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(written circa 1996)

NOTE: Please refer to Video Article, 'The Classified Origin of D.C.' on DGTv

It has been said by several historianz if you want to study the origin of white supremacy, you need to start 6000 yearz ago, where it is said they originated. Many noted scholarz (both Afrikan and european) have published many books and articles on the origin of white folks, Bobby Hemmit, Michael Bradley and Gerald Massey to name a few.

In DGTs R-Kyvz vault, I wrote a series entitled IZ YT Hueman? or Mutant!, you may want to refer to this piece to hear how YT came on the scene. In this piece I spoke of Moses giving YT, who atthe time dwelled in the caucus mountains (hence, caucasian), 33 1/3rd° of knowledge, which is basically tricknology. We find, coincidentally, that Masonry holdz the same number of degreez of knowledge! This bringz closure with the 5th Djhuitic principle, Rhythm — everything works in cycles.

YT has caused chaos in the physical dimension (earth) where evil has reigned through white supremist organizations for approximately 6000 yearz, it is now time for truth to rule. This is why hedz are talkin' this new world order -ish, because the lies are unearthed and truth is starting to shine through.

The late Khalid Muhammad often said that the new world order isn't new, and started with the first grafted people 6 millenia ago. What is the new world order exactly? It can be best summed up by noting it's mainly about colonializm, or the taking of land and its people! Egypt (Kemet or KMT) is now inhabited by pirates. It was stolen by YT, and now Arabz through a series of invasionz mapped out in detail in the book, Destruction of Black Civilization, by Chancellor Williams. The knowledge (known as "secrets" for outsiderz) of KMT was stolen, rearranged and plagiarized to falsely claim europeanz as the founderz of civilization. All secret societies, including masonry, view KMT as the birthplace of masonry as well as the cradle of intelligence. That iz why they use symbolz (ie, the all seeing eye) and numberz to communicate (for more on this, watch, Numerical Mystereez Video Article on DGTv).

To study Masonry is to realize they had a deep affection with the ancient KMTic mystery schoolz. I was told by a 32nd° mason that in order to obtain the 33rd° you have to become black again! The 33rd° simply tellz you who God is... the black — they say man, I say wo/man! Although they couldn't decipher the messages our ancients taught (probably due to lack of moderate levelz of melanin), they adopted what they could while altering the messages and symbolz with negative ones.

Masonry's origination can be traced to the Knight Templars, or Knights of the Temple of Solomon. These Knights were christian soldierz involved in the war of Jerusalem in 1099. They served as guardianz protecting the Holy Land from Muslimz and the like. The Knights were only allowed to wear sheepskin under their armor. This served as a symbol of chastity for they were never allowed to bathe, nor engage in any kind of intimate activity with a woman, pending punishment up to death. Their banner resembled what we call a checkerboard, with the black block symbolizing sin and the white, purity — typical...

Their initiationz were done in secrecy. The initiate was told just enough to permit him to take place at the bottom of the order. As he was promoted to higher levelz, he received further secrets [this practice is also done in masonry].

On October 12, 1307, Jacques deMolay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was setup and on Friday the 13th (the origin of this fabled legend), King Phillip raided their headquarterz, putting 15,000 followerz in chainz. They were charged with rejecting christ — which was commissioned by law by Constantine in 1000AD, spitting on the cross, killing memberz who told secrets, and sodomy (and since we know they practiced no intimacy of any kind with women, well, you can guess what gender was sodomized — but this is should not be taken to be any different than the rest of them, including their forefatherz). The chained Templarz were tortured to get a confession. They were put in dungeonz chained to ringz in the wallz.

Some Templars admitted, while being initiates, were required to deny god, jesus and the virgin mary and were required to perform sexual acts like kissing the navel, penis, and buttocks of their initiatorz. For that, deMolay was burned alive. At that time and age, we must realize it was forbidden to worship and believe in a God other than what the "law" stated. Christianity, although rooted in Ethiopia, was used later as a tool of control by whites; still is today! With the death of deMolay, masonry was born.

Jumping up to 1776, we find the new world order was 'reinstated' on May 1st with the resurrection of the Illuminati in Germany, by Adam Weishaupt. This was also the same day the Luciferian Conspiracy (key word, 'Lucifer')was signed in North American (note, this was before there was a united states). Historian, Anthony Browder states that, "America's founding pirates were 18th deists who were profoundly influenced by the philosophical ideologies of the secret societies in France, Germany and England." These men, who signed this pact with the devil, got together again 2 months later to sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4th.

Of the 56 signerz, 50 were masonz. They decided to use masonic (and stolen Afrikan) symbolz on its currency and became the only nation to print on it's money, "In God We Trust". It is clearly obvious that the god they're talkin' about isn't a spiritual god. These satanist's believed in the existence of god but also felt it exercised no control over the lives of people after the creation of the world.

Observing the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution (signed September 17, 1787 with 13 of the 40 signerz being masonz), we can clearly see these vital documents that make up America, are in fact, blatant followerz of satan and have vowed to maintain the tentants of global white supremacy.

Albert Pike, a 33rd° mason and headed the ku klux klan (kkk), is one of the many grand master devilz this country deifies. Think our accusation of masonz being devil worshipperz is all hype? This is what Pike had to say, "To the crowd we must say: we worship a God, but it is the God one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspector's General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: all of us initiates of the high degrees should maintain the Masonic religion in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay...and his priests calumniate him? Yes, Lucifer is God."

A. Lantoine, a mason, historian and openly declared atheist, said in the excerpt, Lettre au Souverain Pontife,"So much the better, I say. Possessing critical and inquisitive minds, we are the servants of Satan. You, the guardians of truth, are the servants of God. These two complement one another. Each needs each other." After this quote, Lantoine later said he didn't use the right term when describing the masonic sect. He said, "I should have said servants of Lucifer." All this is factual evidence linking them to the Luciferian pact signed by the pirates of this country in May, 1776.

See, masonry is just like the black fraternities and sororities. Many won't know exactly what type of demonic -ish you're involved in until you obtain higher levelz within the sect! Young black college students join frats and sororities because all they see is service projects and stepshowz, never knowing they were founded by Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc, aka the Boule' (who was founded by the Illuminati). What we perceive on the undergraduate campus is merely what the Boule'/Illuminati wants us to see. By the time you graduate and if (and that's a big if) you're recruited into the Boule', then is when you might find out their connection to condoning wickedness. And most, unfortunately, by then are so caught up into the elitizm and materializm it bringz, plus havin' been brainwashed for so long, they continue the degradation of righteousness because they don't want to lose the physical perks one benefits from.

Any mason who tries to tell you they're not devil worshipperz are either 1)lying to you because, again, they learn this starting with the 30th°; or 2)they are just like the undergrad fratz, a lower degreed mason who hasn't earned the right to know this secret yet.

Masonry is rooted in knowing the true history of KMT; knowing the Afrikan wo/man is God and that they intend to not let you know this fact until you have been brainwashed for 32 degreez. Think about it. If I went through all 33 1/3° of masonry and the 33rd tellz me who God is; after I've been brainwashed for decades (because it takes that to obtain the higher degreez in masonry), I now find out that I am God and not the white man. But I've been duped for so long, I still remain loyal(?!!?). That's like taking an animal out of the wild and feeding him for 20 yearz, then letting him go. You think the animal is willingly going to go back to the wild? He'll come running just as fast as you let him go! Why? Because his master is all he knowz and he has been conditioned to follow his master, not lead himself. This is what masonry does particularly to black masonz who can only be under Prince Hall (we'll talk 'bout them in part 2. Also peep the cyber debate I recently had with a Prince Hall below).

One of the main objectives of a mason we've found is in the realm of political activity. Their object, similar to the Illuminati's, is to seize power and place masonic brethren in positionz of command. This is evident, again, in the 50 of 56 signerz of the Declaration of Indepdence, a cornerstone document to the very fiber of this country, being masonz as well as ties to other secret societies.

Candidates are carefully chosen — a practice shared by most if not all secret socities — and thoroughly vetted long before even being approached. Once they are received into the lodge, they are sworn with an oath of secrecy, which is renewed each time they advance to a higher degree.

Some examples of oaths are: "I promise that I will not write, print, cut or engrave masonic secrets...binding myself under no less penalty than to have my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the roots and my body burned." [the Blue Lodge oath - 1st 3°]. The York Rites 9th° pledges, " have my hands chopped off at the stumps, my eyes plucked out from the sockets, my body quartered, and then thrown among the rubbish of the help me God." What does god have to do with you pledging your life to satan have to do with it?!!?

Again, initiates will not "officially" find out they been worshipping satan until the 30th°. I say officially, because I don't believe it takes that long to both witness and reap the benefits of such a sect, for in large part, anyone who seeks to join such company obviously yearnz for some kind of elitizm. In Freemason and the Vatican, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, he states that after a mason is initiated into the first degree, "a process of doctrinal information (or brainwashing) beginz, which will continue all his life...[A] neophyte learnz that these termz (degreez) have a hidden meaning, which he will not understand until he has undergone further initiation...If the Mason is receptive, he climbz upward in the Masonic hierarchy, and yet he never at any time knowz exactly where he standz in it, nor how many higher degreez or personz control the organization."

"The Blue Degrees", writes Pike, in Morals and Dogma, "are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed to the Initiate, but he is misled by false interpretation. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them."

This is also why each initiate is blindfolded (soundz familiar to all you black greeks, huh). It's symbolic for the initiate having an unconditional loyalty to the society despite what his eyez tell him. Also in the early degreez of masonry, they have to inact the birth of Adam by coming out of a coffin, butt-naked and wrestle in the mud with a member of the sect, then perform oral sex (also known as "Riding the hump"), all the while the initiate must have an unconditional blind faith to believe that the initiator knowz what is best for him. In masonic termz, the blindfold (or masonically called, hoodwink) remindz the darkness and ignorance the initiate lived in before coming to the "light" of masonry.

I remember being told as a shorty that if you were a mason and you gave away secrets that they would kill you. This blind allegiance with satan, coerced through the threat of losing your life, is Y we see so many blacks in fraternities and sororities not wanting to give away these so-called secrets. The deep thing is that all their silence is doing is continuing the level of ignorance this society has. Case in point, THERE ARE NO SECRETS! THE SHIT'S BEEN OUT. THEY BEEN PUBLISHING WHO THE BLACK WO/MAN IS IN BOOKS FOR CENTURIES! But since we have been brainwashed to be afraid of knowledge and fear picking up a book, they can call this a secret! Well let's dig deepuh into these "secrets".

There are 2 types of masonry being practiced. Both go through the same 1st three degreez. This is takes place in what is called "the Blue Lodge." Blue is a masonic color which standz for "the front line". It is no coincidence that the Boule's color's are also blue (and white — for teh people who they protect); serving at the first line of defense to protecting the Cecil Rhodes/Lord Rothschild's secret society aka the Illuminati. It's also interesting to note the police department's color's is predominately blue, and they too, are the front line of protection to this white-biased system. All of the degreez in both the York and Scottish Rite are based on the life of King Solomon.

The York Rite Masonz are only practiced in the U.S. and Canada. A Master Mason may proceed to supplement and amplify the Blue Lodge degreez, affording historical background on the work and meaning of Freemasonry. York Rite takes its name from the old English city of York. It is said that Athelstan, a British king, was converted to Christianity in York and that he granted the original charter to the Masonic guildz in that city approximately a thousand yearz ago. Although the York Rite is not itself a religion, it does develop themes based on Christian Crusades.

In the York Rite, a Master Mason will become a member of three bodies – a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, a Council of Royal and Select Masters and a Commandery of Knights Templar. They added an additional 6° and they embrace the Symbolic, Capitular, Cryptic and Templar Degrees. The Templar Degree is synonymous with the Knights of Templar who reigned during King Arthur's Court. It is also no coincidence that the Round Table Group (RTG), a Rhodes/Rothschilds secret society also goes by the name, The Knights of Templar!

The Round Table Group was started by Cecil Rhodes, who was a disciple of John Ruskin, a professor at Oxford University in England. The RTG was structured on the practices of masonry. Ruskin, along with Rhodes was also a member of the Adam Weishaupt's, Illuminati (founded the same day as the Luciferian Conspiracy). The RTG is responsible for the formation of numerous organizationz like the League of Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

In the 4th°, the Mark Master, the symbol of the Illuminati is revealed (the double circle, the same worn on the logo of the US. Military Intelligence — a sphinx; which is ironically, the same double circle found inside the vase the Boule's sphinx is covering of the Boule's official logo).

The Scottish Rite Masonz uses all the original degrees. They're one of the two appendant bodies of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason may proceed after he has completed the three degreez of Blue Lodge Masonry. Scottish Rite work amplifies and elaborates on the lessonz of Blue Lodge Degrees. As with Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite is not a religion, and it is nondenominational, although it does require a belief in a Supreme Being.

A Master Mason may achieve 29 additional degreez — the fourth through the thirty-second — in the Scottish Rite. A 33rd° is awarded to men who have given outstanding service to Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite, sometymz called the “College of Freemasonry,” uses extensive drama and allegory to emphasize the messages of the degreez. The 6° callz for INTIMATE secrecy. Now remember when we did the piece on Skull & Bones and how their fellowship was based on men coming together, in secret... and in intimacy?

The 13th° — the Perfect Elu or Grand, Elect, Perfect and Sublime Mason, revealz in the secret vault rests with a tetragrammaton (will explain in part 2) where the four-letter unspoken name of god in hebrew, which is YHWH, or Yahweh. Yahweh was indeed an Afrikan! This tetragrammaton has also been adopted by a black secret society whose ambition is to be a black-version of the Round Table Group, the Boule'.

Although the secrets of who god is doesn't start until the 30th°, there aren't many masonz who attain all 33°. For instance, in 1907 the total number of active 33° mason's didn't exceed 100. Therefore, there are hundredz of thousandz of mason's who think they know, but really don't because they haven't reached the end where the truth is revealed.

Before we end part one of this series, you may recall my comparing the Boule's WEB DuBois and Carter G. Woodson (both of whom YT has declared as our "heroes") versus George G.M. James. I feel this needz to be reiterated because fraternities and masonic sects share the same value of secrecy exclusively amongst memberz of the group. Along with the oath of maintaining secrets there are different distress callz and secret handshakes to add mystical hype.

In the case of G.M. James versus DuBois and Woodson, it must be noted that G.M. James belonged to the York Rite Masonz and DuBois/Woodson to the Boule'. Both had to pledge oath's of secrecy with the penalty resulting in death. DuBois and Woodson were later exiled from the Boule' for unknown reasonz. Not long after, DuBois became a PanAfrikanist, moving to Ghana (a place he once was strongly opposed during the Marcus Garvey era), and Woodson went on to publish the infamous text, Miseducation Of the Negro.

Both basically made somewhat of a 170° turn once out of these white-based secret sects. Where they failed our people is that they did not make an entire 180° turn. They remembered they took an oath to uphold the secrets of the fraternity — never letting you know who rulez the world, again, the Rhodes/Rothschild secret society. Probably because they feared death.

Yes, they did walk away from a white supremist organization, BUT they never let the people know about exactly who they are; thus, falling short of becoming part of the solution. This overlooked choice of remaining part of the problem because they refused to tell you exactly what whites and blacks, organizationz and foundationz responsible for the hell our people have been suffering.

On the other hand, if it wasn't for the sacrifice of G.M. James, we probably would never know about the greeks stealing Afrikan culture and claiming it as theirz. His book, Stolen Legacy, exposed the myths of greek philosophy and proved the ancient homo's actually stole our history from Kemet! After publishing his book in 1954, he mysteriously disappeared! Legend has it, he died a masonic death with his throat cut from ear to ear and his tongue cut out, then burning his body. All this for unveiling secrets of the masonic sect. James knew his life was on the line but his love for our peopleand truth far outweighed the fear of death, and coincidentally, YT has never mentioned his name as being a "hero" for black people!

Next piece we'll get into some numerology and unearth more secrets of Masonry: the root of all wickedness! LIK SHOT!!

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