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(written circa 1997)

Let me first say I do not feel comfortable talking about what I feel Sistaz can/should do because it can come off chauvinistic—but I must share something with you, so I ask for your acceptance this once.

Let's be frank, there's a growing rate of Afrikan women collectively who don't care about bein' conscious or culturally-centered, only how much one has in the bank. But as I turned to the Ancestorz for guidance, I was shown a perspective that altered my once slighted, so this piece goes to the Supreme Goddess' who embody the true spirit of Aset, Hatshepsut, Queen Nzingha, Queen Tiye, Assata, Yaa Asantewa, and the countless other unmentioned sistaz who are the real divaz of Afrikan antiquity.

This piece is also guided by the 7th principle of MAAT, Gender (everything has both masculine and feminine qualities), for the pendulum of white supremacy is coming to an end and beginning to swing to the positive and we brothaz who claim to be consciousness must relinquish our chauvinistic qualities and make way for the other (and more important, I might add) half of the whole!

This is a principle violated by male and female. That's why it's difficult for even conscious folk to allow sistaz to take their rightful place, beside the Afrikan man, not behind. I've witnessed it numerous tymz where "conscious" brothaz have a problem allowing sistaz share the frontline. Although I'd like to think their main intension may be to protect her from harm, because of ignorance on behalf of both, this ancient principle practiced by our Ancestorz, is consistently violated; even sistaz in many cases willingly steps backward.

Wayne Chandler, author of Ancient Future, stated, "[T]his principle is absent in Western culture, most probably due to the entrenched patriarchal customs and mores of a male-dominated culture and society. The Judeo-Christian tradition attributes the genesis of all creation to a lone male deity, God. [T]here is the Trinity of God ‚— three persons in one God — the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (or Ghost), all of whom are masculine."

How can the concept of God be without the woman present?!!? Even those sistaz that say God was a woman, why do they still stand behind the man? I am not professin' sistaz become independent, I'm merely statin' if he will not give you the mic, TAKE IT! It's clearly evident to we brothaz ain't rockin' it right. And rightfully so, without balance, or in better termz, your commanding presence, it can't be done — justly and correctly...

Why do I still feel sistaz can still spark da revolution? And why do I feel sistaz haven't thus far? These will be answered, but first, I want the reader to overstand that I intend no harm to those who read this piece. As well, this is not a piece to "attack" sistaz, while biggin' up the brothas. On the contrary, if anything its the polar opposite! I invite and hope this will inspire sistaz to send DGT a piece tellin' us how brothaz can spark da revolution. Afterall, it's all about balance.

To start out, I'd like to use then director of the FBI, Gay (Jay) Edgar Hoover's quest to stop the next "black messiah", as he called it, with his infamous COINTELPRO operation. Ancestor and historian, Steve Cokely once said in one of his lectures Hoover had a 3-point rating scale to Afrikan organizationz that posed a threat to white supremacy in the late 1960-to- early-1970s. With 3-points being the highest:

  • Any organization ran by brothas received 1-point on the scale of being a threat.
  • Any organization managed by brothaz AND sistaz received 2-points. And lastly,
  • Any organization governed by Afrikan women received 3-points.

Clearly even this wicked closet-homosexual saw that if sistaz had they -ish in check, Hoover and the control governed by white supremacists would be in in jeopardy so they had to device a counter-attack which I will elaborate on in a sec.

If you were to look back in Ourstory, you would find that some of the major battles fought were led by Afrikan women. Here's a few:

  • Hatshepsut, fifth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty of Kemet. She established the trade networks that had been disrupted during the Hyksos occupation of Kemet during the Second Intermediate Period, thereby building the wealth of the eighteenth dynasty. She oversaw the preparationz and funding for a mission to the Land of Punt and also was one of the most prolific builderz in ancient Kemet, commissioning hundredz of construction projects throughout both Upper and Lower Kemet.
  • Yaa Asantewaa, an Ashanti queen who led the Ashanti rebellion known as the War of the Golden Stool, also known as the Yaa Asantewaa war, against British colonializm in 1900.
  • The Libyan Amazons, who founded cities and temples in the Aegean and Anatolia
  • The Amazons of Dahomey were crack all-female troops, all female, who also served as royal bodyguards
  • Queen Nyabinghi, also called Queen Muhmusa or Tahtahme, she inspired the Nyabinghi

These Goddess' didn't sit in some office behind the scenes, giving orderz thousandz of miles away via radio (like the noodle-back "leaderz" of today), these women were master warriorz who fought oftentymz on the FRONTLINE! Sistaz of today carry that same spirit today, it's just many have been confused by the countless ill subliminalz perpetuated by YT.

An example of this counter-attack on our sistaz happened at the 1997 Million Woman March, in Philadelphia, PA which was completely different than the Million Man March of '95. Although both did nothin' other than be a million-plus cookout, the deeper thing was that there were madd vendorz at the Woman March! Now let's be real... you know you cain't get nothin' accomplished when there's all kindz of sales goin' on for sistaz to purchase!

In the Afrikan community, sistaz are the backbone of the family. Where we find many of our fatherz left (most initially ousted by the government issuing the welfare program where poor families could not receive welfare unless there wasn't a man in the house), leaving many of our motherz with several mouths to feed and little work available.

True indeed, we can see sistaz are in there fightin', but do they know what they're fightin' about or for? As just mentioned, the system could not risk having the Afrikan woman rise, so they needed to create a diversion! Another one is the cosmetic industry.

What does makeup have to do with detaining sistaz from liberation you ask? Simple. Define beauty. The worldz perception of beauty is taught from the mindset and complexion of a people certainly not of Afrikan descent. Think, what do you see in the magazines, tv commercialz, billboardz as beauty? Now ask yourself have you been taught what Afrikan beauty is? I've held this inside for a seriously long time, and this yearning led me to do more insight and research and what I found to be quite true: Afrikan women have been taught to be something other than what they are naturally.

Why the attack on makeup? Because women are doing just that, making themselves up to be something they naturally are not! Our sistaz are constantly bein' told how to look, what's attractive to men and it's companies like Covergirl, Victoria's Secret, Avon, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and yes, even Essence (because they have these companies advertisements throughout the magazine). What has become recently oxymoronic is the surge of beauty now bein' full-figured or thick-women where we find white and non-Afrikan women surgically enhancing their breasts and behindz — something Afrikan women have naturally! Examples of this is where kim kardashian is said to have the most popular body, as if there isn't a hundred Afrikan women compared to every euro.

Now how does white supremacy fall into this? For one, the excessive amounts of chemical toxinz women induce not only causes eventual physical and health problemz, it most importantly, causes serious mental disorderz!

For instance, what is it you sistaz say you do to your hair, I'ma get my hair relaxed. Well what does " relax" mean? The illusion is that until chemicalz reach your hair, you consider your hair unrelaxed, or better yet, wild. But isn't "wild" s'posed to be free and natural? When you go to animal prison (zoo) and you see a lion, is he relaxed or free? We have been miseducated by hell-y-wood to think that wild meanz uncivilized and thus inhumane, which is commonly called "The Tarzan syndrome". But Afrika is not like that, and you, descendant from Afrika, aren't like that. Let's go deeper...

What was your hair like before your first temporary (perm)? It was natural and free. Yeah, we were taught by YT that kinky, knotty hair was bad so we yearned for our hair to be "more manageable", just like whitefolk. It is a known fact, through studies of arts and sciences in KMT (Kemet erroneously called egypt), everything in life is made in curves, spiralz, and waves. The DNA chemical structure of your body is in a spiral; the curve of the Afrikan body is curved; sound moves in patternz in the form of waves; even the makeup of the Milky Way galaxy we live in is spiral; and yes, the molecular makeup of a strand of your hair naturally is spiral. We see life in waves and spiralz, whereas its counterpart, we witness the absence of life, or energy, in flat lines (in the hospital, one can know your living by the pattern of waves on a respirator. If you expire, you see a flat line). So the same math must apply to hair as well.

What is hair? What is the use for it? It has long been noted that Afrikan spiral hair serves as antennas connecting us to our Ancestral Data Banks (ADB). You ever get vybz or say something and don't know where it came from? It does come from within, but it is also assisted by the upper most part of your body, where your hair resides. Look at your hair as if you would a satellite dish on top of a house. Our body is made of electronz, therefore, we have electric currents running through our body. That is also why you can rub a balloon on top of your crown and stick it on a wall. The unfortunate thing is many of us ignore the telekinetic vybz we receive from the polyverse via our hair and hair follicles.

If you were to take a strand of natural Afrikan hair and compare to "permed" hair, you would see that the "permed" hair seemz almost lifeless, whereas the spiral, kinky hair has several curves and shapes. This has a lot to do with the different chemical and biological makeup of Afrikanz opposed to YT. When you perm your hair, you are immensely dulling your connection to your ADB, which holdz the story of who you are; your spiritual connection to the Ancestorz and your ability to enhance intuitive learning. The hundredz of thousandz of hair follicles are drowned with toxic-killing chemicalz that have turned our Goddess' into the material "wannabe" eurocentric-looking image she is today.

Gone are the knotty Nubian locks, real braidz (not weaves) and naturalz, in comes Essence, Ebony, Black Hair and countless other white dictated, black publicationz telling you what to do to your hair because they know, not only does the uppermost part of your body house your Ancestral antenna, the most important invention given by Energy (my name for god), YOUR AFRIKAN MIND. When I look back to the late 1960s, sistaz were wearing naturalz and braiding their hair. This was the re-evolution of our Afrikan heritage. This strategic move scared YT so much that they had to dupe it, creating a diluted message by making the movie '10' in 1979, which starred Bo Derek, giving the official "Cracka pardon" for the natural look.

The cosmetic industry was diluted into the Afrikan community to alter the Afrikan meaning of beauty to accommodate the eurocentric, gender-violating, and sex-crazed society we live in today. Brothas have become more attracted to the body than the mind, and sistaz, have relinquished their mental beauty for that moment they can " exhale" in the armz of a relationship that is primarily based on sex. I ain't gonna front, I suffer from the same addiction as most brothas. I have to retrain myself to not look at an Afrikan woman sexually, first, but mentally — a task I deal with daily. This must be on the record because I don't want to make it seem as though I am cured from admiring the sexual aura of our women, I am simply relaying the symptomz, my prescription may not work for everyone.

On a health note, one question that puzzles me the most when on the topic of perming is, if surgeonz stress not to get permz when you are pregnant because it may cause fetal damage, what makes you think it won't cause any damage to you when you're not?!!? The (brain) damage is already done when you let a common assertion such as this pass you by. This is why I believe there has been a war declared on the Afrikan woman and she doesn't even know it!

Something hell-y-wood also did to further detach the Afrikan from our culture is convince everyone, through tell-a lie-vision, that to be natural with cowrie shellz and drumz would be duped as "voodoo" or "black magic". Remember the movie, 'Serpent and the Rainbow', with Lisa Bonet that was staged in the south where they had our people killing chickenz and showerin' themselves with the blood while playing drumz, singing and dancin'? This is this ignorant cracka using the silver-screen to instill lies of us bein' savages and performed demonic ceremonies, when in fact if you research masonry and other secret societies like Skull&Bones and fraternities, you will find it is they who perform demonic ritualz like initiates having anal intercourse with each other... in the name of brotherhood!

So this is how they got brothaz to fear the natural looking, shell-wearing, spiritual sistaz and opt for the long straight-haired, made up (wannabe) sista we see today. No doubt, some of y'all look dope, but when I think of how we have been brainwashed to think being your natural looking self, you were blessed to be, is not enough for you to feel you can show yourself in public, it makes me wonder just who you are trying to look like, Queen Tiye or queen elizabeth?!!?

But even so, you have those sistaz that are now wearing the braided weaves. The beef is that it is still "fashion" if you are not doing it natural. Peep, in the late 1980s, if you had a weave or extensionz, you were the punch line of every snap! Now, everybody wearing so-called "hair" because they say you don't have to worry about doing your own, while you make them Korean and Indianz rich. I can't tell you how many 5 and 6 year-oldz I've seen that have weaves! On top of that, according to health historian, Dr. Imhotep Llaila Afrika, there's a particular chemical used to make weaves that causes not only mood swingz, but breast and prostate cancer!

One should take pride in his or her appearance instead of looking for a short-cut. I get vexed when I see my Afrikan sistaz with extensionz or red, blue and more mentally suppressing, blond wigz. When I see a sista with the fake braidz, I know she does not have the overstanding of locks and is cheating the whole natural and spiritual process; therefore, skipping the whole meaning. Besides, with all the loot these weave and nail shops make off our sistaz, how many of these shops are Afrikan owned?!!?

Frankly put, Afrikan women have been reprogrammed to believe what beauty is by someone who ain't Afrikan. And this non-Afrikan tellz our sistaz what is and what isn't beautiful and won't hesitate to sell it to her! Our most precious jewel, the Afrikan woman, is being attacked on all fronts. If it's not makeup or permz, it's douches and sanitary napkinz. Ttake a look at the ingredients and you'll find douche's and padz cause yeast infectionz, leading to numerous cancerz and tumorz of the vagina, the gate of life!

I know most sistaz may be vexed at we right now, but, aside from all my personal critiques, the most important is that these chemi(killz) cause major damage to you sista. They say a nation can only rise as high as its woman. Well, sistaz we know we have been cella dwellaz for a madd long time. I think it's about time you give up Maybelline, Avon, Victoria Secret, Cosmopolitan and Dark & Lovely and think about what you are not only doing to your ADB, but your seedz ADB! We brothaz need you, we cannot rebuild without you, in fact, we need you to lead us!

In 2013, Nielsen released its report Resilient, Receptive and Relevant highlighting the spending habits of American-Afrikanz in the United States. Essence’s 2009 Smart Beauty research study found that American-Afrikan women spend $7.5 billion annually on beauty products and spent 80% more on cosmetics and skin-care products than the general market! According to celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine, Black women are spending more at the counter because “there’s little satisfaction. She keeps buying with the hope that this product will do what it’s supposed to do.”!

YT is well aware that the Afrikan woman is the key to their demise and to combat this, has waged an all-out subliminal war against your health. They do this successfully by also dictate your health habits like eating decayed flesh with high levelz of bovine growth hormones and steroidz — which is why our young Afrikan females are reaching puberty earlier — and their mindz [with toxic depleting chemi(killz) that dull your intuitive reasoning]. These 2 operationz have assisted in the ongoing delay of Afrikanz finally uniting and liberating us from the grips of global white supremacy!

I've alwayz said and believed our Afrikan women are the one's who can spark our revolution, or more clearly, liberation because there is life to be lived after our victory over white supremacy. For decades I've had thousandz of cypherz with conscious Brotha's but I must confess, when it came to the actual "doing" of what we discussed, far and few backed up what they talked. Because of this, I've realized getting us to the next step or phase of "acting" or creating tangible resolutionz will only be effectively carried out by our women... and the only way to get our Brotha's to listen and carry out is if the key ingredient is put in place.

My Sistaz, I ask you, what is probably the most constant thought on a man's mind? A woman. We brothaz will do all kindz of thingz to win just a minute percentage of your attention. Now all the Brothaz reading this is about to get vexed at me, but I must say this: Sistaz, imagine if you created a coalition of Afrikan-centered women that came together and decided to refrain from having intercourse with us men under these guidelines:

  1. You'd have to first read a certain set of books before any kind of sexual intercourse like: Marimba Ani's, 'Yurugu'; Francess Cress Welsing's, 'Isis Papers'; Jessica Gordon Nembhard's, 'Collective Courage'; Chancellor Williams, Desctruction of Black Civilization; and Anthony Browder's, 'Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization' (just to name a few).
  2. Arrange a right of passage curricula for both women and men on communal/sustainable living practices inlcuding food production, village builidng, and yes, physical defense.

Putting it bluntly, the key ingredient is between your legz, Sis-Star! When you think about it, the womanz womb is the centerpiece of life! If these two basic steps were in place, we men would wake up. And let's be frank, we know the motivating factor is our love for sexual intimacy, BUT, coupled with the educational training aforementioned, we'd both lose all the noodle-back negroes who'd rather settle with a white, asian, or any other woman other than an Afrikan women (which we don't need anywayz), as well as have a generation of men dedicated to gender equity and the true union of wo/man and family moving forward, walking side-by-side, leading us to independence!

So I leave you wth this challange: when will you be ready Queenz?!!? WAKE UP! A large percentage of our fate is on your shoulderz! We await your instruction...

UPDATE (updated November 9, 2015): PROPHECY FULFILLED
If you haven't heard, filmmaker Spike Lee has a new movie coming out, 'Chi-Raq', set to debut in theatres December 4th (see the trailer here). The context of this movie is said to be a parody of sorts that dates back to 411BC to the story of Lysistrata, a comedic play by Aristophanes where Lysistrata persuades the women of greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbandz and loverz as a meanz of forcing the men to bring about peace in a time of war. Imaging if this tactic was used today by our conscious women to challenge us Brotha's...

Having no knowledge of Lee's movie until now, nor even the story of Lysistrata, I eagerly anticipate the reaction our Sis-Starz will have once seeing this movie and perhaps, correlating this article. .

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