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Of Race & Man: Nothing New II: Ownership Taken Literally!...
by M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi
Los Angeles Clippers' owner, Donald Sterling represents a mindset shared by many closet racist's only he was, in a way, "outed" by a lengthy recorded conversation gone public.

Sterling's recorded (obviously unbeknownst to him) by his then gold-digging side-piece, V. Stiviano — who apparently sufferz from her own lack of self love and cultural identity; heard saying she's sorry she can't change the color of her skin on the tape — chose to personify her Afrikan and Hispanic heritage MOST LIKELY because the opportunity presented a possible financial benefit that may buy her an additional 15 minutes of fame. Why do I call her a gold digger? You are judged by the company you keep, so when we find that *Karrine "Superhead" Steffans is a good friend of herz, it's quite possibly planted the idea of recording him. Stiviano once tweeted to Superhead to be someone's mentor. Superhead responded, "Right after you finish being mine."
*As reported by

You can't make this -ish up, yo! A year from now, she'll be just another surgically botched face in search for her next sugar daddy. Nevertheless, had she not recorded, this would not be a discussion… at least now. With that said, I do commend her for doing this for despite the quest may be self gratifying, she exposed a mentality that exists on a very high corporate level that's somehow still taught and passed on generationally.

But let's be clear, we must acknowledge that racizm is alive and well complete with apparently ageless lesson planz for the ensuing racial bloodlines of slave masterz who own todayz modern plantationz to preserve the laughable notion of genetic white superiority.

We know white supremacy is being taught both overtly and subliminally (via the 10 Areas of People Activity. Read The Unapologetic Quest to G.E.N.T.R.I.F.Y. & I Am the Future of Black Media), but we must also acknowledge it is taught overtly, in private sectorz where financially well-off whites (and a few token brain-washed non-whites) frequent: private clubs, organizationz and institutionz.

Ask yourself how can whites of today STILL be racist when Emancipation was 151 yearz ago?! They are most certainly being taught to preserve the wayz of their psychologically imbalanced Ancestorz. Question is, why are more caring of how we're treated opposed to how we can economically deal with said behavior? The short answer is diversion.

When we look up the legal definition of "slavery", we get, "A civil relationship in which one person has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another." The word "civil" sticks out because we know in the past before Emancipation, slavery was not in any way civil. On the contrary, it was very violent, suppressive and included the innumerable amount in loss of lives.

Today, "civil" can be accepted because the physical lashingz have been removed replaced with mental one's. Professional sports are a "way out" for the Afrikan Diaspora with most of the riches coming from the United States. As we know, gone are the steel chainz around the next replaced with gold and platinum ones. The "slave" of today has a 7-figure bank account, one they will protect at any cost, even if it meanz losing one's dignity and respect.

While hedz feel the team should be stripped from Sterling (and I agree), it won't be that simple. And while there are legal discussionz of this very topic going on now, there are several obstacles that would need be hurdled for this to happen. This is topic for the legal mindz to handle, but for us everyday folk; the one's who actually enable the team and league to stay in operation, I've long spoke of the plan of creating a Professional Afrikan league in my series, Athletics vs. Slavery.

I make a case there's a strategic attempt to keep books like "40 Million Dollar Slave", by William Rhoden out of the handz of professional athletes. Todayz Afrikan athlete have more power and influence than they think and if they used an ounce of it, in today'z social-media-based society, it could be done, if not remove all guilty parties who share the same ideology as Sterling.

Need proof? Look at the endorsements. As of this writing, State Farm Insurance has pulled its sponsorship. Who do they use most in their commercialz? Clipper guard, Chris Paul. Before him it was LeBron James. Kia Motors also cut ties with the Clippers, and we find forward Blake Griffin as the star in their commercialz. Virgin America and CarMax are a few with more I'm sure coming who will also suspend partnerships until a verdict is rendered on if Sterling will be penalized.

The Advertising sector is well aware of the boundless daily spending spree we Afrikanz give to non-Afrikan owned businesses ($1.5 trillion in 2015). Over the last 15-20 yearz, we've seen Marketing firmz use American-Afrikanz as the focal piece not because they believe in equality but that they know the value of their product profits many tymz over simply by attracting American-Afrikan dollarz. So, as said, don't be surprise if you see more companies pull their sponsorship in the coming dayz.

But let's not to put all the pressure on Afrikan athletes, after all, most are still young-in-mind and have been pretty much sheltered to collective disparities (not saying they themselves didn't' come from the same place, it's just that sport agents use the "out of sight, out of mind" tactic leading to many leaving the hood never to return — sorta like the crab theory, once one crab gets out).

Let us also realize having Jesse or Al on the job as spokesman does not resolve the issue. Our (legally) best tactic has alwayz been in our ability to choose whether to spend our dollarz or not, where and with whom (regrettably, a strategy we have yet to exercise if not even seriously entertain).

To be frank, if Jesse and Al do call for a boycott, boycotting one team is but a mosquito bite, and Jesse and Al are the usual insect repellant of choice for they have proven recordz they can "calm us Blackfolk down, steering us into the passively wrong direction.

Let me not also forget to mention the Los Angeles Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of CERTAIN People (NAACP) honored this bigoted modern day slave master with the NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. And to think, they were going to honor him AGAIN next month with another Lifetime Achievement Award—until this broke out. I mean, isn't a Lifetime Achievement Award for ONE life?! He's obviously bought this award as form of damage control especially knowing of the several tenant discrimination and Elgin Baylor race and age discriminatory cases against him in the last few yearz.

NOTE: The NAACP shouldn't be a surprise. We've done an extensive piece on who they actually serve here. More on this as further developments take place.

Other sources:
A Historical Perspective Between Deficiency and Difference

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If you're familiar with my writings, you may be thinkin', "M'Bwebe on some 'Terminator/Matrix' -ish!", right? I assure you, this is not…

Afrikanz, I write this piece with a heavy heart for the yet-unanswered 'call to armz' for our salvation is runnin' out of time. I say this 'cause if we don't, at the very least, investigate this, we are lookin' at one of hell-y-woodz movies comin' into actual physical manifestation! This piece is a prelude on what this series will cover. To get you prepared, I urge you to read up on the pieces I did on Biochip technology, in particular, peep the Video Article, 'The Mark of the Biochip'

Technology Is Developing a Soul
Look around you. Computerz have been subtly becoming a part of our daily lives without common-folk ever realizing it. Take a second look around you... from enhanced videogame consoles and computerz with faster processerz, to carz that can park and stop by themselves, smartphones that keep gettin' smarter, and the phenomena of wi-fi and cloud technology enabling. Most will look at these inventionz as merely innocent improvements for our lives. But will you think the same once you hear this?

In 2008, Toyota and Honda announced by 2010 they will unleash the worldz first mobile robots. Already they are intelligent and agile enough to perform chores in your house, drive you around town, play musical instruments and care for the elderly.
(*as of November 2013, Toyota is working on a Human Support Robot)

Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe was quoted as claiming the motifvation behind the birth of their robots is to "create robots that are useful for people in everyday life." And while the few who stand to make unlimited wealth from these inventionz, even fewer look analyze the long-term effect of integrating machine and man.

Many can remember the draw-string-response toyz of our youth. You'd pull the string and the doll would say one of many thingz. We now have toyz that have call-and-response interactive capability. Todayz toyz are but prototypes to the more advanced "toyz" adults are projected to use.

If one creates a doll capable of human interaction by using one of several responses, it seemz cute. But technology is advancing so fast that these several vocal responses can easily become a few thousand. Now think, Afrikanz. If a computerized doll has the ability to verbally respond based on the type of human interaction, using a database of a thousand-plus replies, who or rather what is choosing the response? Not the human, it's the machine (computer)!

The more choices this computer has, the more optionz or—better put—'will' is being imbedded as this machine beginz to develop its own response patternz. Now let's increase its engage and response choices to over a hundred-thousand; a million; what about when it reaches a trillion (which is most likely past that of a humanz capability)! With all these choices, the machine has developed a conscience, where it analyzes an interaction with a human and chooses, from its response database, a reply. Is this not also the way we learned how to communicate?

In our early dayz of developing speech as a youth, we learned through building our vocabulary, first from what we heard then eventually, after learning how to read. The same thing is for these computerz except they learn at a much faster rate! In fact, they don't need to go to school for yearz to learn, they come pre-programmed!

If these robots mentioned earlier are to have the ability to drive, do chores and care for us, they will have to be able to communicate and the easiest way for humanz is speech. So again, envision calling for your robot to come and wash a load of delicates or to drive your children to school, in order for these machines to do this, they will have to have the ability to process situationz, react and/or respond. These are thingz we take for granted, but to load clothes, set the timer, pour in the detergent, take out and put in the dryer, then fold takes a lot of thought. It seemz easy, but a lot goes on to make this happen.

In addition, allowing robot's to literally be our slaves (doing what we ask with nothing in return), we are giving away a great deal of responsibility, which can be translated to eventual power. Envision a Robot Nanny responsible for taking your kidz to the park to play. There's a lot of perverts out there, so how could you trust this android would be able to protect them? It would obviously have to be programmed with self-defense.

What if your son whines for dairy ice-cream instead of what he's supposed to have, coconut ice-cream? This 'droid nanny would have to be programmed to know not to give him what he wants and would therefore have to communicate this to him... "No, you cannot have..." See what's goin' on here? As these machines are programmed to deal with specific situationz, they will be developing an understanding of 'do's and don't's'—just as a child beginz to learn these same things; moreover, they will be able to decipher human behavior.

All this points to machines developing this 'will' or conscious choice and making their own decisionz. This can be classified as artificial consciousness. Still not fazed? Ok, I'm gonna take it there...

Random scenario, you and your family have had the pleasure of owning one of these robots in your home for 5 yearz. There's a new, more advanced model out and your decision is to replace the one you currently have. The robot that has been with your family has developed a cohesive-pattern-based relationship created mainly through the obvious daily interaction; this robot has fed your children, drove them to school, cleaned your house, washed your clothes, even cooked dinner. Now you wanna get rid of "him". Having made had many emotional encounterz that led to the robot makin' its own choices, it decides it doesn't want to be replaced; it does not want to leave. Now we got a problem...

I can only guess this robot would respond similar to how a human would if they had to leave a situation they were used to. Need an example? The RoboCop flick released Febuary 12, 2014.

Could this get ugly? This could be the beginning of the rise of the machines...

You are now ready to read, 'H.E.L.P.: Human Extinction Level Project'

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• Tech is not developing a soul. It is simply mirroring the soulless creatures who created it. Big difference.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Anthony T. Browder via text on Saturday, February 15, 2014 at 12:06 PM

• After reading this I started wondering, what is going on in the robotics field. Thanks for posting your article. It's a reminder to stay aware and on guard. A check of IEEE's Robotics and Automation Society shows a lot going on (listed a few topics below)

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New Track Release From M'Bwebe Ishangi's Audio Excerpt's, the Remix LP: Why it's hard for Black Greeks Members to leave BGLOs

DGT and Nebulution Studios have been working on a collaborative project featuring M'Bwebe Ishangi and clips of his lectures and radio inner-viewz and remix with head-bangin' instrumentalz for his first LP, M'Bwebe Ishangi's Audio Excerpt's From the R-Kyvz Vault, the Remix LP. Take a sneak peak of what you will hear once it's released in the beginning of 2014. Click play below.

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• I listened and thought the interview was informative. It then reminded me how I first started listening to your work; realizing that you were the one who spoke about the Black Greek Lettered Organizations being created after Phi Beta Kappa/Boule. After hearing you speak about it years ago, I also researched the information and found out many of the things you were stating were in fact true. I listened to many of the things Steve Cokely talked about as well. The information also hit me hard enough to question the significance of the organization I joined. It really made me think about my own membership in Phi Beta Sigma. It made me rethink to myself why I joined. Then I remembered, the Brothers Dr. Huey P. Newton and Kwame Nkrumah, two great brothers who did a lot for Black people as a whole! I often wondered though, did these great Black men ever come across the same information we know of today about the history of Black Greek Lettered Organizations, and if so, did it ever cross their minds to denounce their fraternal membership? My point is this, there are a lot of great Black men and women who came out of Black Greek Lettered Organizations who were instrumental in doing their part to fight against all levels of White Supremacy. Since this is the case, how then do we stop the cycle of younger brothers and sisters, who like me, look up to these individuals with so much gratitude and follow in their footsteps by joining a Black Greek Lettered fraternity or sorority? One answer I've heard was to start a Kemetic Fraternity; however, this has yet to come to fruition. Please, let me know your thoughts.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Son of Kush via Facebook on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Appreciate your wordz, Generaaal! And although I cannot speak for Nkrumah nor Huey, I'd have to assume like 99.9% of all BGLO memberz, they never knew of the Boule'. ANd by the deedz of their works, they wouldn't "fit the mold" so to speak.

I will also admit there are a number of great Afrikanz who belong to BGLOs. One very dear to me is Historian, Anthony Browder, who although isn't active, is still a member of a phi a. Asa Hilliard, Jacob Caruthers, founder of ASCAC (Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations) an alpha and boule' member (I believe, let me confirm). But I will say although I hold Browder in the highest regard, the acts of Hilliard (despite his great works, from personal confrontation and his answer to my questioning his membership will forever puzzle me because he's no longer with us) and Caruthers, I do not condone.

I will say that of all BGLO memberz, 1% of 1% breathe the same air Nkrumah, Huey, and Browder breathes. Suffice it to say, after a century of existence, BGLOs are not in place to re-Afrikanize ourselves.

As far as Kemetic-based frats, check out and there's a few otherz...

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The Hype Behind Friday the 13th

We should all know throughout history, whatever YT had a limited understanding to, their usual reaction is to label it a mystery. But for the elite, they don't want you to know either, so they make urban legend folklore of it! One of the most popular (and least studied) is the #13 and more specifically, the date 'Friday the 13th'.

The #13, the first metaphysical number of transformation to the next level, is a number that’s been tagged as either a mystery or negative. Ask yourselves, how many elevatorz have you been on and there's no 13th floor button to push? We all know the 14th floor is actually the 13th, yet for some reason, as long as the button sayz 14, we think it is! Talk about brain-wash! I mean, technically there IS a 13th floor, just ‘cause they don't include the button doesn't erase the fact that a 13th floor exists!

Also ask yourself, if this is such a wicked number, why is so much of America's history include this number? Because it truly does have power, only YTs used it for their benefit! How many colonies were started after stealing land in North America and later called the United States? 13! How many memberz were a part of King Arthurz clan of vigilanteez? 12 (King Arthur, made it 13. Let me also point out the secret societies of the world base their secrecy on the virtues of the King Arthur's Round Table Group, ala Lord Rothschilds and Cecil Rhodes secret group that uses the same name). And how many memberz of the biblical Jesus made up his crew? 12 (+ Jesus) = 13.

But then they turn around, try and spook us out with -ish like Friday the 13th movies! Why all the paranoia? Like anything else, it has roots...

According to research about the Hiram Key, the Temple of Solomon was a structure designed under the teachingz of sacred geometry by the earliest founderz of Freemasonry, and was made in such a way as to raise the essence of the Ausarian Drama: the legend of Ausar, Auset and Heru (erroneously called Isis, Osirus and Horus).

In 1867, British engineerz found a secret room beneath the Temple Mount. Legend has it, it was the Ark of the Covenant, but there before the fall of the Roman Empire. Those 9 Knights mission was not to save Christianz but to locate the Ark and bring it back to Europe. After the mission, they returned to their native landz. Two were from Rosslyn, Scotland (most likely where the Scottish-Rite Masonz were born) and set up a headquarterz. For their theft —oops, "successful task" they were given the official seal of the Roman Catholic Church. This increased their membership, with many bringing wealth with them.

After this they enjoyed numerous victories against the Muslimz, along with stealin' madd wealth. It was believed by many the Knights Templar could attribute their power to the fact that the secret they stole from Solomonz Temple was a piece of the true cross of the alleged crucifixion of Christ. It was said they never lost a battle while in possession of the cross.

This streak ended when they lost to the Muslimz in the battle of Hattin in 1187. At this moment, the Templarz became a threat to the Catholic Church. The Pope and the King of France, Philip le Bel, plotted to fight against the Order and seize their stolen wealth. On Friday, October 13th, 1307, they moved in to arrest the Knights (this is why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky, not Jason Vorhees from the movie franchice, Friday the 13th). Most of the Order was wiped out. The leader of the Order, Jaques de Molay, was burned at the stake. Surviving memberz went underground and re-emerged as the Freemasonz.

If you're familiar with de Molay, the Masonz have an auxiliary organization for youths called the Knights of Pythagoras in his honor. Also, the notorious Boule' (Sigma Pi Phi) makes reference to de Molay as well. Boule' member and author of their history book,

Charles H. Wesley was quoted once saying, "The Round Table lives only in poetic life and history. They can live again in life. And we can make them live through us. It can continue as a dream — and it can continue through us." Wesley, along with his Boule' brethren look to resurrect the spirit and deedz of Rhodes and Rothschilds, two of the worldz most effective oppressorz of Afrika and her descendants!

Additional Jewelz to ponder:
• 'New World Order’ has 13 letterz
• 13 of the 39 signerz of the United States constitution were masonz.
• When we look at the backside of the American 1 dollar bill, we find 11 interesting things. Below are 8 that include the #13:

1) On the right, we see what’s called the ‘Great Seal of the United States of America’. You’ll see an eagle behind a crest that has 13 stripes reppin’ the 13 original colonies

2 & 3) The eagle is holding a branch that has 13 olives on the 13 leaves in the left foot and

4) 13 arrowz being held in the right foot.

5) You’ll find 13 letterz in the wordz ‘E Pluribus Unum’—which mean one nation—written in the swirling banner that’s in the eagle’s beak

6) Above the eagle’s head, you’ll see 13 starz inside a cloud that form 2 over-lapping pyramidz, one right-side up, the other upside down. Erroneously known as the star of david today, this is originally a Kemetic symbol, called a Sephedet, which honorz the union of Ausar and Aset, the parents of the first Trinity

7) On the left side of the dollar bill, you’ll see the 13 letterz that spell out ‘Annuit Coeptis, which translates, “He [God] has favored our undertaking”

8) Right below it, you’ll see an unfinished Afrikan step pyramid that has 13 columnz. The pyramid has 91 steps on each of the 4 sides, making 364 in all. Adding the top level makes it 365, the amount of dayz equal to one year. Another encoded calendar meaning revealz the pyramid having 4 sides of 13 levelz which comes to 52, which is the number of weeks in a year.

excerpts from:
- The Terrorist Factory, Pt. 2: The Masonic Connection
- Numerical Mystereez, Video Article on DGTv

- Further research:
The Terrorist Factory Series

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DGT Celebrates the Legacy of Joel Augustus Rogers

One of the greatest mindz of Afrikan history in the 20th century was a Jamaican-American author, journalist, and historian who contributed research on the history of Afrika and the Afrikan Diaspora, especially on Afrikanz in the United States, for over 50 yearz. His research spanned the academic fieldz of history, sociology, and anthropology. He challenged prevailing ideas about race, demonstrated the connectionz between civilizationz, and traced Afrikan achievements. We at DGT salute his selfless sacrifice and work to extend this trailblazerz path with excerpts of his findingz on DGTs blog, DGT720 from his book, '100 Amazing Facts About the Negro with Complete Proof'. CONTINUE »

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Of Race & Man: Nothing New...
, by M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi
A latest but very similar chapter has been added to the ongoing saga of racial warz. The latest occurrence of a white person caught using a racial slur comes from the Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Riley Cooper saying he'd "fight every n*gga here, yo!" at a Kenny Chesney concert last June.

There are those who want to defend the use of the word—as if there's really a difference—"n*gger" and "n*gga". Because of Hiphop [or better put, Afrikan culture (entertainment and sports specifically)] embraced the use of the latter as a term of endearment a few decades ago. Because of our infectious "swag", young whitefolks have literally adopted everything that is urban Afrikan. Many have even used the n-word while their brain-dead Afrikanz , who are "friendz" allow them to say it.

But let's be clear, in the case of Cooper, he was not using it as a term of "endearment". He was speaking to an American-Afrikan, pointing to him as he said what he said and was videotaped saying it.

This is 2013 not the 1950 and 60s! For a 25-year old to be using the n-word in a dissenting way clearly showz there are many non-Afrikan families that still teach/condone this as a word of hate, better put, this society teaches it! Lemme also be clear, it's greater than the word, it's the fact many teach Afrikanz are inferior.

For any 20-something to be aware of the venom this word historically carries and then use it in the same fashion as their ancestorz serves proof-positive this kind of mindset lives and breathes in the hearts and mindz of many—even one whose co-workerz are predominantly Afrikan; in this case an NFL team!

This is nothing to lose sleep over, but it does give both a micro- and macrocozmic take on where we are on the discussion of race.

By the way, an "apology" does not erase the fact that it's thought then said. With the Zimmerman case still fresh in our mindz, the acts of Don Imus, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, 19-year-old Hopper Penn (son of actor Sean Penn), and Paula Deen proves you can't turn a weed into a rose, but best believe Monsanto will surely try making a GMO'd version!

Abibifahodie (Afrikan Liberation)!

Related Pieces:
A Historical Perspective Between Deficiency and Difference
Athletics vs. Slavery
Athletics vs. Slavery 1.5: Time to Pay the Piper (or better yet, Enslaved)
A Vic(k)tim of White Collar Crime: The Continued Debate on Deficiency or Difference
Ignoring History Perpetuates the Myth of White Supremacy

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Athletics vs. Slavery 1.5: Time to Pay the Piper!, by M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi
July 17, 2013, the NCAA noted it will let its contract with video game maker EA Sports, expire in the June 2014. One may question why.

If you haven't heard, a lawsuit has been drawn up by ex-UCLA Basketball Player, Ed O'Bannon on the use of player likeness against the NCAA and EA Sports.

This is the latest chapter of the ever-pressing growth of injustice for profit that's finally beginning to sprout from its roots, cracking the white cemented pavement by modern slaveownerz who set up a system that has reaped benefits in probably the gazillionz since the Afrikan athlete has been "granted" access to play collegiate and professional sports.

Along with O'Bannon, on July 18, 2013, six senior football playerz (Arizona Wildcats Jake Fisher & Jake Smith, Moses Alipate & Victor Keise of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, Chase Garnham of the Vanderbilt Commodores, and Clemson Tigers' Darius Robinson) were included in complaint. Four of the six senior's suffered season-ending injuries during their college careerz and with the latest attention football has neurologically as well as the body itself, it doesn't look so good for the NCAA and EA Sports. Other profile plaintiffs are NBA Hall of Famers Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson.

Current and ex-Athletes suing NCAA and EA Sports could be worth billionz, simultaneously opening the door of discussion of the need for athletes to be financially compensated by universities to play. This will also put on blast companies like Nike who sell jerseyz and sneakers made popular by playerz which created probably the richest form of free labor, 2nd to slavery of Afrikanz who were smuggled around the globe via the Maangamizi.

An example of this slavemaster mentality was confirmed by former NCAA president Myles Brand in 2008 when he said publicly: "(t)he right to license or sell one's name, image and likeness is a property with economic value…" to the tune of $871.6 million the NCAA made in 2011-12 while EA Sports raked in $4.143 billion in 2012 -- that's over $5 billion between the two, all shared mainly amongst whites.

Read rest of article here »

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False Profits: Your Health is at Risk. Naked Ain't Rich!, by M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi released yesterday (July 22, 2013) info on the Pepsi-owned Naked Juice line has been forced to refrain from using the wordz "All Natural" from it's labelz after a class-action suit was brought by a group of consumerz who allege the juices and smoothies could not be called natural and GMO-free because they contain Archer Daniels Midland's Fibersol-2 (a soluble corn fiber that acts as a low-calorie bulking agent), Fructooligosaccharides (an alternative sweetener), and (1)genetically modified soy.

(2)Pepsi via Naked Juice Company agreed to pay $59 million to settle the suit but they blame the FDA (Food AND Drug Administration), saying there's not enough "guidance" as to what can be called "natural." Umm, natural is natural; meaning no additives. What's confusing about that?

We must realize those who are trying to eat healthier dwell amongst false prophets/profits who obviously care more about making money while also contributing to deteriorating our health via population control.

The best smoothie and fruit drinks you can make are not from these criminalz. Simply grow/buy your own organic fruits and vegetables and make your own!

(1)For more about the dangerz of soy, read 'The 3 Muskateerz: the FDA, Monsanto, & Soy: the Assault on the Human Diet'

(2)Now you should know ain't nothing' "natural" this company that's sold "soft"-drinks to millionz of people since 1893 -- check out our Sugar Series: 'White Sugar pt. 2: The Mark of Cain' -- and our 2 Video Articles on DGTv. Ever wonder why they call soda "softdrinks"? The large amounts of sugar in soda not only causes cavities in your teeth, they soften your bones!)

(3) For further Health Articles go here.

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• Appreciate that, I just bought some at Costco, Damn.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Beka Shakur ( on Monday, August 5, 2013 at 1:59 PM

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Uncle Clarence: the Ultimate Sellout!, by M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi
Many may classify Clarence Thomas as the Posterchild of what an "Uncle Tom" is, of which he clearly is not! First, we must know who Uncle Tom really was. He most certainly was NOT a sellout, but a freedom fighter for Afrikan People! So to associate Thomas with Uncle Tom is completely oxymoronic! I move that we both refrain from using the term 'Uncle Tom' in a negative way and begin using 'Uncle Clarence' from this point on! Uncle Clarence: The Ultimate Sell-out!
For more read: 'Uncle Tom vs. Uncle Tom'

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