been former incarnationz of Haile Selassie. The reason they have the doctrine of the Holy Trinity is because Haile Selassie is Power of the Trinity in Ethiopic. There is no mention the original trinity predates the Constantine-forced belief system of christianity by several millenniumz.

The Seal of Solomonz original name is called a Sephedet and represents the union of Ausar and Aset, Kemet’s first family and Heru’s victory over his fatherz murderer, and uncle, Set as told in the Ausarian Drama.

Esoterically, the Sephedet depicts the unity of 2 polarities of a different nature resulting in manifestation, like man and woman. The interlaced triangles represent perfection of the law of duality on both the material and spiritual plane. This lesser-known law comes from the law of Polarity, of the 7 Djhuitic Principles — erroneously called Hermetic Principles because 'Hermes' is the greek imposter for the Kemetic Neter (God), 'Djhuiti'. The upright triangle standz for the material world (or Aset) and the inverted standing for the divine world (Ausar).

If you watch my Video Article, 'The Classified Origin of D.C.', you will also see how the fore-pirates (not parents) of america used the Sephedet on many municipal and public buildingz as well as currency.

Knowin' this, Rastafarianz as well as Hebrew Israelites have adopted this symbol instead of reclaiming it because of their obvious lack of knowing its origin. And for those who believe they do know, why haven't we seen any Kemetic reference, or more importantly, reverence?!

We have to accept our collective ignorance of history, and because of this, we have spent the past millennium-plus emulating whitefolk, when in fact it is YT who plagiarized our symbolz along with altering its true meaning. This is summed up in a poem called a Transition 13 — it basically depicts a knowledge we once knew, then forgot we knew, then forgot that we forgot and are now havin' it erroneously taught back to us by those we once taught.

In addition, what many Rasta's either don't know or choose to hide is that although Queen Sheba is highly revered as a woman of stature, when we look at history from Solomonz view, she isn't even mentioned, if barely. Yet Rasta's seem to be ok with this — which made me wonder if there really is some kind of rooted connection they have with Judaizm. Whether there's a conspiracy to this or not, I can't answer, but I can say it echoes the words of historian, Ashra Kwesi...

Kwesi said it best, "The enemy has become the deity". This couldn't be any more accurate with this topic. I find all this bringz into question the integrity on the origin of Rastafarianizm. Now, lemme be clear, in no way am I attacking the follower/believer of Rastafarianizm, this is actually about unveiling the founderz and what they were about, using this to overstand where we went wrong and what can be done to restore/reclaim our symbolz and our-story.

I must also note there's a seldom known and thus discussed topic on the relationship of Afrikanz with this so-called Jew. If you know anything about New York—Brooklyn specifically, you know their setup is a lot like their co-pirates in Israel, with over 500,000 and 250,000+ in Manhattan. What's really deep is Crown Heights, Brooklyn is named after the one of Nathan Simson's slaveships, the "Crown" which arrived in 1717 and 1721 with a total of 217 kidnapped Afrikanz, two of the largest human haulz of the 18th century!

More ships followed with naked Afrikan men and women, many who died from the drastic weather change. Apidta writes, "According to historian Edwin Olsen, 'it was not until 1655 that slaves were carried to New Netherland in any great number.' This date concedes with the arrival of Jews to America after their evacuation from Brazil in 1654." Once they got here, the slave trade accelerated exponentially! There was a large concentration of Afrikanz being sold to the Caribbean Islandz. From this we find the link between Rasta and Judaizm (find out more reading 'Urban Unrest--Afrikan Burial Ground: Remnants of Slavery in New York').

See, we Afrikanz have to realize our house is a mess! Global colonializm got us so confused with each other, yet most coincidentally follow some kind of white-based theology. Revisiting the origin of our beliefs can be very uncomfortable, as there are 1001 excuses why not to bother, but realize these excuses have 1001 repercussionz… all resulting in the delay of our liberation of white influence. This is a time where taking on the responsibility is vital. An undetermined moratorium on ignorance is long past due!

We've all been bamboozled. The question is will you choose to remain outwitted by those who realize our ignorance keeps them in power? Just like how we researched the true hedz behind the formation of american black fraternities and sororities via the Boule', so should we investigate Rasta — and may I point out, the same lobotomy ('cause it is a mental illness we collectively posess) needz to be performed on all man-made religionz that were smuggled into the Afrikan Diasporic way of life!

I've concluded Rasta's are revering a man who took advantage of their mother. Knowin' this, I find it hard to remain Rasta knowin' it's foundation points to a serial rapist! And for those who still hold Solomon in high esteem, he wasn't Afrikan, if anything, he was Mediterranean.

With that said, even if HIM is a descendant of Solomon, he was not created out of love. Why do we revere and deify murdererz, pimps and sexual zealots? Solomon serves as an example revered by millionz — most ignorantly; but I assure you, if one pondered the issues I brought up, it wouldn't waver their allegiance. This is one ital source of Kwesi's quote.

While most would find the average man who commit's such despicable crimes should be locked up and, at the very least, a registered offender, most, even after reading this piece and doin' additional research themselves, will alwayz allow the so-called "holy" man, or man of the cloth, a pass. If you're gonna do that, you might as well give sainthood to Adolf Hitler!


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*M'BWEBE'S NOTE: Please overstand this piece dealz primarily with the Twelve Tribes sect and any other who beholdz the tenants of Solomon. At this time, I have found this doesn't apply to the Nyahbinghi Bobo Ashanti sects. We are currently conducting research on all the sects and will report an update.

ALSO, felt this quote from our Master Scholar, Chancellor Williams — who wrote, The Destruction of Black Civilization, needz to known (for those that find offense, we must all work on removing the emotional and personal and look at the factual truth of history and YTs role in keepin' us disunited — basically, we've all been deceived):

Ethiopia, like the Republic of the Sudan, is also ruled by a people of mixed blood who not only do not consider themselves African by race, but who maintain a privileged class society based upon color. To them, all black-skinned Africans are "Bantu." To these they feel superior by reason of "white blood," and their discriminatory practices are just as subtle and real as those of the whites. And although the enslavement of black-skinned Africans continue in both countries even in our times, both the Sudan and the new Ethiopia have adopt the "Brotherhood Front" since the sudden rise of so many independent African states. This enables Sudan to serve as the "bridge" between the Arab world and the new black states, and thus control or influence their international policies through the United Nations; and Ethiopia is able to control, more directly, or influence Black Africa through Western backing in establishing the headquarters of the Organization of African Unity in Addis Ababa and pushing Haile Selassie into the key role of continent-wide leadership, thus blocking the "dangerous" influence of Kwame Nkrumah. (C. Williams, 1974)

• Another xcellent article, my brother! Sometimes the truth hurts, especially when it involves our own people. Let us not forget that we were raped, sodomized and hung by our oppressors, (for instance) the Romans, who were freaks. They enjoyed ALL kinds of sexual perversions, including, booty popping males in the olympia stadium. With this in mind, most weak-hearted kneegrows imitate their masters and looks like this is what happened to this lost brother. GOD IS TRUTH AND TRUTH IS GOD; THERE IS NO HIGHER TRUTH THAN GOD!!!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by ray scott ( on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 at 10:26 AM

• InI had a strong feeling from a long time that InI movement had been infiltrrated. this is because of an obvious stagnation or lack of development from the early part of the 80's. even through all this i still keepin it Rasta.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Keith ( on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 at 8:02 AM

• Rasta's tie back to Ethiopia (Nubia, Kush, Punt, Nabta Playa) which is also the site of origin for Semites. Only thing is Ethiopes trace even further back into Central Africa whereas so-called Jews originate as a phenotypic grouping in the more recent historical site in East Africa up thru the Levantine Crescent.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Esun Uniq via Facebook on Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 2:33 AM

• Your article on Jewish Roots came at a good point in history, as you may be aware the Minister Farakhan gave a speech part 1 in Atlanta, GA. On June 26, 2010 and part 2 in Chicago, Il. On July 11, 2010 about Jewish relationship with Blacks dealing with controlling the money, mind control, lies, and a whole lot more. Thanks for sharing this article, it made me think about Farakhans speech on Who are the Children of Isreal? Keep on doing what your doing! Your are a good writer I especially borrow from you all of the time. (Like when you write about) YT (smile).
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Allen, Aleda J. Allen ( on Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 4:53 PM

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