"Every May, memberz of the Boule' commemorate their founding by re-reading their history book as a symbol of renewing their allegiance to an organization modeled after Skull and Bones at Yale. In opposition, I propose every year, Afrikan people re-read select books that may renew our mission to restore our legacy"

                 - m'bwebe aja ishangi

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(written circa 2011 - updated 2017)

pt.4: The Psychological Makeup of a Sellout
by m'bwebe ishangi



1) Blacks Under the Spell...

2) R.R. Moton

3) Defining Positionz

4) Greece: The Cultural Root

5) Are gay and lesbian greeks more greek than the Divine Nine?

6) Perverted Ass-Beatingz

7) Why This is Relevant


"Unlike my brother, I already knew that there was us and there was them. There were those children who belonged to Jack and Jill and summered in Sag Harbor; Highland Beach; or Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard; and there were those who didn't. There were those mothers who graduated from Spelman or Fisk and joined AKA, the Deltas, the Links, and the Girl Friends, and there were those who didn't. There were those fathers who were dentists, lawyers, and physicians from Howard or Meharry and were Alphas, Kappas, or Omegas and members of the Comus, the Boule', or the Guardsmen, and there were those who weren't. There were those who could look back two or three generations and point to relatives who owned insurance companies, newspapers, funeral homes, local banks, trucking companies, restaurants, catering firms, or farmland, and there were those who couldn't. There were those families that made what some called "a handsome picture" of people with "good hair" (wavy or straight), with "nice complexions" (light brown to nearly white), with "sharp features" (thin nose, thin lips, sharp jaw) and curiously non-Negroid hazel, green, or blue eyes -- and there were those that didn't. I had a precious few of the above, while many I knew and played with were able to check off all the right boxes. In fact, I knew some who not only had complexions ten shades lighter than that brown paper bag, and hair as straight as any ruler, but also had multiple generations of "good looks," wealth, and accomplishment. And, of course, I also knew some black kids who could claim nothing at all."

— Lawrence Otis Graham, author of Our Kind of People



When we look exclusively at Afrikan people, those of us in North America seem to exhibit the greatest effects of Global White Supremacy (GWS) for it is evident when we analyze the ongoing confusion leading to our collective lack of identity, the shade of skin, texture of our hair, and denomination of the god worshiped. Organizationz like the Boule' have proven to play a pivotal role in blocking attempts to resurrect our Afrikan identity. Graham, a "privileged" Blackman who admitted the brainwashing he went through during his upbringing — like his fair-skinned grandmother who would only allow him and his brother to play outside in the shade scolding them if any part of their bodies were out in the sun, explaining they need not be any darker then they were — spoke of the residual impact it had that moved him to surgically reconfigure his Afrikan nose to look more european in his early twenties.


This is the makeup of a sellout, and this mindset is manufactured through breeding groups like the Boule' whose origin trickles down to the Cotillion, InRoads and Jack & Jill. It is within the confines of these groups where families subliminally (and even explicitly) live up to racist axiomz like, "If you're Black, get back; if you're Brown, stick around; if you're yellow, you're a fine fellow; and if you're white, you're right!"


In order to really understand this psyche, the Boule', aka Sigma Pi Phi, Fraternity, Inc. seemz to be the prime case study!


Every month of May, memberz of the Boule' — said to have over 5,000 memberz and 112 chapterz throughout the United States and the West Indies — commemorate their founding by re-reading their history book as a symbol of renewing their allegiance to an organization modeled after Skull&Bones at Yale. In opposition, I propose every year, Afrikan people re-read select books that may renew our mission to restore our legacy; books like Chancellor Williams, 'The Destruction of Black Civilization' is one that immediately comes to mind.


I say this because the actionz of this over 100-year organization -— which has spawned offspring that directly goes after our best and brightest (as previous mentioned via organizationz like Jack&Jill, InRoads, Cotillion, and undergraduate fraternities and sororities) — have proven where their allegiance lay as it is obviously apparent it is not about liberating Afrikan people from the grips of Global White Supremacy. But when it comes to the Boule', if you read Part 3, one should not be surprised. Question is, what are "those in the know" do? I believe books like Williams is paramount!


Over the yearz I've covered this topic, I've gotten responses from those who just can't shake this allegiance, even though they're not even direct beneficiaries! Claiming to not be "greek" or having no ties to the customz of greeks is the typical and baseless excuse I hear many memberz of BGLOs (Black Greek Lettered Organizationz) use to maintain their involvement. But I ask, where's the research and study? How idiotic is it to say one is in a Black Greek-Lettered organization, yet claim not to have any ties with greeks?!!?


I've deduced this to realizing there are those who are simply unreachable. And I assure you, it is not my intent to change them. Back in 1996, I was faced with the same decision once learning about the Boule', so I know the feeling of "loosing the benefits" in being a member (the alleged "job hook-ups" and business/social connectionz), but there's emphatically no way I could remain affiliated knowing this organization chooses to be abettorz of our people's social, cultural, mental, and spiritual demise.


Truly the choice is yourz, you can do what you will with the info we have on the Boule'. But for those who find themselves "riding the fence," here's a few more jewelz to ponder...


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blacks under the spell...

By the Greek definition, the word, "Boule'" was the lower house of the greek parliament or *Adviserz to the king. There is also a French version of the word, which defines a conclave or coming together. Allegedly, this version is related sororities like Alpha Kappa Alpha who call their convention the Boule'. Using the Greek definition these career and socially successful Blacks are under the control of the larger Masonic society of secrets that round up America's doctorz, lawyerz, real estate ownerz, and celebrities commandeering the agenda of the black masses who look to this pool of Blacks for influence and direction.


*Over the yearz and many discussionz about the Boule', people have asked if the word "Boule'" meanz "Adviser". By definition, one would think they're actually giving advice instead of taking direction. Well, we should all know english is a bastard language where some even say it's the language of confusion. The word "Adviser" is also spelled, "Advisor" and when you look up the definition, we find, "the spellings adviser and advisor are both correct. Adviser is the more common spelling in North America; advisor is more common in Britain. In both places, however, the adjectival form is advisory. In the U.S., adviser may be seen as less formal, while advisor often suggests an official position." (Websters Dictionary)


So we find in most cases when speaking of the Boule', they are adviserz, hence, it is they who takes orderz, not give them. Clearing this up, we should know the mindset these elite have embodied. They are in a relentless pursuit of material wealth and acceptance from a species who owes their very existence to Afrikan people! The even sicker thing is knowing they're wiling to do practically anything for it!


As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, the book, History of Sigma Pi Phi: First of the Negro-American Greek-Letter Fraternities, written by professor Charles H. Wesley (again, who also wrote the history books of the Elks, Prince Hall Masonz and the National Council of Negro Women), stated the Boule's primary founder, Dr. Henry McKee Minton wanted the Boule' tailored after the Skull&Bones Society at Yale. As a secret society that focused on Boule' member W.E.B. Dubois' term 'The Talented Tenth' or the 10% of enlightened American-Afrikanz, the Boule' supposedly has been controlling the other 90% socially, morally, economically, and yes, even spiritually.



Minton was the prototype of the kind of men the Boule' would seek to attract. He was well trained, I mean, educated and married into the powerful Wormley family of Washingto, DC. The head of the Wormley family, James Wormley (January 16, 1819- October 18, 1884), was the owner and operator of the Wormley Hotel, which opened in DC in 1871.


Apparently, Wormley worked with one, William Seward, a senator and eventual Secretary of State to President Abraham Lincoln, in Washington, DC to transport Afrikan escapees to freedom. In an 1870 manuscript written by Francis B. Carpenter in the Seward Papers notes,

"Among the visitors in the evening was Mr. Wormley, the well known colored landlord of Washington. Greeting him cordially and introducing him to his other guests, Mr. Seward said, 'Wormley and I went into the emancipation business a year and a half before Mr. Lincoln did, down on the James River. How was it Wormley — how many slaves did we take off on our steamer?' 'Eighteen,' replied Mr. Wormley."


This is interesting to note because on the same night Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, there was an attempt on Seward's life by Lewis Powell, an associate of Booth's. Wormley was the only American-Afrikan at the bedside of Abraham Lincoln when he died.


According to Graham — a Boule' member — in his book, Our Kind of People, Minton and the other four founderz "chose to model their group after ancient Greek organizations, in terms of structure and nomenclature." In other wordz any and all official names and symbolz would have everything to do with greek culture instead of Afrikan thus vowing to do away with their origin and choosing to be loyal protectorz of the very oppressorz of Afrikan people!




in 1914, the NAACP chose to honor this enemy [Joel SPingarn] of Afrikan people by creating the annual Spingarn medal! And if you look at the list of recipients, many are memberz of the Boule'!



For example, Boule' Master researcher, Steve Cokely believed the Boule' was utilized effectively to limit the power and influence of Marcus Garvey. A meeting of all the prominent Black newspaper families and editorz from The Amsterdam News, The Chicago Defender, The Pittsburgh Courier, The Baltimore and Washington Afro-American Newspaper took place in Washington, D.C. in 1918. That same year, on August 17 Garvey began publishing the widely distributed Negro World newspaper! In that meeting, they where given Masonic orderz to either not discuss Garvey in their paperz or deem him persona non grata so that no one would follow him and his Back to Africa Movement. But why? Why would Afrikan men want to block another Afrikan man's mission of repatriation?! The reason is obvious... these negroes felt nothing was better than what they currently had on their masterz plantation!


"Black public outcry against lynching, bordering on what some authorities considered to be "unpatriotic" expression in a time of war, was a domestic "nuisance" which might well hinder prosecution of U.S. war aims overseas. Though generally supportive of the use of black troops to further the defined interests of the country abroad, the AfroAmerican press was nevertheless quite given to providing front-page coverage to these almost daily atrocities committed against black Americans. With support from what appears to have been only a handful of colleagues in the Military Intelligence Branch, [Joel E.] Springarn [a Jewish U.S. Military Intelligence Officer (Negro Subversion Division) who doubled as head of the Jewish founded and led NAACP understood full well that any unilateral attempt to suppress publication of such stories, while at the same time allowing lynch mobs of white Americans to continue a favored pastime, would, at the very least, lead to further disaffection within the Afro-American national community. Consequently, Major Springarn, aided by Emmett J. Scott, evolved a plan to appease the most prominent and powerful molders and shapers of "black public opinion." On 5 June, Scott and Springarn drafted 'a letter to George Creel, chairman of the federal Committee on Public Information, requesting that the Committee sponsor, "at an early date," a conference of approximately twenty Afro-American editors and about "a dozen or so other influential leaders among the Negro people...." That three-day conference was convened in Washington, D.C. on 19 June. The thirty-one persons in attendance included John H. Murphy of the Baltimore Afro-American; Robert L. Vann, Pittsburgh Courier; Fred R. Moore, New York Age; Benjamin J. Davis, Atlanta Independent; Robert R. Moton of Tuskegee Institute; Archibald H. Grimke, president of the Washington branch NAACP; P. B. S. Pinchback, former governor of Louisiana; Kelly Miller, Howard University dean; Robert S. Abbott of the Chicago Defender; and W. E. B. DuBois. When the conference opened Wednesday morning, 19 June, the overall atmosphere seemed calculated to play upon the bourgeois sensibilities of black leaders in attendance. "To enliven the occasion for the visitors," reported the New York Evening Post.


A galaxy of "prestigious" speakers was invited to address the conference: Newton D. Baker, Secretary of War; Creel, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Assistant Secretary of the Navy; Edward N. Hurley, Chairman of the U.S. Shipping Board; as well as Major Springarn and his brother, Capt. Arthur S. Springarn of the Medical Reserve Corps. Critical to any discussion of the controversial" treatment of Afro-American troops overseas were the testimonies of Gen. Paul Vignal, Military Attache of the French Embassy; and Majors Edouard Requin and L. P. Montal of the French High Commission, who also attended. Emmett J. Scott presided at all of the sessions. "The general plan which Mr. Scott and I had in mind," wrote Springarn to a superior the day following the conference, involved a general discussion on the part of all the conferees, so as to permit each man to "let off steam" as much as he desired, and then to guide the discussion in the right direction so that unanimous action might be possible before the conference closed.

[from "Closed Ranks": Major Joel E. Spingarn and the Two Souls of Dr. W.E.B. DuBois", page 28-29

**give thanx, ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst for this jewel**]


There had been an agreement that information concerning the nature and outcome of the conference would be handled solely through the office of Emmett J. Scott, who was head of the Boule' at that time. What hedz may not know is Scott was another who spied on Garvey and other progressive American-Afrikan leaderz for Spingarn and U.S. Army Intelligence under Yarborough and Van Deman.


An interesting note is in 1897, Scott was hired as Booker T. Washington's chief aide at the Tuskegee Institute for 18 yearz and was also the highest-ranking negro in then President Woodrow Wilson's administration two yearz after Washington died. Scott, being in the Boule' had to have something to do with getting fellow Archon (that's what Boule' memberz call each other) R.R. Moton in position to takeover Tuskegee once Washington was dead.


The Boule's role is to be a support group acting on behalf of the interests of the Rhodes/Rothschild Secret Society and Zionist's. Zionists like Joel E. Spingarn, again, one of the early leaderz of the NAACP who was behind designing it to operate as a spy institution, specialized in sabotaging community operationz. The pay-off for these Zionist international bankerz and the U.S. government, who viewed any action of independence and self-determination out of their control as a threat, came in the form of a strategic alliance. The Zionist's are a movement for the reestablishment, development, and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel, and established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodore Herzl, later led by Chaim Weizmann.


These Zionists used anti-Semitizm as both a force and call of action to gain more power in the U.S. In order to do this successfully, there needed to be a focus of hate exclusively on American-Afrikanz and not the so-called jewz. It's said the last straw that triggered them into action was the lynching of a jewish pedophile and child-murderer, Leo Frank in 1915.


After Frank's lynching, the Zionists created the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to ensure that an organization would be in place where only jewz, their groups and interests would be protected. They went one step further and set up spy networks such as the Urban League, the NAACP and others who would take legitimate claimz of injustices and sweep them under the rug.


Agents like Spingarn worked closely with U.S. military intelligence under the command of Lt. Col. Ralph Van Deman and Lt. General Pelham Yarborough It must be noted in 1914, the NAACP chose to honor this enemy of Afrikan people by creating the annual Spingarn medal! And if you look at the list of recipients, many are memberz of the Boule' or have been assisting in the delay of Afrikan liberation!). Reverend A.D. Williams (Martin Luther King, Jr.'s grandfather) worked in trying to advance the rights of American-Afrikanz and was targeted by military intel as a result.



History showz there were three generationz of King's who were targeted for political neutralization and defamation by Yarborough and his successorz including "Gay" Edgar Hoover. Interesting enough, MLK, Jr. was a member of the Boule's Atlanta chapter. Given the fact the Boule' is indeed a spy network, they obviously spied on their own! I remember Cokely mentioning in one of his lectures mentioned there was an ongoing beef between Boule' memberz who where Alpha's (Phi Alpha, Fraternity) — as MLK was — against Boule' memberz who were Que's (of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity) ­— of which Jesse Jackson's a member. The beef stemz from the underground accusation Jesse was behind the assassination of King. Read, 'Who Killed MLK?: The Question Remainz'.


According to a story broken March 21, 1993, by the Memphis Commercial Appeal army intelligence's cover story, "Black Americans were ripe for subversion by German agents during World War I and later by Communists and anti-war groups." The truth is, America-Afrikanz were more likely being influenced by Zionist agents than Communist or German ones.


And it didn't stop there! What's not included in the history books is that Garvey was aiming to go after the international bankerz and even called the Rhodes/Rothschild, Rockefeller's and Firestone out for their crimes. This made him public enemy #1 because of the mass appeal his organization had around the world.


Garvey's influence began striking at the heart of Global White Supremacist operationz and they wanted him gone. Word out was New York Assistant District Attorney Edwin P. Kilroe even hired an assassin named George Tyler to kill Garvey on October 14, 1919, but his wife effectively interceded.


That day, while in his Harlem office at 56 West 156th Street, Garvey received a visit from Tyler. Tyler told him that Kilroe "had sent him" to get Garvey and then pulled a .38-caliber gun and fired four shots, wounding Garvey in the right leg and scalp. Garvey was taken to the hospital and Tyler arrested. Then on October 16th, on his way for arraignment, Tyler leaped to his death from the third tier of Harlem jail committing suicide — along with him went undeniable proof of the exact personz behind Garvey's attack reaching as high up as the U.S. Government — which gives speculation on the merits of if this was really a suicide.


All in all, when we look at the historical delay of Afrikan liberation, we find it could not have happened without the hypnotic-like allegiance groups like the Boule' have with organizationz made up of white supremacist's. Along with Scott, probably the MVP of sell-out's was R.R. Moton.


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R.R. moton (1867-1934]

Roughly 40 yearz before Boule' member Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. made his infamous speech on racial equality at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., Dr. Robert Russa Moton delivered the keynote address at the same memorial dedication as requested by then-President Warren G. Harding in 1922, where he co-signed Abraham Lincoln's efforts to unite the country, but felt there was still much work to be done.


Born two yearz after the abolition of slavery, his mother taught him to read in secret. When plantation ownerz found out, she directed his daughter to take over teaching Moton. He later graduated from Hampton Institute in 1890, then remained there for the next 25 yearz as the schoolz head of discipline. He also traveled the country speaking about the need for racial equality, raising money for Booker T's Tuskegee Institute and helped establish a veteranz hospital in Alabama for black soldierz returning from World War I (we'll tell you how he achived this later in this article). Under direction of President Woodrow Wilson, during WWI, he was sent to France to inspect the Black troops. During his lifetime, he served as an adviser to five Presidents, Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Although he is noted in history for what seemz to be positive contributionz like these, many may not know another role he played, a part you'll find deleted in the history books... a vital instrument in the delay if Afrikan liberation.


In particular, one must note, the form of discipline he taught involved programming black troops on knowing their "place" once they got back from the war, because even though they put their lives on the line, this country continued to see them as 3/5ths a man.


He later became a member of the Boule' and played a vital role in sabotaging Garvey as well as the implementation of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment happening on his watch while head of Tuskegee, signing-off on the experiments carried out on Afrikan citizenz for over 30 yearz with the acknowledgement and support of the U.S. Department of Health.


According to Cokely, Moton was hired by the government to spy on Garvey. He was an agent for the U.S. government to coordinate the program against Garvey in America. In one of his lectures on the Boule' Cokely stated Moton was given $5million to keep Garvey out of Liberia and halt the Back to Africa movement in exchange for a favor regarding race relationz at a later date.


Now this is how I know the spirts of our Ancestorz (including George GM. James and Steve Cokely) are at work! Shortly aftern learning from comrad of mine, Brotha Insight, informed me of a conversation he had with his 95-year-old grandmother-in-law who's Liberian, born and raised! She expounded on Garvey's expedition deal that was a plan to purchase 1million acres of land in Liberia, West Afrika at $1 per acre in 1919.



This idea was revolutionary monumental, for we knew Garvey spoke often of how Afrika was being raped of her resources by whites:


"If the oil of Afrika is good for Rockefeller's interest; if iron is good for Carnegie trust; then these minerals are good for us. Why should we allow wall street and the capitalist group of america and other countries exploit our country when they refuse to give us a fair chance in the countries of our adoption? Why should not Afrika give to the world its black Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Henry Ford?" [from 'Who IZ the Boule' pt. 1']


What Garvey knew was that in Liberia there were these massive trees that drip sap. This sap is the main element used to make tires for automobiles. The Rubber Industry was just beginning to boom and Garvey saw this as an opportune time for Afrikanz to have a stake in the global economy using a natural resource from our homeland. The result would be economic growth, employment and most importantly, racial independence! But with The Round Table Group's (RTG, aka the Illuminati) servant (the Boule') on watch, it remained a dream.


As an acting agent on behalf of the Boule', the NAACP and RTG, R.R. Moton attended several Garvey meetingz and reported his idea to the United States Government. In one of his lectures on the Boule', Cokely stated Moton was given $5million by the U.S. Government and instructed to counter Garvey offering $5 per acre  over his $1 per acre bid. This inevitably blocked Garveyz deal as he was underhandedly outbid by Moton.


Now here's where it gets interesting. The company that got control of the land was not the U.S. Government but Firestone Tire and Rubber Company of Akron, Ohio, founded by Harvey Samuel Firestone in 1900 (in 1988, Japanese-owned Bridgestone purchased Firestone). Firestone along with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford (an Illuminati member who built the tanks for Hitler's German army in World War I!


One would think the U.S. was fighting against the Nazi's and not with. But if you read Gary Allen's, 'The Rockefeller Files', you'll find memberz of these secret societies are global and have no national allegiance. That's why you hear the term, One World Government!. These three were considered the top leaderz in American Industry at the time. They often worked and vacationed together and were part of the exclusive group, "The Millionaires Club".


What's more startling is the deal Firestone got!.In 1926, Firestone opened up his rubber factory base in Liberia and they allegedly gave lease of this land to Firestone for 100 yearz (the lease may be up come 2026)! Now, according to my calculationz, Firestone/Bridgestone made the $5million paid on the land well within the first 5 yearz of operation and this would not have happened without Moton spying then interceding on Garvey!


For his deed, Moton was rewarded and given the first Black Veteranz Hospital in United States in where of all places?  The Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, where Afrikanz were unknowingly given syphilis!! Now think about that, yo... This negro sellz out his own for his white master and what do they give him in return? They give him keyz to the facilities to run an experiment that gives his own people an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)!! The psychological makeup of a sellout is deep indeed, Afrikanz!


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firestone exploits child labor

In 2005 a case against Firestone was brought by the International Labor Rights Fund stating, "The Plantation workers allege, ... that they remain trapped by poverty and coercion on a frozen-in-time Plantation operated by Firestone in a manner identical to how the Plantation was operated when it was first opened by Firestone in 1926."


The following year (May 2006), the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) released a report detailing the state of human rights on Liberia's rubber plantationz. According to the report:


  • Firestone managerz in Liberia admitted that the company does not effectively monitor its own policy prohibiting child labor.

  • Several factorz contribute to the occurrence of child labor on Firestone plantationz: pressure to meet company quotas, incentive to support the family financially, and lack of access to basic education.

  • Workerz' housing provided by Firestone has not been renovated since the houses were constructed in the 1920s and 1930s.

  • President of Firestone Natural Rubber Company Liberia's own, Dan Adomitis, stated on CNN they have children working that have to reach the 650 trees they tap for sap per day at two minutes each! If you do the math, that comes out to 21 hourz a day! [More here]

  • *Michelin tires' Mr. Bibendum has a wicked history against Afrikan people as well. Read, 'Michelin: 'TIRED' of the Bullsh*t!'




"Memberz of the Boule' and other so-called prestigious groups of negroes who wear the letterz, symbolz and customz of greeks or any other enemy to our people have proven which side they stand when it comes to the liberation of our people. To develop a mindset like this needed to be compartmentalized and systematically spoon-fed to a people who had little to no recollection of their cultural base — the stolen Afrikan in america was the perfect subject!”




It was well known that Garvey had a lot of respect for Washington and Tuskegee so once Washington passed, the government used that to their advantage when Moton took over the school.


Moton, now a mole "Gay" Edgar Hoover would've had wet dreamz about, started attending Garvey's meetingz with the intent of briefing the U.S. government on the detailz. His reward? He got the first Black Veteranz hospital at Tuskeegee; the infamous place where the Syphilis Experiments were conducted, all on Moton's watch! Although history has been kind to Moton because of this government conspiracy, he and memberz of the staff at Tuskegee knew what was going on.


I was forwarded a quote that's allegedly taken directly from the Phi Beta Sigma history book -- of which Moton was also a member -- 'Our cause speeds on: An informal history of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity', by W. Sherman Savage:


"Many Americans, in and out of the military, felt that the "social equality" of the contacts of the Negro soldiers and French individuals and families would ruin the black Americans for their place in American society... Brother R.R. Moton was sent over on one of his special missions to prepare the black troops so that they might return to life in America properly."


In other wordz, Moton’s job was to keep these Afrikanz in check, while they returned “to life in America properly” meant them still being treated as subhuman. Ask the question, why just Afrikan soldierz and not soldierz altogether?! If the concern on thei return is regarding post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), this should apply to all solderz. Obviously, after conditioning then arming Afrikanz to kill they were concerned of, as Malcolm X stated, “chickenz coming home to roost!”


Besides, it should not surprise you that a Black man would agree to do such a job when you realize this is the nature of the Boule' man, one who wishes, as said on page 28 of the Boule's history book, "create an organization which would partake in the tenants (basis, or root) of Skull & Bones at Yale."


Sayin' that, it should be of no further surprise when we learn the United Negro College Fund's (UNCF) inception came out of his home in Gloucester County, Virginia.


MLK, Jr. was most likely inspired by Moton. For one, King is said to have drafted part of his "I Have A Dream" speech in Moton's backyard live oak overlooking the York River. Kay Coles James noted, "For many years, this was the gathering place... [I]t would not be a mistake to call this the cradle of the civil rights community."


James, who also served as director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management during President George W. Bush's first term, found the nonprofit Gloucester Institute in 2007 with the sole purpose of buying and restoring Moton's home and legacy. Today in the spirit of Boule' memberz Moton and MLK, she works on inviting a new generation of leaderz to gather there -- and you can bet they are of this sect as well!


We also find with these same black media outlets previously mentioned, the Boule' was vitally important in persuading American-Afrikanz to enlist in the Armed Forces and sacrifice themselves for America. Of course with the blatant and subliminal racizm that's alwayz existed, it took some convincing and the Boule' was down for the task — as long as their own offspring were spared, I'd speculate since they were often part of the Jack & Jill and Cotillion elite.


With that said, we find as more American-Afrikanz started taking a stand to lynchingz and racizm during WWI, the Boule's meeting in 1918 at the White House was of upmost and strategic importance; most likely discussing how they could use these Black newspaperz in YTs favor of the war. Rest assured, Moton was present!


And we find this still goes on. As late as September 10, 2005 to be exact, official delegates of the Boule' met with White House officialz. Posted on the Boule' website, they noted an invitation from the White House was sent to Grand Sire Archon Robert L. Harris inviting the Fraternity to engage in a dialogue with White House officialz on key national public policy issues impacting American-Afrikanz and the nation!


With Archon Dennis W. Archer, chairman of the Public Policy Committee at lead, they highlighted their public policy endeavorz, one of which was the Fraternity's position on Young Black Males. Grand Sire Archon Harris noted this historic visit marked the Boule' had taken a significant step toward achieving its vision of being "the preeminent fraternity for African American men of achievement" by becoming "better informed about, and taking appropriate action on, major public policy issues of concern to the community, and by supporting or providing social action programs that benefit disadvantaged African Americans" — a major part of Harris' alleged focus on the importance of public policy in shaping the quality of life for American-Afrikanz. "This meeting with White House officials speaks to the wisdom of our Fraternity's vision and its strategic plan."

(from http://www.sigmapiphi.org/home/boul-leadership-meets-with-white-house-officials.php)


It's been difficult for me to fully understand why a sect of Afrikan men would be part of a specialized surveillance operation on their own people not for their benefit, but for whitefolk! Perhaps they felt YT would make good on their claim to improve race relationz? — Ok, that was a joke!


One of the thingz the NAACP is most notably known for is initiating the Anti-Lynch Bill during the 1910s, where they called for the government to pass a bill prohibiting the lynching of American-Afrikanz. What many don't know is the bill did not pass congress until 1959, about 50 yearz later!




"Another striking historical note is of Boule' member, and then Philadelphia mayor Wilson Goode, who in 1985 authorized the FBI to drop a military grade C-4 bomb on an American-Afrikan neighborhood killing memberz of what they deemed a "radical group" called 'MOVE'. From the bombz, a fire was ignited which was allowed to burn uncontrolled reducing to ashes sixty-one homes and killed 11 MOVE memberz including 5 children.”




What's even more interesting were conditionz YT required from the NAACP. The U.S. government, in exchange for such a bill, would oblige only if the NAACP reported "Black Intelligence" to them. In other wordz, "we'll stop lynching your people if you decide to spy on your own people and report to us your findingz!" This is where the Boule' ties in because we know each it is mandatory each member of the Boule' be a lifetime member of the NAACP!!


Memberz of the Boule' and other so-called prestigious groups of negroes who wear the letterz, symbolz and customz of greeks or any other enemy to our people have proven which side they stand when it comes to the liberation of our people. To develop a mindset like this needed to be compartmentalized and systematically spoon-fed to a people who had little to no recollection of their cultural base — the stolen Afrikan-in-america was the perfect subject!


From this, we should all be well aware of the depth the psychological spell of 'light-skin-being-better-than-dark-skin', 'the wannabe vs the jiggaboo', and 'house negro vs field Afrikan' mindset goes. Negro groups like the Boule' and BGLOs (Black Greek-Lettered Organizationz) consist of memberz who hate their Afrikan selves whether consciously or subconsciously and will do anything to prove their unwavering loyalty to good 'ol massa.


We must not be fooled, Afrikanz. Also note how interesting it is to read about the Boule's claim of alwayz working to make thingz better for our people, yet it is they who are selective with who they socialize with, do business with, educate, and even breed with! Don't be naive, the plan they speak of benefits only their kind. I again reference Lawrence Otis Graham...



Another striking historical note is of Boule' member, and then Philadelphia mayor Wilson Goode, who in 1985 authorized the FBI to drop a military grade C-4 bomb on an American-Afrikan neighborhood killing memberz of what they deemed a "radical group" called MOVE. From the bombz, a fire was ignited which was allowed to burn uncontrolled reducing to ashes sixty-one homes and killed 11 MOVE memberz including 5 children.


And there were otherz, many otherz!. Cokely pointed out Boule' memberz Public Safety Commissioner Lee P. Brown — who was responsible for Police, Fire, Correctionz, and Civil Defense Departments — and Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson allowed a networked satanic cult to ritually murder 29 Afrikan children from July of 1979 to May of 1981. Dubbed the 'Atlanta Child Murders,' the chapter memberz of the Boule' made sure to blur evidence preventing a thorough investigation directing the focus on a peripheral "lone-nut" patsy named Wayne Williams.


But we find this pedophiliatic practice is rooted in none other than the very one's culture they've chosen over or Afrikan one, the greeks!


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defining positionz

As much as you may hear the Boule' and memberz of fraternities and sororities downplay their allegiance to greece, the adoption of so many names and customz make it impossible to believe. Take for instance the title names for Boule' memberz:


  • Sire Archon & Archon
    Sire Archon is the name of the President of the Boule'. Archon is the name each member is called. In greek, the word meanz "ruler" or "lord". It is the masculine present participle meaning "to rule".

    • In ancient greece the chief magistrate in various greek city states was called Archon. The term was also used throughout Greek history in a more general sense, ranging from "club leader" to "master of the tables" to "Roman governor". In Athenz a system of nine concurrent Archonz evolved, led over the civic, military and religious affairz of the state: the three office holderz being known as the Eponymos archon (chief magistrate), the Polemarch (war ruler) and the Archon Basileus (king ruler). Originally these offices were filled from the aristocracy by elections every ten yearz.

  • Grammateus
    Henricus Grammateus also known as Henricus Scriptor, Heinrich Schreyber or Heinrich Schreiber (1495 - 1525 or 1526). Was a German mathematician. In 1518 he published details of a new musical temperament, which is now named after him, for the harpsichord. It was a precursor of the equal temperament.

  • Rhetoricus
    Rhetorical, or or pertaining to rhetoric or a rhetoritician





Greek men were not shy in showing their sexual desire for intimacy with other males. If you ever wondered why when looking at greek art, you rarely see women, it's because they were not the preference of greek men; they were only used for the procreation. In fact, a man's status was based on how many young male loverz he had, not women!”




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Greece: the cultural root

Some may wonder why I bash the greeks so much. For one, it is not bashing, if one does a little research on the history of man, they will find the greeks were one of the many invaderz who initially came into the Nile Valley as students then plagiarized our knowledge claiming to be the originatorz. Adding their homosexually-preferred lifestyle, it makes me wonder why so many negroes would want to affiliate themselves with anything greek!


Greek men were not shy in showing their sexual desire for intimacy with other males. If you ever wondered why when looking at greek art you rarely see women, it's because they were not the preference of greek men; they were only used for the procreation. On the contrary and in fact, a man's status was based on how many young male loverz he had, not women!


This same sentiment is echoed in white supremacist organizationz like Skull&Bones but more on the "D-L" or down-low. According to writer, Ron Rosenbaum, in an article, Last Secrets of Skull & Bones, written in the September 1977 edition of Esquire magazine, Skull&Bones purpose is "to produce an alliance of good men...good men are rare of all societies, non is more glorious, nor greater strength, than when men of similar morals are joined IN INTIMACY."


Even sicker was the preference of older men choosing young males — yes, they were most likely the worldz first pedophiles! It's not a secret among those who've studied the greeks to know these men preyed on young males and instead of admitting the relationship was simply to satisfy their animalistic behavior, they called it something else; something the most popular and eventual father of these acts... "Mentor" — a man who tormented and raped young males giving child rearing a more descriptive meaning! Read my piece, 'Jegna vs. Mentor' and find out who Mentor actually  was and the importance of choosing the therm "jegna" instead. In addition, this lifestyle has been cleverly integrated to the society we live in today. In fact, it is celebrated around the world every four yearz via the Olympics!


As said, they weren't shy at all about this lifestyle. At many museumz around the world you'll find old paintingz and even sculptures showing these sick homosexual acts on boyz who were often painted resisting these older men proving in most cases it was non-consensual!


These sick rapists even claimed the reason they would have anal intercourse with young boyz was to inject "male-principles" in them as if semen in your behind teaches you how to be a man!


Here' a few more images I found from some museumz:


The Tomb of the Diver and the Symposium

Tomb of the Diver [475 BC] in Paestum Italy, from a necropolis (city of the dead) of Poseidonia, the older Greek name of Paestum. There were a few wall paintingz that survived, one of which were a group of males in love.






Men with their boyfriends — ca. 540 BCE, from Vulci, Italy.

British Museum, London.

Attic black-figure amphora by the Painter of Berlin

Men shown giving gifts, enticing, and making love to youths. The man without a partner pleasures himself.





Odd man out

British Museum, London.

A youth prepares to climb onto the lap of a sexually excited young man to have sex, while an older man watches. http://www.gay-art-history.org/gay-history/gay-art/greek-love-homosexual-art/homosexual-greek-voyeur.html





Zephyros and Hyakinthos — Attic red figure cup from Tarquinia, circa 480 BCE.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

A homosexual example of frontal sex (between the thighz) from ancient greece that's on display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Zephyr, the god of the West wind, bears his beloved boyfriend Hyacinth through the air while having sex with him. Frontal sex was favored by the greeks over anal sex as it did not "feminize" the boy and was seen as more restrained and not abusive. This cup also shows the closeness in age between youths and their lovers, and the relative maturity of the "boys," a common theme as a great age difference was seen as an obstacle to the relationship.






Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Men at an orgy shown coupling with both men and women.






Zeus Accosting Ganymedes — Attic red-figure vase, fifth century BCE.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/National Museum, Athens.

The god's scepter is shown penetrating the boy's hoop, in symbolic allusion of the sexual nature of their relationship.





Greek art depicting anal sex

Whether it is a woman inserting her finger up there or a man inserting his penis, many men feel violated, especially by the latter because it involves allowing someone else to experience pleasure and release inside of your body. Even women feel this way about anal sex despite being accustomed to vaginal penetration. There is just something about anal penetration that is so intimate and visceral it makes one feel like a completely helpless child.




Couples — Red-figure kylix by Peithinos (detail). Late sixth century BCE.

Found in Vulci, Italy.

Staatliche Museen Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Antikenmuseum, Berlin.

The border of the cup shows men courting youths and high-class prostitutes, who all put up varying degreez of resistance.






Martin von Wagnermuseum.

Bearded men in the typical posture of making advances: one hand reaching for the chin to turn the youth's head and look him in the eye, the other caressing the genitals. The young man is shown putting up token resistance.






The following images are from the website (gay-art-history.org) that coverz homosexuality in greece and how it was fully displayed in their art.




This is the lifestyle and principles the Boule' and BGLOs are rooted on — although I cannot confirm to what degree. However, it is a sick connection none-the-less and if these organizationz pride themselves in fraternal brotherhood and sororital sisterhood, they must then be open to the next level of debauchery on the horizon: gay and lesbian fraternities and sororities who are BLACK as well as memberz of the original "divine 9" as they call it — which I prefer their more correct affiliation, the Pan-Hellenic council mentioned in part 2 of this series!


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are gay and lesbian greeks more greek than the divine nine?

It's been a long time coming and I realized this was soon to happen as the LGBT folk politically galvanized a few yearz back. To the average black male, I'm willing to bet they're against having an openly gay male as a brother of their frat. But because of the socially sensitive climate the LGBT community created, couple with the ignorance todayz millenialz have of genealogy of family due to effective gay and lesbian agitation propaganda, today many are afraid to publicly admit it for fear of social rebudiation that now may even include judicial repercussionz. People have been made afraid to overtly disagree with same-sex and gender-changing people. And although I am not one of those afraid to state my oppostion, it seemz to some degree, the chickenz have come home to roost on the Boule' and BGLOs — in this case, gay ones.


It made me think, if the greeks were predominantly practionerz of same sex relationz, is it not the heterosexual black greek who's falsely representing? I mean, it's one thing for one to think there's a such thing as a "black greek"; George GM James cleared that up when he infamously stated, "greek mythology is stolen Afrikan history." But this takes it to a whole 'nother level! Think about it Afrikan, the entire black greek experience is based on global white supremacy and the cultural way of life that had homosexual relationz between men and boyz as a social norm! We Afrikanz are naturally balanced, communal and family-based people, so how back-asswardz for one to claim to be a Black greek and not be gay?!


Further, we all know if everyone was a homosexual the human species would be wiped out in one generation unless they crossed the gender line to procreate  which is what they're doing today with the audacious claim same-sex parents doesn't expose children to this imbalanced practice! But that's an entirely different discussion for another time... but trust, I will be soon!


To be honest, these homosexualz in greek fraternities and sororities are simply and literally being who they're forebearez were... GREEK! And in todayz climate, they're not afraid to come out within or to even create their own!


One George Johnson, a blogger who's appeared in Ebony and Huffington Post and member of Alpha Phi Alpha, wrote about the challenges he faces since freely expressing his gayness. Many memberz oppose his acquaintance — as I would if I were still a member — but as I now think, true, BGLO fraternities have mainly alwayz been heterosexual. I would personally find it hard to remain fraternal with a gay man. It's a disturbance just like the lockerroom of a football or basketball team.


Like all LGBTs trying to force us to accept them, Johnson trying to change something from within is a long shot. But if he uses the points I just presented, maybe the heterosexual brotherz will be jolted out of their slumber of allegiance to a culture and lifestyle that totally goes against our way — the Afrikan way!


What's cray is they're also calling for the allowance of transgenderz to join BGLOs! If hazing still exists, I wonder how that would go? I can see all kindz of lawsuits if this happenz!


Interestingly enough, around the time of updating this piece I learned on June 30, 2016, one of America's oldest fraternities Chi Phi — founded December 24, 1824 at Princeton University — officially declared "anyone who is legally recognized as male is eligible for membership, regardless of gender at birth." You can read more from their press release. The comical thing I found in their release is on their header it readz, "Building Better Men"!


But it doesn't stop there, it gets even more comical! Word is, there's a Black lesbian fraternity who's modeled their organization off the Ques of Omega Psi Phi!

Officially founded April 21, 2000 in Tallahassee, Florida, Omicron Psi Omega honestly looks like Omega Psi Phi in drag! Well, maybe not drag, but can officially call them female dogz (the b-word)! On their site, their official claim is "We are a Greek organization that prides ourselves in embracing women who self-identify as aggressive, dominant, or masculine within the LGBT community. So I get it, they're the "men" in lesbian relationships.


These women-wannbe-men-without-the-operation actually parade around like they are Ques. They step like Ques, dress like Ques and even exhibit the same demeanor of the men of Omega Psi Phi acting like a dog, barking and sticking out their tongues. They even grab their "crotches" and shout about being lesbian. But here's what makes them different than other BGLOs, they are not all college students in the organization. Most are adult women who wear male clothing and openly identify as lesbian.


As said, traditional BGLOs can't really be mad for brain-dead blackfolk fully adopting the cultural lifestyle of one of our historical oppressorz. It is actually they who are more greek than the alleged "divine" nine.


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perverted ass-beatingz...

I've been exposing the subliminal origin of black fraternity and sororities as well as the Boule' for over two decades now and as I continue, hedz bless me with jewelz. A fellow comrad of mine recently hit me with this one about the paddle! Although pledging or "hazing" on the undergraduate collegiate level has been officially banned for over twenty-five yearz, I'm sure there are still chapterz that haze today. Afterall, "skating" (or any initiate who does not take part in any kind of physical pledge process) is considered 'paper frat' and thus not given the same respect as one who pledges several weeks-to-months to earn their fraternal or sorority letterz.


One of the most notable acts of pledging is what many fraternal memberz refer to as "taking wood", where an initiate is placed "in the hole", or an area where he will receive "strokes" or hits on his buttocks from a solid wooden paddle. The initiate is told to bend over, grab or touch his left ankle with his right hand, use his left hand to protect his nut sack and hold on, 'cause trust, mama ain't never beat you like this!


As with everything, this form of hazing has an origin if not a coincidental point of reference. It is clear that the paddle is a phallic symbol — and if you don't know, a phallic resembles an erect penis and since we now know the greeks did not hide their homosexual tendencies, we can see a direct connection. If you can't, vision this: stiff wooden penis-resembling a piece of long wood makes impact with a man's behind. Makes me cringe thinking of when I pledged back in 1991.
**NOTE: to be crystal clear, these are subliminal connectionz. I can honestly say in most pledge processes, blatant homosexual acts were not present, direct nor subliminal — at least I know it wasn't during my pledge process. Besides, I'm sure if it were, there wouldn't be so many memberz who've joined BGLOs since 1904 — especially Black men!


So, getting back to taking wood, when striking the buttocks of pledges this is nothing more than a symbolic and subliminal reenactment of the homosexual acts that were performed between the elder greek mentor and his young apprentice.


Again, as an ex-member of a black fraternity, gettin' swatted was one of the main formz of hazing. But never was there any mention of the story of Mentor and Telemachus (again, read 'Jegna vs. Mentor'), nor any kind of homo- or even heterosexual acts performed at any point during my pledge process. It was more about enduring physical pain, using it as a way to both memorize history as well as bond with your line brotherz.


However, when one researches the perverted wayz of the greeks — where old white men conduct acts of a pedophile  sodomizing young boyz — one can only wonder the amount of physical and mental pain it creates. This gives a whole different perspective to "taking wood"!


So now I'm lookin' back at my pledge process, viewing this large paddle swinging with great force and I see the connection... We Afrikan men need to cut out all this greek gay -ish, mistakenly callin' it brotherhood, 'cause the only brotherz' from the 'hood gettin' 'hood'-winked (with wood) is us!


I call for an end of the future of our potentially great black mindz joining black-greek lettered fraternities and sororities and create or join non-greek organizationz. It's almost 2020, over 100+ plus yearz since the first BGLO and we still actin' like we don't know who we are, our roots, and as important, our generational foe!


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why this is relevant

On top of all that, to want to segregate ourselves in an already segregated world is insane! With all the thousandz of successful men who are in the Boule', fraternities or even Masonry, or any other part of these elite social clubz, they have yet to present a Black agenda, nor in the very least, formidable Black-owned corporationz. Where are our Black businesses, our institutionz, and our foundationz? They too busy licking boots of whitefolk thinking salvation is accomplished by mocking the wayz of our collective oppressor!


All of this stemz from Afrikanz being stripped of the knowledge of our past which became lost and now distorted through the many invasionz in the Nile Valley. Instead of realizing the tenacious power we possess collectively, having no cultural base has left us with little to any hope when it comes to self-reliance.


This is maintained systematically using the 10 Areas of People Activity:

  1. Economics
  2. Education
  3. Entertainment
  4. Labor
  5. Law
  6. Politics
  7. Sex
  8. Religion
  9. War, and
  10. Health


Instead of dealing with the real perpetrator/culprit, we fight ourselves leaving YT to enjoy the fruits of our ignorance. When will we wake up and realize if you're not trying to be Afrikan, you're emulating someone else?!


Oh, and lastly, I occasionally get emailz claiming entertainerz like Jay-Z and P-Diddy and other blacks in hell-y-wood are in the Boule'. Unless they changed the tradition of how they groom and monitor memberz, they are not and simply cannot be! However, I am not ruling out their being pawnz by the Illuminati. Those that say they are are simply stating false truths, running their mouths to make a name for themselves and have not done the research, in fact I venture to say they may be agents of confusion!


Say want you want, I've laid out enough info to have you question just how "black" are these organizationz and are they a help or hindrance. Common sense should easily tell you it certainly is not Afrikan!

Abibfahodie (Afrikan Liberation)!

about the Boule' Files

Since the release of my first article in 1997, I've written six parts about America's first Black fraternity and its connection to collegiate Black Greek-Lettered Organizationz (BGLOs) and have found it to be one of the most controversial of all Black organizationz post-emancipation.


It is my hope you will read this entire series with an open mind; one that will reconnect you with our Diasporic Ancestry that will compel you to be unbiased of any affiliation so that you're able to see the tenants of this organization was etched-in-stone almost a full century before you or I was even a chromosome in our parents organz.


It is time we learn of America's first Black Fraternity, the genesis of the modern bourgeois negro


the boule' series chapterz

Boule' Index Hub

Boule' Part 1: Who IZ the Boule'?

Boule' Part 2: The Connection to Black Frats & Sororities

Boule' Part 3: Dyin' Wit Secrets

Boule' Part 4: The Psychological Makeup of a Sellout

Boule' Part 5: Internal Reflectionz: The Insides - A People Lost, Still in Search of it's Identity

Boule' Part 6: The Black Cartel and its Roots

BGLO' Fraternity & Sorority Shield Breakdown & National Roster (up to 1994)

• Audio/Video Vault

Greek Fraternity Tradition has Strong Root in Homosexuality


Read more from our Current and R-Kyvz Vault


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• You seem to have put a lot of time and energy into TRYING to discredit the Elite Eight Black Greek Letter Organizations. My question to you is what's your point??? You say The Elite Eight, now the Divine Nine, are NOT socio-economic groups looking to advance African Americans and positively impact our communities, yet they've done so much. Instead of spending your time trying to bash these groups why don't you do something to assist the Men of Phi Beta Sigma and their Sigma Beta Club where they mentor and gives thousands in scholarship money. Why don't you donate to Zeta Phi Beta's Stork's Nest organization, which assist young single mothers and educate them about child care. Or your time could go towards shedding light on the Alpha Kappa Alpha's Emerging Young Leaders program where they mentor and teach young girls (starting at 6th grade) how to be a leader in their community. Maybe you can have more of a positive impact if you-wait. I only ran across this site because i was looking for an domestic violence prevention organization that the ladies of (MY greek letter organization) and the Men of Omega Psi Phi can partner with. This site is a waste of my time and briefly distracted me from my goal which is community outreach. Try focusing your energies on something positive and uplifting instead of trying to tear down. Proud of my Fraters & Sorors!

Posted by Kiaya Perry (zeta_doll3@yahoo.com) on Friday, January 13, 2011 12:07PM


M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: And you are entitled to your opinion (distracted or not).

I must say though, you fail to see the larger picture. True, these organizationz have their "fair share" of charity work, but the fact they do this under the banner of culture bandits is the issue!


Ask yourself, if the Ku Klux Klan started allowing non-white memberz to join and they conducted similar charity efforts, do you see yourself participating? If you know the history of the KKK, I would hope not. But then again, maybe I shouldn't assume.


All these charitable works are good, but what's missing is the fact these Black organizationz suffer from an identity crisis! Many Black greeks don't realize there was NOT a harmonious relationship our Afrikan Ancestorz had with the greeks. They, along with the Persianz, Romanz, and countless otherz were invaderz, murdererz, and plagiarist's of Afrikan culture AND her people--how you think most of us got here to America?!!? I invite you to read, 'When Knowledge Became Kryptonite'.


BGLOs are "supposed" to represent the Talented 10th--the best our people have to offer, yet we're still choosing out of ignorance to be any and everything else under the Sun EXCEPT Afrikan! BGLO memberz comprise of a class of American-Afrikanz (I say that for a reason: Afrikan is the subject or base, 'American' is the place we live: I offer to read: 'American-Afrikan vs. African-American') who have the highest career advancement and earning potential, yet may be just as ignorant about our historical relationship to the world as the rest of us who live in financial and educational poverty in our "ghetto's".


It's this ignorance (conscious or unconscious--because although many don't even know history, we ALL feel the effects of racizm/global white supremacy), that allowz BLGOs to exist and it never be questioned why an American-Afrikan Sorority would have a white woman on their shield (Delta Sigma Theta who has a pirated version of the original Goddess of Wisdom "Nut" or "Neit" and instead has the white impostor Minerva); why another would have an actual Skull and Crossed-bones on theirz (Sigma Gamma Rho), showing a connection to Skull&Bones at Yale; why the frat I was once a member of (Alpha Phi Alpha) would use the term "Sphinx" (who's definition has nothing at all to do with Afrika where it sits in front of the Pyramidz) instead of it's original name, "Her Em Akhet"; why the term "Mentor" is used when describing youth apprenticeship not knowing who Mentor really was: a pedophile (read: 'Jegna vs. Mentor'); and how oxymoronic it is for BGLO graduates to wear an 'Kente' Stole with 'Greek' letterz!


You ask what's the point? In the ancient dayz of the Nile Valley of Kemet (erroneously called Egypt), "Ignorance is a Sin" was written on Pyramidz and other structures throughout. Our Ancestorz thrived on knowing thyself--hence whey they're still revered today! However, today, ignorance is bliss because the less we know of ourselves, the more we try to mimic our oppessor (read, 'Ignoring History Perpetuates the Myth of White Supremacy'). Perhaps you don't mind remaining ignorant. You can bet whitefolk certainly don't!


So in closing, I don't expect you to respond, nor to even look at any of the links I attached. But I do challenge you to exercise your mind and overstand the cycle IS being broken, Afrikan people are waking up knowing you can still do charity works under Afrikan named, symboled, and missioned organizationz as a more effective alternative. I mean, is charity work more beneficial when bring a man fish or teaching him how to fish?


When you have Afrikan-centered and ran organizationz, the one's served won't have to worry about being Blacked-out through whitewash; won't be bombarded with white corporate sponsorship who have little-to-no interest in the advancement of our people but rather focus on the insurmountable wealth we give freely simply because we do not know (or value) our wealth; and truly gives us a future; more precisely, an independent one!


My apologies for the history lesson. I hope you find it of some use for your intellectual growth






• Just happened to come upon your site via doing some searches on Frats and etc. I notice over the years you faced seemingly angry individuals over the light you are shedding on these topics. I first learned of it via Steve Cokely. Keep up what you do. You are exposing these traitors and many don't like what you do. Keep your head up! Peace.

Posted byDarrel Lee Jackson Jr (darrelj@cinci.rr.com) on Monday, December 5, 2011 at 1:04 AM




• Peace and you do a real good breakdown on all these slave minded people going hook, line and sinker with the death of Bin Laden. Some of these folks are crazy and can't be trusted as far as you can see them. It's a mass media brainwashed spell in full effect.

Posted byPeter Slaughter (peter_slaughter@yahoo.com) on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 5:24 PM




• I must agree with M'Bwebe. We must reNu oUr History at least once a year as a Collective. It doesn't have to be the month (February) that was appointed to Us. And what better book than that written by Chancellor Williams, 'The Destruction of Black Civilization'!

Posted byDivineCreatress Limitless via Facebook on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 4:15 PM





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