"if these organizationz are really for afrikan people, why do they wear the greek letterz of our ancestorz enemy?!!?"

                 - M'Bwebe aja ishangi

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(written circa 1997 - updated 2017)

Pt.2: the boule's connection to bglo's
by m'bwebe ishangi

As we continue further incisionz into these "advisor's to the king" (the Boule'), I would like to review a few thingz to refresh your pineal glandz. This is truly a time to rejoice because the truth is sprouting up like a blade of grass through the cracks of a concrete sidewalk. For too long these secrets have been buried and now, by the forces of Nature, we see rebirth in this concrete jungle!


We laid the foundation of this wicked "white-with-black-faced" secret society called the Boule' or Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc in part one. We unleashed our liquid sword and beheaded the beast of secrets exposing the organization's founding 6 memberz — one being Dr. Henry McKee Minton of Philadelphia, on May 15, 1904. We also know from reading the history book of the Boule' — written by Charles H. Wesley, that on page 28, we find Minton wanted to make this organization just like Skull and Bones; the 2nd chapter of a german-based white supremist organization originally called the Illuminati, which founded Skull and Bones at Yale University in 1776.


We also found one of this wicked groups major ambitionz was to steal the black professional from the ranks of Marcus Garvey, who, at that time in 1918 was reaching over 1 million-plus Diasporic Afrikanz mainly in North America without tv or radio via his newspaper, The Negro World.


We next learned right after the Boule' was founded, eight BGLOs (Black Greek Lettered Organizationz): four black fraternities and four sororities, as well as the NAACP and Urban League, all within 15-20 year period. We also found them to have a close relation with masonry.


In part 2 of this series, our next incision will go a level deeper! We will split open the aorta of so-called black greeks, define the meaning of the Boule's logo and it's relation with the Sphinx, define the symbolizm behind their choice of colorz, and more of their connection with masonry. Let's begin with their logo.



Most will say it is a Sphinx. True, but not truth. Most will associate the Sphinx with the tall, solid block statue our ancestors built in ancient KMT (in Afrika). Because we have been conditioned to accept without question, we never thought of looking up what the word Sphinx meanz. Look in any dictionary and it will tell you that a Sphinx is one-third woman, one-third eagle, and one-third lion (notice the breasts and wings).

So when I think of this ancient Kemetic statue perched in front of the Mirw (erroneously called pyramidz) of the Giza plateau, is there any part that resembles a woman? Where are the breasts?? What about the wings?! The original Afrikan name of this relic is not the ‘Sphinx’ but ‘Her Em Akhet’, which meanz Heru on the horizon and has the face of the builder, Khufu. When we look up the definition of Sphinx, it meanz “to strangle, guard; gatekeeper or protect”. This has nothing to do with KMT or Afrikan people! The Sphinx is a grecian myth and also a major part of masonry.


We will see why the black frat I used to be a member of, Alpha Phi Alpha (but have since denounced my membership) adopted the Sphinx and not Her Em Akhet. The history of the Sphinx is wack; in fact, all greek myths is because it's just that, a myth!


According to the greeks, this female beast was a guardian of the city of Thebes (Wo'se and Nowe are earlier names for Nile Valley region). She sat on a cliff on the only path leading to the city. Anyone that wanted to enter Thebes had to first confront the Sphinx. The Sphinx would ask one simple riddle and if you didn't know the answer, she would devour you into pieces. The King, Creon was upset many people were unable to enter his city. He consulted a homosexual named Oedipus. [NOTE: homosexuality was a norm for the grecian culture more on this later in the series]


The king offered his crown and his daughter if he could kill the Sphinx. Oedipus went to meet the Sphinx and upon arrival she asked him riddle, "What has one voice, and goes on four feet on two feet and on three, but the more feet it goes on the weaker it be?" Oedipus responded correctly, "Man — who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age." After answering the riddle, the Sphinx jumping off the cliff to her death committing suicide. Oedipus was claimed king of Thebes for outsmarting the beast.


Where do you see an Afrikan presence in this? Nowhere! Remember, greek mythology is based on myths!! All the stories we've read about are mainly just that... stories, meaning they never actually happened! The origin of the pale-faced race came from the caucus mountainz and the core of their knowledge is based on what Abraham and Moses gave them (33 1/3rd° of knowledge or tricknology), thus, they've historically been incapable of being master's of origination. In retrospect, they are however, the masters of plagiarizm!


They could never understand what Her Em Akhet meanz. The statue faced the east because our Ancestorz knew the pineal gland is the seat of the Afrikan soul and when the sun rises in the east, it hits the forehead (pineal gland), suppressing the beastly nature of man.


As author Tony Browder puts it,

"Symbolically, the body represents the animal nature which exists in wo/man, and the lion exemplifies the royalty and power of the divine spirit that exists in its lower physical form. The head of a man symbolizes the intelligence of the mind which must be cultivated in order to elevate the consciousness into a higher spiritual state so that it may become divine. Metaphorically speaking, it is the suppression of the lower animal nature and the refinement of the thought process that leads to the spiritual evolution of man. Spiritually speaking, it is only by conquering the "beast" within that one is capable of truly knowing God."


When I learned this, it clearly made sense why the first black college fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, would choose to call it the Sphinx and not Her Em Akhet; because their knowledge base is greek-oriented and not Afrikan! The caucasian (including the so-called jew) is incapable of an understanding this deep because of their calcified brain, lack of melanin, and long, stringy, lifeless hair.

[NOTE: Afrikan 'kinky', coiled, or tightly curled hair is made up exactly like the microcozmic curves of our DNA, the spiral look of the Milky Way galaxy we live in and so on. These "kinks" serves as antennas to our Ancestral Data Bank (ADB) an underestimated paranormal realm serving as the conduit of our spiritual and cultural awareness despite at one time not being able to read, being kidnapped from our homeland, and indoctrinated with white values.]


Some who'll read this will think I'm makin' nothing but racist statements, which really isn't my concern. What should be of concern is that these statements can and have been proven from not only Afrikan historianz but european scientist's who still conduct studies and research today from melanin to anthropology!


BGLO's and the origin of the pan-hellenic council

First, let's breakdown another name BGLOs go by, the Pan-Hellenic Council. This name dates back to the Hellenic Republic (or the modern Greek state), also called the Helladic Period known by historianz as the Bronze Age dated 2800–1100 BC.


During this era, Greek culture was enforced over non-Greek people mainly through the direction of tyrant Alexander the (Not So) Great who called it the 'Hellenistic Civilization'.


What's interesting is geographically, Greece sits between Italy & Turkey. Now if you've read my series, 'IZ YT Human? or Mutant!' you'll recall the island of Pelan (or Patmos) in the Aegan sea sits above the Mediterranean sea between Greece and Turkey. This is the area whitefolk is believed to have evolved!


It must be noted the term 'Pan-Hellenic Council' used by BGLOs reflects the rooted deedz and barbaric lifestyle of both ancient and modern Greeks — not Afrikanz, but basically anything related to Greece in general, and ancient Greece in particular. So when we wonder how this loyal admiration trickled down to BGLOs, we find the Boule' as the culprit.


First, when we look at the Boule's logo and see the *tetragrammaton, we see 9 squares: 8 representing the first 4 Black fraternities (Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma) and the first 4 Black sororities (Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Gamma Rho). The 9th and center square being the father of BGLOs, the Boule'.


It is here we find all originated from the concept of the Boule's founderz, men who not only idolized the monstrous acts of Alexander and the cryptic Masonz, but the diabolical global white supremacist plots of Skull & Bones, aka the 2nd chapter of the Illuminati against people of color, Afrikanz in particular! Now that's some self hate!


*A tetragrammaton is nine squares hidden inside 72 squares is hidden name of God, which is YHWH (Yahweh). I've come across the #666 when studying this geometrical figure as well. It's definition dates back to mean God in Hebrew now pronounced Adonai or Elohim. This name has been held sacred since 2-3rd century BC. In masonry, it has a numerical value of nine, for the nine squares also resemble a checkerboard with 72 black and white squares.

The tetragrammatonm, defined as "the Hebrew word for God, consists of the four letterz yod, he, vav, and he, transliterated consonantly usually as YHVH, now pronounced as Adonai or Elohim in substitution for the original pronunciation forbidden since the 2nd or 3rd century BC. What's deep is we find this stemz connection to Masonry and can also be seen on the Boule's logo.


what does the logo mean?

As stated before, Boule' meanz "advisor to the king", and we clarified last piece that the king is the (Cecil Rhodes/Lord Rothschild secret society that includes the Rockefeller Foundation. If we were to bring some numerology into this, the Sphinx's number is 9. For initiates of various secret societies including BGLOs, they are challenged with Oedipus Rex's 'Riddle of the Sphinx'. We know, adding up the numberz we get 9. The answer to 4 symbolized the ignorant man (baby); 2, the intellectual (young adult); and 3, the spiritual (old man with cane, which meanz wisdom).


The masonic definition of the number 9 is the natural number of man AND the lower worldz (or evil)! Looking at the logo, you will notice under the Sphinx in between the greek letterz, there are 2 sets of 3x3 squares. Steve Cokely pointed out after attending a Boule' national conference a couple yearz ago that each square represented each of the 4 black frats and 4 black sororities! The final square belongz to the one that started it all, the Boule'!


Understand, this ain't something I thought up to amuse you. We went into the lionz den to find out what this beast is all about! None of this is secondhand info! Remember what I just told you about 9 being their number?! Overstand, 9 has a positive origin. It's only because most of the worldz knowledge base has been held captive, with the true definition being flipped by whitefolk that we don't know the #9 represents humanity and the end of cycles. 9 is also considered a sacred number because it is the first cube of an odd number.


Going back to their logo, you will notice the Sphinx with his right paw covering an urn (vase). Inside the urn we see a circle-within-a-circle with a dot in the middle. This has 2 meanings. First, the circle-within-a-circle is the symbol of the Rothschild/Rhodes secret society. So what the Sphinx is doing is what it's definition states, to "protect, guard; serve as gatekeeper". In other wordz, they are protecting the interests of white supremacy!


The second meaning is the circle within the circle has a dot in the middle. The circle, including the dot is the symbol of Ra. Our ancient Sun God of the Nile Valley. The outer circle is like a enclosed layer, closing off the power of Ra, along with the paw to further conceal the truth of our ancient history YT knowz is very vital to our upliftment! There are many symbolz out here that have racist definitionz. Remember the saying, "A picture speaks a thousand wordz". This is a code of communication we originated on the wallz and temples back in KMT (Metu Neter or as the greeks call it, hieroglyphics).


The Boule's colorz are light blue and white and is a cypher within itself! Light blue has a close relationship with masonry. In masonry, light blue resembled the lower protective lodges. These's also the code of silent lodges. They are the frontline of the protective layer. The color white really need no elaboration, but we will for those in need... it represents the race they respect the most!


the boule's need to recruit

The Boule' has taken a sworn oath to maintain the state of white supremacy and to never let you know the names of the whites that rule the world. It's just like the house negro/field Afrikan theory. The white 'massa' needed a house negro to keep an eye on the rest of us Afrikanz to alert him if there would be an uprising.

[NOTE: the word 'negro' standz for clarification. Many have been taught this word is the spanish definition for black. The Spanish however, got this word from the greeks, who termed it 'necro'. Necro in greek meanz DEAD! So what we are dealing with when dealing with 'negroes' are mentally and spiritually DEAD-thinking Afrikanz!]


The Boule' is no different. For their allegiance, they are guaranteed table scraps as long as they keep the rest of us in check. They are allowed to get higher paying salaries, luxurious carz, even their own businesses (although dictated by YT — look at Ebony, Jet, Essence, Black Enterprise, etc and notice the many white advertisements inside each issue. These are the one's who dictate what goes in and goes out of each edition of these so-called "Black" publicationz.) as long as they 'inform' massa of any Queen Hapshepsut's, Marcus Garvey's, or Fannie Lou Hamer's.


As in the first piece, we knew the Boule' was founded to steal the black professional from Garvey. We know Garvey wanted to go back to Afrika because Rockefeller, Rothschild, Carnegie, Mellon's, and the Oppenheimer's were in our motherland raping and stripping her natural resources of gold, silver, oil, diamonds and building what are today mega-trillion dollar corporate ventures. What we don't realize is why and how white supremacy, using the Boule', got the newly pardoned young black professional to want to join.


Think, around the early 1900s (Boule' founded in 1904; All black frats and sororities, NAACP, and Urban League founded within a decade-and-a-half after that), we were barely 40 yearz out of physical slavery as the scent of Civil War was still in the air! We were free (physically), but our mental was so damaged, an enormous amount of self-love was absent. Many of these newly emancipated Afrikanz learned to hate their dark complexion, nappy hair, and thick lips & hips. Alot of this was enhanced with White America portraying us as primates, watermelon eaterz, shoe-tapping, boot-licking, broken english speaking, happy-go-lucky, turn-the-other-cheek, passive negroes.


There were many "cosmetics" available to those blacks who no longer wanted to be Afrikan, or their true selves. There were bleach creamz to make your skin lighter, and then there was Madame CJ Walker's, straightening comb (1908) and her hair product line. This allowed those who didn't want to be Afrikan, to fantasize of bein' something else! What was going on here was a racial separation. We think we were divided on the plantation between the house negro and the field Afrikan by way of mulattoes being the bastard child of white enslaverz; our people were even more divided because now the field Afrikan could lighten their skin and straighten their hair in hopes of "passing" for white — an epidemic we still suffer from. Seen Lil' Kim lately?. To the dark-skinned Afrikanz, life was harder and living conditionz were more severe. This played into their psychological makeup, so I can't entirely blame them for wanting to literally "lighten" the load of their experience. But that was then, since post emancipation, there's no excuse — although the mental psyche had already been severely damaged.




"if you black, get back; if you brown, stick around; and if you're white, you're right!"



We still see this today, especially in our women having artificial hair (weaves), nailz, eyes, breasts, butt implants, you name it! When given a deeper look at the founderz of these organizationz, most started in the early 1900s, "not only mimicked their prototype, white institutions, they attempted to 'out white' them", as writer Charles Grantham cited in his book 'Do "We" Really Wanna Be Greeks?'


Most disagree, and you're probably wanna-be greeks, but ask yourself, if these organizationz are really for Afrikan people, why do they wear the greek letterz of our Ancestorz enemy?!!? You don't need any affiliation with the enemy to do good for your peeps!!


The first Afrikanz allowed to go to college were those that came from families that tried to emulate whitefolk. These were the 'upper-(lower)class' negroes YT knew were infatuated in trying to be like them. They knew these negroes didn't like being around their darker-skinned peoples. They knew these negroes tried to act like them, dress like them, eat, sleep, mate, speak, and worship the same white god like them! These were the one's most suitable to be the gatekeeper's of the concrete plantation the New World Order was beginning to physically manifest. Now there were a couple of dark-skinned Afrikanz that got through. I learned a couple of the founderz of the frat I used to be a member of (Alpha Phi Alpha) had some.


As stated, the 8 black frat and sororities are subordinates of the Boule'. The founderz of Alpha Phi Alpha were affiliated in some way with either or both the Boule' or masonry. Within the organization, they started segregation. In their history book, there's a day called 'tap-day' where interested brotherz are blindfolded and the members of the frat walk up and tap on the shoulder the ones they wanted to become initiates. If you're not tapped, you cannot join. Those who were left out in the beginning, envying the declined membership, chose to start their own frat, Kappa Alpha Psi January 5, 1911 at Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana with the help of a jewish frat, Phi Nu Pi.


Mind you, the selection process of the Alpha's didn't start on an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) but in fact, a largely white predominated campus (December 4, 1906 at Cornell Universty in Ithaca, New York)! So what we have is a minority of men who are subjugated to racizm educationally, socially, financialy and all types of formz, decide to become even more divided amongst themselves inevitably further splitting the one thing that unites us in a white world! To one who knowz themselves, this is purely dimwitted at its finest! It is obvious these negroes were spiritually and culturally lost.


Understand that all black organizationz of the early 1900s had black faces as scapegoats, but it was this white overseer that used these negroes to further mentally enslave us which led to us to further segregate ourselves. The brotherz of Kappa Alpha Psi in turn, became just as selective.


Along with the Alpha's not taking brotherz solely because they were Black men on a white campus, two other frats emerged: Omega Psi Phi (November 17, 1911 at Howard University, Washington, DC; the first to be found at an HBCU) and Phi Beta Sigma (January 9, 1914 also at Howard). Today, there are even more frats further dividing our people and enabling the whites to keep us disunited through the illusion of white values perceived as being better.


It shouldn't come as a shock to learn the depths of lighter-skinned preference existed in the selection process of fraternities and sororities. The first black sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha's (January 15, 1908 at Howard) requirements for member consideration initially had a system called "the brown bag test". This "test" consisted of where an initiate would have their face next to a brown paper bag. If they were darker than the bag, they couldn't become a member! This discriminatory practice of self hate was shared throughout alleged "Black" fraternities and sororities! This merely showz a psychologically deep, DEEP hatred of ourselves and our Afrikan lineage!


Think of how many could not join because they were "too dark". There became a rift within where memberz of AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha) didn't like what they were about. They soon broke away and formed their own sorority, Delta Sigma Theta (January 13, 1913 at Howard). Two otherz soon formed, Sigma Gamma Rho (November 12, 1922, at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana) and Zeta Phi Beta (Jan 16, 1920 at Howard), but what I found is there exists as much color prejudice on HBCUs amongst BGLOs as white campuses!


WatchTheYard.com recently obtained a published editorial response to this subject written in 1928. The article starts with the writer Edward H. Taylor, a sophomore at Howard University alleging BGLOs have an agenda: "to split up the various classes into groups of different shades — yellow, brown and black."


Taylor noted the light-skinned students are sought after by the fraternities and sororities as memberz of the dark one's passed by. As a result, the darker brown students form their own cliques. (Spike Lee's scene and track, Straight And Nappy from the movie, School Daze gives a modern depiction of this).


Taylor addz:

“We are not so surprised when we hear such rumors and reports about institutions of learning owned, controlled and attended by white people, but it certainly comes as a great shock and causes a feeling of shame when we hear such news about Negro colleges. At first glance it would seem incredible that Negros, themselves the victims of ignorant predjudice and discrimination because of color should follow the lead of the Nordics.


Negros, young and old, everywhere in the world today and particularly in the United States, have got to clearly understand that whatever the gradations of color in the group, they are all Negros. It isn’t of the slightest moment that one Negro can boast of several white ancestors while another cannot except as it reveals his lamentable ignorance, blindness and lack of race respect.The lightest Negro in the United States, if known as a Negro, will be jim crowed as quickly as one possessing no Caucasian ancestry.


We hope this charge against the fraternities and sororities at Howard University is not true, although this is not the first time it has been heard. If it is true, these organizations ought to be suppressed for the good of the university and the Negro group. Such a deplorable state of affairs as allegedly exists cannot and must not be tolerated. There is nothing in a white skin to gloat over and nothing in a black skin to be depressed about. It is character, intelligence and virtue that count. Millions of morons, cretins and degenerates have white skins and straight hair while a long list of able Negroes, from the Kings of Ethiopia who once dominated the civilized world, to Askia of Songhai, to Tshaka the Zulu Napoleon, Moshesh the nation builder, Khama of the Bamangwate, Sir Apolo Kagwa, Prime Minister of Uganda, and to Roland Hayes and Nathaniel Dett have been dark as the night."


Today, we have more BGLOs, even one's that claim they're a nursing sorority. As Cokely stated, "You may be just an Alpha or AKA, but you are greek nevertheless!" Further, if there's anyone who wishes to dispute this notion of discriminatory color lines in BGLOs, simply do some research on the intake photos of, for example, the memberz of Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta from the first half of the 20th century! You will find the same among the frats as well!


The whole notion of becoming a black greek is wack! When I pledged, one of the first thingz we had to learn was the greek alphabet; something every initiate of every organization has to commit to memory. I ask, why not the Metu Neter?! After all, that is one example of a cultural identity we had that preceded greeks! The reason? If you remember, in the Boule's history book, on page 38 it says,


"In the building of the organizational plan, reliance was placed upon Greek history and tradition. The reasons of this action are not difficult to discover, for it is well known that the study of Greek civilization as basically an acquaintance with western civilization."


So it makes sense why they would carry on the legacy using greek letters and reciting the greek alphabet! But it doesn't stop there. For all you black "greeks", I'ma 'bout to behead the whole 'crossing over' ritual.


the cross over ritual

Once an initiate has pledged a certain amount of time, there is a ritual that goes on before they are welcomed into the organization. Most call it "crossing the burning sandz". What many don't know is the history behind crossing the sandz. I will need to use refer to another piece I wrote "IZ YT Human? or Mutant!" So go 'head and get your copy... Got it? Ai-ight!


Remember the tribe of people who were ousted from KMT? It was Ad(h)am and Eve. If you recall, we ended our cypher knowing Adham and Eve were not literally man and woman, but that Adham was a tribe of people. We know they were exiled from KMT because they were albino's grafted from Jacob (Yakub) who starting causing mischief and havoc the moment they came on the scene. We know the pharaoh sentenced them to journey, by foot, across the Sahara Desert up to the caucus mountainz where they lived for 2000 yearz!


While the beast struggled to make it across the "burning" (hot) sandz of KMT, our Afrikan Ancestorz rode on camel back. We also know that, first Abraham, then Moses, went up to the caucus mountains to "civilize" them with 33 1/3rd° of knowledge, which is "tricknology". They were instructed by these two sellout Afrikanz to come back and take over KMT (by this time they had lost all their melanin and ability to understand nature); they came as the Persianz, Romanz, and lastly the Greeks! Do I have to spell the connection?! This period happened off and on during the Four Golden Ages where starting as early as the first Kemetic Dynasty (3100BCE) we find the first of four Intermediate Periodz where Kemet began to experience instability and internal disorder (we are currently experiencing the fourth and longest period which began in 647 BCE.


In one of masonry's ritualz/degreez, there is another riddle where a master mason asks an initiate, "did you come by foot or camel back?" If the initiate, unknowingly replies, "by foot," this let's the master mason know he is talking to 'the beast' and he is not ready to earn that degree yet.


The masonz know about the story of Jacob and they know of their true origin. The underlying message is that we don't know! It is evident when black frats and sororities "cross", by foot, over the burning sandz of Egypt (not Kemet), they are mocking the travel of the beast out of KMT into the caucus mountainz. This understanding is key, for if you are a member of something and do not know what it's really about, you have been misled; and if you are given this information and continue to misrepresent something that's s'posed to be Afrikan, you will be held responsible once we decide to liberate ourselves, and furthermore you will have to answer to the spirit of our Ancestorz!


As Cokely put it,


"I say to you black greeks, that if you control these organizations, to make them afrocentric and change the name's and number's that you use to articulate them. They are letters and codes you can develop to be ancient Afrikan and the replacement would be supported by all of the black people — we would guarantee you that. But we serve notice to you that today it's the Boule', tomorrow, the other 8, you will have to stand into account for the wearing of the clown suit and impersonating a people of which you are not."


I leave one last seed I want to plant in the mindz of every black greek readin' this series, ask yourselves, "Did you come by foot or camel back?" LIK SHOT!

about the Boule' Files

Since the release of my first article in 1997, I've written six parts about America's first Black fraternity and its connection to collegiate Black Greek-Lettered Organizationz (BGLOs) and have found it to be one of the most controversial of all Black organizationz post-emancipation.


It is my hope you will read this entire series with an open mind; one that will reconnect you with our Diasporic Ancestry that will compel you to be unbiased of any affiliation so that you're able to see the tenants of this organization was etched-in-stone almost a full century before you or I was even a chromosome in our parents organz.


It is time we learn of America's first Black Fraternity, the genesis of the modern bourgeois negro


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• I become more conscious, I am more ashamed that I joined a Greek org especially learning the role that they played in our destruction as a civilization. I will be returning my letters to my organization. I have no need for it anymore. I was asleep and unaware, but now I am in full knowledge and can not associate myself with trying to identify as the very people who helped to destroy my ancestors and their land. Shame on me for joining a BGLO.

Posted by Tasha Ti Yung via Facebook on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, at 12:33AM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Greetingz Sis-Star! By no means should you be hard on yourself. As with the majority (if not all) of us, we are not aware of the Boule' before pledging BGLOs. Nor are they ever mentioned throughout the pledging process. I would have to think anyone aware and would still join sure their psychological and mental imbalances are in question. Trust, it's not courage it takes in making such a decision, it's maturity; knowing we should strive in continuing to evolve ourselves never refraining from what history, knowledge and growth revealz. That is truly being a free-thinkiner, I Zulute (Zulu and Salute) you, Sis-Star!




• Two years ago I join Phi Beta Sigma hoping to change the ways of BGLO fraternities and sororities system. My words fell on deaf eyes. Now I fully understand why you decided not to join or decide to end your membership. Joining a frat can lead anyone astray from truth. I want to know how do lead our people when they do not want listen to the truth?

Posted by Dontavies Newton (dontaviesnewton@gmail.com) on Monday, July 14, 2014, at 5:46PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: I totally overstand you Brotha. Yeah, I tried to make changes within as well. Left me no choice but to "be out!" The only thing I can offer to your question is to realize this is an old symptom we suffer from called  "Mentacide"; a combination of Mental Suicide coined by Ancestor/Dr. Bobby Wright. Even Ancestor Harriet Tubman said, "I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves." My solution is to continue to study and share then spread the seed of knowledge like a farmer. Those who will become hungry for truth will find it, just as you have. Bless...




• As I looked over your article I realized that you have never worked a hard day in your life. Meaning that you have never worked for anything that is meaningful to you. You take what you think is correct information of these great organizations and just casually treat the shields as if it is a game. You attempt to mix and match symbols, numbers, names, images to what you think is the truth about BGLO's. I'm also surprised at you being a so called X Alpha that you did not go in depth to the real reason why the first black fraternity was founded and ever how. You go to great lengths to bash, ridicule, misinterpret and inform information on the other BGLO's. You claim you got information from an X Sigma, however misinterpretations, un-truths and lies are what you got. And the same incorrect misinterpretations were done for the others. Yes the fraternities and sororities have minor differences, but there are more similarities then you could imagine. Each is connected by design, and you my good friend have wondered into dangerous and unknown territory. You are tampering with things that have touched the lives of many great people in meaningful ways. You do not have the right or privilege to talk about any ones shield as if was a play toy. My brother you need to beware of the danger you have put yourself in and truth be told, you are on the list. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, figure it out yourself. It does not matter that I was initiated way before you, but you can believe that I know much more information about the fraternities and sororities then you will ever know. There is no way that you can do full research on the shields because so much information has been passed done orally form generation to generation. However, some of this information stopped being passed down in the 90's. You are only a recipient of what was passed to us from older members and what we recreated for you. With that said, the best thing for you to do is to go away quietly and live you life like other so called X members have done and have stayed out of trouble. You have disrespect for rules, regulations, policies, procedures, protocols and traditions. While you are ahead it would be wise to write about something else then to tamper with the unknown. For future reference 95% of black people in this country and the world who fault great causes, made great achievements, created a better living environment for you came form BGLO's by design. 95% of Black Americans who are movers, creators, leaders, achievers are form BGLO's, and please don't ever for get it. With that said; nothing is never appreciated without hard work and mental stamina.

Posted by A O (illuminatibrain@gmail.com) on Monday, October 21, 2013, at 2:37PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Ummm, if this is supposed to "scare" me with your subliminal threats, I am not moved, nor will waver. I'm the first to say I do not have all the information on the use of symbolz on frat and sorority shieldz, and like the confusionz of religion, what one "interprets" as you say, can be different from another—I'll grant you that. However, there are too many "coincidences" in the use of symbolz I've found and if it's anything I've learned from Steve Cokely is not to believe in coincidences. You may be "old school frat" and may be under the delusional spell of American-Afrikan achievement via BGLOs, but from where I stand, there's a whole lot of SHIT BGLOs have been part of that far outweighz these minimal feats you speak of. You are correct, I do NOT have respect for ANY organization that parades as one for the enlightenment and socio-, political and spiritual advancement of Afrikan people. And as said in part 3 of this series on the Boule', I am not going to mimic the noodle-back attempt at "blowing the whistle" by DuBois and Carter G. Woodson and instead honor the spirit of George G.M. James. And trust, I do not stand alone! So your "threats" are heard, but I have our Afrikan Ancestorz to answer to. You, who prefer your greek allegiance over Afrikan, don't come close to consideration!




• My parents are on this (Boule' Roster) list and I grew up with the children of many others on this list as well. For some reason-or for HIS own reasons-THE MOST HIGH GOD has always kept me for his own and guided me away from continuing the "legacies" I have been rooted in, from Jack&Jill, to AKA (Kappa father), to The Links and the Boule` . Thank you for aiding my quest to learn the truth in the light of knowledge, for surely I was blinded but now I see! I just hope my people didn't do no sacrifices! They not THAT rich so I'm hoping that means they didn't go that far! I've always been the dreaded black sheep and now I know why. Thanks again brother your sister,

Posted by Dawn Britton (dawnherdt@gmail.com) on Sunday, June 30, 2013 3:46AM




• Good afternoon. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, and your article honestly just amused me. You did a lot of guessing and decided that 4+4=44 Lol... If everyone is writing to tell you that your got their shields wrong, rest assured, you did. They won't tell you the real meaning because that's members-only information. Just because you don't get to know what it means doesn't mean it's anything wrong. You just don't get to know it. But I already have a feeling others have told you this, so I'm probably wasting my time. P.S. I have many beautiful, dark skinned line sisters. Maybe you should consider devoting your energies and passions to something meaningful and fruitful.

Posted by Teresa L. Poindexter (teresa.poindexter@yahoo.com) on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 5:23PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Um.... your emotional response does not excuse the fact of why BGLOs were founded and in particular the historic policy your sorority once had—which predates (I'm assuming) before you or I were even born! True, I do not know everything, never said I did, but I have said I intend to find and share what I find. So trust, one day it will be revealed to me... But it's bigger and beyond exposing secrets for secrets sake. It's about Afrikan people choosing in 2012+ to RECLAIM their Afrikan heritage and REMOVE any and all non-Afrikan affiliationz! The history of greece and it's relation to Afrika and her people is a subject seldom studied among many INCLUDING BGLO memberz!


Now, unless you've read books by Cheikh Ante Diop, Chancellor Williams (Destruction of Black Civilization), Charles Finch, or Anthony Browder (to name a few), you may continue to feel my attempts are comical, but I assure you, there's NOTHING FUNNY about our stolen history, and more so, the spell we continue to be under going against one of our ancient axiomz, 'Know Thyself!" So if you are not interested in true history, yeah, you are wasting your time!


teresa's RESPONSE: Carry on with your efforts. But until you KNOW some truth about the things you're discussing, I'd suggest not embarrassing yourself with calculated assumptions. Just a suggestion. Throw around as many names as you like, but that doesn't negate the fact that you are attempting to teach about things you haven't learned. And only those who are with you on the outside looking in will ride your coat tail. We don't have anything further to discuss.


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: There's nothing to be embarrassed about when trying to find truth! In fact, what's even more embarrassing is one who considerz themselves 'educated' yet consciously chooses to remain ignorant of origin and affiliationz of their organization! But it's obvious your ignorance overrides logic. Trust, truth will be revealed... And I appreciate you're making it clear what side of the fence you reside (although sad, for it dishonorz the memory of our Ancestorz, but I guess you could give to "-ishes" about that, it's evident). It's also clear your greek-based, ritualized, and centered organization is more important to you than righting the atrocities that have been done against us. And you're right, there isn't anything further we need talk about. Enjoy being the house slave!




• I just wanted to say thank you for presenting all the information you have discovered. I appreciate truth and knowledge in any form even if it is not what I want to see or hear. I'm an undergraduate student at Fisk University and I am interested in pledging next semester. I really needed to see all of this to make a true decision. After going over all of this and talking to my parents who were both "greek". I can see the good and bad in being in a fraternity. I don't know where I'm truly going with this email since I am not greek as of yet and naturally I cannot speak on what I haven't practiced. I just felt the need to say that though all of what we see may not be coincidence in correlation to our oppressor, I'm an optimist (even if that makes me a fool I can't help but be one.) and I believe that every new generation of black greeks comes closer to realizing this and the meanings they teach may not be cover up but instead redefinition in order to change the eurocentric influence to what the original cause was meant to be and is currently characterized to be. And I would definitely agree that greek culture is a stolen entity and that we should strive to change some of the symbols one uses on shields and such. however that kind of thing can't be done from the outside. change comes from within. the true spirit of revolution. So in that spirit I think I will still become "greek" next school year in order to bring about this change I, and surely you, would like to see. granted these changes may not be realized in our lifetime since all of these organizations are nearly 100 years old and old habits die hard. I wish you could have remained in your organization with the mindset of changing it, since that would allow you to be in the best position to do so.


In all the connections you have unearthed to masonry and illuminati, I am saddened since I've known for years how they go against God even without their knowledge. But I've taken into consideration that these connections are such because as evil as the masons are, they are successful. And I think our black frats and sorroities basically just follow a template set by masons and not so much the the overall plan within masonry. It's clear to see that the members of a frat make up the frat itself. the frat should never make the person. So if most members of a fraternity have/had your mindset this would in turn force the frat to uphold what it should stand for and not necessarily what it most likely stood for due to its origin in greek mythology and masonry.


All in all I'd like to say I'm an intellectual who is making efforts to put God first and your information is part of my research and necessary in helping me put God first in my actions. I feel being a member of a fraternity, should not impede on that plan as long as I bring my light to the organization and revolutionize it and not let it misguide me. Call me a fool if you wish that's just how I see the situation at hand. It would make me more than happy to hear back from you and continue this conversation when I do become greek.


P.S. I know my gmail address may spark questioning. I just thought I would explain it since everybody wants to know what it means. It's nothing evil. Blaq Artz was originally going to be my stage name as I am a poet. It was short for Black Artisan which is a name I adopted after reading about the harlem renaissance. one of my poems/raps go "I am thee Blaq Artz not voodoo, sole(soul) purpose is to make sure the light of God shines through you in everything you do do..." In any case I've decided to change my name so I can avoid having to give explanations like this one. Peace, Love & Nappiness

Posted by Zach Williams (blaqartz@gmail.com) on Sunday, April 29, 2012 4:25PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Respect Brotha! I agree, as time goes on traditionz can be altered in ANY organization. However, I'm a firm believer you can never turn a weed into a rose; once a weed, alwayz a weed. And as long as these organizationz keep their history book (which is required reading) and ritualz, the only change you may see will be superficial. Simply put, being a "Spook" trying to change within won't happen, B! And if that's your goal, trust, you're wasting your time--I tried unsuccessfully when I was a member. The time wasted (which, as you said, would consume our lifetime) to change something that's rooted in the physical, spiritual and mental bondage of Afrikan people should be classified as the late Dr. Bobby E. Wright phrased, 'Mentacide' or Mental Suicide. Trust, you're not the first (although there's only been a few, including myself) who wanted to Re-Afrikanize BGLOs (Black Greek-Lettered Organizationz)!


I'm not going to judge your decision to join despite what you've learned from our works, but I will ask this, if this is your plan (to change), why not consider doing the same in joining the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)?! I'm sure you're sayin' HELL NO! But BGLOs are no different!


Do you think the NAACP will ever get rid of the calling Blackfolk "Colored People" and change to "Afrikan"? Won't happen, B. Why? Because we must be clear on exactly what entities FOUND these organizationz; who are they, were they Afrikan (NO), and since they weren't, what was their motive for finding black organizationz FOR black people, but not STARTED or INFLUENCED by them!


I find too many hedz think they can go in and change something that predates them by almost 100 yearz! Why not take that energy and create NEW one's whose roots are that of a rose?!


Although I have no problem continuing dialogue with you, I want to highlight something you said that is disturbing (although I'm sure it was said not to be taken 100% literal). You said, "It would make me more than happy to hear back from you and continue this conversation WHEN I DO BECOME GREEK." Brotha, YOU'RE NOT GREEK, NEVER WAS, NEVER WILL BE! When we Afrikan people STOP adopting the character of our enemies, oppressorz, etc, we will overstand the true essence of 'word, sound, power' and the importance of identifying not only who we are, but who our collective enemy is! 'Know Thyself' Afrikan man! Aspiring to become part of a cultural cult who's responsible for the theft, decay AND murder of millionz of our people is Mentacide in it's true form!!


There are several Afrikan-centered fraternities around the country worthy of consideration—if enlightenment is what you desire. Trying to change a rotating tire going 100mph to go the other direction? You'll simply get ran over! Sure, your self-inflicted sacrifice may slow it to 99mph, but here's the dilemma: how do you convince otherz to do the same when they see the result?!!? (But that's my 2 cents, you do what your spirit moves you to do)


Lastly, you don't have to explain your email addy to me, Black. ANYTHING black is positive to me as it alwayz have been since inception: Space is in darkness; Carbon, the key element to life, is black; all colorz of the rainbow mixed is black; people with the highest levelz of melanin are black; see where I'm going?


I challenge you to do continued research so you can not only do yourself proud, but your Ancestorz and the ensuing hedz to follow! Bless...




• I have done a lot of research myself to discredit you. To tell you the truth, I have not found anything to prove you are lying. It takes tremendous courage to do what you have done by writing your articles. I wonder what can we do to change Black Frats and Sorors. I am still going to join a black frat. But my reason for joining is different from most brothers. I believe that we can break chains of mental slavery that has been put upon us as Black people. It hurts knowing that B.G.O have not evolved. BGO are still holding their mantle to their colors. BGO really need to stop calling themselves Greek. Becoming apart of a BGO made black people feel superior to other black people. This is what i need from you is HELP. Help me change the ways of frat i am going to be apart of.

Posted by Dontavies Newton (edreed9@yahoo.com) on Thursday, January 26, 2011 7:25PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Brotha, lemme be honest. Since you read what I have on my site and did diligence that confirm my writingz, I find it puzzling to hear you still intend to join. BGLOs are century-plus organizationz (along with NAACP, Urban League, etc), whose foundationz are not based on Afrikan Self-Determination but on european self-DEPENDENCE. You may feel you can change them from the inside, but I assure you, it is not going to happen—it's been tried before by many.


Bottom line, our energies should be focused on creating and organizing Afrikan-based groups who foundation is based SOLEY on the emancipation of our people. As heirz to the void of this work not being done, many, including probably yourself, may think it can only be done through BGLOs. We who know the real history on the creation of BGLOs must stand up and do what's right for both to honor the memory of our Ancestorz as well as the ensuing youth so that they will know who they are, and where they stand in the world!


Sayin' that, I emphatically will NOT be able to help you change ANYTHING regarding BGLOs. Just getting them to remove the word 'Greek' is not enough, there must be a complete Sankofa and once that is done, when Afrikanz truly know the historic and almost complete annihilation of our people at the handz of the greeks, persianz, romanz, asianz, and everyone in between, these organzationz will cease to exist. (read, 'When Knowledge Became Kryptonite')





• You seem to have put a lot of time and energy into TRYING to discredit the Elite Eight Black Greek Letter Organizations. My question to you is what's your point??? You say The Elite Eight, now the Divine Nine, are NOT socio-economic groups looking to advance African Americans and positively impact our communities, yet they've done so much. Instead of spending your time trying to bash these groups why don't you do something to assist the Men of Phi Beta Sigma and their Sigma Beta Club where they mentor and gives thousands in scholarship money. Why don't you donate to Zeta Phi Beta's Stork's Nest organization, which assist young single mothers and educate them about child care. Or your time could go towards shedding light on the Alpha Kappa Alpha's Emerging Young Leaders program where they mentor and teach young girls (starting at 6th grade) how to be a leader in their community. Maybe you can have more of a positive impact if you-wait. I only ran across this site because i was looking for an domestic violence prevention organization that the ladies of (MY greek letter organization) and the Men of Omega Psi Phi can partner with. This site is a waste of my time and briefly distracted me from my goal which is community outreach. Try focusing your energies on something positive and uplifting instead of trying to tear down. Proud of my Fraters & Sorors!

Posted by Kiaya Perry (zeta_doll3@yahoo.com) on Friday, January 13, 2011 12:07PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: And you are entitled to your opinion (distracted or not).

I must say though, you fail to see the larger picture. True, these organizationz have their "fair share" of charity work, but the fact they do this under the banner of culture bandits is the issue!


Ask yourself, if the Ku Klux Klan started allowing non-white memberz to join and they conducted similar charity efforts, do you see yourself participating? If you know the history of the KKK, I would hope not. But then again, maybe I shouldn't assume.


All these charitable works are good, but what's missing is the fact these Black organizationz suffer from an identity crisis! Many Black greeks don't realize there was NOT a harmonious relationship our Afrikan Ancestorz had with the greeks. They, along with the Persianz, Romanz, and countless otherz were invaderz, murdererz, and plagiarist's of Afrikan culture AND her people--how you think most of us got here to America?!!? I invite you to read, 'When Knowledge Became Kryptonite".


BGLOs are "supposed" to represent the Talented 10th--the best our people have to offer, yet we're still choosing out of ignorance to be any and everything else under the Sun EXCEPT Afrikan! BGLO memberz comprise of a class of American-Afrikanz (I say that for a reason: Afrikan is the subject or base, 'American' is the place we live) who have the highest career advancement and earning potential, yet may be just as ignorant about our historical relationship to the world as the rest of us who live in financial and educational poverty in our "ghetto's".


It's this ignorance (conscious or unconscious--because although many don't even know history, we ALL feel the effects of racizm/global white supremacy), that allowz BLGOs to exist and it never be questioned why an American-Afrikan Sorority would have a white woman on their shield (Delta Sigma Theta who has a pirated version of the original Goddess of Wisdom "Nut" or "Neit" and instead has the white impostor Minerva); why another would have an actual Skull and Crossed-bones on theirz (Sigma Gamma Rho), showing a connection to Skull&Bones at Yale; why the frat I was once a member of (Alpha Phi Alpha) would use the term "Sphinx" (who's definition has nothing at all to do with Afrika where it sits in front of the Pyramidz) instead of it's original name, "Her Em Akhet"; why the term "Mentor" is used when describing youth apprenticeship not knowing who Mentor really was: a pedophile (read: Jegna vs. Mentor); and how oxymoronic it is for BGLO graduates to wear an 'Kente' Stole with 'Greek' letterz!


You ask what's the point? In the ancient dayz of the Nile Valley of Kemet (erroneously called Egypt), "Ignorance is a Sin" was written on Pyramidz and other structures throughout. Our Ancestorz thrived on knowing thyself--hence whey they're still revered today! However, today, ignorance is bliss because the less we know of ourselves, the more we try to mimic our oppessor (read, 'Ignoring History Perpetuates the Myth of White Supremacy'). Perhaps you don't mind remaining ignorant. You can bet whitefolk certainly don't!


So in closing, I don't expect you to respond, nor to even look at any of the links I attached. But I do challenge you to exercise your mind and overstand the cycle IS being broken, Afrikan people are waking up knowing you can still do charity works under Afrikan named, symboled, and missioned organizationz as a more effective alternative. I mean, is charity work more beneficial when bring a man fish or teaching him how to fish?


When you have Afrikan-centered and ran organizationz, the one's served won't have to worry about being Blacked-out through whitewash; won't be bombarded with white corporate sponsorship who have little-to-no interest in the advancement of our people but rather focus on the insurmountable wealth we give freely simply because we do not know (or value) our wealth; and truly gives us a future; more precisely, an independent one!


My apologies for the history lesson. I hope you find it of some use for your intellectual growth






• As a member of kappa alpha psi and a very strong student of great 8 history, your lost and have no clue of what you speak of.

Posted by illinois celestine (vainevilsun@gmail.com) on Friday, December 16, 2011 at 7:21 AM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: That's your opinion—which by the way, has no base 'cause you list nothin' you're in dispute of. If you disagree with what I said, then you're just plain ignoring OUR-story and instead, settling for your "master's" HIS-story.


Author of Stolen Legacy, George GM James, said it best, "Greek mythology is STOLEN Afrikan History!"If you choose to uphold the plagiaristic cultural (de)values of historical enemies to Afrikan people, that is truly your prerogative, but it does not negate or undo the catastrophic acts they've done and continue to do to our people.


Now, if you wanna dispute my info (as you self-proclaimed to be a "strong student of great 8 history"), why not come with some particularz, B? Otherwise, this is nothin' but an emotional response...




• I really appreciate the research that you have done, as it educates many as to the ulterior motives of Greek "brotherhoods" and "sisterhoods" and makes people question what Christianity truly is. My question to you is whether or not that you think that there's Illuminati and satanic influence in all fraternities and sororities, Greek lettered or not. For instance, do you think that organizations such as Greek lettered Honor Societies and independent organizations such as the National Society of Pershing Angels, Inc. have satanic influences as well? I am asking because I am thinking about pledging the sorority National Society of Pershing Angels, Inc. and I am trying to do individual research into the history of the organization, but I am coming up short in finding what I am actually looking for in terms of finding out certain bits of information that I need to know before deciding whether or not to pledge (such as the oath). Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by Nate'sha Johnson (taibear12@hotmail.com) on Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 7:52 PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: I would say yes mainly because the root of BGLO's (Black Greek Lettered Organizationz) trace their influence by both memberz of the masonic sect as well as the Boule' (Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc) who states in their own history book on pg 28 that they wanted their organizationz base to be just like Skull&Bones at Yale. Now regarding the Pershing Angels, this is the first time I've heard of them. From what little I know, they are a sorority found at Morgan State University. It doesn't help their own website isn't active; I'd have to do some further research before I comment. I will say this though, Phi Peta Kappa, which today is known to be an Honor Society was originally the first chapter of the Illuminati. For more on that, read my piece, 'Skull&Bones: the Illuminati Resurrected.


At this day and age where it is way past due for our "black" organizationz to strip any and everything greek associated and instead, PROUDLY flaunt our Afrikan-ness, I would be skeptical of any organization that uses name associationz with oppressorz of Afrikan people. Even challenge them to explain not only their history, but what is their plan to embrace Afrika. You may be able to make a determination by that conversation alone! Trust, we will do our due diligence and share whatever we find. (as well, any info you get on them, I'd be grateful if you shared...) Bless...




• I have been interested in joining Omega Psi Phi for about six years now. I have read your site and although I find it very informative, I am still hungry for more. So, where can I find more in depth information about Omega? As a college student, I am looking to possibly join the organization in a year or so if all goes well and I just really want to know more information to know what I am really getting myself into...if it is possible can you please send me some info?

Posted by liu kang (mk_4fan@yahoo.com) on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 11:15 PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Dam, homey! If you've read the entire Boule' Series, you still wishing for thingz to go well in joining, I don't know what more I can say! If you haven't (and I'm hoping you haven't), read this entire series, plus the shield break-down, Boule' Roster, and links to the history of the Illuminati, Skull&Bones, and Masonry]. If you need more, lemme know and we'll go from there... Bless...


• hello how are you my friend. It has been a while. i was just reading the interesting comments from some of your commentators, who really do not understand what their respective organization's are really about. I was a sigma for years at a historically black college. after i pledged, i really had to research what i got myself into. but that is another story. however i'm sending you this email because i have some info on the zeta shield. of course you know the Stars on the shield mean the 5 founders. Z=Zeal Phi=scholarship Beta=sisterly. "Love Omnia Vincit Labore", means "All is conqured by labor." i will get back with you soon.

Posted by de hu (martiallaw27@yahoo.com) on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 6:57 PM




• Wow, stand for something other than Jealousness. They wanted to know all they could about Christ instead of the good deeds he had done. Grow up and get a life.

Posted by darrell singleton (dlshuff84@gmail.com) on Friday, September 9, 2011 at 9:46 PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Um... why not you tell that jesus bullshit to someone who's too ignorant to know the fallacy christianity is! How you're equating Black Greek Lettered Organizationz (BGLOs) with greece showz how feeble minded you are! If you knew anything about the history of greece, it predates christianity! BGLOs are not christian-based frats and sororities, their GREEK-based! Dam Duke, don't show up to class and you ain't done the homework! Actually, seemz like you don't have the books! Open your mind, you CAN have one outside of christianity!




• Hello, My name is Melissa and I noticed while reading the information on your site that you make some allegations. I have 2 cousins who have just pledged into Zeta Phi Beta and Sigma something something (fraternity). A lot of your responses were from folks who have already pledged and than researched. I happened to be a seeker of knowledge, and clarification. So, before I got excited about pledging I began my journey of research; up until your website all I read was the repetitiveness of brotherhood or sisterhood but no real answers. Your site seems very informative however a little under did. To be confused is a bad spirit; your information does that. Some parts seems emotionally driven because when I tried to look it up somewhere else it didn't appear. I wish your websites gave reference to other sites or books where I can find more information. That being said, my question to you is "what happened that sparked this site, sparked you dismissing yourself from your organization?" I always see love being displayed, so what caused you to dive into the research and eventually leave? Please Advise... Prospective Pledge(r)... Melissa... Thanks.

Posted by Brania Johnson (datrubeauty1211@yahoo.com) on Monday, November 28, 2011 at 1:01 AM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Greetingz Melissa and give thanx for reachin' out... I want to commend you first on exploring your curiosity before joining an organization. I've found through the yearz since writing this series there's been many, if not more, like you who sought holistically before joining than memberz who've gotten out because of what they found.


The challenging thing is there are not a lot of counter-sources out here—which led me to writing the series. I felt there needed to be an alternative for balance.


I'm not sure what you mean by "a little under did", but I assure you, the info in my writingz is not to confuse you, it's to enlighten you to the bigger picture, the role of Afrikan people; how we truly see ourselves (do we act as true descendants of the originatorz of civilization?) as well as how otherz really see us (many still see us as subhuman slaves)


We must not be afraid to critique or progress (or lack of). With BGLOs (Black Greek Lettered Organizationz) at the forefront of what's deemed as elite, or what WEB DuBois coined as the "Talented 10th", why are we still cellar dwellerz on the socio-economic- and spiritual ladder? Of all the collegiate graduates we have, why can they STILL only apply for jobz ran by non-Afrikan people?? Where are our entrepreneurz that can hire us? This is something if not the "Talented 10th" can't deliver, then who?!


You will find in my works I do give credit and recite influences and sources (Steve Cokely, George GM James, etc). But I will also say because the side I present has been concealed and thus, unpopular out of ignorance, a significant amount of it comes merely from self analyzing, common sense and due diligent research, plus the ability to connect the dots.


Hedz get caught up in resources. It's as if to say, I will not believe what you're saying unless someone else said it or it has to be published in a book somewhere. Realize, someone had to say it first! What is a source but a personz thoughts? Free yourself from having to validate info solely through someone else's wordz. You are your resource! Having been a member and seein' thingz with my own eyes, I realized this.


We are all intelligent beingz with the ability to overstand info ourselves. Simply start with history and do your own research. The best way is to take something one presents (using my works as an example) and do the research to validate it for yourself or prove them wrong. Either way, you know it yourself.


I hope this helps and please lemme know if there's anything else I can help you with, k? Bless...




• As a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. I respect what u said abt our shield. But I must say that on the outside people can interpret what they think our shield means. In reference to the skull and bones look alike.... I can say tht true enough it looks tht way but open up the bible..... Thts Wat we represent.... It was actually enlightening to read about the shield though. People from other Greek Organizations tht hav denounced their letters have shared with me Wat their organization was abt and really represented and worshipped, all I can do is b happy I choose the right one...

Posted by darrell singleton (dlshuff84@gmail.com) on Friday, September 9, 2011 at 9:46 PM


• Hello, I am apart of Omega Psi Phi, and I wanted to say that I am not offended by your website. Although I am not saying that I agree with everything you say, but due to my profession (Attorney), I feel that the comebacks of some of these posters are very weak....lol! I, for one. did not know most of the things you have posted and will be following you very closely. I would say that I believe that there are some truth to the things you are saying, because some of the things mentioned you can't fabricate.


Keep exercising your First Amendment right, because as you indicated, it is nothing wrong with looking at something from a different perspective.


P.S. I know that you have removed yourself from your fraternity and I understand the reasons why. However, I hope that you still have the "good relationships" that were formed because of your involvement with your organization.


Peace and Blessings,


-- James Lee Esquire

Thomas M. Cooley School of Law

Jurist Doctor 2009

Wilmington College

M.S. in the Administration of Justice 05

Cheyney University

B.A. in Criminal Justice 00


"If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did and it never will."

Posted by James Lee Esquire (james.jlee6241@gmail.com) on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 10:46 PM




• First, I want to say fully understand this is just you trying to educate people on our heritage and trying in this weird way to fore-fill the word of GOD.  BUT, how could you do a complete shield breakdown when i know and you stated yourself you don't have all the answers to to breakdown all the shields.  I wouldn't call what your saying and doing lies, I would just say...... you just don't understand fully what your talking about. Dude, its really ignorant to teach so passionately on something you do not understand fully.  Its like your a virgin, but at the same time you have a Phd in Sex therapy.  Sure you know all the ancient signs and meanings, but "Hummm where exactly do I put it! These symbols look a like almost, oooh I remember that lets see if it relates, close enough."  No my brother not good enough, Look i'm a member of Omega Psi Phi not for much longer (due to things like this unclear history) I want to know with out a shadow of a doubt what i'm in.


I can say....... instead of me getting more information from your site and becoming more knowledgeable to form a healthy hypothesis and conclusion I found myself irritated because you didn't have enough facts to support what you were teaching, i know without a doubt your description of omega's shield is totally screwed up and to e-publish something you think because of similar looking ancient relationships are wrong. You are more confused than the people that join with out fully understanding the roots such as myself.


Look, i'm a Microbiologist and a darn good one! I have been able to analyze and evaluate things the average person would not get if I told them word for word.  With that being said, I can tell you with out a doubt the information you have about the shield of omega psi phi is totally wrong and i'm not being defensive or anything cause like i said before i'm not feeling the frat. I can say digging until you find something you think relates doesn't help the problem it creates one. Why? Because all of the real hardcore i live and die for omega bruhz out there are gonna be defensive and abrasive and actually not get the message your trying to teach.


Look, believe it or not the word of GOD runs deep in me. The reason people don't wanna give you the real truth about the shields are not because there protecting them or there brain washed its because that particular knowledge is earned. There are people that gave up more than you ever could imagine to be apart of the groups and there not just about to hand it over to you especially with your not accurate criticism and your obnoxious sounding responses to the history you dug up and the history you got from your ex organization, trying to somehow relate it to everyone else's history.


Man, every one of these organizations are really truly different in terms of there founding, oaths and principles on which they were built.  They all might have greek letters but I promise you there different. I'm gonna leave you with this because I respect you and because I know what your trying to do.   Omega Psi Phi has nothing to do with Skull and bones or anything like that and I KNOW you know that. Your theory would mean any symbol you see with an the letter X has affiliations with skull and bones  I know your also intelligent enough to know that we have nothing to do with apollo.  "You said it yourself it gets stupid" that made lose cool points for you, for even posting that.


Maybe your frustrated with all the negative feed back your getting from the people and thats probably because they have seen things that are lies in your posting.  Its a free world post what you want i'm just trying to help you if you could read between the lines.   Next, which is public knowledge it was only one Founder that practiced medicine.  Not three as you would lead our public to believe.   Lastly, you should lead people by fact not by your thoughts and assumptions! If you want this to be run correctly you should take better pride in your research. Because although you might know somethings my knowledge surpasses yours on every level and if I wanted i could pick you apart and make you look like a fool with your CURRENT assumptions.  Actually this was not much of a help to me.  We probably will never know the full truth about the original origins and beliefs of fraternities and sororities and thats a FACT! Thats why my decision is to abort the situation.


PS I typed this half sleep and in the middle of cooking dinner please pardon my typos and I hope you were able to read between the lines

Posted by Lance Collins (lance.collins11@gmail.com) on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 4:32PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: "Man, you come right out of a comic book!" (Jim Kelly)


I say that jokingly because you try to first come off respectfully, then you switch up with claimz you can "pick me apart" and make me "look like a fool", as if you're bipolar or something'; hence the reason for citing Kelly…


In response to all this, I first gotta say there's nowhere in my writingz where I say I'm attempting to fulfill the word of "god". Where you got that I don't know, but you are correct in my mission to share with Afrikanz our culture as well as those who go against it.


Also, if you read the very FIRST paragraph, I admitted I did not have all the info about the shieldz, yet from that you interpreted me as sayin' I was publishing a "complete" — as you said — shield breakdown. This piece is a work in progress, meaning there will be updates and/or changes.


Do I claim to comprehend everything about the shieldz? How can I when I have yet to gather all the info?! However, does it take all the pieces of a puzzle for you to figure out what it looks like? (maybe for you). I know when dealing with topics such as this, the word 'coincidence' cannot exist; I've seen enough connectionz to know what I present as fact.


With that said, you are free to do with the info presented as you will. It is not my mission to convince you, if you disagree, you can do your own research and come to your own conclusion. As well, if you choose, you can present this rebuttal to me, but a rebuttal can only be when one presents their findingz, not some emotional rah-rah nonsense like you sent me.


Your response is a joke to me because you come off like you have all the answerz — and I mean, ALL (of each organizationz shield) — yet you provide NO evidence of such knowledge at all! You speak of your soon departure from your frat, yet you reveal nothing to clear up the inaccuracies you claim I published.


What I wrote on Omega Psi Phi's shield is "totally wrong", you say? So tell me/us then, Brotha, why are there wreathes on your shield? Why is there a Knights helmet with crossed-swordz there? Are you sayin' one of your founderz, Ernest Just is not the first recipient of the Joel Spingarn medal?! Was Spingarn not an influential founder of the National Association for the Advancement of CERTAIN People?!!? What is it published that was incorrect besides two of your founderz being in the field of medicine instead of the three I initially published — which, by the way, seemz to contradict your claim of there only being one (Cooper and Just)!


You speak of the answerz coming only to those who earn it. Albeit true, I know an active member of one who wants to protect their organization wouldn't tell me — I get it. But also know everyday someone's being touched by this series. Almost everyday I get inquiries and comments (good and bad) from hedz who are memberz, soon-to-be-ex's (as yourself), as well as GDIs (gotdam individualz). True, there are very few blacks who think their greek, or 'memberz of black greek-lettered organizationz' happy with my writingz. Most ignore it or will send an 'emotionally-laced-with-no-rebutting-data' response (like yourself). So am I expecting hedz like you to reveal anything, no! But trust, there are those willing to reveal, this piece is proof of that! I know knowledge is earned and the earning process isn't an easy one — hence one's reason to protect it. But what exactly are you protecting, Brotha?


See, the sad thing is you wannabe greeks don't get it. It's not about you, it's about your organization — why it was founded; who it was founded by; and what affiliation/bondz did they have people and organizationz who've fought against the emancipation and liberation of Afrikan people! The first two decades of the 1900s was a crucial period, one that laid the path of confusion we Afrikanz suffer from today. The Boule', the Pan-HELL-enic Council (four fraternities and four sororities), the Niagara Movement (1905), NAACP (1909), Urban League (1910), are a few ital pieces who became strong visual and silent opposition to Marcus Garvey's movement. The US. government relied on these breeding groups, dubbed the 'Talented 10th' to keep tabz and even divert any energies opposite Afrikan self-reliance (ie, the Boule's role in the Tuskegee Experiment). This is the root of these organizationz you choose to protect…


True, each frat/sorority is different, but only to a degree for they all still have a connection to the Boule'. You can dispute that all you want, but I know you can't even be considered a person of interest for the Boule' unless you're a member of the Pan-HELL-enic council!


And regarding your thinking you "know I know your organization has no ties to Skull&Bones"? Tell me meaning of the Knights helmet on your shield. The most infamous Knights who wore those were from King Arthur and his Knights Templar (or of the Round Table) of which Skull&Bones, the 2nd chapter of the Illuminati, also goes by the name, The Round Table Group!


In addition, in the Boule's history book, 'History of Sigma Pi Phi: First of the Negro-American Greek-Letter Fraternities', written by Boule' and alpha phi alpha member, Charles H. Wesley, pgs 75-79 discusses the formation of Epsilon Boule' in Washington, DC on "the third Friday in February, 1911." Page 77 lists their charter memberz, which includes Omega Psi Phi founder, Ernest E. Just and lists his AB from Dartmouth, PhD from UC, and his profession as Biology Prof at Howard. Pages 132 and 410 reiterates the same information.


I've also attached a picture showing Just with other memberz of the Boule' in January, 1912. No connection, huh. You must be blind or in denial, for what I see is one of your founderz in a photo taken with his fellow brotherz in the Boule', of which, I reiterate again, and this time I quote, Boule' founder "[Dr. Henry] Minton wanted to create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale." pg28.


The photo alone disputes your claim BGLOs (Black Greek Lettered Organizationz) are different because we see here one group, the highest of all, comprising of memberz from several fraternities and if you look at the roster, you will find most if not all are part of some frat — as required.



[PHOTO] Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity - 1912

Front row: Left to right Ernest Just (Omega Psi Phi Founder), Charles I. West, Kelly Miller (Alpha Phi Alpha), John F. Francis, Judge Robert Terrell (Phi Beta Sigma), James A.Cobb.

Middle row: A.H. Glenn, E. French Tyson, E.C. Williams, Garnet C. Wilkinson, Milton Fonso rancis, Carter G. Woodson (Omega Psi Phi), Arthur S. Gary.

Back row: William C. McNeil, G.S. Wormley, Haley Douglas, Alfonso O.Stafford, Arthur M. Curtis, Roscoe C. Bruce.

Courtesy of Howard University Archives, Moorland-Springarn Center. Photo taken circa January 1912.


In closing, you can belittle what I've written to your last breath, the facts are, however, indisputable. So my challenge to you is instead of tucking your tail between your legz, if you have a rebuttal, present one! This is not about ego; I could really give two fairy fucks about whether you think your knowledge surpasses mine. If you choose to embellish on insults and ignorant cracks, you're in a race I'm not even competing in.


I will say this though, you gettin' out of the frat is a good thing and I salute you for that. Just don't go out like your brother, Carter G. Woodson or more recent, Asa Hilliard, or even WEB DuBois who took the secrets of the Boule' to their graves (Woodson and DuBois were allegedly ousted from the Boule'. To my knowledge Hilliard was still an active member.


Lastly, your correct, we may never learn everything, being this is about societies who hold secrets and all. But that does not mean it can't be done! Hedz wanna know, and even more are analyzing and conducting their own research. You might not agree, but I believe the legacy of our people deserve the attempt…




• Dude it's people like you that give Fraternities and Sororities bad names. You sit here and put info about black greeks from roots that were not thought of when these fraternities and sororities were founded. It's sad to know that there is someone out here still doing stupid stuff like this. We learn what we learn and it's from the beginning our our history. I have been a Sigma for 12 years and a Mason for 8 and I have heard this and I have heard that and I have done my research as well. Please sit down somewhere and stop trying to break up what brotherhood black greeks have. None one pledges and sit and say well I wonder what the roots of Phi Beta Sigma or Zeta Phi Beta are. All they know is that the principles that they are built on and that Culture,Service and Humanity. I'm so sick of hearing from people like you. If it's not we are buying friends it's people like you who are digging to find info on black greeks to try to get others to dislike them. There are 9 black greeks within the divne 9 and all 9 are based off of great things including there founders. Maybe that life is not for you. Maybe you tried to pledge and couldn't get in so you decided to make sure no one else would want to. Or maybe you were picked on by people in the fraternities and took a vow to ruin them, whatever the case may be it's cool. You need to chill out with you posted lies. Phi Beta Sigma Winter 99 UNO!!!!!.

Posted by Vines Nicholas (sigmaman14@yahoo.com) on Saturday, August 13, 2011 4:20PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Give frats and sororities a bad name? Good! But that's not really my reason, my reason is to inform, it just so happenz their foundation and list of allies have proven to be counterproductive to the liberation of Afrikan people.


If current memberz take offense, I can understand why, but in the same breath, can't, because most of the original 8 pan-HELL-enic group are approaching 100 yearz old, which meanz the inception happened way before you and I were even born. I say this 'cause hedz like yourself seem to be so emotionally tied to something you were not around when the Boule' (1904), then Alpha (1906) and so on were founded.


You can call what I do — researching history — stupid; it just tellz me the kind of person I'm dealing with. You havin' been a member of the Masonz, you should know what you are taught in the beginning is minimal, if not deceiving (then again, maybe not, depending on what kind of mason you are: york, scottish, prince hall and the degree level you're at). Any 30+ degree mason willing to tell you will confirm the first 29 degreez are lies and you're informed of this come degree 30.


Not that its my life's work, but it is part of my ambition to inform AFRIKAN people on the numerous organizationz that were founded to keep us disunited (black greek-lettered organizationz included). Whether you believe or not is on you. If you feel what I revealed in my articles are lies, tell me exactly which one's are — and of course, you gotta come with historical fact as a rebuttal and not emotionally-laced responses. That is an open challenge I welcome... But I overstand if this is something you cannot handle (as you stated how sick you are of hearing from people like me — which, btw, I did not contact you, you contacted me!)


Am I against memberz of these organizationz, not the one's who are unaware; but those who do come 'cross the info regarding the Boule' and choose to ignore or disgree with no historical research to combat these findingz, yes! It's 2011 and it's no coincidence Afrikan people around the globe are STILL at bottom levelz in all realmz of life. Besides, if you're familiar with George GM James', 'Stolen Legacy', you should/would know, "greek mythology is STOLEN Afrikan History", so why are y'all walking around callin' yourselves "greek" when history proves the greeks came into Afrikan as PIRATES, PEDOPHILES, MURDERERZ, and PLAGIARIST'S?!!?


BTW, I pledged and crossed in 1991 homeboy, so all that spit you said at the end is mute. And even if it were true, what does my personal connection have to do with the reason they were founded in the first decade of 1900?!!? Remove the personal emotionz. I overstand that's not an easy task, but if you truly stand for truth, you will realize truth will challenge some of the thingz you hold dear. Before all this, I loved alpha phi alpha. It was an enormous task for me to leave the frat, but I realized my Afrikan Ancestry was more important; maybe or maybe that's not important to you...


WIth that said, I'm NOT gonna chill on posting truth, but you're welcome to stay in your fantasy world of Afrikanz trying to emulate their oppressor all you want!




• I thorougly enjoyed your e-chat with bro. Carleton, i myself am a member of most of the organizations you seek to expose, i even worked for years at the "Supreme" court (lol), for both black justices, and can tell you unequivocally that "Equal Justice Under Law" is complete and utter bullshit. I've also worked extensively in US GOVT and US military as a navy 5326. You are on point which is why the brother got defensive. We definately ARE our own worse enemy, but that "devil" definately keeps an agenda to keep us dazed, confused and diseased.


As far as your understanding of the relationship between PHA freemasonry and BGLO, the colors that the BGLO derived for their organizations came DIRECTLY from PHA freemasonry and their representative meanings as well, i.e. Alpha Phi Alpha - Black and Gold (knowledge, intelligence); Omega Psi Phi - Purple and Gold the burning sands (royalty, peacekeeper, enforcement). Look at the militaries use of Gold trim on certain standard uniforms and you will see that the Gold symbolizes the guard or stromtrooper aspect of the military, i.e. Marine Corps, ALL Honor Guards etc; Kappa Alpha Psi - Crimson and Creme, blood and purity, the pretty boys , the "Christian brotherhood if you will"; Phi Beta Sigma - Blue and White, The Blessed Heavens and the Enlightened Sky"; the PHA - Scottish Rite 4-32 degree, the college of masonry, colors Black and Gold, the Shrine, the The Desert, the stormtroopers if u will of freemasonry; The Grand Lodge and Grand Divan colors, Purple and Gold, The York Rite, the path to Knighthood, colors Crimson and Creme, i.e. Knights Templar, The Blue Lodge, self explanatory, you are on the right path, 90% of what u say is tru, 10% is conjecture, i have many, many more paths to give you, Peace and Keep enduring. Bone..

Posted by Grand Inspector General (boopie1960@hotmail.com) on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 1:01 PM




• Here's what I don't understand, why is that whenever we (Blacks) want to be a part of an organization we have others try and justify why we shouldn't? I understand your "theories" regarding the symbols in the shields and so forth and how they may have racial implications but let me ask you this. Since the south ( and other parts of the country)made it no secret they hated Blacks during the Jim Crow Era and before, should we all just pack up and leave the south based on how our grandparents were treated 50 and 60 years ago? Cmon man! We made choices to join the fraternity or sorority we wanted to or we chose not to. The shield thats on my fraternity or the choice I made to join does not make me any less "Black" than the person who chose not to join. I have been a member of Phi Beta Sigma for 20 years and believe me my son have already made the decision to follow my footsteps. Every year we host "Toys for Tots", provide tutoring for struggling learners, and many other services to assist our community. We do that to help our communities despite the shield that reps our organizations! Proud Sigma4Life GOMAB!!!

Posted by Eric Brooks (ebrooks7@yahoo.com) on Thursday, July 21, 2011 6:37PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Eric, you obviously are free to be part of whatever organization you want. Although it may be fine with you being part of a corp of organizationz founded for purposes of control rather than the principles of freedom and self-reliance, it isn't for me. Also, you misunderstood my Brotha, nowhere did you read anything about me sayin' we should sever fraternal bondz with ourselves. What I did say is the current organizationz we have should be CHANGED for their roots were founded by non-Afrikan people (or Blacks if 'Afrikan' is a problem), and to this day, they still answer/take orderz from these overseerz!


Now you may not see it, but the historical evidence is there and further confirmed by the Pan-HELLenic councilz overseer, the Boule', aka Sigma Pi Phi — they state so in their history book! Further, you are a representative of your organization which meanz, you represent it's history, code, and symbolz. Does it make you less "Black"? I never said that. What I ask is where's your allegiance: our Afrikan Ancestry or the fabled greek mythology, most, if not all of which was stolen from us in the first place! I'm not here to judge you, it would be wasted energy. The content I published is food for thought. You do with it as you will...




This is from a discussion from a member of alpha phi alpha who posted a picture of an ape and stated it as the mascot for alpha phi alpha:

• Wassup with the comment on my page...and then you say you're an EX-Alpha, first of all, if you a real Alpha and you know what the symbolic letters mean, then you should know it's not greek! When where you so called made and what chapter?????

Posted by Ronn Jones, via Facebook on June 16 at 11:48pM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Read the links before you question homey. I'm fully aware our Ancestorz of the Nile Valley were the first with oral and written language. The comment was regarding the use of using a stereotypical primate for a Black male frat. Trust, I ain't into the 'game' of wondering whether you a "real" alpha or not. If you must know, Bloody Omicron chapter 1991. If you take a moment and read the links I sent, you'd know instead of gettin' all excited. The comment was to engage in a respectful and intellectual conversation. You don't have to accept...


ronn jones' RESPONSE: I've read that Boule crap years ago brother, second..the APE is an unofficial mascot that came about sometime in the late 70's early 80"/ that's something that was never, ever sanctioned by the fraternity...Third brother I understand that.. when one comes into knowledge..It makes you question everything that you've learned up too that point. We know the Sphinx is called Her Am Ahket (Heru of the Horizon) Alpha Brother Anthony Browder gave us the science on that back in the early 90's. You already know the science on the symbolic letters....So to step out of your own organization because You read that Sigma Pi Phi somehow secretly controls all the fraternities, bullshit. Brother before I joined masonry people told me don't join that because they are apart of the Illuminati and they are trying to take over the world. Truth of the matter brother......Prince Hall has a hard enough job trying to keep the lights on in the lodge..how in the hell are they taking over the world when we can't even take over our own communities?????? That goes for Black Collegiate Fraternities and Sororities, Boule, Links, etc. I'm sure bruh you have your reasons for leaving the frat..it's your choice, but if all you have is a problem with a damn APE which is not even recognized by the fraternity then maybe you should of never joined. Now you're going around bashing organizations for what..If there was any Black Organization with that much POWER.......the CIA would have been shut they ass down..I appreciate the knowledge bruh, but I'm past that........What can we do to build, what's our plan?????????


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: I know it's unofficial, but even you said, and I quote, "My fraternity mascot is an APE..." on your post. Think how many hedz who read that that aren't aware will take that as an official statement. That's how rumorz become legend — maybe you should consider clarifying that whenever you choose to endorse this animal.


The history of the Boule' and it's connection to blk greek-lettered frats & sororities is profound and you can choose to disbelieve, that is your choice. You can believe in coincidences with the symbolz on the shieldz, the ritualz, and even the name 'Boule' being used by a couple as, again, mere coincidence; this is your choice. As they say, if one does not study history, they are doomed to repeat it, and the playlist of black people in america being at the bottom of the socio, economic, and spiritual levelz has been on repeat for quite some time! This course is being led by of our so-called "elite" or "talented 10th".


I know these org's (incl Prince Hall) aren't the one's taking over the world, as you misinterpreted. They are pawnz of the global white elite — they are the house negro who will gladly do whateverz necessary to be anything other than their Afrikan selves for their white slavemasterz approval — but you may disagree with that as well...


You may not have a problem being associated with a primate, you would be in the less than 1% of 1% of black people who wouldn't have beef with someone referring to them as ANY kind of monkey — I gotta say, you're the first I've heard!


Lastly, trust, had I known anything about what I know now about the Boule', Masonry, black-greeks, etc, before I pledged, I would not've joined; but I didn't. But I assure you, since I wrote this series in 1997, there have been hundredz of hedz who've changed their mind because of this info.


Regarding your referral of the CIA shutting down black organizationz, they're not known for that. What they ARE known for is infiltrating them. You never heard of Gay Edgar Hoover's search for the 'Next Black Messiah'?!!?


You may be past all that, which favorz global white supremacy 'cause you obviously feel there's no longer any issues we American-Afrikanz face. And with that mindset, how do you intend to build a plan if you disregard the past?!!?


btw, I know Browder personally, and although you refer to him as if he's an active member, he informed me he is not.


ronn jones' RESPONSE: Listen..back to the APE, It was something the bruhz did doing hell week then you were raised to the level of a PHARAOH...not sure how BO does it, but that how we were taught at Bloody Alpha Psi Chapter..I'm not really concerned about individuals who are not apart of my frat..saying certain things because those that tell don't know and those that know don't tell. If you truly want to put Black People back on top and trust me brother..I'll help you if you have a plan...we need an Economic Agenda in the community. There will always be sellouts in the community on both sides, just because someone belongs to Sigma Pi Phi, it doesn't make them a sellout. I know a few brothers who belong to the Boule...They tend to take brothers on the professional level such as doctors, lawyers, dentist, entreprenuers, college presidents, etc. What's wrong with like minded individuals wanting to create an organization. People with like minds have always created groups. I know people who love butterflies, so they created a butterfly society. At the turn of the century when those Black Students entered Cornell, do you think the student body would have allowed them to make a fraternity called Africa Phi Africa....motto: Power to the people...mascot: Black Fist, They already where not allowed to live on campus, they would have been expelled. So they had to disguise it. Apes, Elephants, Dogs, Doves etc. Doesn't mean nothing....I saw a white frat that had a flamingo as there mascot......Question? if you were to choose a mascot for the frat, what would you pick?????? You going on this It's your duty to teach your brothers who are joining about the true name of the Sphinx, Nile valley History, etc. Those books where not available in the early 1900's, so you can't blame the Jewels for what they did not know. The official shield has the Heramahket on it along with the 3 pyramids of Giza, that should let you know right there along with the true meaning of APhiA that those brothers was putting us in the right direction...It's up to you and brothers like myself to continute to research who we are and build.......i will except you as a friend!


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: I'm fully aware of the use of A.P.E., my chapter used it as well.


I agree with the need for an economic plan but it also callz for other thingz like a military force to protect the wealth, have we not learned from Black Wallstreet of Tulsa, Oklahoma?!


True, the sellout is a breed that will probably outlive cockroaches, but not having a concern with, for example, Boule' memberz who each month renew their vow to maintain the secrets of their organization whose foundation is based on maintaining the tenants, aka customz and ritualz, of Skull&Bones — a known global white supremacist organization — to engage in talks of liberation for Afrikan people is asinine, moreover, suicidal!


Do I have a problem with hedz of like mind who wish to come together for their benefit? No. But do I for those chameleon-like groups (like the Boule' and otherz I've mentioned/written about) who give the illusion they are working for the betterment of Afrikan people? HELL YEAH! Ask yourself, with all these now 100 year-plus, elite, talented 10th organizationz still here, why are Afrikan people collectively lower then before they were here?!!? No, they're not powerless, as you mentioned, it's just that their power isn't FOR us, it's AGAINST us!


So you may not have an issue and may even consider working with a group of blackmen coming together to maintain Skull&Bones dominion on the people's of the world, and if so, perhaps this is where the conversation leaves us at polar opposites.


And trust, I've heard (and agree) too many tymz the notion of what kind of heat the founderz of alpha-phi-alpha would've endured had they chosen an Afrikan name instead. This is a valid point, but my counter is that it is now 2011! True, the founderz did not know what we know today, but the hedz in charge now choose to cover this up by continuing to allow this misinformation to be official — which is evident and clear when you look at the Boule's logo of a sphinx covering an urn which entailz the names of those who run the world [re-read part 2 (above)]!


Throughtout my writing on Boule', I noted my attempt to get national headquarterz to consider changing the name to something boldly Afrikan as well as updating the meaningz of its symbolz with no success; not even a hearing. This is when I realized who their allegiance is really to, thus paving the way for my exit and continued research in exposing what organizationz like these are really about.


So back to you're asking what would be our mascot, it would be Her-Em-Akhet, not the sphinx (watch 'The Riddle of Her-Em-Akhet on DGTv). Think a sec, of all the animalz one could choose, alpha's chose (whether official or not) an ape?! — a stereotypical slur that was just as, if not more prevalent, in the 1900s on up to whenever the date A.P.E. started being used, than today?!!? Why choose a primate rather than a lion?! The lion is the lower half of Her-Em-Akhet and whether hedz knew back then the real name and meaning or not, you could see the lower half was the King of the beasts! Would not choosing to be called something referring to a lion be both symbolic and astutely correct? I mean, you did mention during hell week pledgeez are raised to the level of a Pharaoh. Are you not aware the symbolic meaning to Her-Em-Akhet dealz with one having the ability to suppress their lower self, or beastly nature (as said, the King of the beasts is the lion) can be elevated to the level of a god?


And regarding the 3 busts of the sphinx ('cause to me, it's not Her-Em-Akhet) on the alpha's shield, note which direction they are facing… WEST (as in, "western civilization') and not east, the point of our origin. For more on this I offer the breakdown of the shieldz.




• What can I say...... I heard your show on blogtalkradio a few nights and was blown away by the information produced about greek letter fraternities. Being a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, I initially didn’t take a deep look into what the greek life was all about. I basically perceived it as a bunch of brothers getting together, hanging out, and partaking in social events. As I began to learn who I am as a black man, our history, and the current situations, I started to take note of the bourgeois behavior that was talking place inside of my frat as well as other frats and sororities and began to realize that WE aren’t doing anything of significance to impact the black community on a large scale. Coming from a destructive environment I’m from, I noticed when I started college that I had no idea what these frats and sororities were all about because I never seen them in my community doing anything for the people. Also, while attending regional and national meetings, I also picked up on the fact that most of the high officials in my frat were members of sigma pi phi as well. not until I heard that show hosted by bro. ankh which you was on as well as taking a look at your website give me a more clear perspective and understanding of the total backwardness of African people in America. So, I would like to personally thank you bro for stepping up in the name of the ancestors and putting truth out there. Peace.

Posted by Dee Mays (deeam12@hotmail.com) on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 10:14:23 PM


• I really dont understand where you get your info from. its obviously nout true either way you look at it. most black people do join organizations without truly researching their history and stop searching after they join but the connections that you are making are really farfetched in their descriptions and connections. my self being an Alpha took the time to understand and also being a Mason helped me tie it together. I truly hope you have more references about these orgs. other than your own website. it only leads more blind children to empty assumptions. fraternities and sororities do alot for the communities they are found.. not just the black ones. they have kept many out of jail, produces even more leaders in different fields.. not just political. their symbolisms are in fact pure. so before you judge us, think about some of the comedians you laugh at or music you listen to or some of the great innovations and freedoms you enjoy and then criticize if you want but you might as well give it all back......but I know u won't.

Posted by Daniel Sells (dizlwizl3@gmail.com) on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 6:5 9PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: You can choose to believe what you want, I am not here to convince you, you either get it or you don't. True, most do join organizationz without fully knowing their origin, and true, I was one of those, but once I was exposed to the side many are not privy to (because it was intended to remain a secret), I did my research and have shared what I learned.


I'll say this, if your reply was just an emotional response, there's no need to read on, however, if you wanna have a mature conversation, enlighten me on exactly what connectionz you feel I made are "farfetched." In addition, include a credible rebuttal to those connectionz.


What you fail to understand is that I mentioned throughout my series on the Boule' they have done service projects, etc. for the community. I also alluded to the fact that the majority are oblivious to the true intentionz of the Boule' and other Black elite's hence the reason for my writing the Boule' series. For every "good" deed they've done, ask why we still suffer from a cultural as well as spiritual identity? Mind you, the people you seem to admire are of the talented 10th; and thus only take care of themselves, which has been proven histroically!


And you mention their symbolz being pure?!!? Yeah, pure B-S! But it seemz you don't mind black people takin' on symbolz and ritualz of their oppressor (meaning, a clan of hedz who raped, tortured, murdered, and plagiarized your Ancestorz), so yeah, I guess you choosing to remain a black greek as well as a mason, their actionz do sit well with you. To me, makin' such a decision is no different than a negro wanting to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan — but I guess you wouldn't have a problem with them either...


Your last statement about the comedianz, entertainerz, and inventorz is irrelevant. Gotta come better than that!


So again, come with detailed disputes, B. And couple that with historical data to back your claim. But as you said, "I know u won't."




• Brotha... what you spoke about is the realest I've read about. I had no idea the history behind the Boule was so deep and still making every effort to damage the very essence of who we are. This information is very shocking and there was a reason behind me not ever wanting to join a fraternity... you helped me realize the truth behind that feeling. To know that our own brothas is doin each other this way kills me. Basically like it's like picking the jury at their own trial.... scary!! Keep speaking the word that should be heard. It's sad how some of these "house niggas" will never get it because there's no way they'll unlearn the brainwashing that "YT" did to them. That explains the common problems we face in the hood as well... BIG ME, LITTLE YOU. Damn brotha, keep keepin on and enlighten these suckas!! ONE LOVE!

Posted by Robert Johnson (trained.maniac@gmail.com) on Sunday, May 22, 2011 1:40 AM


• Greetings! I am a 7-yr member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. After reading the information you provided, I am not surprised at all. I believe all the information you present on all of the organizations, as I have recently been enlightened to various "truths" that I was otherwise ignorant to. If I was more knowledgable 7 years ago, I do not think I would have joined the sorority. I believe that there are many fellow Greeks who are misinformed of the true roots of the organization(s) they are apart of, and after being subjected to the keeping "secrets" about the organization's history from non-members many probably would not want to face the truth. Truth be told, I honestly believe that the majority of Greek organization members know nothing of the organization's roots other than what is handed to them and what "they" want us to see on the internet. How many people interested in joining will actually break down the meaning of the letters (the REAL meanings) and dig deeper? Thank you for the insight. If I can help you out with any information about Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. please feel free to email me. Thank you for exposing the TRUTH.

Posted byNaConda N. Frank (nacondafrank@yahoo.com) on Friday, August 27, 2010 at 9:01 AM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Triple salute for your courage in realizing something I'm sure is/was so dear to you and to find out what, as you stated, many are unaware of. I too feel the same and realize I probably would not have pledged alpha had I known what I now know. But then again, had I not, I would not be able to both comprehend nor give first-hand testimony confirming the research of Steve Cokely as well as my findingz. It is this reason I decided to write this series trying to promote this discussion — not to bash greeks, but to give both memberz and non-memberz alike an opportunity to see the "other side of the coin." I applaud your stance and yes, you can be of help. Any info you can provide regarding the history of Zeta (and your fraternal brotherz, Phi Beta Sigma), especially the iconz on your shield would be a great help! Bless...




• I always knew the "divine 9" had missing pieces. The foundation was never clear, but I joined anyway. As my mom says, "Us black folks always tryna be apart of something and don't even know what we are gettin in to." And to be honest a lot of us black greeks still don't know what these symbols on our shields mean. I learned things due to my own research and then I happened to find your website. I do believe in Jesus Christ as my saviour and never been big on the black man being god, but I have learned soooooooo much from your website. I'm thankful for your BOLDNESS.

Posted by Sarah Wagner (sjw_19years@yahoo.com) on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 2:43 PM




• Having to read you article on The Original 8 Fraternity & Sorority Shields a lot of things were brought to my attention and your last argument at the bottom was so true and very insightful. My mother side of the family except her has pledge Delta Sigma Theta, and few masons and Eastern stars. My sister and brother recently done so as well joining Delta and Kappa. I like to do my research and find out what things mean, i know they're an organization and like to keep things secret i would like to know. So i snook and read both of thier books that are for their eyes only and it was quite interesting. However on your site the talk about Greeks plagiarism steeling from Africa is so true. All things the white man has was stolen from us. I wanted to pledge as well but reading and doing my research I choose to remain to my self and involved in things that i know is "for my ppl". I just wanted to let you know. Thank you for what you have brought to the light.

Posted by Kristina Curry (kcurry_tracklife@yahoo.com) on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 8:44 PM




• Brother or system or whomever, you really shouldn't speak about organizations that you obviously know nothing about.  Because you  obviously have never pledged to either of the "Divine Nine", you  clearly don't know what you're talking about.  Some of your "findings"; actually very few of them are somewhat true but you have  to understand the history of EACH & EVERY organization to know what  the actual meanings of the shields, rituals and by-laws of these  organization actually stand for.  I mean, hey, be a hater and do your  thing to the fullest, but please understand, the bitter side of your  findings have no true weight of validity.  You should spend more time  in the Word of God for the answers to the riddles or "secrets" behing  these fine organizations before you build an environment of false- findings.  Sad to say, you actually sound like a denounced 4-letter  Square affiliate.

Posted by D'Oyle C. Clark, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.#2 - Spring '93 - Theta Epsilon Chapter (doyleclark74@sbcglobal.net) on Friday, August 28, 2009 at 8:27 AM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Say whatever you want, you're entitled, as am I. I've never proclaimed to have all the answerz, but what I've found to date is consistent and validated from other historianz. The sheildz, there's a whole lot I don't know — but there are those from other frats who've shared with me, which I've included in this series.


It's not like the connection to global white supremacy is taught  outright in these organizationz--but even in my ignorance of knowing  the full detailz on the shieldz, what has been published has yet to be  disproved. The only thing I get are emotional and fact-less responses  like yourz who'd rather question if I pledged or not.


This info is for grownups, Sun! So if you find the info over your head  (meanin', it strikes your personal so much that you refuse to  investigate and prove/disprove my allegationz, do us both a favor and  DON'T READ THE INFO ON MY SITE. As well, DON'T BOTHER EMAILING ME WITH  EMOTIONAL RESPONSES. I mean, at the very least, hit me with some  counter-proof! Prove what I'm sayin' is false! Prove there is no  connection with Skull&Bones; prove there's no link to the Illuminati!  Do that, instead of thinkin' it'll bother me if you say I didn't  pledge...


What you think of me and my pledge process should not be in question, what should be, as a perceived intelligent Black man, is do the  research on why black fraternity and sororities were founded a mere 40  yearz after our Ancestorz in america were freed from slavery. Research  why it was so important for white americanz to have newly emancipated  Afrikanz remain ignorant of their Afrikan lineage and instead adopt as their greek forefatherz — the very one's who stole from our Ancestorz in the Nile Valley, of whom you seem to be so protective of. But knowin' you, you probably believe that ain't true either! Either way, it makes no difference to me. With knowledge comes great  responsibility, so I can understand if you can't take the weight — you  ain't the first and won't be the last.


FYI, I crossed at the University of Pittsburgh, alpha phi alpha fall '91 - Omicron chapter


Doyle's RESPONSE: LOL!!!  Emotional responses...?!?!?!?  Look god, you should talk!!! First of all, you aren't going to get anyone to share with you the meanings of their shield. That's a very juvenille request to put out there. Now, do members really investigate the origins and true depth or their organization as I have, sad to say but no they don't. What you have to open your small, mustard-size brain to is the fact that all of these founders actually knew what they were doing when they organized and chose the symbols to represent their respective organization.  For every negative, there is two positives and that's what the founders implemented in their doctrines and symbols to be expressed.  What you also have to understand is that these shields have evolved over time. Everyday knowledge is increased and the meanings are expressed to emulate the word of God.


Now, since I see that you are an ex-alpha, I'm sure that your CATINESS is not appreciated for those who really understand the tenant of discretion, tradition and humbleness which makes being a part of the Divine Nine so great... Further more, do you really know who you are?  How can you claim to be a person in tune with history in all of your self-righteousness when you change your name to something you can't even pronounce?  CAT-Daddy, you've got some nerve!  Quit quoting ideas that you've heard come out of someone else's mouth. If you knew anything, you'd know that even the tenants of the oldest fraternity and sorority in the world, is based on God's word.  It's the corrupt who corrupt when they decievingly become a part of something.  Last but not least, you should be happy that someone read your garbage-ass site, period.


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Listen Sun, I ain't gonna sit here and send tit-for-tat diss emailz, got much better thingz to do. So here's my final word on this, if you feel you must, you can have  the last word...


I realize I'm not gonna get anyone who pledges to continue to hold the tenants of Skull&Bones, I mean, black fraternities and sororities, the meaning of the shieldz. What you don't know is I wrote this series 10 yearz ago and have since communicated with several thousand ex-memberz who have shared info with me. So you're not one of 'em, am I loosin' sleep? No...


As I said, throughout my writingz, this ain't for everybody. If you ain't feelin' it, simply don't read it!! I didn't ask you to contact me, yet you keep sendin' me shit. If you don't agree, that's cool,  it ain't for you... move on!! As said in the last email, the best kind of a figment of a rebuttal you can come up with is insults, B. So who's juvenile?? Yes, I know the founderz knew what they were doin' — they were aidin' and abetting global white supremacy. Whether you wanna believe it or not and even whether the founderz knew or not, the puppeteer (the Boule' via the Illuminati) was not gonna just let some newly educated "negroes" USE THEIR LETTERZ AND RITUALZ without any involvement.


So explain this to me, brutha (if you're even mentally capable)?!!? That's like hedz today gettin' together to create an Afrikan football league. You think the NFL gonna just let this happen?! Think B, remove the insults... I ain't got beef with you or any other black greek, this shit was here well before we were even a thought!


Regarding the choice of their symbolz, given the benefit of the doubt, I don't think they chose to use symbolz that directly meant anything anti-Afrikan, it was just PRO-white (or greek) and if you know the history between the Afrikanz of the Nile Valley and the greeks, it wasn't harmonious (as well as the Persianz and Romanz).


And regarding your sayin' the meaning of the shieldz changing over  time, here's the problem: We're dealin' with the origin here. So if somethin' has an origin, (1)who gave the authority to change its  meaning? And just because its changed, does not mean it totally erases the original meaning. That's like sayin' if the KKK 100 yearz  from now were to become a multicultural organization, does that mean the origin of its history (killin' black folk) should be erased?!!?


Yeah, you're right, the choices I've made since publishing this  series didn't go well with my ex-chapter and frat bruhz. I knew the consequences and stand firm on my choice to this day — no regrets! If  anything, my allegiance was solidified and it was not to an organization who's base is in greek lies, but in truth! But I don't have to prove or try and convert anyone, the fact this piece has created so much dialogue for over 10 yearz is proof enough...


And why do you care to know if I know who I am? I mean, you really usin' your lower brain to say what you said regarding the choice of my name (guess you can't help it, a dawg will alwayz be a dawg!).


Like I said, if you don't agree, cool. If you wanna debate, bring  some facts to support your opposition - BECAUSE YOU STILL HAVEN'T PROVIDED ANY! You dissin' my name and tryin' to bring a mythical god  into this does not prove a thing... well, only that you lack presentable facts.


Lastly, garbage site? Funny, got yo garbage-seekin' ass visiting it as well as contacting its garbage-ass owner! What's that say 'bout  you homey? Feel free to respond if you can with maturity...


Oh and you call the 9 "divine", what makes it so divine? Allz I see is  a bunch of blackfolk that don't realize they holdin' the banner of thier masterz and not their Ancestorz. Ask yourself why 80-90% of  black lawyerz are alpha's and how they plot to not let any other member of a frat join a big lawfirm? Is thatnot black-on-black hate?  Tell me why not one of your divine 9, on a national level, will debate the topic of removing all greek symbolz and doctrine and  replace with Afrikan-based symbolz, customz and ritualz? And you ask do I know who I am... Look in the mirror, B!


d'oyle'S RESPONSE: The only fact and point that i'm going to make is this one, "...to argue with a fool, makes me a fool"; therefore, I'm done with you.  But here's the amazing part - I dig the way that you reference me to the SUN that constantly shines upon the earth and brings forth light, so I guess I should take it as a compliment that you refer to me as the Sun that shines and enlightens dark areas, when you really meant to refer to me a "son".  Cat-daddy, you can have your argument.  The way I came across your garbage-ass site is because I was looking for biblical information to further illustrate some of the 400+ objects on my shield.


Wearing your emotions on your sleeve... not very manly. You obviously joined your frat without having done any research on it's history and/or the biblical meanings BEFORE you came up with the wise idea that '06 was for you. But I digress, I wish you and all of your infinite wisdom the best in trying to find out the true answers to what you criticize to be a falsehood of what these organization really stand for. Try the Bible, it's in there... even the little bit you THINK you know about your own frat.


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Agreein' to disagree, you travel on yourz as I will mine... Again, it's a shame your best argument (if you wanna call it that) dealz with insults. Instead of dealing with the topic at hand, you cowardly try to create a diversion questioning my manhood. Oh trust, it does not hurt, for I can take name calling. It just showz the best "arsenal" you have is no where near the level I'm at — and that's cool...


And please stop actin' like you know why I called you Sun. I know how to use spellcheck. I called you that for a reason, for even at our basic of levelz, we all shine like it. I wouldn't dare consider you a son of mine, although you do continue to show your juvenile traits...


Lastly, you can think the answerz are in the bible, but I don't need it. But if it works for you cool, but I don't need it 'cause I already found it... So do you Sun, and if you feel you must reply again, feel free, but this is my last, 'cause you're basically not worth any more time than you've been given.... Go dig up a bone or talk to the rest of your frat or somethin'...


Here's a jewel I know you won't be able to handle: Joel Spingarn, one of the founderz of the NAACP, and a jewish spy for the united states army, had the Spingarn medal started in 1914, and one of the founderz of Omega Psi Phi (Que’s), Ernest Just was the first recipient of the award honoring the negro with the highest achievement (of selling out), and of course, we find Ernest Just was also a member of the Boule’!




• What's up Fam! I found your site trying to get more info on "the Boule". Glad I ran into it. Lot's of valuble info you have! Can't understand why I never knew about this site. I guess because many are afriad of the info, still living the dream. We need much more of this!


You can't talk to many without getting into a major battle when talking about this, especially black people! Wierd, you talk about black empowerment, and your main combatant is someone Black. Not trying to be better than anyone but to be productive as others are! That's all anyone Black activist has asked for. So many Black people are in tune with the "matrix" that talking about getting together and becoming a progressive people is seen as "negative", but then they comment on how Whites, Jews, Asians and Spanish communtiies have their thing together, when I'm speaking about doing the same thing and you're totally against it!!!


I never knew what a "Pan Africanist" was. But now I see that's what I am.  To be progressive, our link "back" to Africa is vital! I asked, "if African's mine diamonds and many African's buy diamonds, should most of your diamond merchants be African also?". The best coffee in the world is in Africa also, but it's held back, we could be merchants of many of these goods if we understood the opportunities that would become available by re-connecting to Africa (one thing even the Nixon Adminstration warned, don't let Black people here know what's going on in Africa").


But just getting ones to look at the information has been a task. I tell them "you'll sit for 2 hours and look at a piece of shit "B" fictional movie without complaint! So, think of this as a "fiction movie" and watch/read it".


Like the guy in "Powernomics" said, "in every case when Blacks tried to get up, I can show you a Black person that helped the other side keep them down".

Posted by (avisjay1@avisjay.com) on Saturday, August 22, 2009 at 1:52 AM




• I honestly don't understand why  you feel that you are justified to put organizational information out on the internet for all to see.  I do not believe that you are called by God to expose any truth to bring any deliverance to anybody.  I had denounced my letters once for my beliefs, but I never exposed any of the secrets because it's none of anybody's business!


You play this game as if you are doing the Lords work, when in actuality you are only fulfilling a personal agenda...and guess what...that agenda is revenge.  There are so many other ways to go about change without disrespecting greek organizations...you can't force anybody to believe what you believe.  You probably drink and think that is fine.  I am sure there are those who support your inconsiderate efforts who fornicate and/or smoke weed....I am also sure that there are HOMOSEXUALS that offer you information...


You are just like those who you claim to be against.  You just do what you want in your own way!

Posted by Latasha Williams (avisjay1@avisjay.com) on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 5:35 PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: It seemz to me you'd rather the truth remain a secret. And that's your prerogative. "God" has nothin' to do with the decision I made to write this series. I owe my Afrikan Ancestorz and our people living today — who are not aware — of the origin and 'secrets' these organizationz stand on.


I commend you on denouncing your letterz, but for me, more needed to be done. What made you denounce them? For me it wasn't personal, it was historical, hence my choice (or justification, as you put it) to let other hedz know... For an even better overstanding, I invite you to read this piece, 'Boule' Part 3: Dyin' Wit Secrets'. After you read that piece, decide who you're emulating, WEB DuBois and Carter G. Woodson or George GM. James...


For clarity, I never, EVER said anything about me doin' your 'Gods' work. I am not a believer in this mythical god, but that's a discussion you may not be prepared to hear/have with me, so don't assume everyone's a believer in this mythical christ!


And oh trust, this ain't no game! The physical and mental enslavement our people have endured is not entertaining at all!


For me, disrespect is intended because they have been disrespecting our Afrikan lineage since their inception (I mean, how obvious can it get when you got Afrikanz ignorantly perferring to be 'greek' rather than Afrikan, not even considering the historical fact that the greeks, persianz and romanz came into Afrika killing and plagiarizing our entire way of being?!!?)


And where's the force? I am not forcing anyone to believe me, I'm actually challenging you and anyone else to prove what I've put out to be wrong. Can you do that? If so, I welcome the challenge!


NZinga's RESPONSE: I'd rather that people who are not Greek, even if they've ever been greek, to mind thier business about Greek affairs!  You owe?  Who says so?  You don't owe anybody anything!  You are doing this for your own amusement... trying to get all deep about it... NO!  the "Afrikan Ancestorz" had their time to do whatever they wanted to do... you have no clue about what they were doing in their time... all of them were not good and pure... they did things that were just as evil as you are doing now!  So to say you owe them... no the hell you don't! Stop lying to yourself... You just choose to focus on all the positives.... well, I believe everything happens for a reason...


The reason they may not know is because the information is irrelevant to them. Even if they knew the origin of the information, what makes you think they will change their mind? People don't pledge a greek org. because of the origin of the org's development... but because of the work they do or the image they represent... THIS IS LIFE!!!  We all make choices we feel are best for us... and RARELY do we make decisions with ALL the information necessary to make a decision... Again.. .SUCH IS LIFE!!!  What you are doing has nothing to do with making an informed decision... I am positive that a large percentage of greeks, had they known the information you are presenting would still chose to join the organization!


I joined a church that didn't believe in members of the church belonging to Greek organizations, so I denounced for a while... You say it was personal and historical... well of course it was a personal choice... and if it was historically based on the ancestorz, then you should have just stopped right there.  Everyone does not hold your same love or commitment to dead people.  They did what they did during their time and now they are done... we are the legacy... but we do not have to repeat history in order to honor them.  You claim this is your justification to let others know, but I disagree with your rationale... you obviously feel as if you are helping Greeks and non-Greeks by exposing organizational secrets, but that's just not the case... nobody is being helped... nobody is seeing the light... most are just curious as to why you obviously hate Greek organizations.  And I purposefully say Greek organizations... not necessarily because of of the Greek people... but because of the greek letters!  So if we used Egyptian Hieroglyphs you wouldn't have an issue huh?  I doubt it!


I am not oblivious to the fact that various people have influenced today's culture... I understand that... had it not been for Dr. King's work, it may have taken longer for blacks to experience the type of freedoms we  have today... HOWEVER, I do believe that he was only being used and if it were not he, then somebody else would have done the same work he did!


WELL THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM... EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW... BEFORE JESUS THE CHRIST... He is my savior... and I am not afraid to know what fallacies you stand on.. I am sure it has to do with your ancestorz and their pagan beliefs...




I suggest you pour your energy into helping others that really need help... How about volunteer at a homeless shelter or create ways to improve the quality of life people who are unable to do for themselves.  HOW ABOUT THAT!  How about develop strategies to keep young men out of jail or ways to help abused women... HOW ABOUT THAT... YES... YOU ARE PLAYING GAMES!!!  'Cause if you were that concerned about the ancestorz and their legacy... you wouldn't be focusing your attention on Greekdom and try to improve the livelihood of those who are less fortunate... You are just trying to win a game!  It's you against us and you know it!  You know how we'd respond to you, but that just energizes you to continue... you are blinded by your own sick desires and it has nothing to do with helping anyone!  TO YOU THIS IS A GAME! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!  There are tons of organizations that have secrets... why did  you concentrate on the devine 9?  Why?  Because you have been scorned!  You are bitter... this is about revenge!  This is about YOU AND YOU ALONE!!! helping people! Yea right!!!  You are helping yourself... Why  not go after the numerous crooked organizations that steal peoples money? huh?  oh, I know why... because this type of attack brings self gratification!


Look at you... WHO CARES!!!! THAT LIFESTYLE IS OVER!!! IT WILL NEVER COMEBACK!!! THE WORLD HAS MOVED ON... YOU CAN'T FORCE ANYONE TO BELIEVE HOW YOU BELIEVE AND THINK HOW YOU THINK AND FEEL  HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THE AFRIKANZ OF OLD!!!!  I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE GREEKS/PERSIANZ OR THE ROMANZ!!! (I USED 'Z' BECAUSE YOU DID)... Again... I believe that all things happen for a reason, so whatever happened then has provided me with my existance today!  NO THINGS ARE NOT PERFECT, BUT NEITHER WERE THEY THEN!  You only know what you've read... but you were not there!!! You don't know how our ancestors lived prior to being invaded by the aformentioned countries!  You don't know if they were good or evil!  You are just making an assumption based on literature that you've read... just as I do with the Bible.. .the difference is that I don't try to discredit anybody's belief so that they believe what I believe... I don't go to muslims and say... you're religion is wrong because of xyz... I DON'T..others might, but I don't!  If they want to believe that, then who am I to say you can't or shouldn't believe that?  I'm sure they'd be offended... I would be... and I'd be defensive... just like I am with you right now for doing that to Greeks...


Challenge?  The only challenge I see from you is a belligerant one! You are challeging Greeks to a duel!  You wanna fight.. you wanna win!  You tell their secrets not for their enlightenment, but to enrage them... you knew exactly the type of response you would get!  Your only goal is to destroy... not an idea... not a falacy... but a system of belief that contradicts your own... Most people like you form cults and ostracize people who don't believe the way you do... but no worries... what goes around comes around... you too will be exposed!


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: See, that's the problem with people like you. Because someone doesn't see thingz the way you do, they're wrong. It just showz either you're ignorance or fear to speak on thingz you obviously cannot handle. Not everyone is limited in their thinking like you whether you accept this fact or not! I am not stuck in the past, but I still honor my legacy. Call it pagan or whatever you wanna call it... [lemme hold that thought 'til the part you gettin' into "bowing, before jesus" (amusing, VERY amusing)]


Trust, since revealing this info back in 1997, there have been thousandz that found it helpful. Why you actin' like you know how everyone feelz?? Hint: its the arrogance of your belief system at work! So you say people don't join because of it's origin but because of what they're doin' now... Hmmm. So I guess you'll be takin' a full membership to the Ku Klux Klan, huh? I mean, as far as we know, today they're no longer lynching black people!!


But you are right, rarely do we make decisionz with all the info necessary to make that decision, HENCE THE REASON I'VE WRITTEN THIS!! So hedz that DO want to know will have the opportunity! Just 'cause people like you don't find it necessary, it's your choice, yet you find the arrogance to think one who wishes to know shouldn't?!!? Soundz like you luv to be ignorant!!! On the contrary, as said before, what I'm doin' has helped a lot of people make an informed decision. Some decided to still join, otherz didn't, and to be frank, I'm not interested in the ratio, that's not my reason for writing this series...


My sayin' it was both personal and historical is MY decision! Just like it is for yourz to do nothing. But am I belittling you for your choice? No. But you somehow, again, have the arrogance to say that what I am doin' is wrong or for other reasonz than what I've said. When you say I should've stopped right there, YOU SHOULD'VE KEPT YOUR OPINION TO YOURSELF! You're right, everyone does not hold the same luv for our Ancestorz (you seem to be the prototype), but there are many who do! It's funny how your beliefs got you thinkin' everyone thinks (or should think) like you! Again, the arrogance AND ignorance! I honor the dead and the living. I now realize your brain cannot handle a conversation about this, so since you can't handle this topic, then don't bother reading about it or contacting me and keep your beliefs to yourself!


Again, you are entitled to your opinion, but your opinion has no merit, you just ranting off emotional regurgitationz you probably learned in church. Our Ancestorz do live, whether you wanna let the church spook you with their interpretation or not! They do live, through us! And then you contradict yourself by sayin' such a truthful statement, "we do not have to repeat history in order to honor them." EXACTLY! That is why I've written this series, so we will not make the same decision the original founderz were probably duped into believing. Whether you wanna believe it or not, the majority of Black people in America got here from Atlantic Slave Trade, and beyond that, it is a well-known fact the first origin of wo/man came from Afrika... Even your so-called 'holy' Bible takes place there! And your are correct, if the greek letterz where changed to hieroglyphs, I'd have a problem, but ONLY 'cause they were called hieroglyphics. The original name is Medu Neter (translated as the language of God), but I guess your church won't "allow" you to even entertain this thought... It's just like our people accepting the term 'Negro'. It's an incorrect term. And although I presently can accept 'African-American', 'African' or 'African-in-America' or even 'American-African' are correct termz (and I bet you got a problem with that too!)


I'm curious, did you contact me for clarity and an understanding of my message or did you contact me to run your mouth about emotional and non-factual opinionz that hold no weight? Regarding your refusal to read Part 3 of the Boule' series, I can't see how you can reply to this segment 'cause you don't even know what I'm talkin' about because you admittedly chose not to read it... YET YOU STILL RESPONDED! Arrogance and ignorance at its best!


This statement explainz a lot! Most of you christianz are alike! If someone has a different view/belief system, they are wrong! Trust, my disbelief is not a problem for me. It may for you, but I sleep very well at night as a non-believer! Man, I ain't gonna even get into it with you on this because "you caught up" and most likely incapable of havin' an intelligent conversation on thoughts that aren't the same as yourz... This mythical christ can be your savior but "he" MOST DEFINITELY AIN'T MINE! On top of that, I'm callin' your (and 'his') bluff! You have no way or ability whatsoever to prove he'll make me kneel before "him"! You christianz are soooo ignorant! Christianity is barely 2000 yearz old, what makes you think people were "Godless" until "him". [NOTE: I keep using quotationz around "him" because I have historical proof that showz your "god" is a carbon copy of one that lived 6000 yearz before the biblical jesus was even a thought! But again, you're so brain-washed, you're currently mentally incapable to handle the truth, you're complacent to live with what someone else told you without doin' the historical and chronological research yourself! What a waste of a mind]


You're right, one of my missionz is to eliminate black-greek-lettered organiztionz. I been clear about that all along. Not against frats and sororities. If they all got rid of their greek symbolismz and philosophy, replacing them with Afrikan one's, I'd have no problem.


And I didn't ask, nor do I need your suggestionz. I'm good and happy with who I am and aspire to be. Plus you act like you know me?! How you know what I do or don't do a far as community work and volunteering?? You really need to shut up, stop actin like you know me and step aside. It's clear you think you know me, but you are so, so ignorant! (would luv to use a different word, but I'm tryin to remain respectful...)


Are you tryin to equate greek organizationz with religion?!!? You say you don't discredit otherz?!!? What you been emailin' me about?? Didn't you just say "every knee shall bow before your god?!" You don't even realize your contradictionz!


And you twisted equating greeks with religion! Hmmm, according to your "beliefs", isnt that idolatry?


Only meek (and weak) mindz are afraid to defend their beliefs. And it's not about winning, it's about finding the truth! Can you even attempt to prove any of my research is wrong?? If so, why not email me that instead of this emotional rhetoric you babblin' about! Again, if you not one of those truth seekerz, why not step out the way? If not, you'll only get hurt! Oh, should I fear your last "threat"? PLEASE expose on! Trust, you're not even considered a threat! You're actually quite comical!


Why not do yourself a favor and move on, there's no need to further this discussion. You don't agree, fine. Move on! Go and continue your brainwashing through your religion, fear 'god', listen and regurgitate beliefs of your pastor and the continuously re-edited "holy"-bible, and waste your life (and mind) away!




• Greetings... I am one of the few people who actually knew the history of the Greeks and Blacks BEFORE I joined the organization. I must say that I think its a bit harsh to say that Black greek letter organizations "...falsely acknowledge the GREEKS as the founders of civilization." The greek letter organizations do not, nor have they ever taught that the Greeks are the founders of civilization. The fact that the letters representing the organization are Greek do not in any way give rise to those teachings. The letters always mean and stand for something that is undoubtedly connected to something positive about US as a people. I understand what you were trying to say in the article. I wholeheartedly support you in bettering our people by arming them with such profound and much needed knowledge, but the accusation that they ACKNOWLEDGE and/or teach that Greeks FOUNDED civilization is FALSE. I had the same hang up and thoughts when I was looking into it. I can not imagine that you got this information from a mixed group of BGLOs. Please attempt to ask the horse before putting words in its mouth. Respectfully,

Posted by Nzinga Joi Jenkins (jcheslynjenkins41@hotmail.com) on Friday, January 11, 2008 at 11:18 PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: When I say they falsely acknowledge, it is not as though the majority (especially todayz memberz) sayz to themselves, "I choose the greeks over Afrikanz" and that "I know greek mythology is stolen Afrikan history" as GM James would say... No, not at all...


But what I am sayin' is this is done—in most part—ignorantly. Most are not aware of the Boule' and its historical connetion to Skull & Bones and its involvement in the creation of black fraternities and sororities, BUT, in many cases, I've found once one is informed of the Boule', the denial is so great, most dare not to conduct their own investigation. Just like a religious person will refrain from bein' open to other spiritual perspectives, so do black greeks defend somethin' they have no historical knowledge of... in fact, they are merely defending what they know presently!


I ask, what exactly did you know about the greeks and Afrikanz before you joined (as you stated)? Did you know about the Boule'? Were you aware they were blackmen who wanted to be a carbon copy of the infamous Skull&Bones fraternity—a fraternity responsible for the integration and implementation of global white supremacy? An organization that had memberz like Cecil Rhodes who luved to rape young Afrikan boyz and then throw them over a cliff as if they're disposable trash, so that he wouldn't rape the same boy twice?


If you say you are aware of this and STILL decided to join, then probably I should end this conversation with you now for there's no way I could carry on with someone that refuses to see the dishonor they're doin' to our Ancestorz and our legacy...


But perhaps (and I'm hoping) you are not aware of this... Perhaps you are not aware of WEB DuBois, Alaine Locke and the like (during the founding of the national association for the advancement of CERTAIN people (NAACP), the urban league, the original 8 black fraternities and sororities and the formation of HBCUs — ALL FOUNDED, FUNDED, and MONITORED BY WHITE SPIES WHO'S SOLE PURPOSE WAS TO CONTROL THE NEWLY FREED AFRIKANZ ACCESS TO KNOWLEDGE (we were but 40 yearz removed from physical enslavement via the Emancipation Proclamation of 1865).


Perhaps you don't know this, and now that you've been exposed, what will you do with it? Will you choose to nit pick a simple misinterpreted phrase of black greeks not acknowledging the greeks as founderz of civilization or will you see the bigger, more valiant discussion of why so many Afrikanz choose to remain part of these organizationz that have participated in the delay of Afrikan emancipation for over 100 yearz!


The choice is an easy one... either you're part of the solution or you're part of the problem!! I welcome healthy further elaboration... Bless...




Nzinga's RESPONSE: Please, do not misunderstand my response to your article. I did not mean to nit pick or undermine your knowledge. And please don't think that I knew EVERYTHING in your article before I became a member of my Greek letter organization. I didn't. The fact of the matter is, after I sent you the reply yesterday, I went back and did some research AND some thinking and reflecting. And the truth is, you are ABSOLUTELY right. So, I thank you.


I passed this article on to every Alpha, Zeta and Delta I know (among the others). I think that this information could bring about a new revolution in the way that these organizations function or, at the very least, how we teach the new members who do continue to join. This kind of discourse is exactly what is needed in our community. I have also begun to encourage a Greek letter conversation about your article. I learn something new everyday. Thank you so much for bringing this to light. In Respect and Peace,


• Your article on the Boule and the eight original greek letter organizations was the light I was looking for. I have recently sought membership into one of these organizations because I admired their so-called ideals of "Service, Scholarship and Brotherhood". As time went on, I started to realize that something wasn't right with them. I can't exactly put my finger on it. They were very prejudiced towards African-Americans (this chapter consisted mostly of Africans and people from the West Indies) and they made me feel like I had to work extra hard because I was a "regular black". Another thing that I found odd, the "bruhs" made us call ourselves Bone Thugs. I thought this was some juvenille shit; but your article sheds some light on why they may have chose that name.


I am no longer interested in the organization; not because of your article but because of the way I was treated. My GPA, community service record, and character meant nothing to them. I felt a little bad about the decision at first, but your article made me feel a lot better.

Posted byJeter McKinley(mckinley.jeter@sbcglobal.net) on Friday, November 23, 2007 at 5:17 PM

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