"What is the purpose of education?" the teacher asked. "To prepare us for the world," said the student. "What does that mean?" asked the teacher. "To qualify us for good jobs," replied the student. "Is that all?!" the teacher responded. "Well," fighting off a shrug as the student spoke, "I guess, maybe, also to broaden us as human beings."

                 - from 'makeda', written by randall robinson

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(written circa 2012 - updated 2017)

pt. 5: Internal Reflectionz: The Insides - A People Lost, Still in Search of it's Identity
by m'bwebe ishangi

December 4, 2012 marked the 106th anniversary of a fraternity I used to belong to, Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc. The undergrad chapter I was part of, Omicron (or "Bloody O") celebrated its centennial January 30, 2013. And although many of its memberz and affiliates deem this a time of celebratory observance, I feel the focus should be more on the observation part focusing on how and why Alpha along with all the other BGLOs (Black Greek Lettered Organizationz) were founded, just a generation-and-a-half post emancipation of enslaved Afrikanz.


If you are unfamiliar with my position on BGLOs, I've written a series on the first black fraternity found before Alpha Phi Alpha of which all BGLOs or the (*Pan-Hellenic Council) stand as subordinate organizationz to Sigma Pi Phi also known as the Boule'.

[*All BGLOs are also known as the Pan-HELLenic Council — a coordinating body for the nine historically African American fraternities and sororities based to a time that dates back to the Hellenic Republic; the modern Greek state. The Helladic Period was also called the Bronze Age dated 2800-3100 BC. This era was a time when Greek culture was forcefully spread over non-Greek people conquered by Alexander the (Not So) Great, who termed it the 'Hellenistic Civilization'. For black organizationz to accept this as a name to go by among all the other greek affiliationz showz yet another allegiance to greece over our Afrikan roots.]


To comprehend the nature of the Boule' and BGLOs founding is to understand the caucasianz intense focus on controlling the mindset, devotion and direction of these newly freed Afrikanz — mind you again, the founding of most of these organizationz was 40 yearz after Emancipation!


Rather than go into it all here, read the previous 4 parts of this Boule' series. In this piece I will account for the roles of a few memberz of these "elite" clubz we continue to not only celebrate, but our youth continue to join!


I open with another quote written by Randall Robinson, from the book, 'Makeda':


"...the American Negro had no insides left to speak of. All that seemed to remain was the will to fight against an immediate or proximate nemesis like the white Southern segregationists. This seemed the only facet of their problem left visible to them. The far past and future, they seemed to have lost the ability to see and find sustenance in. The years of slavery and the cultural isolation it imposed had produced in the American Negro an apparent partial loss of self. They were no longer their own they but someone else's, a they born of the afflictions of a terrible and sustained oppression, a group dismembered and rebuilt by its "dismemberers" in the form of the missing self the "dismemberers" had removed and hidden." (pg97)


With respect to Robinson's mention of "insides", it is in reference to our story being lost to slavery; the memories that once served as our spiritual insides. A profound statement indeed that clearly explainz the plight of our people today: on one side we have the western-educated Black and on the other we have the thugged-out Black, both on a money hunt and both either disinterested or simply ignorant of their cultural origin — although I find it hard for the educated Black to be ignorant.




One side we have the western-educated Black and on the other the thugged out Black, both on a money hunt and both either disinterested or simply ignorant of their cultural origin.



Focusing on the educated elite who are memberz of BGLOs, I overstand very few actually know of the Boule' for although it is not a secret society, it is a society that holdz secrets. And it is these secrets, that have gone a time without scrutiny, that serve as a large part to our inability to even attempt to retrieve our "insides".


Before I begin my talks on the Boule' to people, I alwayz preface to any BGLO memberz in attendance that this is not a personal attack for the origin of BGLOs, the NAACP, Urban League, the Boule', Masonz, Elks, etc. were created a century before we were even a thought! Still, there are those who choose to take it personal — of which I can initially relate. When I first heard Steve Cokely in 1996 speak about the Boule', it was hard to accept what he presented  because I was infatuated with Alpha at the time. But the facts nonetheless stirred my "insides" beckoning me to do my own diligence and confirm. From this I learned our Ancestorz are alwayz calling for us to retrieve our "insides", we just keep ignoring because we've tuned out their frequency.


It is at this point we come to a crossroad of sorts. After hearing the info I present, there are those who'll choose not to affirm nor dispute my findingz, settling to defend something they were never to know unless worthy to be of the elite Boule' (as a reminder, the Boule's intake process does not accept requests, candidates are groomed from as early as Jack&Jill).


Some may say they know not of the Boule' and with that being the case, there is no link to BGLOs. I offer this, if we want to retrieve our "insides" as Robinson states, a prominent period of history to study is the late 1860s thru 1930s. Here we have the Benevolent and Protective Order Of Elks of America (1868), in 1884-85 we had the notorious Berlin Conference at the residence of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck where Afrika was literally divided up among european powerz. In 1899-1901, we have Napoleon invading Kemet (egypt) where legend has it he shot 21 cannonballz to the face of Her Em Akhet (the sphinx) adding to the already defaced (from other invaderz) relic we see today (an icon adopted by Alpha Phi Alpha, by the way). We also find the creation of the so-called "elite" black organizationz: Sigma Pi Phi (1904), Alpha Phi Alpha (1906), Alpha Kappa Alpha (1908), NAACP (1909), Urban League, Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi (1911), Delta Sigma Theta (1913), Phi Beta Sigma (1914), Zeta Phi Beta (1920), Sigma Gamma Rho (1922), Jack & Jill of America Foundation (1938), and the United Negro College Fund [UNCF] (1944), for starters. [Honorable mention: Prince Hall Masonz (1784).]


The mention of BGLOs and its subordinate relationship with the Boule' is vital because we learned from their very own history book that the Boule' wanted to "create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale," as said by one of its founderz, Dr. Henry McKee Minton pg28 of their history book: 'The History of Sigma Pi Phi: First of the African-American Greek-Letter Fraternities' written by fellow Boule' and Alpha member, Charles H. Wesley (who also wrote the history books for Alpha Phi Alpha, the Elks, and Prince Hall Masons as well as founded Central State University in Ohio).




Some may say they know not of the Boule' and with that being the case, there is no link to BGLOs. I offer this, if we want to retrieve our "insides" as Robinson states, a prominent period of history to study is the late 1860s thru 1930s.



What further supports my argument is Minton's mention of the Boule's foundation on pg38:


"In the building of the organizations plan, reliance was placed upon greek history and tradition. The reasons of this action are not difficult to discover, for it is well known that the study of greek civilization was basically an acquaintance with western civilization, although greek culture had relationships with the culture of the orient."


At this time, these are the "brightest of the bright" Afrikanz whose parents (probably) and grandparents (most certainly) were enslaved! They were indoctrinated Afrikanz who were programmed to think white, for it was no secret the greeks had not a harmonious relationship with our Afrikan ancestorz. When you read Chancellor Williams, 'Destruction of Black Civilization', we know the greeks among otherz came to Afrika not as "friendlies" but as tyrants, rapist's, plagiarist's and murdererz!


So how is it today — in a world where information is more attainable — we continue to have descendants of not only enslaved Afrikanz, but descendants of the originatorz of language, arts and sciences, and spirituality, who continue to honor the memory of our historical enemy by wearing their letterz and cultures?! This is further validation our "insides" continue to wallow in the abyss of ignorance.


I challenge you analyze why Afrikan people, who possess the greatest collective spending power (estimated to surpass $1.4 trillion in 2020), still remain mentally, spiritually and most definitely economically destitute compared to all other ethnic backgroundz?!


This leadz me to diagnose the collective Afrikan Diaspora as one's who suffer from what Dr. Bobby Wright coin-phrased, 'Mentacide' or mental suicide, for these lost "insides" have us emulating everyone but our natural selves.


As a prescription, I propose a thorough communal psychoanalysis where we Sankofa (or go back) and reacquaint ourselves with the true facts of global white supremacy, for I assure you, our situation is definitely by design! So must we redesign this design, or in fact, dismember the dismembererz! Here are four to begin with. We dig deeper in Part 6:



notable people to study

web DuBois (member of the BOule' naacp and alpha phi alpha]

a. DuBois was the first negro to become involved with the NAACP after its founding by white leading radicalz and spies to control the movement of American-Afrikan people away from self-determination. This was a (Rabbi Stephen) "Wise" choice for this organization due to the fact DuBois was a member of the Boule'.


In the Boule' history book, again written by Charles H. Wesley, it states, "...the Round Table can live through us!" DuBois, being an Archon (name for member of Boule') made a coded pledge to help the very secret society — the Round Table Group — of which whom the NAACP is an extension of.


DuBois' early career with the NAACP is a standing monument to their purpose. He co-founded their magazine, The Crisis November, 1910 along with Oswald Garrison Villard, J. Max Barber, Charles Edward Russell, Kelly Miller, W. S. Braithwaite, and M. D. Maclean.


DuBois served as editor until 1934 and was the chief assistant in helping whites destroy the largest organization for Afrikan self-determination, Marcus Garvey and the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) around the mid 1910s.


If you look at the first edition, you'll see their tag line sayz 'A Record of the Darker Races'. Knowing they were a spy network gives a deeper subliminal meaning: they're keeping a record on blackfolk and reporting to who? The Round Table Group!


b. One of the thingz the NAACP is most notably known for is initiating the Anti-Lynch Bill during the 1910s, where they called for the government to pass a bill prohibiting the lynching of American-Afrikanz. What many don't realize is the bill did not pass congress until 1959, about 40+ yearz later! What's even more interesting were conditionz YT required from the NAACP. The U.S. government, in exchange for such a bill, would oblige only if the NAACP reported "Black Intelligence" to them. In other wordz, "we'll stop lynching your people if you decide to spy on your own people and report to us your findingz." This is where the Boule' ties in because we know each member of the Boule' must be a lifetime member of the NAACP!!


More on DuBois in Part 6




If you look at the crisis magazine's first edition, you see they're tag line sayz 'A Record of the Darker Races'. Knowing they were a spy network gives a deeper subliminal meaning: they're keeping a record on blackfolk and reporting to who? The Round Table Group!



dr. robert rusa moton aka r.r. moton (member of the boule', naacp and phi beta sigma)
a. Following the suspicious death of Tuskegee Institutes founder and first President, Booker T. Washington (said to have died of high blood pressure November 14, 1915 although there are those who speculate him dying of syphilis), Moton replaced Washington immediately, serving until 1935 because of declining health.


b. Under Moton, the Tuskegee endowment grew from $2.2million to $7.7million.


c. Was given $5million to keep Garvey out of Liberia and halt the 'Back to Africa movement' in exchange for a favor regarding race relationz at a later date. His reward? He got the 1st Black Veteranz hospital at Tuskeegee; the infamous place where the 1932 Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments were conducted. What shouldn't come as a coincidence is this same $5million could be what grew the institutes endowment!


d. In 1917, one Lt. Col. Ralph VonDemon set up a negro spy network, under direct orderz from then U.S. Secretary of War, Newton D. Baker. Baker's special assistant, or negro laison, was Emmit Scott who was the Boule' grand archon in 1941 (Scott was also the one who was responsible for the emerge of fellow Boule' member and Father of Black History Month, Carter G. Woodson).


Scott worked very closely with jewish spy, and co-founder of the NAACP, Joel Spingarn (of which the annual Spingarn medal is named after. Imagine that, an "honorary" award given to blackfolk named after someone who spied on them! Ignorance is bold in our community 'cause no one has yet to dispute this!). Moton was the one who got Emmit Scott his position with Baker.


VonDemon later hired Spingarn to "watch" (spy on) the Afrikan community. This points out a direct link between the U.S. government, the Boule' and the NAACP, all spying on the Afrikan community looking for, what "Gay" Edgar Hoover later called in his COINTELPRO operation, the next "Black Messiah" who would emancipate the mentally enslaved Afrikan. All these organizationz were working under strict dictation from the Illuminati or Round Table Group aka Skull&Bones.


e. The Syphilis Experiment happened on Moton's watch. Moreover, according to historian/Ancestor Steve Cokely, there was an encounter with the Ku Klux Klan, who wanted to use white doctorz because they couldn't fathom "one of their own" would do his people in as Moton did. Moton was instrumental in convincing them his black Boule' doctorz would do the deed! This experiment was carried out on Afrikan citizenz for over 30 yearz with the acknowledgment and support of the U.S. Department of Health.




jewish spy, and co-founder of the NAACP, Joel Spingarn has an honorary medal in his  name, the annual Spingarn medal, given to blackfolk named after someone who spied on their own selves the best! Ignorance is bold in our community because no one has yet to dispute this as this award is given every fall!




Alain locke (first black rhodes scholar, member of phi beta kappa, naacp and phi beta sigma}

a. In 1907, author of 'The New Negro', Locke was appointed the first (Cecil) Rhodes Scholar, a position he was promised he'd have until his death in 1954. The next black Rhodes Scholar wasn't until 1963. John Edgar Wideman, who also was in the first chapter of the Illuminati, Phi Beta Kappa, was the second.


b. Locke played a prominent role in instigating, under the Rhodes/(Lord) Rothschild secret society (the Illuminati aka Skull&Bones), the role of Afrikanz during the Harlem Renaissance period from about 1918 until the mid-1930s.


Locke would, in fact, become arguably the leading intellectual force behind the Renaissance. A true "uppity negro", he was quoted in one of lectures stating:


"the highest intellectual duty is to be cultured and that culture will have to plead guilty to a certain degree of exclusiveness, over-selectness, perhaps even the extreme of snobbery."


His book laid forth ideas about how Black culture was to proceed agreeing with DuBois' 'Talented Tenth' philosophy' highlighted in his previous quote.


In addition to providing a forum for up-and-coming writerz through his editing activities, Locke was also closely connected with one of the main white patronizerz of the Harlem Renaissance, the controversial Charlotte Osgood Mason. Mason had the interest and the money to provide American-Afrikan writerz and artists with time and space to work — as long as their work matched her carefully prescribed notions of what was "Afrikan" and "primitive" enough. As A.B. Christa Schwarz writes, Locke


"fulfilled the role of talent scout" for Mason, seeking out artists worthy of her patronage. At various times, Mason provided money to writers who were recommended by Locke, such as Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston."


Locke pursued Langston Hughes before eventually giving up in frustration in the face of Hughes' "open to debate" sexuality. Locke also had a complicated relationship with Richard Bruce Nugent, the one openly gay member of the Renaissance. When Nugent was living in Washington D.C., he became friendly with Locke, who asked him to contribute a drawing to The New Negro. Upon seeing the drawing, Locke encouraged Nugent to write a story to accompany it; eventually, the story, "Sahdji," appeared in the anthology while the drawing did not. Nugent's first published story, "Sahdji" was changed into a ballet, and Locke published it again in his 1927 Plays of Negro Life.


The friendship was not entirely without strings, however. In Thomas Wirth's biography of Nugent, he writes where Locke:


"offered me his body. A professor of philosophy and a person old enough to be your father doesn't lie on a bed in their shorts and say, 'Do anything you want.'"


Nugent later felt rejecting Locke's advances had cost him. He wrote yearz later that Locke had specifically advised Charlotte Osgood Mason against providing patronage to him.


c. Along with DuBois, Locke served in opposition to Marcus Garvey's 'Afrika for the Afrikanz' philosophy. Both publicly defiled Garvey referring him to resembling a "gorilla" any chance they got in hopes of sabotaging his self-reliance message by using self-hate stereotypical (and childish) name-calling that proved effective because many Afrikanz suffered from an identity crisis. Locke was quoted as saying:


"We hope the white man deliver's cause we crushed a great black thing, but we know he'll deliver or our people will attack and plague us forever more."




"A professor of philosophy and a person old enough to be your father doesn't lie on a bed in their shorts and say, 'Do anything you want.'"

— Richard Bruce Nugent on Alain Locke



martin luther king, jr (member of boule', naacp and alpha phi alpha)

a. MLK, Jr. was most likely inspired by R.R. Moton. King is said to have drafted part of his infamous "I Have A Dream" speech in Moton's backyard live oak overlooking the York River. Kay Coles James noted:


"For many yearz, this was the gathering place... [I]t would not be a mistake to call this the cradle of the civil rights community."


James, who also served as director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management during President George W. Bush's first term, found the nonprofit Gloucester Institute in 2007 with the sole purpose of buying and restoring Moton's home and legacy. Today, in the spirit of Boule' memberz Moton and MLK, she works on inviting a new generation of leaderz to gather there — and you can bet they are of this sect as well!


carter g. woodson (member of boule', naacp and omega psi phi)

a. Carter G. became well known for his infamous quote,


"When you control a man's thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder, he will find his proper place and stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit."


Woodson eventually became controversial and wrote his bestselling, 'Miseducation Of The Negro', yearz after being exiled from the Boule' along with DuBois. Woodson can be found receiving grant money from the Carnegie, Lord-Spellman and the Rockefeller Foundation to assist in his education programz. He also lost most of the grant money because he refused to merge his operationz (under direct orderz of the foundationz) with Tuskegee spy, R.R. Moton.


These revelationz made Woodson realize he had made a grave mistake and began telling the people we were being miseducated by white people, not just in schoolz, but in life itself... yet he never gave any inkling to the black (nor white, for that matter) secret society he had once belonged to thus maintaining the Boule' pledge never to reveal the names of the overseerz they answer to symbolically represented in their logo of a sphinx right paw covering an urn as described in part 2.


B. This showz that although he had been disgruntled with the learned conspiracies of Afrikan people facilitated by the Boule', he couldn't bring it to himself to relay this vital information to the people. Maybe he feared he'd experience a death similar to author of 'Stolen Legacy', George G.M. James. Nevertheless, he chose to bury the secrets with him — which showz he still obliged the secretly sworn oath of maintaining the status of white supremacy and never letting Afrikanz know the whites who rule the world, who are responsible for our decreasing educational, economic and spiritual existence.


In closing, in reference to the opening quote, education should not only be attained to simply land a job that will pay you just enough to survive in todayz world. It should be relentlessly pursued to broaden the possibilities of knowing what our true purpose for being is. I can attest when one chooses this path, the ADB (Ancestral Data Banks; our connection to the knowledge of our story) can be accessed; all it takes is a heightened sense of your vibratory rate. Once we decide to research and recover our "insides" then and only then will we truly experience the lifestyle we once lived before colonializm.



about the Boule' Files

Since the release of my first article in 1997, I've written six parts about America's first Black fraternity and its connection to collegiate Black Greek-Lettered Organizationz (BGLOs) and have found it to be one of the most controversial of all Black organizationz post-emancipation.


It is my hope you will read this entire series with an open mind; one that will reconnect you with our Diasporic Ancestry that will compel you to be unbiased of any affiliation so that you're able to see the tenants of this organization was etched-in-stone almost a full century before you or I was even a chromosome in our parents organz.


It is time we learn of America's first Black Fraternity, the genesis of the modern bourgeois negro


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