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(written circa 2005)

Refer to Free-Quencies of Tyme pt2: The Art of Travel

Yes, I am the inescapable, the irresistible/
The unnegotiable, the unchallenged [who dat?]/
I am time/
I scroll in measurements, control the elements/
I hold the evidence, I tell the story [say what?]/
I am time/
I know no prejudice, I bare no sentiments/
For wealth or settlement, I move forward [who you?]/
I am time/
You can't recover me, conceal or smuggle me/
Retreat or run from me, crawl up or under me/
You can't do much for me besides serve/
Me well and have good dividends returned to you/
Or attempt to kill me off and have me murder you/
Many have wasted me but now they are facing me/
Treated me unfaithfully and now endure me painfully/
Plaintively, I wait to see what history will shape to be/
Who's hearts will never die inside the sake of me/
Angel's scribe the page for me/
Keep a full account of all the names for me…

Artist: Mos Def Song: Hurricane

"Our mindz are massive harddrives with a speed concentration infinitely faster than the calculated level of exa-hertz. The speed it takes to tell your index finger to scratch your head goes beyond the speed of light."
xxxxxxxxx M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi

I'm gonna get a lil' trivial on you. If you've read my 2 previous pieces of this series plus my articles, What Frequency R U On?, Evolution? or Nebulution!, A Revived Vybration, and The God Complex: Microcozm of the Macrocozm you're familiar with where this is leading…

This is free-thinking, Afrikanz. Meaning, throw away all the earthly concepts of life as you know it. Break the illusionary borderz this western-eurocentric society has placed on your mind and think… THINK, for most, maybe the first time… Now consider this…

When did you actually come into existence? I mean really ask yourself this. When did you actually come into existence?? Was it in your motherz womb? Was it your pop's penis? Or was it when they THOUGHT of you? Perhaps it was when your mother wanted to be pregnant? Or maybe when she realized she was pregnant.

Did you exist when your parents reached puberty? Had some or none of these sequences happened, you wouldn't be, BUT, you we're not created just by a sexual act alone. So again, I ask, when did you come into existence?

Let's dig deeper… Did you exist when your parents did? How about when their parents did? All this and we haven't even considered the food our parents ate in order to physically exist. As they say, "you are what you eat", so those foodz each person in your lineage ate became a part of them just as the food you eat becomes a part of you.

I want to bring up the ancient axiom again, "Know thyself AND THOUGH SHALT KNOW THE UNIVERSE AND GOD." Feel like you askin' God-like questionz now [which is a form of free-thinking]? Or is this blasphemy your preacher told you never to research. It is our birthright to know everything that makes us who we are. Would you purchase a complicated electrical appliance without the manual?! There is a manual for us Afrikanz, and this manual resides inside you, it's just that we've been tricked by YT to think only they can tell us who we are.

YT knowz when you know your capabilities and your history, you will succeed in them. To know your potential/PURPOSE, you will move towardz it with confidence; it's simple mathematics, yo! Erase what you think you know and focus on who you are without the titles, labelz, opinionz, and perceived notionz of reality you picked up while growing up. BEND YOUR REALITY by unlearning what you've been taught and re-teach [re-wire] your self [mind]. You are your truth. Study your Self. Here you will learn to know God and the Universe. It is merely our social-training that confine our mind to our headz.

Bending your reality is a journey in itself. To begin to analyze and re-analyze everything down to the basics is not something done overnight [correctly]. It takes patience, discipline and f.o.c.u.s. [from oneself comes ultimate sacrifice]. It is an often solo-trekked journey with madd sublime lessonz. But there's only one manual and it lies within you. Being 'Analitikul', as my first book is titled, challenges your willingness to accept without question or because "it's what I've been taught since I was little." Being analytical meanz you dare to go against the norm and fear not to question societal-appointed authorities on any and all subjects. And lastly, bein' analytical meanz even what I'm spittin' doesn't have to be the gospel. My truth is my truth, if you share this truth, cool. If not, it should be your mission to find your truth.

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Opening scene from the movie, Contact (mouseover & press play)

I say all this because time is much, much older than wo/man. Time itself has a story we have yet to translate onto our level of comprehension. It is from this perspective 'the microcozm of the macrocozm' concept is born. If you've seen the 1997 movie 'Contact' with Jodi Foster, the intro scene is about the deepest visual I've seen in film! Starting from Earth, the camera zoomz slowly out of our atmosphere into space and zoomz past every planet in our solar system; past our galaxy, the Milky Way; beyond the visible universe ending as a visual coming out of a person's eye. Of course the person should've been Afrikan [Hell-y-wood has the ability to rewrite history simply by showing whitefolk in positionz of antiquity opposed to the truth], so you know she had to be white with blue eyes!

But you can get the principle regardless… that we are a microcozm of the macrocozm; an independent, functioning smaller part that is both an individual [microcozmically] as well as part of a collective [macro] of the whole.

A universal principle that was used several tymz in the movie was, "If space is infinite and we're the only ones in it, what a waste of space!" It would be completely arrogant as well as ignorant (or ignoring the possibility) to believe that an infinitely-growing universe [actually should be called 'poly-verse'] has the ability to inhibit life in a dense space .1 of 1% of its mass. Just because we haven't physically left this solar system – or planet for that matter – does not mean life as we know it only exists here [I encourage interested readerz to read Do U Believe Me? by Daawiyd Johnson].

The mind is truly the most underrated muscle. We work so hard to maintain physical fitness, but cease to exercise one of, if not the greatest organ we have. Many are not aware that the mind is different from the brain. See, as KRS-One put it in Ruminations, the brain exists in our head and presides over our body whereas the mind exists in our environment and governz our lives. We have the mind – including the environment – in the spirit while the body, including the brain, is in the mind. We should all know the brain exists in our head and overseez the body but the mind is beyond our physical space and time for it has the ability to exist in the realm of the spirit where past, present, and future are all one event.

All that you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell are all part of your existence. When you smell a foul odor, you are not just smelling an invisible scent, you are inhaling the particles of that physical object it came from. You actually eat not just through your mouth but through nose and earz! We eat and digest the life circumstances of those around us everyday eating through our conscious awareness just as we eat through our mouth. You might be askin', "alright, what da hellz M'Bwebe talkin' about?!" I'm speaking of Metaphysics, meaning 'after or beyond physical nature'.

Metaphysics addresses questionz, about the ultimate composition of reality including the relationship between mind and matter. We are born free of ignorance of the non-physical world, all the while naďve of the physical world which leaves us both vulnerable and impressionable.

In Malidoma Soma's book, Of Water and the Spirit, he wrote about how soon-to-pass Elderz and youths [in their first 4 or so yearz] are closer to the non-physical world than those aged in between. While in the womb, we are at the highest and closest element of creation both physically and metaphysically. During the 3 trimesterz in a fetus' motherz womb, think of the daily genetic coding, wiring, and encrypted data that happenz manifesting in the physical transformation of the fetus into fe/male forming armz, legz, eyes, two brainz [left and right hemisphere], etc. A perfect comparison would be the building of a house.

After the foundationz built, the electrical wiring must be turned on so for everything to work. The same transpires plus more inside your motherz womb. This is a spiritual connection that goes beyond Earth.

On a macrocozmic scale, if you look at how starz are created in the polyuniverse, it closely resembles the stages human life goes through from incubation. For you to actually see what I'm talkin' about, I suggest you visit your nearest Planetarium. There you will learn of Nebula's.

Nebula’s are places deep in space where starz literally are born. From the combustion of dust, gases, or both, that can take on any shape, and illuminate in all kindz of colorz. This bein' a place where starz are born is but a macrocozmic womb! Microcozmically, a womanz womb is a Nebula!! And I haven't even begun to speak about black holes!!

Some may think this is not taught in schoolz or universities so what makes this a legitimate argument?! Simple, you apply the erroneously called "Hermetic" principle 'Correspondence' – "As above, so below, so below, as above,". The correct name should be called 'Djhutic' principles.

Microcozmically, when you stare into a bright blue sky, you will see molecules that look like transparent, ghost-like cellz. These cellz are elements in probably their most natural state; floating freely attaching and detaching from other elements to make or change at will. This element could bond with otherz and eventually manifest as something physical like a blade of grass, a drop of rain, or even mentally as a thought! Each element containz an abundance of intelligence. This is seen micro- and macrocozmically in the formation of a fetus and the creation of starz.

Looking at our body, visualize it as a vessel, or a carrier of some sort that houses something like a car does to a human body. Now, the spirit is inside the body, just like you inside a car. Your body travelz taking you places. Just as a car can take you from New York to California, the same can be said microcozmically if you were to take a walk from your house to the food market. That journey alone could be like trillionz upon trillionz of light yearz traveled for elements inside us.

The Djhuitic Principles teaches that with the principle of Vybration, "nothing rests and that everything moves as well as vibrates." The molecules, electronz, and neutronz inside us move. The principle is universal as it applies to each and every thing. Slower movement makes thingz appear to be harder like a desk, chair, tree, or metal door, etc. These same elements in these thingz are inside you! For example, a tree; it is a scientific fact there is a human/tree relationship where we count on each other to survive. We breathe out carbon dioxide which the tree needz to survive. The tree in turn exhales oxygen, which we need to survive. See, these are but two of many elements that are in both I&I and trees. So why hedz wanna smoke 'em?!!?

We are, just as everything is; a mere consumption of elements of the bigger thing. There are many of us who may have some difficulty accepting this due to the YTs school and religious system, where they separate science from spirituality. Many of us become imprisoned behind the transparent prison barz of trained thought. It is in these systemz we are taught that God isn't within but outside ourselves "up there" somewhere [refer to DGTv Video Article, The God Complex: Microcozm of the Macrocozm].

Because there are so many people in the world, we've never looked at our physical makeup as a phenomenon. Truly, the human body is one of the greatest creationz. Basically every man-made invention is based on the structure of humanz. From the car to the computer, practically every inventionz blueprint starts with the human body. It's hard to think a cordless-free-willed-electrical-no-battery-needing just needz sleep to recharge; self-multiplying; self-governing appliance known as wo/man is a physical phenomena, but we are!

Lookin' at our physical evolution is mystifyin' enough! To think, somethin' that's as feeble male semen is. Once ejaculated out of the penis, if it is not inside a womb, the sperm will die within' minutes of contact with oxygen. Once this practically transparent group of elements – carryin' 50% of the data needed to create us – breaks through a womanz vaginal wallz and fertilizes the egg something mind-blowing happenz! This development eventually transformz itself into dense matter creating a human being complete with independent functionality — PLUS the ability to reproduce! Again, we take this for granted, but it truly is a phenomenon! We are truly a physical phenomena! Everything the human body will need to shape itself is present from its essence. However, as with man-made appliances, the physical body can also wear down and has its own way of recharging its "battery" so to speak… It's called sleep [refer to Free-Quencies of Tyme pt.1].

There is a need for a total re-evaluation of the human body and it should not be done in YTs linear-thinking school systemz! There is a need for Afrikanz to be re-introduced to who we are. This will only allow us to see and fulfill our "summon bonum" or "greatest good" our Ancestorz in KMT [Kemet, aka erroneously called egypt] taught. From this analysis, we'd find that the body is fully capable of healing and maintaining itself if you allow it. But YT doesn't want us to know this. We're not aware that one of the safest thingz an Afrikan can do is stay away from hospitalz!

The hospital administration is a corporate entity that preyz on the masses ignorance and reluctance to apply the principles of cause and effect and correspondence to developing and maintaining our lives. I know it's hard to see this Afrikanz 'cause to even see a doctor you need insurance. YTs school system stripped us of this uni-[poly]versal law. In cases of emergencies a hospital may suffice, but what I'm talkin' about is preventive medicine aka LIFE Medicine! Meaning, the principle of 'cause and effect' compelz you to take care of yourself now so that you can eliminate major problemz later.

It's like choosing to be a vegan 'cause you know if you keep eatin' meat, white sugar and dairy products, you will develop serious health and mental problemz in the future. When we can innerstand how infinite the mind is and it's connection to everything, we can begin to overstand that we are truly limitless… just like space. However, YTs 'massa'-media machine and learning system blocks both our awareness and willingness to welcome such a concept.

Lookin' at it on a level of wavelengths, our ignorance can be attributed to YTs takeover of the vybrationz in airwaves! They're constantly blasting their lifestyle via radio, tell-a lie-vision, and the internet! Take a walk in your community. Look at all the billboard adz, fast food restaurants, and drugstores that have no positive significance to our living a prosperous and healthy life! It's enough to make you think this is what's normal and tryin' to be Afrikan or spiritually-based [minus all man-made religionz] is a waste!

We choose to stay in this illusionary box refusing to cross the boundary of what's known because someone or some-THING told us there are boundaries, but they do not exist, Afrikanz. They instilled the fear of Afrikan Liberation by assassinating Lumumba, Malcolm, Medgar, and Martin, while infiltrating Garvey, the Panthers and MOVE, and today, we have the intelligence to sit here and talk 'bout the Illuminati and Ancient KMT, but have yet to come up with a wholistic and strategic combative plan without some agent snitchin' on us to 'ol massa!

One thing we cease to realize is that we are electrical beingz, with currents flowin' in and out of us steadily. See, YT teaches us that we're mainly blood and oxygen. But what about the rest of us?! We're also elements. We are conduits, emitting, and transmitting energy and data at all tymz. What do you think it is that enables you to stick a balloon on the wall after rubbin' it on your hed? What is it that allowz you to shock someone by just touchin' them after you rub your feet on a carpet floor? Electrical energy. Start to see yourself as a machine and you will be able to comprehend how electronics and machines work. They are all based off the human body and all these inventionz were created first, in the mind. And just like a battery, we have a positive and negative side.

Think of your body as a remote controlled machine or computer. Instead of pluggin' yourself in a wall, your battery (or body) is recharged when you sleep. For every movement you make, realize there are electrical currents flowin' throughout your body enabling you to do these actionz. These electrical currents are bits and pieces of intelligence flowin' from your brain to a particular body part of region, tellin' it to move.

When you place your hand on a hot stove, your hand sendz a message to the brain that it's hot, the brain receives this signal and replies, sending data to tell the hand to rise and shake wildly, tryin' to cool it off. At the same time, the brain already sent a message to the neck to move forward, the mouth to open, the lungz to inhale and blow on the hand, while the vocalz yell out, "Muthaf&%*@!!"

All these thingz seem to happen simultaneously but there's a frequency of time that transpires that's so fast, using a stopwatch would be senseless – all the while not recognizing that this phenomena happenz naturally. I really believe had we been taught this type of Health & Science in school, trust, we'd be in a much better situation, globally. But we should realize in "Knowing Thy Enemy," YTs institutionz are places of mental-training, not mental and spiritual development.

If we were to use their education only as a meanz of makin' it through this society [until we re-create ourz] and balanced our time using free-thinking as a curriculum, we'd realize there are teacherz and professorz all around us. And they may not all be in human physical form! The Djhuitic principle of vybration proves everything moves, and there's some kind of intelligence to this movement. We could learn so much about our own body by just lookin' at a microcosmic replica like a computer.

You think computerz today are fast? You sit at your computer typing, switchin' from Microsoft Word to Photoshop to iTunes, and you're impressed by how swift your computer performz under software applicationz demandz that require more RAM and memory from your harddrive. A 100GHZ [gigahertz] processor [not yet released on the market as of today] on a computer would seem to be lightning fast as if lightning is really that SLOW!

In comparison, the speed of the human processor is infinitely higher than 999EHZ [Exahertz. After gigahertz is tera-, peta-, then exa-hertz; think of cordless phones that have recently been marketed in the GHZ level]!

To date, there's no man-made machine that can exceed the level of exa- (although it is in the works), while the human body far surpasses it, to a word probably not even used yet. Havin' an inner-standing of this also points out how information is transferred by electro-magnetic frequenceez. Not only do they transfer data, or matter; they can also instruct and decisively control a thought or action. So I ask you, 'What Frequency R U On??'

More on this in Freequency of Tyme pt. 4 where I will introduce the theory of the uni-verse – meaning one – vs. poly-verses – meaning many; as well as the concept of antimatter. LIK SHOT!!

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