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(written circa 2007)

The mind is truly a physical phenomenon. It's just that it's hard for us to really realize this because it works, in large part, on automatic.

We truly are not aware of the kind of work we put our mindz through each day; we never "think" how the mind knowz how to govern so many thingz at once.We "forget" to wonder how somethin' can work literally all day and night without a break even when we sleep! Dreamz are proof that your mind is still at work. Let's face it; the mind is the perfect employee!!

Because of our oblivious disconnection, not only do we make it difficult to reach the "summon bonum" or "greatest good" our Ancestorz taught during the dayz of the Nile Valley, we actually lead our mind to a premature cancellation meaning death, be it physically alive but brain-dead or actual death of the entire body.

After a long day at the plantation (job), you come home usually tired. But exactly what part of you is tired? You, physically. What do you do to recharge? You lie down and rest, eventually falling asleep.

It gets deeper when asked, "When do you actually sleep?" We do these thingz automatically so we've never took the time to breakdown the science of sleeping.

From the moment you fall asleep to when you awake, during that period of time no one's able to account for. When you sleep, most tymz you can recall having dreamz. What we usually don't remember is the process it takes to get from right before we sleep to that actual "place" where dreamz happen.

Seldom spoke of, there is a route or process of departing one dimension to enter another. What is the course of leaving the present/physical realm and enter the non-physical realm where we 'sleep'?

If you've ever lifted the eyelidz of someone sleeping without waking them, you know that although their eyes are open, if they remain "sleep", they will not able to see you (if you've never done this, try this exercise on a luv'd one tonite!). Now, if they're unable to see you right in front of them, where are they and what are they seeing?!

We've been taught the basic function of our eyes is to see. It's your eyes that allow you to read this piece. If you close and then open your eyes back up, unless you turn to look at something else, you will still see this article.

But why doesn't this happen when you're asleep?! Why can't the person sleepin' see you lifting their eyelidz?! My point is once your eyes are open you're s'posed to see what's in front of you, right? Or do they?? We were taught the basic functionz of our eyes are to see, right? If you're able to lift a sleeping personz eyelidz without them seein' you, we have to admit there has to be a higher science, thus clearly the eyes must have advanced capabilities.

I'm sure you've heard many hedz speak about seeing with your "3rd-eye", yet very few actually elaborate what this is all about. The 3rd-eye is that inner-vision that vybrates on a frequency higher than your normal eyesight. Its alleged function is to assist in seeing what our eyes can't see. It's been said the 3rd-eye has the ability to see thingz on a deeper level in addition to the subliminal or esoteric plane. With all that said, only the ability is spoken of and rarely will you find a discussion buildin' on the phenomena it truly is.

Have you ever had a conversation that spoke of the role the mind playz in seeing? Is it solely our eyes that observe or does the mind also have the capability to see? Take a moment and think of something that happened in the past. Did you notice while reliving this moment, you could see it although it wasn't your eyes that was seeing it? Did you also realize that while you were "seein'" this mental picture transpire in your mind, your eyes were seein' what was in front of them? It's like your vision was multi-tasking one busy viewing your past experience in your mind while the other examined what was in front of it.

Further, how do you explain the site that's used in your dreamz? It's not your eyes seein' what goes on. Your mind has the capability to project images inside your head. Again, the mind is truly a physical marvel!

Just literally walking through each phase we each go through everytime we go to sleep gave me a larger appreciation of how special living beingz are.

If you look at basically every man-made thing, it's modeled off the human body especially electronics! Look at your typical mp3 player or computer. It runz off an electrical outlet but also has an internal battery. This allowz you to listen or work without being plugged into a wall but only for a certain time. Eventually the power (or energy) is used up and you have to use the outlet to recharge the battery. Over time, the battery will eventually die out and have to be recycled.

The same can be applied to us. Sleep serves as that outlet in the wall. We "plug" ourselves into a place that recharges us physically. After a few hourz, we're refreshed and good as new! But, as with the mp3 battery, eventually sleep will not be able to recharge our battery (ie, heart, soul, etc.). This is where we will go through a bodily transformation from the physical to the non-physical realm. Many have been miseducated, calling this death but nothing ever dies, it just transformz into something else.

I like to equate the process of sleeping to a trip, 'cause if you really look at it, it really is a trip. We're about to leave one realm and enter another and for a couple Earth hourz, then return!

When we eventually lie down, our body must first prepare itself for the "trip". First the body must be in a relaxed state, so it must slow down. This is accomplished by a series of deep breathes. Now notice, all this is done automatically! You don't have to tell yourself to do anything, all you have to do is lie down and close your eyes.

Life is preserved by breathing so it's not a coincidence it's this rhythmic breath fluctuating on its native mantra-like level that escorts us from the physical realm into this dream state.

The most intriguing phase to me is the actual occurrence of slipping from physical consciousness to sleeping. I've tried many tymz to maintain some kind of coherence when starting to dream still being able to hear the refrigerator cut on and off, for example.

It's been documented that there are 6 stages of sleep, with the first 4 being non-REM stages:

Stage 1 sleep is the period of drowziness you feel. Polysomnographic tests showz a 50% reduction in activity between wakefulness and stage 1 sleep. The eyes are closed during Stage 1 sleep, but if aroused from it, a person may feel as if he or she has not slept. This stage is estimated to last 5 to 10 minutes.

Stage 2 is a period of light sleep during which polysomnographic readingz show intermittent peaks and valleyz, or positive and negative waves. These waves indicate spontaneous periodz of muscle tone mixed with periodz of muscle relaxation. The heart rate slowz and body temperature decreases. At this point, the body prepares to enter deep sleep. I can recall after havin' played b-ball (Basketball), I'd lay down to rest and as I'm spiraling down to "la-la land", I'd replay in my mind how I played that day and in most cases I'd make sudden jerks and move as though I was actually playing at that moment.

Stages 3 and 4 are the deep sleep stages. These stages are known as slow-wave, or delta, sleep. During slow-wave sleep, especially during Stage 4, tests record slow-waves of high amplitude, indicating a pattern of deep sleep and rhythmic flow.

The period of non-REM sleep is comprised of Stages 1-4 and lasts from 90 to 120 minutes, each stage lasting anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

Surprisingly, however, Stages 2 and 3 repeat backwardz before REM sleep are reached. So, a normal sleep cycle has this pattern: waking, stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, REM. Usually, REM sleep occurz 90 minutes after sleep has begun.

The 5th is the REM stage marked by extensive physiological changes, such as increased brain activity, eye movement and muscle relaxation, heart rate and respiration speed up and become erratic, while the face, fingerz and legz may twitch. Intense dreaming occurz as a result of heightened brain activity. Paralysis also occurz in the major voluntary muscle groups, including the sub-mental muscles of the chin and neck. Because REM is a mixture of brain states of excitement and muscular immobility, it is sometymz called paradoxical sleep. It is generally thought that REM-associated muscle paralysis is meant to keep the body from acting out the dreamz that occur during this intensely cerebral stage. It's this phase I speak of in my book, Analitikul, where I experienced several spiritual encounterz that, at one time, made me fear for my life.

The first period of REM typically lasts 10 minutes, with each recurring REM stage lengthening, and the final one lasting an hour.

The 6th is called the 'Waking' stage in which a person fallz asleep. The waking stage is referred to as relaxed wakefulness, because this is the stage in which the body prepares for sleep. When falling asleep our eyes are moving erratically. Then, normally, as a person becomes sleepier, the body beginz to slow down. Muscles begin to relax, and eye movement slowz to a roll.

It's been reported the 6 stages of sleep, including their repetition, occur cyclically. The first cycle, which endz after the completion of the first REM stage, usually lasts for 100 minutes. Each following cycle lasts longer, as its respective REM stage extendz. So we may complete 5 cycles in a typical night's sleep.

It seemz stage 6 is the period that's the hardest to "wake" a person up. This is where you can perform the "eyelid lift" experiment I spoke of earlier. In some cases, it's also the stage where the person sleeping is less likely to hear anything like you sneakin' up on 'em which further proves that the sleeper must be somewhere else because our earz alwayz hearz and never turnz off, however, there's some kind of phenomena where the brain sorta mutes your hearing as your focus is now centered to the dream state.

Why we're unable to see what's in front of us with our eyes when someone lifts up our eyelidz when sleeping, is definitely a deep mystery. Another example of proof (which should be noted as an obvious oversight) that we're somewhere else when sleep is when someone's yellin' at you trying to wake you up and you don't hear them. As I said, in some cases, our hearing isn't totally mute when sleep. Have you ever slept with a tv or radio on and you found segments of the broadcast playin' out in your dreamz? This is also a phenomenon because the mind is somehow able to allow you to exist in two dimensionz and incorporate the two to play as one! Clearly your consciousness is somewhere else and that place seemz to be a mystery merely because we rarely, if ever, build on it!

As we fall asleep, the mind goes through a process of shifting its awareness from the present to the past, future or possibly some other unknown dimension or dimensionz all-together. The realm we're in now is the present, but like in the first Matrix movie, what we think is the present could possibly not be. We could be asleep right now caught in the Matrix! If this is so, it still showz the Matrix doesn't control us entirely because we're able to escape it when we fall asleep!! Still wit me?

In contrast to the Matrix theory, while we sleep we venture into innumerable dominionz of existence. Here we can relive past experiences with the possibility of altering what happened as well as encounter thingz that may play out in the future. And of course, this is also the place we can play out fantasies that would never happen in our current lifetime (keep it clean y'all!!)!

I perceive this dimension to be a place where we have the least control. This logically meanz this is the time the mind is possibly most free to create thingz the physical would have a challenge comprehending.

This also points out a very important fact. In some instances especially when sleeping you are not in control! Better put, we are not in control because we haven't been trained how to control our mind when sleeping! This is exciting because it openz the door to another form of mental development!

The book Soul Traveler: A Guide to Out of Body Experiences and the Wonder's Beyond by Dr. Albert Taylor, goes into depth on the phenomena of multiple dimensionz one can train themselves to not only experience, but control!

I believe there are different realmz of consciousness. In particular, we live in the physical which is the realm we spend what seemz to be the most time in (present-day life). One other is the non-physical realm. Now this is the place I feel we go to when we sleep. This place is very real for if it weren't we'd be "awake" in this realm permanently. In fact, hedz would never die better yet, hedz would never be born 'cause this would be the only place where life existed!

Ask yourself, where do spirits or soul's come from at birth and ascend to at death? It's not a place on Earth for if it were, with all of life that has experienced time here since the planets creation (including animalz, insects, etc.), past, present and future, Earth woulda been over populated!

I'm not sayin' the non-physical realm is the place we go when sleeping, but it definitely is a place we can connect ancestrally. This also supports my claim that life exists outside of our solar system. Watch DGTv Video Article, T.I.M.E.: The Inner Mind's Eye for more on that.

I'm a strong believer that mysteries are only that because they haven't or yet to have been investigated. After reading this, what maintenance can we conduct to ensure our mind stayz healthy?

With proper study and training, we may truly be able to know if life exists elsewhere. And as long as we embrace the notion that life exists on at least 3 planes mental, physical and spiritual some of these mysteries will be revealed.

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