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(written 2004)

(This is an extension an earlier piece I wrote, 'What Frequency R U On?')

I want you to travel with me... as you read these wordz, become these wordz and visualize. Visualize yourself rising; rising from the chair you're sittin' in; visualize yourself elevating into the air, visualize yourself flowing freely about the air like incense midst... Now, elevate to the frequency of Correspondence (As Above, So Below, As Below, So Above). Visualize yourself standin' on the edge of a new world lookin' at the next. You there? Good! Now, let's have a conversation!

It is at this level I'd like for you to see thingz from the macrocozm, 'cause when you vybratin' on the microcozm (the ground level), it's difficult to see outside the illusionary parameterz of global white supremacy. See, the station (frequency) we should be tuned into has been blacked out by YT for a long time. Their ability to increase this hold has increased each year since the creation of the radio and tell-a lie-vision. At this higher level, we can look down on his earthbound hold and see beyond. This is about realizing our purpose.

What is your purpose for being, Afrikan? It isn't to make 6-figures, drive an Escalade and attain all the material wealth you can before you die. that's YTs purpose, not ourz. We are on the cusp of the age of Aquarius, the information age; the age where there's a revived vybration tellin' us of our purpose for being.

It was said to me once by Author/Historian, Anthony Browder, "when the student is ready, the master teacher will manifest." This teacher comes in various formz, most notably, yet most ignored, is in the form of a current, frequency, or vybration. Take for instance, music.

Did you know that sound has the ability to communicate in other wayz in addition to what you hear? If you saw the 1997 movie 'Contact', with Jodie Foster, or the 2000 movie, 'Mission to Mars', starring Don Cheadle, you know sound can be translated into numberz. And what are numberz but the universal language with ability to be translated by all formz of life/energy.

Everything is assigned a number. So as you sit and bounce your hed to a track that moves you, realize, if you tune-in, the music itself can be transmitting information in the form of thoughts and visionz, despite the lyrics! This is why I still maintain a love for Hiphop, 'cause although madd hedz ain't sayin' -ish other than pimpin', trickin', bakin', sellin', and cappin', some of these beats are dope! I can't even write without some music on. Mainly because music allowz me to travel into my inner-self and pull out subliminal faxes from our collective memory or ADB (Ancestral Data Banks). It is from this rhythm we can draw insight.

I'm a firm believer it is at this frequency, The Djhuitic principles of Rhythm and Vibration are speakin' to us. Like a repetitive signal with no ending, this signal is constantly reachin' out to those who will hear. For a complete inner-standing of what I'm speakin' on, read Wayne Chandler's, 'Ancient Future'. This message/signal never waverz, it repeats the same rhythmic pattern, and we've heard it several tymz in our life time—some call it your conscience—yet so many tymz the message was blurred or cluttered due to the blocked, counter-signalz sent out by YT not to "know thyself!"

Think about it Afrikanz, when is the last time you looked at nature and appreciated how everything works in a natural order? Take for instance, a house plant. I have a plant in my home that sits' next to my window. This plant does not go through the temperature changes outside vegetation goes through, so this plant knowz no winter (the time cycle of death or sleep). This plant only knowz the constant feeling of a consistent 70-75°.

This plant was given to me one late summer and it had white budded leaves with a sprout inside in addition to the green ones. I assumed the plant was healthy and as soon as fall set in, I noticed the white leaves and sprouts started to turn brown and eventually, one after one died, yet the green leaves remained alive. Now, I have basically little to no knowledge of plants, I don't even know the name of this plant, but I can recognize when a plant seemz to be dyin' — or so I thought.

Soon, the white budz completely fell off, I didn't know what I did wrong, maybe I watered it too much, maybe too little, was it gettin' enough sunlight? I basically ended up sayin' "eff it," as long as the green leaves are there, I guess she's ok.

Winter went by and on comes spring. I was surprised when I saw the white sprouts return!! Now, feel me... this plant is indoorz, livin' in a climate that's like a warm June day, everyday! So it couldn't have been the cold of winter that caused the leaves to wilt because it never felt the cold.

But here's the jewel: maybe it wasn't the 'cold' of winter, but winter itself. See, we forget that the planet Earth rotates in a divine pattern around the Sun. In addition, the Earth is tilted, so when it's in a particular position, we get winter, and when it's in another position, due to the tilt, we experience summer.

Ask yourself, melanated Afrikanz, how is it every spring the grass growz and turnz green, the budz sprout from the branches, and even the smell is different?! If you live in a region where you experience winter, even in March when it's still too cold for spring, you can see the budding begin! What thing is responsible for that?! Or is it a thing? Could it be an ensemble of 'thingz' workin' coehesively yet appearz to be independent? If we are microcozmz of the macrocozm, then everything is connected and there's no one 'thing' working independent of the rest.

This is divine law. Nature followz a cycle indiscretely, and it took this phenomena for me to realize, everything in its natural state followz a divine rhythm or pattern governed by a certain vybration or frequency.

I once worked for NASA, and asked a scientist what it sounded like in space and he replied, "there's no sound 'cause there's no oxygen to carry it." Even then I didn’t believe him, but I was not yet exposed to the innerstanding of the God Complex. Yearz later, after writing the piece, 'The God Complex: Microcozm of the Macrocozm,' I realized there is sound in space because all the elements on Earth are in space, because Earth is a micro-replica of the macrocozm—space; just as our human bodies are a small blueprint of the Earth. It is with the blessingz to know, one can think outside the box that one can define their reality the way our Ancestorz did and not the way the linear-thinking european has. It is through YTs thinking that we doubt what is taught innately because YT told us if it ain’t written in a book—and written by them, then it’s nonsense.

This plant, like all plants, knowz it's purpose and functionz as such, adhering to the repetitive cycle of life. It never dies because it is intuned to the signal and the signal never dies. Although it gets clouded by the lower frequencies governed by YTs man-made frequencies at tymz, it never dies. We could take several lessonz from nature and this should probably be the first. What is your purpose? What frequency are you vybrating on? Who do you listen to, 'massa'-media or your inner-voice??

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not sayin' we have to stay "afloat" on this level indefinitely. What makes us different from a plant is that we have will. A will that can choose to disconnect themselves from this frequency. Because we are flesh and spirit, we must co-exist in both realmz, BALANCED!

We currently do not live in balance between the two largely in part because of YTs blocked signal, sending confusion amongst the Diaspora. As I wrote in the Terrorist Factory series, YT winz by using the strategy, 'Ordo Ab Chao,' or 'Order out of Chaos.' You tell me YT ain't settin' us up to go buck wild with the constant rise of the cost of living while at the same time navigating the decline of the ability to earn a living. They're focusing their efforts hard on instilling fear after fear, broadcasting war updates, rising unemployment, and rising gas prices, causin' us to become reactive to our situation instead of pro-active.

Think about it, we are fueling their victory by reacting to every Y2K, anthrax, biochemical, and now 2012 threat they can think of, not to protect us, but for us to stay tuned into their propaganda worryin' about dyin' instead of Nature's message which is about LIVING! Look at Nature... you see the vegetation not growin' because the threat of Nuclear war or the Greenhouse Effects levelz among the tabloidz?!

No, I'm not sayin' completely tune YT out, afterall, you gotta keep your enemy close, but I am sayin' we need balance. So quit jumpin' up and buyin' plastic and duck tape 'cause tell-a lie-vision told you to! While they got us worried about conspiracies and terrorist attacks (and we should know who the real terrorist's are), they have us dying without them even touchin' us. The brain is strong enough to manifest a sickness even though there initially wasn't one.

Trust me, I love being exposed to conspiracies, but there's also the other side of me (balance), the side that's been on a continued 'quest' of 'questionz' for some 20 yearz now. It is this side that asks me to clear my thoughts, don't think... and listen... listen to the signal, can you hear it?

The one key aspect of learning balance is the art of listening. If you look at the word 'listen', scramble the letterz and you'll find the word, 'silent'. Listening silently, or meditation, is one of the most effective wayz of connecting inwardly. This produces a flow. Thingz abide by the lawz of Nature indiscretely, they don't ask questionz, when they do that, the signal becomes unclear. I'm even guilty of this, too often I try to analyze thingz instead of just flowing. When I do act on my gut instincts, instead of re-acting off one of my thoughts, thingz fall into divine order.

When I relax and say to myself, "what will be, will be; don't dictate, just flow," it works out. This is not to say it alwayz works out in the way you'd like it; if it is meant to be, it will be. All we can do is be 1000% focused on the task at hand. That is how you manifest your purpose...

But realize YT knowz this and have used their 'massa'-media outlets in attempt to make this a not so easy task of tunin' them out. I mean, we're surrounded by their propaganda: magazines, radio, music videos, and the sudden wave of reality tv. Think how many tymz they air a product on tv or radio to the point you begin to subconsciously think and even crave to have this product (fast food restaurant and soda commericalz, buying material thingz on credit, etc.). If we continue to function at this vybratory rate, our youth that followz will experience a far greater hell than we can attest!

In addition, when one dwellz on this level of reality, it stallz spiritual growth takin' you away from your original purpose of bein' here. And if one becomes a permanent resident on this level, they are simply preppin' themselves for a return visit to this world.

I believe we all are hedz who might not have gotten the lesson in our past lives and are thus repeating this level. See, while we're playin' YTs game of survival , we're ignoring the vybratory frequency our Ancestorz used to create physical manifestationz like electricity, astrology, music, and all other sciences that emerged from our collective conscience (con-science, 'with' intuitive knowledge). The question is, what is your purpose for bein' here? Mine? You ask, to graduate to the next level; to stand on the edge of a new world and look at the next. LIK SHOT!

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