Watch CFSM Webinar: Can A Virus Affect Your Savings?

Watch CFSM Webinar: Can A Virus Affect Your Savings?


How Can You Live Off Your Savings & Investments?

To be frank, to many the topic of money is taboo to speak of in our households not because of its sacredness but more so out of ignorance. Who really wants to talk about how broke they are unless they owe someone? Even worse, who wants to be honest about the struggles they face in managing their finances?


According to the 2015 US Census Bureau, the average salary in America is $35,000. If this average were to remain the same throughout the average working career of 40 years, the average American would earn $1,400,000 in their lifetime. For many of us, if we knew this when first entering the market, we see this in a few ways:


  1. That's a lot of money I'll make! I have time for savings when I'm older, or
  2. How can i leverage this amount to afford me and my (future) family financial sustainability?


If we are being honest, most of us chose the route of #1 than #2. And for those who've passed the mid-point of their working career, there may be a series of little panic attacks appearing more often. But it's never too late!


I was one who unconsciously chose #1, and after losing my job of 12 years in corporate America working for the NBA, I initially faced an increase of those panic attacks—until I realized... its never too late!


This sudden loss in biweekly checks taught me several grand lessons:


  • No employer is obligated to pay you for the rest of your life. Eventually, you will be laid-off, a victim of downsizing, or fired
  • The older you get, the closer you are to losing your job. Companies are downsizing as well as outsourcing for cheaper labor. And with the emerge of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics, we are seeing jobs, that used to be occupied by humans, being replaced with tech. Suffice it to say, tenure no longer holds weight .
  • Every 30 days we all have living expense bills that are due (mortgage/rent, car and student loans, credit cards, t-bills, insurance, and food bill), When the day comes when you no longer have a job, how will you sustain yourself?


From my research I designed the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement's Online Master Course that not only shares "Cryptic" (or "hidden")  strategic ways older than the Stock Exchange, but also current money methods you can implement to be on the path to living off your savings and investments no matter what age you are!


Getting #Cryptowoke is about exposing you to cryptic (or hidden) ways those in the know have been able to create individual and intergenerational financial sustainability! I am living proof these methods work and I look to share with you numerous ways you can free yourself from the "Rat Race" and free yourself of the worry of how you and your family will prosper.


Using strategies as old as 200 years, you will learn how to diversify your plan in the fields of credit, banking tactics, insurance, ecological and commodity investments.


I invite you to get Cryptowoke!



M'Bwebe Ishangi


The Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement


Change not only your future, but your bloodlines!


Watch CFSM Webinar: Can A Virus Affect Your Savings?

Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement's Mission & Goal


Awaken POADUS to ‘Cryptic’ or ‘Hidden’ money making methods shared by wealthy families for over 200 years



To get 300 people financially literate and on the path to sustainability



Move those 300 toward physical and virtual cooperative communities creating intergenerational economic, ecological, and cultural resuscitation and preservation via joint endeavors.


Get #Cryptowoke with M'Bwebe Ishangi

Of the several fields I share, I highlight two; one whose methods date as early as this country began, and the others origin born within the past decade:


1) Leveraging the Awareness of Finances

We have been taught to attain as much education we can get not realizing there's a dwindling number of careers that will allow you not only to prosper, but more so, to pay off the loans taken out to attain said education. Case in point, we are simply—and dare I say, PURPOSELY—not taught a full understanding of how money works. This isn't about learning how to budget a checkbook, this is about knowing how to leverage simple money-managing strategies that not only can enable financial sustainability, but the opportunity to fire your boss before they fire you!


2) Infinite Banking

A system that saves you money rather than make, through insurance policies. It should be more important to have access to money you pay into traditional investment savings platforms (ie. 401(k), IRAs, and insurance policies) while you’re alive rather than in some cases either be taxed huge amounts to use before you retire or even be prohibited from accessing until after you die. Becoming Cryptowoke, you will learn ways to access these funds without tax so that businesses can be started, land can be bought, and paths of residual income can be created.


I've been learning about and investing in this space since in 2017 and have found an even more important niche that’s been overlooked: understanding how money works and learning how to make your money earn money so you are in a position to move from paycheck-to-paycheck to intergenerational wealth.


I am sharing my findings with particularly our people (POADUS, or People of Afrikan Descent in the United States) and Global Diapsoric Afrikans because we are the demographic who needs it most, Additionanlly, there’s a strong need to reinvest our learnings into ourselves as I find we’ve recently re-entered an era in time that mimics the days before the Civil Rights Era and in some cases, before integration! We must take care of ourselves because frankly no one else will!


If we are not mindful of how this world is changing, we will find ourselves in social and financial situations our children's-children won't be able to dig themselves out of!


This is the core-reason why I feel this topic is timely essential. More people with degrees are unable to find work in their field of study. Employees are overworked and paid less, leaving many of us no choice but to show up at a thankless job that pays you just enough to return every Monday. We simply have been conditioned to trade labor and hours/decades of our lives for money in the form of a check that will never enable you to leave. This is the tenants of the Rat Race Psychosis.


Up until now, through the Cryptowoke Financial Sustainability Movement, we have an opportunity to break this cycle.


If you are looking to secure you and your family's financial future, you need to get #Cryptowoke! Details here >>:

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Get Cryptowoke with Our Online Master Class

Getting #Cryptowoke is about exposing you to cryptic (or hidden) ways those in the know have been able to create individual and intergenerational financial sustainability! I am living proof these methods work and I look to share with you numerous ways you can free yourself from the “Rat Race” and the worry of how you and your family will prosper.


CryptoWoke Financial Sustainability Movement's Online Master Class Overview  >> Download here <<




This course was so worth it! It was really so much valuable information that I can tap into and use forever! I feel so much more secure about my finances now.

         — Roszella, Brooklyn, NY


M'Bwebe's teachings are very thought provoking and makes the client eager to learn more. He provokes the client to definitely think outside the traditional box. We can tell that you did your homework on the subject and you sincerely have a heart and mind to educate black people. Thank you for your time and all your hard work to educate your people. We are very glad that we invested in the well being our financial future through your course. It has definitely made an impact.

         — M.Sanders, Dallas, TX


The class is GREAT. I learned a lot and walked away knowing much more about the History of Finance. Knowing the Good Bad and Ugly, propels me to learn the game being played, as not to get played. M'Bwebe was kind, considerate, and helpful to the class and it showed how you want to share this information to awaken the masses. Well done and thank you!

         — P.James, Charlotte, NC


Good evening, I just watched your fourth session and it is such an eye-opening concept that you shared. Wow! Thank you!

         — S.Frazier, College Park, PA


I appreciated the attention to detail, knowledge, and crisp graphics. I thought it was well done. It was good and was short, to the point and available from the comforts of home.

         — W.Cherry, Washington, DC


The knowledge you've shared with me is life changing and will never forget it. Actually, the principles I've already applied and have seen results. Much love to u Fam!

         — W.James, Charlotte, NC


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