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Sephedet vs Star of David
If History is a lie agreed upon, the story of the Sephedet should be it's Poster child! If you're familiar with our Versus Series and/or my writingz, you're well aware of our claimz—shared by many historianz whose shoulderz I stand on—that our ancient Afrikan historical presence has been preserved (although hidden) around the world!
Her Em Akhet vs Sphinx
There standz a monument in the Nile Valley—which on one hand is respected as one of the seven wonderz of the world, while on the other, is continually disrespected because of the name and fabled history attached to it—that has the ability to answer several controversial questionz on the origin of wo/man. Although erroneously called the Sphinx, we've discovered this riddle has now been solved.
When we look at todayz society, much hasn't changed compared to ancient tymz. With the grand exception of the so-called "rulerz" being of the pale persuasion, for one who's aware of the history of ancient civilizationz (that were by no mistake Afrikan), you can still see remnants today in cities across the world… mainly in their structures.

Uncle Tom vs Uncle Tom
There is a myth about the character known to many American-Afrikanz as Uncle Tom. To begin with, he was not a mythical person, although his character turned out to be. What's alarming is learning how this name became the stereotypical crusade not only against history, but Afrikan peoples identity. Find out why bein' called an 'Uncle Tom' should actually be a good thing and not what we've been duped to believe...
Polyverse vs Universe
I choose to call it a poly- instead of
verse because the realm we live in actually is incalculable. Using the Djhuitic principle, Polarity, with space being perceived to be limitless, there's no way of knowing exactly how many worldz, galaxies, and dimensionz that have existed!
Ptah vs the Oscar
Imitation is the highest form of flattery, replicating then erasing the original — never revealing it as the source — is the ultimate form of disrespect. Learn more of one of YTs most effective schemes aimed at the misconception of whitefolk as superior. As alwayz, you'll find Afrikan culture at its root...

African Renaissance Memorial vs the Statue of Liberty
If you haven't been to Dakar, Senegal recently, you might not even know something monumental happened on April 4th, 2010. Standing perched on a hill at 160-feet and can be seen for miles, a statue standz erect symbolizing a declaration of Afrikan greatness, the African Renaissance Monument. And it just so happenz to be larger than the Statue of Liberty...
Athletics vs Slavery
Everything has a root. To understand how sports evolved, we must go back to a time when YT first realized he could use our melanated rhythm for profit. True, after they colonized Afrika they had nobody new to exploit, so they looked for other thingz to release their aggression and need for control. They held barbarous sporting events like fighting lionz inside an arena. But when they realized Afrikanz were much quicker, more agile, could jump higher, and was more spontaneous, creating sport was inevitable.
American-Afrikan vs African-American
The naming of a people has a direct link to a their identity and unity. We've seen our people in search for ourselves merely through the definition of a name. A name of significance to a landmass is rehabilitating to the lifestyle and culture of any ethnicity. If that wasn't so, italy wouldn't have italianz, china wouldn't have chinese, and europe wouldn't have europeanz. Even more vital is how one's origin is carried with them as they venture to new regionz (ie. chinese-american, italian- american, etc.). So why has it taken so long for Afrikanz to call themselves Afrikan-American?!

Maangamizi vs Maafa
The so-called jew talks of the holocaust they went through during World War II at the handz of adolf hitler. Not long ago, they constructed a museum so the world will never forget what was done to them. Which leadz me to the question, "where's our museum so the world never forgets our holocaust?!"
Jegna vs Mentor
We forget the power we give to somethin' when you call on its name. Couple this with ignorance of the origin of these wordz, we actually disrespect somethin' we intend to respect...
Djhuti vs Hermes
One of the most respected principles followed by people who align themselves with consciousness is the Seven Hermetic Principles — but who was Hermes and should it be called that?

Heru vs Jesus
Every Easter, the christian world payz homage to a myth-turned-legend, prolonging the continuous cycle of accepting an ancient fable as historical fact without actual proof. We've been reluctant to see the story of the mythical christ's rapsheet is EXACTLY identical to one from the Nile Valley that predates more than 6000 yearz before "jesus". See if your reverend can explain these simularities...
Athletics vs Slavery 1.5
A recent lawsuit filed by ex-Athlete's against the NCAA and video game mogul, EA Sports is the latest chapter of the ever-pressing growth of injustice for profit that's finally beginning to sprout from its roots, cracking the white cemented pavement by modern slaveownerz who set up a system that has reaped benefits in probably the gazillionz since the Afrikan athlete has been "granted" access to play collegiate and professional sports.

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• Ancestor Listervelt Middleton wrote, "Look around you Black child, your history is everywhere, so sharpen your eyes, tune your eyes, so you'll know what you see, understand what you hear." In this series, Bro. M'Bwebe reminds us of just how true those words are.
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This site is in the A+ class of sites in the world. You, your team and the information are a definite benefit to the quest for Afrikan Liberation on this planet. I will definitely continue to follow and refer back to.
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