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(written circa 1995)

The war against your immune system is on and is hasn't stopped!! This is a part of the ongoing saga to prevent the Afrikanz from elevating to the level of "Summon Bonum" or "Greatest Good" our Kemetic Ancestorz practiced as a way of life. If you do not have your health, you are not as free as you think! If your temple (body) is filled with toxinz, so is your mind. Yes, even you Afrocentric kid, who thinks he got all the knowledge but won't stop eating decayed flesh (meat), drinking soda (white sugar), and smokin' madd blunts!

The very wordz this America speaks are contradictory, indeed. America doesn't stand for "Love for all mankind", or maybe it does — afterall, YT is a kind of man! Nevertheless, she doesn't for hue(black)manity. The only thing, other than themselves, they are "loyal" to is money... the "God" they trust. To them, money is, by far, more important than people. Why? Because people are expendable. If your familiar with studying the clanz behind global white supremacy or even the Global2000 project, you may know of the more correct term the elite (less than 1% of 1% of the worldz population) see us all as... "useless eaterz".

America is a business. America does not stand for the people, instead it standz for money. It would be simple to think American-Afrikanz are the only ones catchin' this type of hell, but it's not... this is global! White supremacy developed an inhumane cycle that involves money, capitalizm, suppression, and greed.

There's an old saying, "the best way to hide something from someone is to put it right under their nose!" There is no secret as to what the government is doing to our food. What the Food AND Drug Administration (FDA) does to our food should not shock you for they tell you what they do in their name.

Who's to say the FDA is really concerned with our health? They say we should eat 3-5 mealz a day. They also encourage us to eat from the 4 ba-sick (basic) food groups:

1)Meat & Fish (steroidz and chemically-dumped water);
2)Dairy (liquid meat composed of steroid and other toxinz in liquid form);
3)Wheat & Grainz (pesticides); and
4)Fruits & Vegetables (again, pesticides).

There are, however, alternatives, which I'll reveal later.

What would white supremacy be if everyone were healthy? Would there be a need for doctorz; would there be a need for hospitalz? What about health insurance and care?? These thingz would be obsolete. There was once a time when this was reality. The problem is, the elite are greedy and although a society such as this would eventually lead to the overpopulation of our world, the deceiving methodz they've taken to literally eliminate people is demonic, but it's nothin new...

When YT came to Afrika, they came with 3 weaponz: the Bible, gunz, and germ warfare. A since then, we have not been able to shake off neither one. This piece will deal with the least exposed, germ warfare, in the form of diet. There are countless poisonz that enter the 7 sacred chamberz of the human temple. Two of the most lethal are aluminum and fluoride consumption.

I never thought of recycling as a bad thing,but when I learned about aluminum, it raised more than an eyebrow. Companies like ALCOA (Aluminum Company Of America) specialize in killing people! Aluminum can be directly linked to Alzheimerz disease, the 4th leading cause of adult death in the United States claiming 100,000 lives a year. It strikes the neurotransmitterz of the brain which are already being attacked by fluoride. This dis-ease was first dismissed as "growing old"; later diagnosed as "premature senility" striking most in their mid-50s. However, there is no national foundation such as the American Cancer Society or the Arthritis Foundation, to investigate its causes because the Medical monopoly headed by the Rockefeller clan already know the answer.

Americanz born after 1920 have been preparing food in aluminum pots heated over gas flames and electric. By the 1930s, american housewives learned it was potentially dangerous to leave foodz in aluminum pots for more than a few minutes. They found that greenz, tomatoes and other vege's discolored and became poisonous in a very short time. Also, when you cook any food in aluminum pots (or foil) with fluoridated water, a poisonous compound is quickly formed.

After consuming food cooked in aluminum pots over a period of 20-40 yearz, people begin to experience serious memory loss, mental capacities start rapidly deteriorating until one is totally unable to fend for themselves or to recognize their spouse or family of many yearz.

In certain areaz of the brain [the human computer connecting you to Energy (my name for God) and our Ancestorz], Aluminum causes permanent deterioration of brain cellz and nerve connectionz. The damages are not only incurable, it's also progressive, continuing to spread throughout the body, and there is no known treatment. This is what Alzheimerz is.

Dr. Michael Weiner and other physicianz have found that the epidemic is not only caused by aluminum cookware, but also by the daily increased ingestion from products in common household usage: Women douches now contain high solutionz of aluminum. This is injected directly into the system quicker than any other. Painkillerz such as buffered aspirin contain aluminum. Some chewing gum, like Wrigley's is wrapped in aluminum.

It's also in prescribed and nonprescription antacid products for upset stomach's like Pepto Bismol (antidiarrheal drugz). The devilish thing is that most Alzheimer victimz have noted they have been ingesting these antacidz daily for yearz under the advice of the one dressed in white who took the Hippocratic oath (hypocrite) to be a "certified" physician (certified to kill you slowly).

And the madness doesn't stop there. Aluminum potassium sulfate, aka aluminum fluoride meal (two of the deadliest killerz, combined) is widely used in baking powder and sugar, cake mixes, frozen dough, self-rising flour, processed foodz, aluminum wrap, toothpaste packaged in tubes lined with aluminum, aluminum sealz on many foodz and drink products, and softdrinks everywhere are packaged in aluminum canz!

And what does the government want you to do?...RECYCLE! They want you to recycle this killing substance so that they can redistribute it to us and our communities, having you think you're doing something good for the earth, when the only one you're benefitting are the white supremist institutionz!!

The next culprit on the map of Afrikan dissection is the fluoride conspiracy. The National Fluoridation Campaign of the late 1940s, launched by the Rockefeller Foundation, is enthusiastically supported by the nationz dental profession. Through research and study we find the principal source of fluoridation is a poisonous chemical, sodium fluoride, also known as RAT POISON!

This same poison can be found in our nationz public drinking water! We also found there were unsafe levelz of chlorine, lead and other toxic substances in the water as well. There have been millionz of Americanz drinking unsafe water for more than 60 yearz!
*NOTE: January 7, 2011, the U.S. Government recommended lowering fluoride levelz in drinking water, by, get this, ONLY 0.5 milligramz (from 1.2 to 0.7)! This move is based on the confession that the water causes fluorosis in teenz (white spots on teeth). Trust, this is no victory. This amount is still deadly enough to cause the same long-term issues!

Aluminum, sodium, and fluoride are the primary elements of poisonz. What would make you think these lethal substances combined don't have a dramatic effect on your immune system? We find it is very expensive for aluminum companies to dispose of aluminum because it isn't degradable. It also accumulates in the body. Everyday you add a little more to your sodium fluoride reserves each time you drink a glass of water or brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste.

We see that the origin of the sodium fluoride conspiracy stem from close allies of the Chase Manhattan Banks and other Rockefeller interests. The source of much of this substance is ALCOA, a $5billion+ a year corporation. The present chairman (as of '92), William H. Krome George was an active director of the well-publicized US USSR Trade and Economic Council intended to rescue the Soviet Union from economic oblivion. ALCOAs president, William B. Renner, who is also director of Shell Oil Company — now controlled by Rothschild interest, and John A. Mayer serves as director of HJ Heinz Company, Mellon Bank, and Norfolk & Western Railway.

USPHS (United States Public Health System) noted in Washington Post (April 20, 1988), "...the PHS estimates that each year (the aluminum manufacturerz) $2 billion is saved through water fluoridation." What is saved? The estimated $2 billion it would take to otherwise dispose aluminum.

The head of the USPHS during the entire fluoridation campaign was Oscar Ewing, a graduate of Harvard Law School who ran a profitable Wall Street practice, who can be linked as a close associate with the Rockefeller Foundation. He also served as then president Harry Truman's head of the Federal Security Agency, which encompassed the USPHS, the Social Security Administration, and the Office of Education.

Ewing is most noted for his campaign for greater government control over the citizenz of the U.S. In Eustace Mullin's, Murder By Injection, "He (Ewing) was particularly anxious to increase control of medical education, a prime goal of the Rockefeller interests since 1898." Of Ewing, Mullins also states, "Mr. Ewing is one of the highly paid lawyers for the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA). It was hardly accidental that Washington, DC, where Oscar Ewing was king, was one of the first large American cities to fluoridate its water supply. At the same time, Congressmen and other politicians in Washington were privately alerted by Ewing's minions that they should be careful about ingesting the fluoridated water. Supplies of bottled water from mountain springs then appeared in every office on Capitol Hill; these have been maintained continuously ever since, at the taxpayers' expense."

In fact, one Senator carried with him a small flask of spring water whenever he dined in DCs most fashionable restaurants assuring his companionz that "not one drop of fluoridated water will ever pass my lips." These are the people most voted for! Ewing is also responsible for enrolling the U.S. in the United Nations' World Health Organization (WHO).

Chase Manhattan Bank (front-name for another Rockefeller operation) showed crucial concern in overseeing the installation of sodium fluoride equipment in most of the nationz largest cities. Fluorides have long been a source of contamination in the U.S. Large quantities are produced by the giant chemical firmz:

1)American Agricultural Products Corp.
2)Hooken Chemical

The American Agricultural Products Corp. produces enormous waste quantities of fluoride in preparing fertilizer from phosphate rock. Some used in pesticides, until the Department of Agriculture banned their use of being too dangerous to the public. As a result, they pumped the waste into the ocean despite the Department of Agriculture's prohibition.

Hooken Chemical became part of Rockefeller network when Blanchotte Hooken married John D. Rockefeller, III — and ALCOA is another Rockefeller operation. Hooken Chemical, for example, pumps 100,000 tonz of fluorides into the atmosphere a year. They pipe another 500,000 tonz into the nationz water supply each year in addition to the amount of fluoride used in "treating" our drinking water.

Fluoride slowz down the vitally important DNA-repairing enzyme activity of the immune system. Once the enzyme becomes inefficient, AIDS develops [AIDS by the way isn't just a sexually transmitted dis-ease. It standz for 'Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or when the immune system no longer works (becomes deficient)].

This proves you can develop AIDS without having sex by just drinking public/tap water. Fluoride is effective even in concentrationz as low as one part per million, the standard dosage which the USPHS set for our drinking water. At this concentration, fluoride can cause serious chromosomal damage changing normal cellz into cancer cellz. It also causes interference with the body's production of important neurotransmitterz in the lower level of the brain. Neurotransmitterz protect you against seizures, strokes, and brain damage.

Some immediate effects fluoride has on the body are sudden mood changes, severe headaches, nausea, hallucinationz, irregular breathing, night twitching, damage to fetuses, and various formz of cancer. Fluoride depletes the energy reserves and the ability of white blood cellz to properly destroy foreign agents by the process of phagocytosis. As little as 0.2 ppm fluoride stimulates superoxide production in resting white blood cellz, virtually abolishing phagocytosis.

White blood cellz serves as very vital elements to your immune system fighting diseases of all types. However, if consuming fluoride, it confuses the immune system and causes it to attack the body's own tissues, and increases the tumor growth rate in cancer-prone individualz. Fluoride also is known by many doctorz to depress the process of thyroid activity, and developing bone cancer, causing premature aging of the human body and, according to Dr. William Marcus, show "evidence of (causing) bone fractures, arthritis, mutagenicity and other effects."

When scientists found that one part per million dosage of fluoride transformz normal cellz into cancer cellz, the fluoridation program should have been halted immediately. But the government agencies realized if they did, they would open the door to thousandz of lawsuits against the government.

Ewing and his crew were also aware of Soviet studies showing that fluoride was extremely important in introducing a docile, sheep-like obedience in the general population. It is a little known fact that fluoride compoundz were added to the drinking water of prisonerz to keep them docile and inhibit questioning of authority in both Nazi prison camps in WWII and in the Soviet labor camps in Siberia.

The passivity and unwillingness to challenge any authority is merely the first achievement of the fluoridation campaign. This is its initial effect upon the central nervous system and the further deadly effects on the kidneyz, heart, and other wth rate in cancer prone individualz.

In the true spirit of wholistic study, it wouldn't be right to leave y'all with no solutionz after what I just laid on you:

1) For one, you and your family needz to start brushing your teeth with unfluoridated toothpaste. Just because you may find the FDA won't approve it does not mean it is not a suitable alternative for you.

Why should you ingest something they endorse/approve when all they see you as is money?! Besides, if any product (food) does not have drugz in it, they won't approve it anyway, that's why they're call Food AND Drug! The FDA tellz you fluoride fights cavities, but it actually creates them! The contents of a family size tube of fluoridated toothpaste is enough to kill a 25 pound child!!

In 1991, the Akron (Ohio) Regional Poison Center reported that "death has been reported following ingestion of 16mg/kg of fluoride. Only 1/10 of an ounce of fluoride could kill a 100 pound adult. According to the Center, fluoride toothpaste contains up to 1mg/gram of fluoride." Even Proctor and Gamble, a known white supremacist cult and the makers of Crest toothpaste, acknowledge that a family-sized tube theoretically containz enough fluoride to kill a small child.

Think about it, if everyone had perfect teeth, would your dentist have a job? Now do you see why he gives you fluoride at your checkups?! We must overstand government like the FDA and the ADA (American Dental Association -- also started by Rockefeller) does not want you to take your health into your own handz.

2)Discard of all aluminum pots, panz and cooking utensilz! According to Dr. McGuigan's testimony in a famous court hearing on aluminum effects, the Royal Baking Powder case, he revealed that extensive research had shown that boiling water in aluminum pots produced hydro-oxide poisonz; boiling vegetables produced hydro-oxides as well; boiled eggz produced a phosphate poison; and meat produced a chloride poison. Any food cooked in aluminum containerz would neutralize the digestive juices producing acidosis (gas) and ulcerz. The use of these pots may be responsible for the widespread indigestion in America, which the necessitated the ingesting with large amounts of antacids containing even more aluminum! As a linked result, 2.5 million Americanz have the incurable Alzheimerz disease.

3)Try to eliminate purchasing canned (aluminum) goodz and sodas. They contain high levelz of sodium along with being sealed in aluminum for long periodz of time — sometymz over 3 yearz!! I would advise collecting canned-goodz only if there was a case where food became scarce, ala, some kind of catastrophe. Other than that, it's best to purchase fresh greenz, fruits, and beanz to eat instead — organic preferred.

4)Stay from:

a)women douches. They now contain aluminum, which injects this toxin directly into the system and can cause a miscarriage or stillbornz;

b)Painkillerz or aspirinz like Bufferin and Advil. They contain enormous levelz of aluminum. Many women take Advil during their menstrual cycle. This, along with a poor diet, is the main reason cramps hurt so much;

c)Baking Powder (Soda) used in cake mixes, frozen dough, self-rising flour and processed foodz. If you know cake rises with heat, why don't you think it won't continue to rise once in your 98.6 degree stomach?!!? and;

d)Antacid products like Tums, Mylanta and Pepto-Bismol which are loaded with aluminum. As just mentioned, hedz who develoop indigestion from eating cooked foodz made with aluminum pots, turn around and ingest even more aluminum when taking these products!

Why do you think they want you to recycle aluminum? 'Cause they don't want to dispose of it because it continues to make these white supremacist families and organizations rich! LIK SHOT!1

The Rockefeller family has been an intrical part in the maintenance of global white supremacy. It started with John Davison Rockefeller, Sr. (1839-1937). He was an American industrialist and philanthropist born in Richford, New York, second of six children to William Avery Rockefeller and Eliza Davison. Genealogists trace his line back to Neuwied in the Platinate region in western Germany, where his family was known as Rockenfeller in the 18th century.

Rockefeller revolutionized the oil industry and defined the structure of modern philanthropy. In 1870, he founded the Standard Oil Company and ran it until he retired in the late 1890s. He kept his stock and as gasoline grew in importance, his wealth soared and he became the world's richest man and first billionaire. Rockefeller is often regarded as the richest person in history. Standard Oil was convicted in Federal Court of monopolistic practices and broken up in 1911. His fortune was used to create the modern systematic approach of targeted philanthropy (another word for global white supremists tactics) with foundationz that had and continues to have a major influence on medicine, education, and scientific research — one of the lesser known is his role in the creation of Eugenics.

In the United States, key eugenic organizations funded by the Rockefeller, Harriman, and Carnegie families included the American Eugenics Society, and its sister organization, the American Society of Human Genetics established in 1947, the Cold Springs Harbor Experimental Station for the Study of Evolution, the Eugenic Record Office, and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

It should be noted that J.D. Rockefeller and Averell Harriman were business partnerz of Prescott Bush in Brown Brothers Harriman. In addition to funding and promoting eugenics, they supported and funded the Nazi rise to power.

The Rockefellerz funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany, ultimately responsible for Hitlerz mass extermination policy. In addition to supporting Alexis Carrel, who advocated the use of poison gas to get rid of useless eaterz, the Rockefellerz funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz where he became medical commandant and experimented on concentration camp inmates. These gruesome medical experiments included needles used to change eye color, work on infectionz and blood transfusionz, the removal of limbz without anesthetics, sex changes, sterilization, and other unspeakable crimes. Countless people were murdered and their organz, eyeballz, headz, and limbz sent to the Rockefeller group at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute..

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