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(written 2008)

"I am the future of Black Media!"... As egotistical as this may sound, it isn’t solely by choice. This is as much a statement of distress as it is desire. Plain and simple, Afrikanz across the globe do not have a voice that focuses on the values and needz of Afrikan people.

First, what media is needz to be known for clarity. According to the Media Reform Information Center, Media includes newspaperz, magazine, tv and radio stationz, books, music, movies, videos, wire services and photo agencies. So, knowin’ this, you can basically see media coverz practically every form of communication. It’s basically the precept to becomin’ a citizen in the world because media is used throughout our lives—from education to socialization.

Make a list of all the sources you get information from. Who ownz the newspaper you read? Who ownz the tv station you get the newz from? What about the websites? Think. If you control the media, you can control what hedz think and if you control what hedz think, you can make them behave in any way you want. Want hedz to spend their rent money? Create man-made *hollow-daze with blowout sales whose products are still marked at a price where the manufacturer makes a nice profit! (*not holy-dayz 'cause with the amount of money spent from Halloween and New Yearz on thingz we really don’t need proves we are in a "daze" 'cause we spend the following 3-6 months tryin’ to balance our budgets!) Want them to be afraid? Fly your own planes into a tower and blame it on international terrorizm...

I ain’t gonna beat around the bush; the hedz who own the media is and alwayz have been the culprits behind the soon-to-be physically manifested OWG (the One World Government). In chapter 10 of Lawrence Lessig’s book, Free Culture, in the past 20 yearz, the nature of media ownership has gone through madd facelift’s in the integration of media. Before this change, the different formz of media were owned by separate companies.

As late as 1983, there were over 50. As of 2004, the media is owned by only a few, 5 to be exact. Each of these specialize in different aspects of media. AOL/Time Warner for example, is the largest ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the world. They also own several Cable TV outlets (HBO, Cinemax, TNT, CNN to name a few); Production (Warner Brothers Studios, Castle Rock, New Line Cinema, etc.); Content (Time, Life, Fortune, Money, People, etc); Music (Atlantic, Elektra, Tommy Boy, WB, etc.) and Books (Time Life, Brown & Co., etc.).

Other notable ownerz and some of their franchises are Viacom (CBS, VH1, BET, Paramount Pictures, MTV, etc.); News Corp (Fox, National Geographic, TV Guide, NY Post, LA Dodgers & Lakers, NY Knicks & Rangers, 22 tv stationz); Clear Channel (1200+ radio stationz, world’s leading event promoter, rep’s hundredz of athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant); and Disney (ABC, ESPN, A&E, History Channel, Touchstone Pictures and

As you can see, pretty much every inch of how we know what little we know comes from these hedz — notice, I said inch, meanin’ they can’t cover every part. You can break an inch into centimeterz y’kno. This is where our opportunity lies. More on this later.

Now ask yourself, how is it that although newz outlets compete amongst themselves for the 'big story’, the general newz is consistent? That’s where the The Associated Press comes in. Also known as the 'AP’, consist's of some 243 bureaus, serving 121 countries and is alleged to be a co-op owned by contributing newspaperz, radio, web and tv stationz in america. As of 2005, the AP is used by over 1700 newspaperz, in addition to 5000-plus tv and radio outlets.

The list is infinite when drawing up the reasonz of setting up something like the AP. For one, it allowz those in power to reveal only what they want us to know; and it can be mass dispersed simultaneously. If they wanted to create a viral drive to get the flu-shot, all they gotta do is put adz in all their outlets and hedz’ll line up like robots awaiting their next command! But since the creation of the internet, there’s been a way to break the global dependence of info YT wants us to have, we just haven’t realized this and the internet’s barely been here 15 yearz!!

Control is defined as "the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events." They do this effectively usin’ the 10 Areas of People Activity platform where they control all areas in Economics, Education, Entertainment, Health, Labor, Law, Politics, Sex, Religion & War (as introduced by Drs. Neilly Fuller and Francess Cress-Welsing).

The field of Entertainment continues to be one of their most effective fieldz. One of the greatest diversionz they created was 'Reality TV’. And if it’s not Reality TV, it’s or tabloidz like People and US Weekly with their constant paparazzi spreadz of gossip that got nothin’ to do with my life; or it’s the upcomin’ presidential election sham; and lets not forget the slew of talentless Hiphop and R&B musicianz we’ve seen over the yearz... Even Sports has a hand in keepin’ you away from real reality with 24-7 coverage entities like ESPN, the NFL network and NBA TV.

See, while we worried about who America’s Next Top Modelz gonna be, who’s gonna win big at the Grammyz, MTA farehikes and why Sylvester Stallone is still makin' movies, they are in the last stages of the Luciferian Doctrine where we’ll see the merge of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico become the North American Union [which will render the U.S. CON-stitution (as Steve Cokey puts it) rendered powerless] and the birth of a new currency—the Amero. Simultaneously we may witness the additional creation of 3 similar region alliances in Afrika, China and Europe; with the final alliance with the 4 becomin’ 1—the One World Government where the *RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip will soon follow. This chip — already inserted in animalz, are discreetly bein' implanted into newborn babies. *for more info on Biochips, logon to DGTv

Now how would we know of these thingz? The info’s out there, and sometymz you may find a small paragraph in your favorite national 'zine or local newzpaper, but it will not be presented in a way to alarm you. They will present it in a way where you’ll feel you need it, like, "with this chip, you’ll never lose your dog." In addition, most do not exercise a power the internet offerz which is the ability to have access to international newz!

This is real, Afrikanz! You may disregard this as nonsense all you want, but the world is movin’ toward a global alliance. And although in theory it soundz like a good thing for us all to unite, the question is who or what banner will we be united under? It most certainly will not be the banner of the people! If we don’t use the global resources we currently have in the next year or so, we’re basically all F%#*@ED!

More importantly, we need outlets that’ll disperse this information to our people! That’s one of the reasonz I created DGTv. I realize most hedz don't like to read, almost to the point where it may perceived readin’ is like kryptonite to Afrikanz-in-america! That’s why you’ll, see what I call, VAs or Video Articles that are basically articles I’ve written and recorded to audio with visualz to tell the story I’m tryin’ to convey. The challenge is, there are not enuff Da Ghetto Tymz magazine’s out on a level ready to be accessible by the world!

When I profess DGT to be the poly-verses (not universe) #1 Pan-Afrikan-centered outlet, I humbly say it with a heavy heart for I wish there were other websites and magazines out here! Why have we not created our own version of the 'AP'— which could literally be called The Afrikan Press?!

I mean, really, what happened to Black Media?! Answer: they became dependent on white advertisement dollarz. Look inside your favorite so-called "black" magazine (no, VIBE, XXL, The Source and Complex do not count, for although they pimp their perception of black life, they are not owned by Afrikan people; they are pirates who do this simply for profit. In fact, in a way, they are becomin’ dictatorz of black life 'cause so many of us read this -ish and begin to believe and live it!). Flip through the first 5-10 pages. I’ll be bold enough to guesstimate about 95% of the products you see advertised are not owned or manufactured by Afrikan people and of those that are, they certainly don’t have the values of our people at heart.

Because there are no more relevant black publicationz like Garvey's 'Negro World' that was published to speak of, about and for the improvement of Afrikan people, we are finding as each generation arises, the knowledge of our legacy erodes to the point of extinction. NOTE: Robert Abbott's, 'Chicago Defender', Robert Vann's 'Pittsburgh Courier' and Carl Murphy's 'Baltimore Afro-American'—all newspaperz founded by Black men and catered to our community, history revealz these men were part of the Boule's move against Garvey! Read 'The Boule' Pt. 4: The Making of a Sellout'.

Todayz publicationz geared toward us focus on the material, not the mental. Ask yourself how many 'zines and paperz have you seen dealin' with topics relevant to mind and culture elevation? If any of these periodicalz are still in existence, they are fractionz of yesteryear, mainly because knowledge of self (KOS) has become less important. However, you cannot blame "the tymz" for hedz not readin'. KOS can easily be resurrected if it is creatively. See, these old cats who run these 'zines cease to see the bigger, global picture international multimedia presents, not to mention, their overall brand as well as content are targeted at an audience that no longer has the influential impact on the economy as younger demographics have.

Everyone sees this but us blackfolk. In fact, if you look at the leading 'zines young gunz read, they're non-Afrikan owned as well as robotically influenced into bein’ told what black life’s about—like the culture bandit publicationz previously mentioned. It’s crazy to think that in 2009, we still don’t have any publicationz that cover newz, technology, health, trade, finance from a liberated Afrikan perspetive with all these college degreez we've obtained! All we got are (fake weave and permed) hair and music magazines!

We don't even realize a void of this kind of media has the capability of offering unlimited opportunities for us, especially our youth—if we could get them to put that xbox game controller down and give them typing and computer lessonz instead. We fail to see the field of multi-media is a platinum-mine! Why are we not investing in learning more about media?? Writerz, Reporterz, Researcherz, Videographerz, graphic layout, web design and code programmerz are but a few positionz needed to run a publication. Why aren't we investing in laptops instead of PlayStation? Do we really think we’re prepared for the next century?! Hell, we ain’t ready for this one!

And although we do have a few existing and upcoming writerz and authorz, many write from and for the white establishment, using dialogue that does not pertain to black life. OR, we too busy writing drama books about male/female relationships that are more anti- than pro-family (I wince everytime I see the increasing amount of homosexually-based black books on the shelves).

How many newspaperz and magazines are owned and operated in this country by Afrikanz that deal with black life? No, community newsletterz don’t count. I’m talkin’ publicationz that reach an audience of 100,000 or more. Although there may be some, there’s no alliance that’s been created—an 'AP’ if you will as mentioned—for national and global Afrikanz! This would not only help disperse the same message to the masses, a number of financial situationz could be created like cooperative advertising, shared content, local, regional, national and eventual global marketing would be but a few steps away. And in addition to the development of skillz and opportunity of employment for ourselves, we would have a voice in the world of media. No more would we have wannabe-Afrikanz come in and create their version of what black life is like; we’d have our own media outlets in place!

Now, back to my self-imposed prophesy, "I Am the future of Black Media!" We are approachin’ a new age, a 'passing of the guard’ or torch, if you will. As the internet allowz us to broaden and expedite meanz of communication, sadly, we Afrikanz have yet to position ourselves for this upgrade and because this integration is happenin’ outside of our control, a lot of the works of our Ancestorz are about to become forgotten.

This is one of the reasonz I believe DGT is here. In fact, DGT was created 15 yearz ago (1993) unknowingly because of this void. Of the10 Areas of People Activity, Entertainment, Education and Health are the 3 I choose to enhance. Everything you see and *read in DGT and is created by myself, proving one person can produce a publication; and although I prefer not to do it this way, I will **continue until we do create our own AP.
*with the exception of writerz who submit pieces
**afterall, what do you hear when you log on to "We will be here forever..."]

My goal is to make DGT the brand for conscious and free-thinking media. I think back before John G. Jackson, Chancellor Williams, Dr. Henrik Clarke and Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan wrote their first books. What was their motivation? I’d like to think one was because there was a void. There weren’t many (if any) books that told our story—proof there was an informational gap, where there was a period we didn’t have access to the knowledge of our past.

Their works salvaged our legacy, but as with everything havin’ its moment of relevance, we are on the verge of loosin’ this yet again. Why? Many of our Master Scholarz works are no longer in print, plus there are very few that have been made ready-access via the web (in the form of PDFs, eBooks, and even audiobooks). See Afrikanz? This is one of the voidz of our time we must address!

I encourage each and every one of you to ask yourself, while pursuing your personal goalz, which of these 10 fieldz does it coincide with 'cause in most cases, whatever it is you wanna do with your life (except if its crime related), fallz under one of these. And no, you don’t have to take on more than one. Simply dedicating yourself to somethin’ more than yourself gives us a collective fighting chance!

For one month I challenge you to cut your usual dependence on american fashion, music, and gossip tabloidz and read global publicationz that focus on science, health, and technology. I must warn you, what you will find may startle you to the point where you wish you didn’t know, and if you truly wish to not know what YTs got in store for the world, then you might as well go to the nearest government institution and volunteer for the biochip!

This is where hedz need to step yo game up! CALLING ALL WRITERZ, LECTURERZ , AND GRIOTS! Our legacy need our wordz! 'I am the future of Black Media—and you can be too!’

Large up to,,, and


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• Bro M'Bwebe, This is very cogent; reminds me of Diop who complained about the traditional way that the chief passed down vital information, basically on his "cooling board'/death bed to his heir who frequently forgot much of what was transferred to him, or either the elder didn't provide everything he knew due to his advanced age. Diop said that we need more effective ways of inter-generational transmission of cultural knowledge that we have accumulated from time immemorial.

We are in a cultural morass in the very heart of the communications center of the world, but if we as a people stubbed our toe, we do not have the means to collectively say "ouch!" We must find more effective ways to survive, and survive to vanquish.

I would set the challenge out separately, so that it is very clear, and in one place, what is being asked. And do we need metrics, i.e., how do we know when or if, we are progressing towards the goal, for instance? But, then again, when we begin to count, the gate keeper knows something's up. Carruthers once said that we can't all be writers, or teachers, but we must all write and teach the deep thoughts that move us forward.

Carry on, carry on my brother.

xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Kwasi Imhotep ( on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 7:56 PM

2nd RESPONSE: Bro, since sending you my review, I asked Bro Onaye for his comments. The question has come up about whether you are saying that you, and you only, are the future of Black media, as opposed to any other Afrikans? I took the position that, yes, you mean exactly what you said, but that statement does not preclude the existence of other Afrikans who are, and may yet become, the future of Black media as well.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Kwasi Imhotep ( on Friday, March 2, 2012 at 8:39 PM

M'BWEBE RESPONSE: Not at all am I implying I am the only one (I figured someone would probably think that). I just decided to recognize the void and trod this path whether alone or preferably with otherz. I do, however, feel I represent a new kind of media—one that doesn't need recognition nor acceptance from the white media cartel, nor the Boule' infested version.

Todayz technology allow practically anyone to create a media platform. This is were DGT ( and myself evolved. By no meanz am I sayin' I'm the first and only one, I most certainly acknowledge and respect our Ancestorz who've made it possible for me to even voice an opinion. It is one of my greatest desires there are more of us in the field of multi-media dissemination. I just realize for our future to ensue, if we do not disassociate ourselves with the white-owned AP (Associated Press) and begin a real AP (Afrikan Press), we will manifest yet another cycle of 'Transition 13':

"We knew not; We studied; We learned all there was to know; We taught others. Then we forgot what we had learned; And then we forgot that we had forgotten. Now we are taught (By those who where once taught by us) Knowledge (That we already had). So... We study. We learn all there is to know. We teach others. Will we forget...AGAIN?"
— Untitled poem from page insert of The Browder Files, written by Anthony Browder


• I agree with you Brother M'Bwebe. As a soldier who put in a lot of time in Black Media, I can assure all that you are qualified to take it to the next level. Our entire community needs to support your vital presence. You have my respect.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Keidi Obi Awadu via Facebook on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 1:07 PM

• I have followed your informative, well-spoken commentary for many years now. Keep doing what you do with integrity, honesty, truth, order---sounds a little like Ma'at, huh? As far as the egotistical part goes -- If you don't say it who will? Your graphs are awesome, keep up the phenomenal work, my brother, notoriety will follow...
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Brenda Moore ( on Monday, July 13, 2009 at 8:51 AM

• You so right and on point with this! made me a subscriber!
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Ricardo Henriquez ( on Monday, July 6, 2009 at 7:58 PM

• Man, this is why i admire you so much. You write from a purely unapologetic stance when it comes to an Afrikan perspective, and even when "hedz" don't want to agree, they have to respect the content that is generally rooted in history, a strong bibliography or a solid frame of reference. You speak to the sleeping genetic coding of Afrikans. I hear you, and they (other Afrikans) hear you too. Yes, big UP's to LIBRadio, etc - if someone is doing what you are doing i aint seen it yet. i mean your overall writing and stuff.

Keidi is bad too, but you brothas are still highly complementary, harmonic, but quite unique in many ways. Even the personalities come through differently.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Warren Northern ( on Tuesday, April 20, 2009 at 11:55 PM

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