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(written circa 1997)

The oldest civil-rights organization in this country have been selling us out for over 100 yearz! After researching how the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) — an organization supposedly found to uplift Afrikanz-in-america (Blacks) — was formed. What we share should bring one to the conclusion they are not who they present themselves to be! In fact, the NAACP is a european organization started by europeanz to control the movement of Afrikan people away from self-determination. The cliche', "if you want to hide a thing from a (n-word), put it in a book", never rang louder.

As Afrikanz initiate our year-round Selective Buying Boycott, we find the initial goal of depriving white companies from hundredz of thousandz of black dollarz are receiving stiff resistance from numerous parties. With the NAACPs annual convention, it's kinda hard to see them being hurt by the boycott. For example, the 1997 annual conference for the NAACP was held July 12-17th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This convention brought an estimated $10-15 million to the city of Pittsburgh; more than enough to recuperate from any losses during our boycott. Focusing on the local Pittsburgh branch of the NAACP, we find according to the Pittsburgh Courier, that neither president Tim Stevens, nor any staff could be reached for their position on the Selective Buying Boycott. In other wordz, these negroes evaded giving a response of support or opposition to the boycott. It is clearly evident they did not. It should also be noted that the Pittsburgh chapter of the Urban League also gave no comment.

The local branch acted as if they have no control in the conference coming to Pittsburgh, when, in fact, they had to bid to have it here just like Atlanta did for the Olympics! Once Pittsburgh was selected, the local branch had to pay a $150,000 (they say donation) to the national headquarterz in Maryland, in order to secure the bid. The payment went out December of 1996. What's ironic is sources from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote back in early November '96 of Allegheny County donating $150,000 to the local branch in support for the conference. There is no coincidence this amount was the same exact amount needed to secure the bid. And why wouldn't Allegheny county "donate" $150,000 when they know they're gonna make $10-15 million some 6 months later (who do you think is gettin' the best of the deal?)

So who is the NAACP really? Why won't they support anything initiated by Afrikanz, like the Selective Purchasing Boycott and the Million Man March of 1995?

The NAACPs genesis was during the first week of January, 1909. On February 12th, on good 'ol Abe Lincoln's 100th birthday, in New York City a group of (majority) whites and a few token negroes came together. The list of whites who fronted like they "loved" black folk, and wanted to start an organization for us were: Jane Adams, Ray Baker, Haines Holmes, Mary White Ovington, Edward Russel, Joel Spingarn, Oswald Garrison Villard, Lillian Wald, English Walling and Rabbi Steven Wise. All of these indivi(devil)z were Liberal whites who wanted blacks to pursue the path of integration for racial upliftment despite the well known fact that none of them really approved of integration with blacks.

Two of the europeanz mentioned, Rabbi Wise and Jane Adams, have two direct links to a secret society called the Round Table Group that was formed in 1881 at Oxford University in Ruskin College, in England by Cecil Rhodes, Arnold Toynbee and a few otherz with the money gained from the colonization of Azania (South Afrika).

  • Rabbi Wise attended Oxford University for his postgraduate study in 1881; the same year the Round Table Group was formed. Wise then went on to co-find the NAACP and also the American Jewish Congress — a zionist organization that supported the european jewish colonization of what was called Palestine, now the state of Iz-it-real (Israel).
  • Jane Adams went to England to learn how to establish the first settlement houses in the U.S. from Toynbee. Settlement houses were founded so that educated rich people could live in the "slums" in order to assist, instruct and guide (control) the poor. Adams then went on to co-find the NAACP.

Let's be clear, the NAACP is not a secret organization. Their information can be found in books, audit recordz and the internet. For nearly 100 yearz, they've conned Afrikanz-in-america into believing they are the illusionary voice and shield for us against atrocities done by whitefolk. However, thanks to resarch conducted by Steve Cokely, we find they actually carry out the ideas and philosophy of the Round Table Group.

For one, the biggest coverup is they have the everyone thinking its founderz were Afrikan (WEB DuBois and Ida Wells-Barnett). DuBois and Wells-Barnett were used as scapegoats, giving the false perception this organization was founded by Afrikanz, for Afrikanz.

The NAACP is most notably known for initiating the Anti-Lynch Bill during the 1910s. They called for the government to pass a bill prohibiting the lynching of Afrikanz. What many don't know is the bill did not pass congress until 1959, some 40+ yearz later! We also find, the government, in exchange for such a bill, would oblige only if the NAACP would trade "Black Intelligence". In other wordz, the government would not honor this request unless the NAACP agreed to spy for them! This is how the Boule' ties in! See, each member of the Boule' must be a lifetime member of the NAACP!!

WEB DuBois was the first negro to become involved with the NAACP thus bein' the only negro founder. This was a Wise choice for this organization due to the fact DuBois was a member of the first black greek secret fraternity called Sigma Pi Phi, or the Boule', founded May 15, 1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, just a few yearz before the NAACP.

In the Boule' history book, written by Charles H. Wesley, it states, "...the Round Table can live through us!" DuBois, being an Archon (name for member of Boule') made a coded pledge to help the very secret society — the round table group — whom the NAACP is an extension of.

DuBois' early career with the NAACP is a standing monument to their purpose. While serving as editor of the NAACP newspaper, the CRISIS, he was chief assistant helping whites destroy the largest organization for Afrikan self-determination, Marcus Garvey and the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). As mentioned in the Boule' series, the Boule' started the 8 college black fraternities and sororities (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta and Sigma Gamma Rho).

Joel Spingarn was one of the other founderz of the NAACP who was also awhite jewish spy for the United States Army. The NAACP chose to honor this enemy of Afrikan people by creating the annual Spingarn medal in 1914! And if you look at the list of recipients, many are memberz of the Boule' or have been assisting in the pause of Afrikan liberation!

One of the founderz of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Ernest Just was the first recipient of the award which honorz the negro with the highest achievement (of selling out), and of course, we find Just was also a member of the Boule'!

Kwesi Mfume has emerged as the NAACPs savior wiping out their alleged $3.2 million deficit in 9 months. The probable conspiratorz who bailed them out will probably not be known unless you obtain the 1996 annual audit...that's if they release the foundationz true name, we've had difficulty in getting it.
It probably was a group like the Rockefeller Foundation who, in the past, donated $3 million to the NAACP. Oh, yes, money talks and also controlz! Rockefeller has his clawz all up the NAACPs skirt along with other families in the New World Order.

Mfume has written the Boule' in admiration of this black-with-white-faced organization, so we know he knowz what the Boule' is all about. I have a question for Mr. Mfume, It is said your name meanz, 'conquering son of kings', well, Kwesi, why don't you try conquering the ADVISORZ to the king (the Boule')?!

A couple yearz ago before he moved to the Nation of Islam, ex-CEO of the NAACP, Ben Chavis, spoke about an encounter he had with the ADL when he first took office. He was summoned for a meeting with then president of the ADL, Abraham Foxman in New York City and his testimony was startling.

Chavis claimed the ADL [the infamous "jewish" clan that basically makes anyone that speaks with an anti-semitic tongue, repent publicly, ie, Jesse (Boule') Jackson with his remarks of hymie town back during the 1988 presidential election] relayed to him they had in their possession, numerous tapes of him using anti-semitic slurz. Chavis asked them if that was their job, monitoring (spying) on people and collecting data. They replied yes. Along with that, Chavis said Foxman told him bluntly, "the NAACP is my organization!"

When you check the auditing records of the NAACP, you may find numerous european organizationz on the list of major contributor's. In The Rockefeller Files, by Gary Allen, Rockefeller speaks of the power of "not owning a corporation but controlling it through money." Money dictates power. And if the NAACP can't produce its own fundz (which it can't and hasn't since it started), then who ever keeps them in existence, they owe their loyalty to. Like the settlement house movement, the NAACP both served the purpose of monitoring (spying) on Afrikan people and preventing true "advancement."

In summation, the NAACPs alleged purpose was to cease the countless lynchingz of innocent Afrikanz. Studying the blueprints of this sham of an organization, we find the very people our Ancestorz were running to for help, had an allegiance with the very lyncherz!

This points out they were devised to simply monitor — which is spying — on any and all Afrikanz that tried to take their liberation into their own handz. The NAACP isn't an organization that represents the Afrikan community. In fact, it's name should be changed to the National Association for the Advancement of CERTAIN People.

The NAACPs dayz are numbered for the truth is being revealed and the people want to know!!

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• Great article. My opinion about the NAACP before I read this article was negative because their defined acronymn wasnít pratice. Not praticing your own mission statement, credo or motto is a common pratice for many or most US corporations. Itís simply false advertisement (i.e. a front). Iíve been doing a lot studying to show myself approved. I began at a young age while I was in middle school. I fell to the wayside and now Iím back to consistenly studying. I was studying while I fell to the wayside but not at the magnitude. I lost out on many useful years. However I was bless to be behind the scenes in managemnt of a few coporations. Believe me, these coporations have the majority brainwashed and acting like robots. The point is that we have to study to show ourselves approved. The most powerful and useful tool a person can ever gain in their life is knowledge for with knowledge comes wisdom and a deeper understanding and real truth can be exhilarating because real truth will set you free. This article connects other pieces of my research together and this is confirmation and support of my comprhension.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Jamie Frazier ( on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 9:09:12 AM

• Thanks for sure a great article. I first heard this info years ago when Steve Cokely would come thru this city with these lectures. Even then a % of black people were in denial and did not think he was telling the truth. At this point black america is being done-in and it's mainly because of black people being brainwashed and so skeptical. I think being skeptical in the case of black people is a mental sickness. You could have truth right in their faces and they still won't believe another black person.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Peter Slaughter ( on Monday, July 27, 2010 at 1:11 PM

• Love this!!!!!!!! And I have witnessed the settlement houses first hand... ties into gentrification...
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Isidor Lewellyn via Facebook on Monday, July 27, 2010 at 12:31 PM

• Interesting...I just hope you arent making our history into a sell out. We needed money to establish a guardhouse...and in those times one man could not do it and it was not popular for white men to be the forefront either. I would like to see where you got this information from.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Robyn Spencer on Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 2:59 PM

I got it from various sources, looked up the board of directorz and checked their backgroundz, investigated the parent corporationz who actually own the NAACP (the one's who give large donationz like the Rockefeller Foundation), as well as looked at the historical tymeline of the early 1900s, where we find the birth of the UNCF, HBCUs, the origal 8 black frats and sororities, etc. That is Y you should do your own research. From what I found, I know I'm not makin' this portion of our history into a sellout, but to convince you is not the goal. By all meanz, do your own research until you can come to your own conclusion.

And as far as your last statement, one should question as to why the european felt it necessary to be involved — in any way — to the naacp as well as other organizationz mentioned. If you know the nature of YT, it was in their best interest to be involved in the formation of these groups as well as be the main influence/instigator in these organizationz development.

Ask yourself, why is George Bush, Sr. a life-time honorary chairmen for the naacp?! This does not make sense especially if you know he belongz to the anti-Afrikan secret society, Skull and Bones!

It's easy to defend somethin' because 1)it's old (100 yearz old) and 2)we don't know enough about the links of memberz and affiliates, nor have we done the necessary biographical background checks to find out what other groups these people belong to. So yeah, of course you'd find it hard to believe! Think of how many people find it hard to believe the US. Government was behind 9/11! If we continue to rely on their news stationz, newspaperz and magazines, we might as well believe we all evolved from apes!

Wait a minute, many of us do!!

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