"...These revelationz made (carter g.] Woodson realize he had made a grave mistake and began telling the people we were being miseducated by white folks, not just in schoolz, but in life itself... yet he never gave any inkling to the black secret society he had once belonged to. This is where he fell short of GM. James."

                 - m'bwebe aja ishangi

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(written circa 1997 - updated 2017)

pt.3: dyin' wit secrets
by m'bwebe ishangi

What has become, an ongoing series exposing one of the vital pawnz used in the Illuminati's global operation of caucasian dominance. Having obtained a copy of their history book, History of Sigma Pi Phi: First Of The Negro-American Greek-Letter Fraternities, by Charles H. Wesley, we found the plan was for a fraternity "conceived by one of them and partially perfected by two, to band together college degree men who were congenial (having the same nature or tastes)", pg 29.


We also found their insignia, the Grecian Sphinx, covering an urn (vase) with its right paw, the circle-within-a-circle [representing both the [Cecil)Rhodes/(Lord)Rothschild Secret Society and the concealed history of Ra] also represents the container into which were placed the names of Greek citizenz who would be chosen by lot to lead the state. The word 'Sphinx' can be best defined as "to guard, protect or gatekeeper" in Webster's Dictionary.


The Boule', founded May 15, 1904, is responsible for starting the eight black fraternities and sororities, which started a couple yearz later starting in 1906 with Alpha Phi Alpha. Their conspiratorial inception was to keep secret from Afrikanz who the real people in "power" is, therefore, "guarding/protecting" the secret establishment or "advising the King". This was during the early 1900s, a time where 'certain' blacks were just being allowed to receive a higher education at colleges and universities. The Boule' was very instrumental in stealing the now educated Afrikan from the infamous Marcus Garvey movement. This was done largely in part, by one of the NWOs (New World Order) best reprogrammed regimes, Henry McKee Minton.


henry mckee minton: the mind of a devil

Henry Minton was a physician out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the first black to have his own drugstore in the states. "He was one of the growing groups of trained community leaders, who were seeing clearly that a full life for themselves could not be assured without a sharing of their fellowship, camaraderie and idealism with others of like minds and hearts."(from Boule' History book) The ones responsible for "training" these negroes was, of course, YT.


Wesley goes on to say of why Minton started the Boule', "this organization should be a fraternity in the true sense of the word; one whose chief thought should not be to visit the sick and bury the dead but to bind men of like qualities, tastes and attainments into close sacred union (exactly like Masonry and Skull&Bones!), that they might know the best of one another... In summary, Minton, wanted to create an organization which would partake, in his own words, of the "tenets (like) of Skull and Bones at Yale and Phi Beta Kappa..."


If you read the piece I wrote on Skull&Bones, you already know they are the second chapter of the German-based Illuminati (aka New World Order aka One World Government). The Boule' protects the Round Table Group. It must also be noted that after an initiate becomes a member of Skull&Bones, they are called a 'Knight' (of the Round Table).


Wesley was quoted once saying, "The Round Table lives only in poetic life and history. They can live again in life. And we can make them live through us. It can continue as a dream — and it can continue through us." We know from our studies the Round Table Group still exists. The Round Table Group is a secret society started by Cecil Rhodes and Lord Nathan Rothschild in the late 1800s. They were responsible for the last phase of development for global white supremacy we experience today. Rhodes and Rothschild, along with the Rockefeller's and Oppenheimer — who inherited Rhodes trust — control the racizm we feel on all four cornerz of the earth and in between.


Rothschild is responsible for Europe; Rockefeller, North & South America, Canada and Mexico; and Oppenheimer, Australia, Afrika and the rest. The Round Table Group has connectionz with the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), Committee of 300 aka the Olympians, Imperial Brain Trust, Trilateralists and the Invisible Government, all white supremacist organizationz scheming demonic planz against people of color as we speak.


But not all negroes who were reprogrammed remained negroes. One Afrikan in particular, Geroge GM James, did what no other had the cahunaz to do! Yet, to this day it remainz unspoken! So, in his honor, I will do a comparison...





carter g. woodson + web dubois vs. george g.m. james

Carter Godwin Woodson, the "Father of Black History" and WEB DuBois, are two noodle-back negroes that couldn't find it in their soulz to do something as courageous and honorable as the late George Granville Monah James. James, a Master Mason, wrote the controversial book, Stolen Legacy, which was published in 1954. Shortly after the book was released in the same year, it's said James' left his job one evening (he was a Professor at the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff) and his body was later found in Nashville, Tennessee (over 360 miles away!); believed to be a masonic death with his neck cut from ear-to-ear and his tongue cut out.


Back then, if you were a Mason and you told secrets, you would pay with your life (not to say this isn't possibly still the case today). The Blue Lodge Oath (1st - 3rd degree) states, "I promise I will not write, print, cut or engrave masonic secrets... binding myself under no less penalty than to have my cut throat across, my tongue torn out by the roots and my body burned."


His book clearly proved that Greek philosophy was stolen Afrikan history; demonstrated the Afrikan origin of the Mysteries Schoolz; and created a social reformation through relearned philosophy of Afrikan history. His work served as the foundation to Afrikanz finding themselves in Kemet before YT, thus giving our origin back to the Afrikan wo/man. He was also able to prove several of the so-called greek "scholarz" (pirates) were known to have studied in Kemet, or were instructed by otherz who had studied there, and those who had not studied under the priests of Kemet had access to the texts stored in the Library of Alexandria which housed countless plagiarized texts of the Mysteries Schoolz, and upon those greek plagiarizerz returning to their native cities, many were exiled or condemned to death (ie. Socrates and Plato); and as young students, they disappeared from sight only to surface decades later as masterz of various schoolz of thought completely foreign to their native landz.


Carter G. became well known for his infamous quote,


"When you control a man's thinking, you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder, he will find his proper place and stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit."


Woodson eventually became controversial and wrote his bestselling, Miseducation Of The Negro, yearz after being exiled from the Boule' along with DuBois.


Woodson, a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, can be found receiving grant money from the Carnegie, Lord-Spellman and the Rockefeller Foundation to assist in his education programz. He also lost most of the grant money because he refused to merge his operationz (under direct orderz of the foundationz) with Tuskegee spy, R.R. Moton (a Sigma). These revelationz made Woodson realize he had made a grave mistake and began telling the people we were being miseducated by white folks, not just in schoolz, but in life itself... yet he never gave any inkling to the black (nor white, for that matter) secret society he had once belonged to. This is where he fell short of GM. James.


This showz that although he had been disgruntled with the learned conspiracies of Afrikan people facilitated by the Boule' (under orderz of the Round Table Group), he couldn't bring it to himself to relay this vital information to the people. Maybe he feared his death, like GM James experienced. Nevertheless, he chose to bury the secrets with him—which showz he still obliged the secretly sworn oath of maintaining the status of white supremacy and never letting Afrikanz know the whites who rule the world, who are responsible for our decreasing educational, economic and spiritual existence.


Why is this so important? Think, if someone told you a loved one was murdered and they saw it, one of the first thingz you're gonna ask is, "who did it?" If they just told you "they" or "them," you'd be like "What?! Who is 'them'?!!? What's his or her name?!" Woodson writing his book tellin' you it's somebody but omitting to tell you exactly who only makes it that much more complicated to go after whoever we need to go after, feel me?


DuBois was no better as he was publicly a staunch adversary of Garvey's. He emphasized the importance to "steal the Afrikan professional away from Marcus Garvey" because an Afrocentric organization that articulated and, as Boule' researcher Steve Cokely stated in one of his lectures, "...captured the black professional would give whitefolk no safe haven in the Afrikan community, so the making of the Boule' was necessary to build a group of loyal negroes who had an investment in protecting the white system as produced by white supremacy."


DuBois along with other NAACP memberz organized the 'Garvey Must Go' campaign and colluded with the U.S. Government to set him up on mail fraud and have him deported in 1927.


He was quoted once calling Garvey a "gorilla" and a "monkey" attempting to "Tarzanize" his back to Afrika movement. However, yearz after his exile from the Boule', DuBois became controversial. Most associate him with the start of Pan-Afrikanizm. This chameleon sold our people out duplicating Woodson's sworn secrecy of protecting/guarding the secrets of the Boule', never revealing the names of those they protect. This negro, who hated Garvey and Afrika so much, actually audaciously ended up moving to and eventually dying in Ghana, West Afrika! Talk about a spineless hypocrite! Why so harsh a critic am I?


DuBois was also the first negro to write for the Round Table Group's offspring, the Council on Foreign Relations, magazine Foreign Affairs. Foreign Affairs published a series of articles in 1925 by DuBois, who's close friend Hamilton Fish Armstrong wrote the book, Hitler's Reich: The First Phase and was an influential member of the CFR. DuBois wrote mainly about race issues and imperializm, but we should also know it should not be a shock to know YT would not have DuBois unless they felt he was that "kind" of pawn that would protect their interests, as evident in his anti-Garvey rants.


In an article he wrote, 'The Collapse of the Only Thing in the Garvey Movement Which Was Original or Promising', DuBois felt Garvey's Black Star Line was "original and promising," but went on to say that "Marcus Garvey is, without doubt, the most dangerous enemy of the Negro race in America and in the world. He is either a lunatic or a traitor."


Garvey suspected DuBois' beef was rooted in him being of Caribbean descent and more importantly, his darker skin. DuBois once described Marcus Garvey as "a little, fat black man; ugly, but with intelligent eyes and a big head." [cited by Robert A. Hill].


In return, Garvey appropriately called DuBois "purely and simply a white man's nigger" and "a little Dutch, a little French, a little Negro ... a mulatto ... a monstrosity." This led to a bitter relationship between Garvey and the NAACP [author of 'Negro with a Hat: The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey and His Dream of Mother Africa,' Colin Grant]. Garvey accused DuBois of paying conspiratorz to sabotage the Black Star Line to destroy his reputation.


the naacp connection to the boule'

In 1919, a group organization protested against the Boule' in Washington, DC, exposing their allegiance to global white supremacy. Because of this, the U.S. military investigated the Boule' and later adopted them as a spy network alliance. Cokely pointed out each member of the Boule' must take a lifetime membership to the NAACP, so it serves as no coincidence that we also find during that same time, in the 1910s, the NAACP initiated the Anti-Lynch Bill with the U.S. government. DuBois was one of the pawnz used in the finding of this so-called negro organization which is also started, owned and operated by the Round Table Group. The NAACPs major fund contributorz come from the Rockefeller Foundation who once gave them $3 million in the 1990s. Overstand, the government did not pass this  Anti-Lynch Bill until 1959 — some 40 yearz later!! Why?? We found the government would comply with this "request" ONLY if they (NAACP) would trade "Black intelligence"; and they did so freely for almost half a century!


In other wordz, the government would not honor this bill unless the NAACP agreed to spy for them! Word out is the Boule' can also be linked to the Tuskegee Experiment in Alabama! Let's note at that time, R.R. Moton was the head of Tuskegee after Booker T. Washington's sudden death (we deal with this in Part 4). Of the negro doctorz who injected Afrikanz with syphilis, they were Boule' hired on contract by the government. There was an incident with the local KKK because the clan did not believe the Boule' would not, could not, do such a thing as expressing loyalty to YT over their own people. So they showed up to make sure they would. Needless to say, they met no resistance, for the Boule' doctorz assured the clan the government hired to right group and that they would fulfill their assignment. These bootlickin' house negroes assured the illuminati there was a group of loyal negroes available to counteract any type of Afrikan the "king" did not like.


In 1917, one Lt. Col. Ralph VonDemon set up a negro spy network, under direct orders from then U.S. Secretary of War, Newton D. Baker. Baker's special assistant, or negro laison, was Emmit Scott who was the Boule' grand archon in 1941 (Scott was also the one who was responsible for the emerge of Carter G. Woodson!).


Scott worked very closely with jewish spy, and co-founder of the NAACP, Joel Spingarn. We also found that the spy, R.R. Moton, Woodson refused to work with, was the one who got Emmit Scott his position with Baker. Moton was on duty during the Tuskegee experiment. In fact, he was responsible for bringing the U.S. Army to Tuskegee! Moton also was the one who stopped the KKK from having white doctorz in Tuskegee to instill the syphillis.


VonDemon later hired "jewish" spy Joel Spingarn to "watch" (spy) the Afrikan community. This points out a direct link between the U.S. government, the Boule' and the NAACP, all spying on the Afrikan community looking for, what "Gay" Edgar Hoover later called in his COINTELPRO operation, the next "Black Messiah" who would emancipate the mentally enslaved Afrikan. All these organizations were working under strict dictation from the Illuminati or Round Table Group.


NOTE: In a memorandum dated 11 October 1919, J. Edgar Hoover, special assistant to the Attorney General and head of the General Intelligence Division (or "anti-radical division") of The Bureau of Investigation or BOI (after 1935, renamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation), [source: Federal Surveillance of Afro-Americans (1917-1925)] wrote to Special Agent Ridgely regarding Garvey: "Unfortunately, however, he [Garvey] has not as yet violated any federal law whereby he could be proceeded against on the grounds of being an undesirable alien, from the point of view of deportation."


Sometime around November 1919, the BOI began an investigation into the activities of Garvey and the UNIA. Toward this end, the BOI hired James Edward Amos, Arthur Lowell Brent, Thomas Leon Jefferson, James Wormley Jones, and Earl E. Titus as its first five African-American agents. Although initial efforts by the BOI were to find grounds upon which to deport Garvey as "an undesirable alien", a charge of mail fraud was brought against Garvey in connection with stock sales of the Black Star Line after the U.S. Post Office and the Attorney General joined the investigation.


The Illuminati's need to "control" the nine areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, sex, religion, and war with Keidi Awadu adding a tenth, HEALTH) as noted by Drs. Neilly Fuller and now Ances-Star, Francess Cress Welsing, had a significant impact in the realm of education. There has also been the misconception that our HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) were started by Afrikanz. This is not the case. The Illuminati used the Boule' when they started to build these so-called "Black" universities. Rockefeller and Julius Rosenwald joined forces in the financial backing of these breeding groundz mistakenly called institutionz of higher learning (which should instead be called higher training).


Labeled the Push Foundation, Rosenwald joined the Rockefeller Foundation in 1922. Together they found Phipps, Atlanta, Dillard, Spelman, Howard and Clark Universities just to name a few. Most likely there is a Rosenwald Hall on each and every HBCU across the country.


In part 4, we go into the making mindset of a sellout.


Abibifahodie (Afrikan Liberation)!

about the Boule' Files

Since the release of my first article in 1997, I've written six parts about America's first Black fraternity and its connection to collegiate Black Greek-Lettered Organizationz (BGLOs) and have found it to be one of the most controversial of all Black organizationz post-emancipation.


It is my hope you will read this entire series with an open mind; one that will reconnect you with our Diasporic Ancestry that will compel you to be unbiased of any affiliation so that you're able to see the tenants of this organization was etched-in-stone almost a full century before you or I was even a chromosome in our parents organz.


It is time we learn of America's first Black Fraternity, the genesis of the modern bourgeois negro


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• WEB DuBois was still brilliant and saw the error in his ways in his twilight... although i never read any statements of such, his actions show his regret... dying in Ghana with Nkrumah who was a staunch Garveyite... we must remember the times, and the context.

Posted byHeru Ptah MeriTef via Facebook on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 2:15 AM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: I hear what you're sayin' but overstand this, WEB AND Carter G Woodson (who were eventually expelled from the Boule') still in their exile, stood firm on the values of the Boule': (on their logo, you see a sphinx with its right paw covering an urn. Inside that urn are the names of white supremacist's in control of the world). A Boule' member is sworn never to reveal these names, and when you look at WEB (who was the only negro to write for the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) Foreign Affairs magazine) and Woodson (who authored 'Miseducation of the Negro), they both NEVER, EVER revealed ANY names -- even after repatriating to Afrika (WEB). So no, I cannot acknowledge either as contributorz for the advancement of Afrikan people; they were in possession of both YTs playbook and the playerz and chose to remain silent... Imagine how much further we'd be if we knew what they chose to die with them...


heru ptah'S RESPONSE: I been reading your stuff since '99, (This is Free from Precise Science)... and I love how you advanced Cokely's work... I don't absolve WEB or Woodson for what they DIDN'T reveal, but I also don't overlook their contributions... Names MAY have helped, but how organized are we (or were we) to do anything about it? They made mistakes, but their work was sincere... George GM James didn't name names either, but where would be without his contributions?


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Humble thx, Bredren. I see it this way, DuBois and Woodson did make significant contributionz, HOWEVER, I refuse to think they felt not revealing names would benefit us in some way -- especially in your later yearz (DuBois becoming Pan-Afrikan). Why would they choose to uphold the fundamental principle of a "secret society" by not revealing the names. Why are we too forgiving to allow a pass for this. Regardless of whether we could've done something with it then, or even now, why take that to the grave with you? They were in positionz that could've progressed our plight; so they chose to reveal everything else, except 'who'. That's like me sayin' someone just shot your mom's and you ask "who"? and I tell you "them" or "they". Naw, B, you wanna know who it is precisely! And to me, there is no comparison to G.M. James. He revealed many greek plagiarist's in his book (aristotle, plato, etc). I disagree, brotha! On top of that, he wrote 'Stolen Legacy' knowing he was breaking the code and courageously sacrificed his life in doing so... Bottom line, we need to stop givin' hedz a pass and honor those who are unselfish in our plight for truth! I offer this piece: 'Back When Revolutionareez Were Real'






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