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(written 2014)

On the second Monday of each October, a pause is taken in parts of the western world to celebrate Columbus Day. In schoolz across the United States, children are taught the italian navigator, Cristobol Colon, better known as Christopher Columbus discovered America.

I pose this question, how can any sane person believe he was the first "civilized" person to discover a country when in fact, he's probably the first serial killer to wreak havoc on foreign land from the moment he landed until when he left?!

Further, how does this alleged discovery hold weight when South and Central America, and Mexico are connected to North America—all regionz that were not populated after but before North America and Canada were because geographically they were not covered in ice when North America and Canada was?! There's much anthropological evidence to show these ancient landz were populated by descendants of MU, Lemuria, and Atlantis, long before the ice finally receded in Northern America, which was around 11-10,000BC.

Here's another question: how can anyone believe Columbus was the first oceanic navigator to arrive in America when the peoples of the Caribbean Island region, Mexico, South and Central America, and Siberia were only a few miles away? How is it Columbus is accepted as the first man in all of Earth's recorded history to successfully navigate an ocean?! This implies the rest of the world, especially those in the Nile Valley—which resides adjacent to the infamous 4000-mile-plus Nile River—never voyaged across the waterz and just stayed put?!!? That's like saying white pirate—I mean, rapper macklemore was the first emcee! Forget all the legendary mceez going back to the 1970s, he's the first!

Soundz ludicrous, right? Well this should be the same reply when bringing up Columbus! If anything a phrase that should become popular for mackelmore, and all other whites who plagiarize Afrikan culture is the term a close friend recently told me, "they Columbusin'!" or stealing without regard.

This is the mentally so-called historianz continue to exhibit when it comes to ancient artifacts and recordz that prove the existence of oceanic voyages of cultures thousandz of yearz before Columbus.

This type of academic and media response is a deliberate denial of the truth, fueled by a constant brain washing of the public through imagery and scholastic propaganda. It is a deliberate attempt to hide the truth for the sake of YTs fictitious position of racial superiority.

If it's one thing we Afrikanz-in-America (or better put, American-Afrikanz love to do, it's celebrate. And although there shouldn't be of any sort on this date, in contrast, if there is anything we should be celebrating, it's these 9 Hidden Notables listed below. Each one teach MANY to know thyself and thy enemy Afrikanz!

9 Christopher Kill-umbus Unknown Notables

#1 - Columbus' real name rooted in colonializm.
Is it a coincidence we find his original name (Colon) in the word 'Colonize'?! The fact his name is the root of what's defined as "a country who sendz a group of settlerz to a place to establish political control over it," drawz a direct correlation as he should be the posterchild of colonializm as well as detested (along with Napoleon) as one of the wickedest invaderz of recorded history.

#2 - Who Did Columbus have his first encounter with in the Americas?
Historianz, archeologists, anthropologists and other scientists and scholarz know Columbus did not "discover" America. Among the indigenous folk that were here, many were of Afrikan descent, having sailed to the Americas thousandz of yearz before Columbus got lost thinking he was sailing to Asia ending up in the Bahamas, which he claimed for Spain and named San Salvador.

He incorrectly assumed this land was "the Indies" and thus gave the name "Indianz" to the Tainos—a member of an extinct Arawak people—he met on the island. Imagine the arrogance of an outsider coming to your land and deciding a name to call you other than what you already call yourselves… but this is nothing new; this is what they do! Have we forgotten when we were kidnapped and placed in physical bondage where they took away our names, only to name us after white oppressorz: Johnson meaning, John's son; Robinson, associated as Robin's son, etc.

#3 - Academia was challenged to remove Columbus replacing with the Afrikan founderz as early as 1800s.
Afrikanz appear to have had the greatest impact as the earliest indigenous of the Americas. During the 19th and 20th centuries, several scholarz wrote books and articles proving this, urging the academic establishment to correct this omission in grade and middle-school curricula across the country to reflect the many contributionz of Afrikan people of American antiquity. Instead and denied, our children are taught the myth of Columbus being the founding father.

#4 - Colonization in the America's began on Christmas Day.
The Tainos told Columbus about a larger island to the south, Cuba and he spent a month sailing along the coast of Cuba in search of gold. In early December they reached another large island, which he named Hispaniola or Española, the Spanish word for Spain. Today Hispaniola is comprised of the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

On this island, Columbus met a Taino chief who wore gold ornaments. On December 24, he invited the chief and his people to come aboard the Santa Maria for a holiday celebration. After the festivities everyone fell asleep and the ship hit a coral reef with damages that couldn't be repaired. On Christmas Day the Tainos helped the Spanish sailorz unload the Santa Maria and carry the cargo ashore. Columbus then founded the first European settlement in the Americas on the site, a small bay where the Haitian village of Limonade-Bord-de-Mer now standz. He named the settlement La Navidad — "the birth"; as in the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, since he founded it on Christmas Day. When he left La Navidad a few weeks later to return to Spain, twenty-one of his men remained behind beginning the Spanish colonization of the Americas on the day and in the name of this merry Christ-mess!

#5 - The Afrikan presence in America pre-Columbus is widespread.
Several dozen stone headz have been found at ancient sacred locationz like Tres Zapotes and La Venta. The larger than life stone headz were just short of 10 feet high, 22 feet in radius and in the range of 30-40 tonz in weight. There's no mistake in the identity of these relics for they all had full Afrikan lips and noses—most likely what Her Em Akhet looked like before being the target by Muslim Turks (the Mamluks) as early as 1380AD. [Watch 'The Riddle of Her Em Akhet' on DGTv

What most may not know is as far back as 1500BC, four of these large stone headz were discovered near two Mirw (original and plural name for pyramid)! Further proof is seen by collectorz who found clay figurines depicting Afrikanz as chiefs, priests, drummerz, high-ranked statesmen, and beautiful women. Check out Alexander Von Wuthenau's 'Unexpected Faces in Ancient America'—a title within itself protecting the ludicrous impression an Afrikan presence in America has remained a hidden truth.

Afrikan remainz have also been found throughout the New World. Skullz and skeletonz were discovered at Olmec sites in Cerro de las Mesas, Monte Alban, and Tlatilco, as well as found in Central and South America, Mexico, and California and even parts of the midwest!

What's more, Dr. David Imhotep revealed in his book, 'The First Americans were Africans: Documented Evidence', that an Olmec wall painting was found in a cave at Juxlahuaca, Mexico, that showz a priest performing the Nile Valley's own "Opening of the Mouth Ceremony" on subject. The painting is an almost facsimile found in the 'The Book of Coming Forth by Day' aka the 'Egyptian Book of the Dead'! This is a distinctly Afrikan ritual occurring nowhere else on the planet.

Even deeper are the names of cities in Colorado and Arizona that were known originally by names from the Nile Valley:

"The area around Ninety-four Mile Creek and Trinity Creek had areas (of rock formations, apparently) with names like Tower of Set, Tower of Ra, Horus Temple, and Isis Temple."
— DH Childress, 'Lost Cities of North & Central America', 1992

See the connection? Oh, you need more evidence? Imhotep revealz:

    • • Cylindrical sealz (a small round cylinder, engraved with written characterz or figurative scenes used in ancient tymz to roll an impression onto a two-dimensional surface) closely resembling ones used in Kemet (erroneously called egypt) were found in Ohio. (Ronald Pastore, 'The Mound Matrix Mystery', 2001)
    • • The bust of an Afrikan'z head carved into a rock that fell dating back to 1000BC was found at an ancient burial ground, Seip Mound, also in Ohio.
    • • Black people owned about one million square miles of land in the "Louisiana Territories" and the South Eastern and Florida region, as well as California. In all these areas of the U.S., there were the American-Afrikan nations that existed before Columbus arrived.

#6 - Columbus admits Afrikanz were in the Americas.
Ancestor Historian, Ivan Van Sertima noted in his book, 'Early America Revisited' (After his trips to the Americas, Columbus' son, Ferdinand wrote a book about his ventures in which he said he personally saw "negroe" just north of Honduras.

Ferdinand also wrote the Afrikanz his father saw carried spearz who tips were made of Guanan — the natives' word for gold. What's deep is we find the word 'Guanin' is used by thirteen West Afrikan countries which also meanz gold! This proves an also linguistic connection the New World has with the western region of Afrika!

Columbus sent a sample of the spear tips back for evaluation in Spain only to find it was not solid gold but a metal alloy—meaning there were several metalz melted together. Van Sertima noted:

"The formula they used to make their spear-tip alloy as '32 parts, 18 were gold, 6 of silver, and 8 of copper.'"

What should spark an interest is that this is was the same identical formula used by West Afrikanz!

Indian scholar R.A. Jairazbhoy states that the earliest settlers were Afrikanz from the Nile Valley led by King Ramesis III, during the 19th dynasty. Van Sertima believes most of the explorerz sailed from Kemet, but much later during the 25th dynasty. There are other scholarz who insist they came from West Afrikan nationz like Ghana, Mali and Songhay. As Jairazbhoy notes: "The black began his career in America not as slave but as master."

#7 - Afrika to America: Crossing the Atlantic, an easy task?
Imhotep writes:

"The trip from Africa to America is not as difficult as one would imagine. The waters of the world's oceans are not static, they move. The particular part we are concerned with is the movement of the medial Atlantic Ocean. It is well known that if someone in Western Africa seals a bottle with a note in it and throws it into the Atlantic, it will eventually reach the Americas. Why, because of the currents in the ocean move like conveyer belts between two continents."

Ancestor Historian, J.A. Rogers noted around the 17th century, there was much traffic on the Atlantic. Mainly because of the Dutch West India Company's venture of transporting kidnapped Afrikanz across, ala the Maangamizi or Middle Passage. The first european pirates saw so many Afrikan seamen, they first gave the Atlantic Ocean the name, 'Ethiopic Ocean'. During Columbus' day, the Persian Gulf was called by mapmakers the 'Ethiopian Sea' as late as 1650! Just be clear, these same european mapmakerz labeled most of Afrika Ethiopia, as far as South Afrika.

Even deeper, did you know european pirates now affectionally accepted as "explorerz" also around Columbus' era called the continent of North America, "Melanesia" which translates to the "land of the people of (get this...) Melanin"?!

#8 - Who were the Olmecs?
The Olmec Civilization was multiracial and totally integrated mixing with the Protoamericans and Amerinds. Van Sertima noted:

"The Manding people, who formed the base of the Olmec people, and the Kushites that founded the 25th [Egyptian] Dynasty were both from the Nile Valley."

#9 - The Roman Catholic Church financed Columbus' incursionz.
Prior to sailing to the New World, Colon sailed along the coast of West Afrika, capturing Afrikanz for enslavement in Portugal. This was facilitated by Papal Bulles, another name for proclamationz, statues, or a bill, issued by Popes of the Christian Roman Catholic Church. In 1455, the Pope issued a bulle to Portugal authorizing it to reduce to servitude, better put, enslave "infidelz" or non-christian people. This was followed by a Papl bulle issued by — peep the name — Pope Innocent VIII in 1491 that divided the world into two halves for the purpose of enslaving Afrikan and other Indigenous people. The Pope gave the eastern half (Afrika, etc.) to Portugal, and the western half (the Americas, etc.) to Spain. Colon came to the Americas representing Spain. Britain, France, and other enslaving European countries did not follow this protocol and the mad dash to slice up the world for European benefit began and its damaging effects persist to this day.

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**Respect and honor goes out to the Hidden Colors franchise, the Banneker City Cultural Circle, and Anthony Browder for their works!

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