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(written 2016)

“An act does not end at the end of its occurrence but continues to move, down through the ages, influencing generation after generation after generation.” — Amos Wilson

There’s a storm coming… One that has cultural meteorologists searching for wayz to control it. Systemic educational damage control units along with merciless “their”-story (not history) mercenaries have been deployed flooding the media and airwaves with strategic headlines to daze the consciousness of a sleeping giant.

Through the help of social media social issues are back at the forefront and in a way that has not been seen since perhaps the 1960s, one that potentially can have American divided the likes of the dayz that led to the Civil War.

I’ve alwayz symbolically used a blade of grass penetrating through cemented roadz as an analogy on how the truth can be buried but will eventually resurface. America’s skirt is being lifted higher than before and under it… well let’s just say a makeover is indeed needed!

Over the yearz, several black athletes have been vilified for taking a stand:

• Muhammad Ali lost four yearz of his prime while being banned from boxing for being a conscientious objector against the Vietnam War.

• On a White House visit to celebrate Chicago’s championship in 1992, Bulls guard Craig Hodges gave President George H.W. Bush a letter detailing his displeasure with the administration’s treatment of American-Afrikanz.

He was later cut by the Bulls and couldn’t get a tryout with any other NBA team. In 1996, he filed a $40 million lawsuit against the league, claiming he had been “whitelisted” (not “black”) because of his association with the Nation of Islam and because he criticized black athletes who failed to use their wealth and influence to help the poor and disenfranchised. The lawsuit was later dismissed.

• Walter Beach was cut by the Boston Patriots in 1961 after he tried to get the players not to make a trip to New Orleans for a game against Houston because the players would be segregated on the trip. He was later cut by Cleveland for being what he called “a locker room activist” and had to sue the NFL in 1971 to get his pension reinstated.

Beach believes it is a copout for modern black athletes not to speak out on issues because they’re afraid of the backlash from the media, the teams or the leagues for which they play. “The job doesn’t give you dignity, you dignify the job… If they are giving me a million dollars to do something morally and ethically wrong I’d have to lose my job.” noted Beach.

The latest episode highlights the culmination of collegiate and professional athletes of Afrikan descent and their growing courage to speak on issues off the court/field. Stemming from the NBAs Miami Heat playerz wearing hoodies in 2012 after the shooting death of Travon Martin by wannabe cop George Zimmerman; to the collegiate and NBA playerz wearing “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts showing support in the unjustly death of Eric Garner who was choked by NYC police in 2014; to the University of Missouri football team refusing to play until school president Timothy Wolfe was fired; we’ve witnessed an elevated resurgence of social consciousness this year:

• July 13, 2016
Four of the NBAs biggest stars (Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade) opened the ESPY Awards by urging fellow athletes to push for change on issues of race, policing and violence.

• July 21, 2016
WNBA Players wore T-shirts during warm-ups backing the Black Lives Matter movement only received fines that were later rescinded due to the lack of transparency on the fact NBA Players were not fined for wearing “I Can’t Breathe" t-shirts as previously mentioned.

• August 26, 2016
San Francisco 49ers Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick sits during playing of the national anthem in a preseason game. He stated his reason in a press conference noting “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people"

• September 22, 2016:
Indiana Fever player kneel on one knee following the aftermath of civilian protest in Charlotte, North Carolina. NFL player Richard Sherman and NBA coach Steve Kerr make statements in solidarity of Kaepernick after the police shooting deaths of Terence Crutcher of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina’s Keith Lamont Scott.

• September 27, 2016:
Serena Williams releases a statement, “I won’t be silenced about racial tensions with police!”

• September 28, 2016:
Venus Williams when asked about her sisterz comment replies, “…I think all lives matter.”

The same day which was NBA Media Day which beginz training camp for the upcoming season. Most NBA playerz say they will stand during national anthem. LeBron James sayz although he respects Kaepernick, he is going to stand for the anthem… He also noted when he’s passionate about something, he’ll speak on it, concluding Black Lives doesn’t really matter — when he echoed Venus’ infamous counter that “All Lives Matter”!

This is a testament of the solidarity that doesn’t exist between athletes because they simply are not educated (and many don’t want to be educated) on race relations mainly because they’ve been accepted by whites.

To whitefolk, “they’re not "*iggas”, they don’t live in the street; they won’t mug me!” Think of all them that have non-african wives and girlfriends (Kobe, Robert Griffin (RGIII), Reggie Bush, Jordan, Pippen. These athletes, as OJ Simpson once said, don’t see color yet they quickly and consistently choose the white persuasion after their first pro contract! But this is not what this piece is about.

It seemz the first to take heed to the message delivered at the ESPYs was Kaepernick. And like the lack of box-office support of Nate Parker’s, ‘The Birth Of A Nation’ movie about Nat Turner, a month later what could have bloomed into a massive viral effect across the sports world has stalled. As of September 23rd, there were twenty NFL playerz who’ve joined Kaepernick either by kneeling or standing in their own way of protest. Some locked armz while otherz mimicked the Black Power fist protest salute Olympic gold medalist Tommie Smith and bronze winner John Carlos did when they wore black gloves on the podium during the 200 meter medal ceremony of the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico.

October 3rd the number rose to a mere twenty-six. There are approximately 1,750 playerz in the NFL — with about 70% Diasporic Afrikanz (nearly 80% in the NBA) — and this movement can’t even get 100?!

Before getting into why the low level of participants from other playerz, let’s first deal with the notion his actionz are unpatriotic and disrespectful of the US military — which the white media strategically chose to take to delay addressing the real issue of police brutality and killing Black women, men and our children with no judicial recourse.

Fact: the US flag doesn’t represent the US military it represents the system, the government, their officialz, politicianz, and all their merry men. When you look up the definition of the flag, you’ll find the 50 starz typify the 50 states and the 13 stripes represents the 13 colonies. The red on the flag is symbolic for hardiness and courage, the blue for perseverance and determination, and interestingly enough, the white on the flag signifies purity and innocence. “Purity and innocence”?! Come again?!!?

As far as the military including the police goes, they are simply expendable pawnz used to carry out the wishes of the governmental clergy. This is bigger than police brutality! It’s about the intergenerational systematic strong-arm whitefolks have enjoyed against Afrikan people… GLOBALLY!

Interestingly enough, after Kaepernick’s statement, the NFL released their own saying playerz are “encouraged to stand during the anthem.” Why is this so? ESPN analyst, Steven A. Smith pointed out on his show ‘First Take’ NFL playerz didn’t come out of their lockerroomz for the anthem until they were forced to in 2009 after the league and teamz were — as it turnz out — paid by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to the tune of over $50 million dollarz! This is alarming as writer of’s David Love stated this as “fake patriotism bought and sold like a commodity.”

Smith noted, “placing the players on the field during the playing of the anthem was a marketing strategy to make them appear more patriotic.” — and thus try to make the viewerz “buy in” to the global atrocities and innumerable oceanz of blood on its handz used to “protect U.S. interests” with naïve and expendable soldierz, while at the same time maintaining the role as tyrant or even better, “overseer” — the likes that echo the immoral principles of slaveownerz — on Diasporic American-Afrikanz.

In November 2015, Republican U.S. Senatorz John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona released a report stating

“In all, the military services reported $53 million in spending on marketing and advertising contracts with sports teams between 2012 and 2015. More than $10 million of that total was paid to teams in the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), and Major League Soccer (MLS).”

And who’s been footing the bill? US! That’s right, the DoD takes our taxpaying dollarz and payz professional sporting league ownerz to guilt us into standing for the star spangled banner!

Interestingly enough, we find the DoDs reason for using our tax dollarz to do this is not to promote patriotizm but actually to recruit! Do we not realize the duty of a soldier? They carry out the orderz of men who won’t do themselves! Do we not remember why Muhammad Ali was a conscientious objector who said “I aint got quarrel with them Viet Cong”?!

The U.S. military since its inception have bullied other nationz through takeover and governmental influence creating coups (Patrice Lumumba for example) all in the name of “protecting U.S. interests” hypocritically treating Diasporic Afrikanz as if the Declaration of Independence and Emancipation Proclamation doesn't adhere to us.

This is nothing but a form of agitation propaganda taking a very real social issue of police abuse of profiling and acting as executioner opposed to protector of our communities; subliminally instead forcing people to blindly support — and even join their various armed forces including the police that has a history of not even taking care of their own when they return from battle!

In that same report, Sen. McCain argued Americans should be “deeply disappointed” these ceremonies honoring troops were conducted not out of a sense of patriotizm, but rather were done “for profit in the form of millions in taxpayer dollars going from the Department of Defense to wealthy pro sports franchises.” You can review the report here.

The NFL received some six million dollarz and in May of 2016, Commissioner Gooodell repaid roughly 10% ($723,734) to taxpayers bearing an obvious reason why the league hasn’t and doesn’t look to ever be supportive of Kaepernick.

By the way, in a recent poll mentioned on ‘First Take’, debate moderator Molly Qerim reported over one thousand American’s when asked who they dislike the most in the NFL, Kaepernick tops the chart at 29%. When the poll was last taken August 16 before his protest was headlines, he was 6%! It’s pretty obvious the percentage boost isn’t at the handz of American-Afrikanz.

It is also very clear why those WNBA Players were haphazardly fined in July. See, “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts worn by the men addressed an isolated incident whereas “Black Lives Matter” dealz with the collective multitude of negligent behavior government offices and police departments across the country have unleashed on communities of Diasporic American-Afrikanz.

Let’s not also overlook the gender-imbalance of this society as the league initially resorted to wage a financial punishment opposed to their peerz of the opposite sex but of the same sport simply because they are women. Initially they thought they could because women’s professional basketball (and women altogether) aren’t a threat in the sports world because unfortunately they don't rake in billionz in revenue for white-owned business the way these negroes — I mean, the plantation-bred-Afrikan-male-athlete-based does. But after some push, thanks to social media, the “suits” behind this league were forced to recant their position rescinding their fines.

Now we have San Francisco 49ers Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who throughout the 2016 NFL preseason on up to week five (six four hasn't happened at the time of this writing) has gone from a full sitting down during the playing of the American anthem to kneeling on one knee.

Let me first say I applaud his position on making a stance — did he think it through strategically for best results? That remainz to be seen. Could it have had a bigger impact out the gate had he done it with additional playerz around the league? Most definitely! And that’s what scares league and team ownerz — as well as YT (whitefolk) in general! As Malcolm X infamously said in response to President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963, “the chickens (have) come home to roost!” or in other wordz, the truth about America’s sinz against Afrikan people have come front and center!

We should realize the way whitefolk dealz with a threat. Drs. Neely Fuller, Jr. and the recently passed-now-Ances-Star, Francess Cress-Welsing created what’s called ‘The Nine Areas of People Activity' of global white supremacy dominion. The issues we face are connected and can be clearly seen by carefully asking ourselves who control these areas:

1. Economics
2. Education
3. Entertainment
4. Labor
5. Law
6. Politics
7. Religion
8. Sex
9. War
10. Health (added by Bro. Keidi Awadu)

Although the majority of us may not know per say who controlz these areas, we can certainly attest person(s) of Afrikan descent do not! Ask yourself, who runz the economy? Whitefolk. Who runz our school system (and has done a callous job in distorting history, purposely omitting their many misdeedz, proving they’ve effectively carried out the ideology of Former prime minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill who imposed the idea “history is going to be kind to us because I’m going to write it”; a resurrected theory that bringz Napoleon Bonaparte’s quote to mind, “What is history but a fiction agreed upon?”) …Whitefolk!

Ask yourselves, who runz the entertainment sector responsible for the many cultural thefts of Black-culture-turned white-face where we now have whitefolk now rapping, breakdancing, deejaying, twerking and even dapping? Whitefolk!! When you go through the entire now Ten Areas of People Activity (APA), you will noticeably conclude whitefolk are at the helm of control and from this position they’ve made innumerable mega-zillionz in currency while at the same time nearly erase the collective memory of billionz of Diasporic Afrikanz.

To paraphrase a quote from culture pirate — I mean, venture capitalist Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz, “I’m gonna make a billion dollarz off Black culture…” Let’s face it, the only two thingz whitefolk have invented is plagiarizm and the patent!

So knowing this, using the area of “Entertainment” whitefolk had already began countering Kaepernick’s actionz as soon as he made them with tv networks, talk radio and media — the same as they attacked Black Lives Matter with the counter schematic theme “All Lives Matter” preemptively lumping our very and unequivocally isolated issue of discrimination and moral, socio, physical, and spiritual maltreatment by whites coupled with an intergenerational racial prejudice that goes as far back as the Four Golden Ages (where melanin deficient pale-skinned caucasianz began their global pillage on people of rich melanin in the Nile Valley) into a non-descriptive issue of implying all people are targeted by police brutality. They even had the audacity to create “Blue Lives Matters” to sway favor toward the police!

Even more startling was hearing the wordz of Cleveland Browns legend, Jim Brown speak against Kaepernick choice of the American anthem as the tool to express what all people of Afrikan descent in America feel! Brown, who along with notable legendary athletes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell, took part in a similar civil protest holding a press conference in the summer of 1967 in support of Ali’s dispute of being drafted to fight in Vietnam.

This was the first glimpse of the impact a socially and consciously aware athlete could have on the world. The black athlete could numerically galvanize a movement followerz that would surpass the numberz of Martin Luther Kind, Jr. and Farrakhan and his million-man charades could ever do — if they had a cultural foundation as the base of their message. Alas, nothing ever came after this meeting as the “Black Athlete” fell into whats’ been an additional 50 year slumber

Think about it, just when America is forced to begin (again) to take a collective glance at our issues, we’re bombarded with contrasting and asinine claimz of desecrating the flag and other lives mattering as if their historical atrocities are anywhere near the same level of what we continue to endure! That’s right… and counting!

Does Brown (a legendary social activist by the way) have amnesia?! Has he forgotten this flag is behind the cryptic declaration of independence for everyone except Afrikan people who’re still considered by many as 3/5th a man? Or the fact this flag was behind (and continues to benefit) from free slave labor whose descendants happen to be the backbone of their economy — a nearly $1.5 trillion buying power one of which that has a less than 1% base of Afrikan Diasporic entrepreneurz as alternative opposition for their consumerz?

This same flag — whose politicianz who make up this government infiltrated and then flooded our communities with socio-economic poverty, red-lining, planned parenthood (which prohibited welfare if the father lived in the home), and low-performance schoolz, then inundated the neighborhood with gunz, alcohol, heroine and crack-cocaine — creating a need to now be “policed” which is really unofficially a covert declaration of war against black people?!

The same people behind the flag who allow Monsanto to sell genetically modified frankenstein-like concoctionz disguised as food?!!?

I could go on and on… and more timely since it’s election season, the flag whose government revisits whether they want to give American-Afrikanz the right to vote every 25 yearz?!!?

Through these ten areas, they strive to effectively use the war tactic “Diversion and Delay” for you see, instead of talking about our issues, we’re defending them! Instead of talking about police murdering Afrikanz, we’re talking about a freaking flag?!

On September 11, 2016, retired NFL Quarterback and ESPN Football Anaylst, Trent Dilfer had it all wrong — and you could see our collective response in fellow ex-player Randy Moss’ face. True, child slavery exists and is immorally wrong — an example Dilfer tried to use as an injustice of equal relevance (like whitefolk alwayz do to get us off topic) — however the isolated topic is the targeting and gunning down of Afrikan people being "policed" unlike any other ethnic demograph. We've long kept our mouths shut thinking and hoping, justice and equality would come from the elected officialz those of us who vote put in office (which is one of the many reasonz why I don't vote).

And now that we have other social meanz to prove this is a national attack through social media, whitefolk wish to silence – or dilute – our voice by grouping it with all the other social illz this country spewz out. This shouldn't at all sound familiar for the same tactic was used during the Civil Rights era where our movement was literally hijacked by what Malcolm X called "The Big Ten”. (I’m being sarcastic…) Today, civil rights benefits everyone except who it was intended for!

By the way, Shannon Sharp’s comment on Fox Sports 1 show ‘The Skip and Shannon Undisputed’ was on point:


“Sir, we have as far as possible closed every avenue by which light may enter the slaves' minds; if we could extinguish their capacity to see the light, they would be on the level of the beasts of the fields, and our work would be completed, and we would be safe.”
— Henry Berry, Esq., Speaking in the Virginia House of Delegates January 20, 1832

We can see heed was taken on Berry’s wordz (take note it was delivered this was almost five months to the day before that Nat Turner rebelled August 21, 1831). Take a sec and pause on that for we see Turner put a scare in whitefolk and they knew they had to come up with a plan for their safety.

They did just that and today whitefolk control 85% of the world. One major achilles and eventual downfall of this systematic racizm is their addictive dependency of wishing to be us!

The media and ignorant or pawned retired athlete’s are cleverly trying to change the narrative of what this is all about which is really concerning the policing of our people in this country. The next time someone wants to dilute the atrocities against us by the police with everyone else, ala “All Lives Matter”, give them this link: Police shootings and brutality in the United States: 9 things you should know.

Here are a few to think about:

- Police officers in the US shoot and kill hundreds of people each year, according to the FBI's very limited data — far more than other developed countries like the UK, Japan, and Germany, where police officers might go an entire year without killing more than a dozen people or even anyone at all.

- Black people are much more likely to be shot by police than their white peers.

- 39% of Black people are killed by police while NOT attacking! This is the most alarming: 4 out of 10 of us can be murdered when stopped AND not resisting!

- Cops are almost never prosecuted and convicted for use of force. Police are very rarely prosecuted for shootings — and not just because the law allows them wide latitude to use force on the job. Sometimes the investigations fall onto the same police department the officer is from, which creates major conflicts of interest.

- The federal government has helped the militarization of police. Over the past few decades, the federal government has helped equip local and state police departments with military-grade equipment to help them fight the war on drugs and war on terror. But until recently, the programs came with lax training and oversight, leading to what many critics of law enforcement described as abuse.The criticisms blew up during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over the police shooting of Michael Brown. Police often deployed military-grade equipment — such as tear gas, rubber bullets, sound cannons, and mine-resistant armored trucks — against largely peaceful protesters, sometimes agitating the situation and causing demonstrations to unnecessarily escalate into tense and even violent conflicts. released an additional 2016 piechart of people killed by police in the United States that’s worth reviewing.

When we review the long list of murderz of innocent Afrikanz by police they should prosecuted as criminalz who’ve taken lives with "premeditated murder”. Cops who choose to shoot unarmed civilianz rather than taze or use some other tactic that's not fatal are premeditated acts. In the cases of wrongful deaths agains our pepole, it is clear to them life is not precious.

On September 16, 2016 an unarmed 40 year-old #TerenceCrutcher of Tulsa, Oklahoma was gunned down by officer Betty Shelby while three other white police officerz watched as he stood by his stalled SUV (his car had simply broken down). The video was released and you can hear them suggest him to be looking like “a bad dude” and insinuating he “must be on something” by police officer chatting in a helicopter several hundred feet above as they used a dash cam to video record the altercation.

As you know, no weapon of any kind was found on Crutcher or his vehicle. And worse, you can see how the officerz showed no remorse or empathy for Crutcher letting him lay in his blood not even trying to revive him. Instead, they uniformly walked backward toward their police car as if to conceal their faces on the dash cam.

This echoes the stat “4 out of 10” of us are being killed under no protest. This is the issue of today and while we die at the hand of those trained to “protect and serve”, it is more clear that one who they’re not protecting.

Speaking metaphorically of that blade of grass breaking through the bed of concrete, in hopes of the actionz of a few NFL playerz joining Kaepernick in the first few weeks of the 2016 season, the number has the potential to go viral… with education. Trust, there are few star athletes that could successfully spark a protest — case in point Myke Tavares of the Philadelphia a Eagles — one of the first professional athletes to respond in solidarity to Kaepernick rescind his plan to sit also as quickly as he initially announced it.

Another lesser-known player, Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos, lost two endorsements from Air Academy Federal Credit Union and Century Link, a telecommunicationz company after kneeling during the season game opener. Although they're not Nike or some other kind of global brand it most certainly puts an Afrikan athlete on pause — especially if they don't have tenure in the league.

What’s interesting is on October 5, a store owner in Colorado cancelled an autograph signing with Marshall. The owner also went on social media disagreeing with Marshall’s “method of delivery” and in protest of this protest, proceeded to ask his patronz to send in pictures of veteran loved ones. Some 175 photo’s were sent in. Again… totally off the mark. Whitefolk are quick to make it an anti-military thing (aka All Lives Matter) as if our people are murdering soliderz. If anything they should be angry with the very government that sent them there in the first place!

A month in, the obvious issue for the lack of demonstrationz by more playerz (mainly the absence of additional star athletes) is the lack of education couple with the fear of losing endorsements and possible exile from sports. I could add the lack of courage but the fact is, most athlete’s aren’t up-to-date on many social issues. On the average they are 25 or younger and most exclusively now just sports and know little if any of our history or the history of race relationz for that matter.

As a result of their class status and wealth (and agents in their earz) the’ve been literally removed from our communities — many since childhood. So it’s illogical to expect a player who studies and trainz to play his/her sport everyday — that now has money and lives in gated communities — to be well-versed about our socio-, political, economic, and spiritual illz? True, many have come from it… but many have also not returned.

Let’s be clear, whitefolk will never endorse a conscious-thinking Afrikan in any sport — or other profession for that matter. More so, the scariest type of player for any franchise is not a social player, but a culturally aware one!

The nod in our corner as to why there has yet to have been a major corporation to terminate a contract with a high profile player. This showz their awareness of the possible economic snowball effect that could potentially follow for they know the American-Afrikan community is where they make their money!

Couple that with it being a real legitimate concern to that player who contemplates standing for a social issue but knowz it can jeopardize all s/he’s worked for to get to this point gives some solace to these endorsorz. The sad thing is they’re also are adhering to Dilfer’s thought that a player should be “seen but not heard”.

See, when we're winning they want to parade us across media, but when we want to address human issues — because athletes are human — the Dilfer method is wished.

So although I do wish (and hope) more will step up, we can’t be sheep waiting for an athlete to come and direct nor save us. It’d be pretty naïve to think Afrikan athletes could lead us somewhere other than to some kind of championship (no disrespect, just real talk…). Could they spark it? Without question, but we must overstand so far they’ve played a limited role in our fight for liberation for they were bred for a totally different reason outside of everyday Blackfolk. And although they’e been effective in galvanizing people for said championships, for ethnic liberation remainz a pipe dream.

Let’s think bigger! Imagine if all professional, collegiate and even high school playerz decided to go on a season-long boycott — no games for one year! The Olympics just ended, think of all these countries who orchestrated, aided, abided and benefited the creation of colonizing and kidnapping of Diasporic Afrikanz and our land for pure domination and profit! Imagine if each and every Afrikan athlete either didn’t participate or if the one’s who placed Gold, Silver and Bronze draped themselves in a Red, Black and Green flag instead of the flagz of their colonial kidnapperz! Think now, can the black athlete spark da revolution??

This could happen at any moment at any time… if just a few of us organized! The Afrikan athlete would have a mass and direct economic impact quicker than our waiting for us all to do it. There is hope for the Afrikan athlete as they have moments of awakening from their slumber or I wouldn’t even be writing this piece. Yet still there’s this rooted “pause”.

When you’re able to see professional (and collegiate) leagues are merely modern day plantationz where they breed athletes, you see what they’re bred for… to entertain and exploit them financially!

From the owner perspective, this is a golden revolving door! As noted in part 1 of this series, the average career for NFL playerz is 3.5 seasonz and NBA playerz 4.7. Outside of franchise quarterbacks and All-Star shooterz, there aren’t many longterm contracts made with playerz, plus ownerz continue to make money off playerz even after they retire — people still buy Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jerseyz.

Ask yourself, how do you create this revolving door of playerz willing to do anything to make it to the league? What’s the reason most playerz do it? At the top of the list would be “to give their family a better life.” Most playerz fully commit to sports not worried about developing in other aspects of life because there are many coaches, scouts, agents and not to mention, fanz in their ear about how they’re gonna make it to the big leagues and be rich!

It’s simple mathematics, Impoverished conditionz create the appetite of young athletes will to leave the hood to live the high life. Retrospectively, ownerz of leagues and teamz know their success dependz on intergenerational poverty! 

It should be an obvious fact American-Afrikanz were better off before integration. We did for ourselves because no one would do for us on the account of race. We created our own existence relying on and doing business with each other. Despite social, spiritual, and economic deprivation, we found a way to collectively exist and in most cases did sustainably (mainly because poverty restricted us access to materializm).

When YT caught wind of our resilience and gaged the collaborative wealth we potentially yield, they switched gearz and did away with segregation and implemented integration — not for humanitarian reasonz but for money! See, we folks refuse to study behavioral science and race relationz because the vast majority actually thinks integration happened out of love when it was strictly an economic decision! Prove me wrong and show how you can dispute the fact that in 2016 we are still nearly 99% consumer and 1% producer; or that of our nearly two-trillion dollar spending power American-Afrikanz possess there are no businesses of our own to be the beneficiaries of said power? Is it really because we're not business minded? I offer you to read 'Our Black Year' by Maggie Anderson for documented proof of my stance.

The truth is, a conscious athlete can spark da revolution for they not only have the notoriety to attract an audience, they have the financial resources to venture capitalize Afrikan-owned business! We wouldn't need the money laundering bank system for loanz where we pay hefty interest rates while they take our money to sustain their own communities!

Imagine. The total collective salaries of black athletes is enough to finance our own 10 APA, hell, its enough to redevelop Afrika or any land (or landz) we choose! Couple that with our collective spending power, we’d be able to liberate ourselves ourself!

Author and professor of African-American Studies at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga, Nathan McCall noted,

"The concept of black athletes building a coalition isn’t unheard of today. It’s just not constructed around a social or political cause… The same way that LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh got together to build that team (the Heat) you can get a coalition of athletes together to take a stand on an issue. The media would take issue with their stand, but that’s the point.”

This is more than about a kneel, this is a reawakening! The question is how long will Kaepernick continue to kneel?

The movement Kaepernick sparked has great potential and the ability to appeal to all generationz. Our children are watching, looking for leadership. There have been many high school and even Pop Warner football teams who’ve also taken a knee in protest.

Going back to Henry Berry’s quote on the key to the maintenance of white power is to shackle and control the mindz of Afrikan people, what we are witnessing today is the result of ensuing generationz deviance — which is divinely inevitable — eventually, we will rise.

As everyday folk, we can help assist athletes spark the revolution by openly supporting them. Use social media to support them, design and wear t-shirts with messages of support and wear them to games, tweet to them individually books to read like 'The 40 Million Dollar Slave’, 'Our Black Year’, ‘Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization’ and even The more educated they become, the more pure our message will become viral.

I end with how I started, Amos Wilson’s quote:

“An act does not end at the end of its occurrence but continues to move, down through the ages, influencing generation after generation after generation.”

What part will you play in this revolution? Our future dependz on it!


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November 3, 2016 —  Interesting note of recent events: Something is brewing among NBA Players. Last night (November 2, 2016) the Washington Wizards playerz (hosting against the Toronto Raptors) were seen locking arms during the playing of the National Anthem. They weren’t the only ones. The New York Knicks (vs. the Houston Rockets) had their arms around each others’ shoulderz, the Brooklyn Nets AND the Detroit Pistons locked armz, the Boston Celtics also linked armz as they hosted the Chicago Bulls, the Utah Jazz, hosting the Dallas Mavericks had armz on each otherz shoulderz, and the Portland Trail Blazers (at the Phoenix Suns) locked armz.

That’s a total of 8 NBA teamz doing a similar gesture in support of the NFLs San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest.

Not to mention on November 1, Los Angeles Clippers DeAndre Jordan states to TMZ R&B singer Sevyn Streeter should “diss the 76ers the same way they dissed her… and reject their off of a do-over-make-good performance of the National Anthem” after being blocked October 26 from singing the anthem minutes before a Philadelphia 76ers home game because she wore a “We Matter” jersey. Comedian DL Hughley said it best, “Is ‘Matter’ the new N-Word?”

Yep, folks are waking up! It’s now time for we who know to give them a cultural base to help sustain and give growth to awareness of racial injustices we continue to face!

Each one teach MANY!

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