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(written 2001)

For the past 3 parts of this series, we’ve uncovered some heavy –ish behind what YT proclaimz as a ‘War on Terrorizm’. I do not profess to be a guru on this topic, nor an expert investigator, I just know that when my flight was rerouted to Atlanta on that Tuesday morning, September 11th, 2001, thingz have not been what the media professes to be. Simply merging myself with the vybrational quest of questionz, I was blessed with an enormous amount of leadz, opening the door to logistical reasoning I know I’d never learn from YTs 'massa'-media.

From where we left off in part 3, I found additional info on the Freemasonz, Hell-y-wood, and YTs continued fixation with space. Plain and simple y'all, YT wants to leave this planet! I really don’t blame them, I have longed wanted to overstand the physics of space outside of this place we call Earth.

Many aren't aware our Ancestorz explored this thoroughly, and although we have no recorded evidence of them actually ever leavin’, I have a strong feeling they did frequently! Because of YT havin' access to this knowledge due to the many tomb raidz, fueled by the inception of colonializm, I believe they've been able to collect some of that info (some say 33° out of 360°).

We are the microcozm of the macrocozm, if you can recall the 1997 movie, ‘Contact’ which starred Jodi Foster, the opening scene illustrated just that. Briefly, the movie starts from the planet Earth and the view starts to pan-out passing Mars and then the Asteroid Belt [NOTE: Between Earth and Mars is what’s called the Asteroid Belt. These asteroidz were once a planet called ‘Fenex’, associated with ‘Phoenix’. It is said they were responsible for finding the pre-Nile Valley civilization known as “Mu” in the American southwest (more on the significance of NASA and Phoenix, Arizona in part 5)].

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opening scene from the movie, Contact (mouseover & press play)

The scene continues panning-out, passing Jupiter, Saturn and all the rest of the planets in our solar system. Next comes the Nebula we’re an immediate part of; then we see an image of the Milky Way galaxy. Joined at the hip of the Milky Way resides the Andromeda Galaxy.

The scene continues to pan-out, now showing thousandz, if not millionz of galaxies and star clusterz. And right when there seemz to be too many to count, we see all these galaxies comin’ out the left eye of a typically white, blue-eyed girl. Aside from it ending with a non-melanated being, all this showed there's a connection micro- to macrocozmically.

Afrikanz, our Ancestorz knew we were part of the whole. If no one has ever told you, you are a walking universe. Break yourself down, you'll find many galaxeez inside you each with the same elements that are out there beyond the Earth’s thermosphere (the outermost region of Earth’s surface about 53 miles up).

By studyin’ the ancient Djhuitic principle 'Correspondence', we are able to get a better overstanding of what is actually out there and believe me Star, it ain’t no green-or-grey-skinned-bug-eyed ETs out there! We must be daring enough to believe whateverz out there can possibly look just like you and I — melanated, darkskinned people that may not go by the name Afrikan, but certainly looks like one physically!

Find it hard to believe? Then realize Hell-y-woodz done a number on our perception of what’s "out there" with all their ‘Independence Day,’ and ‘Invasion from Mars’ flicks. It's a BIG "white" lie, Afrikanz (notice how "white lies" are said to be "little" as if not as serious or even malicious). Take your mind back Afrikanz — at least long enough to travel with me for a sec…

See, space is made up primarily of the same elements that exist on the Periodic Table, or should I say, the Periodic Table holdz the known elements of the polyverse (because I'm sure there are many more we do not know of). [NOTE: breakin’ down the word ‘Chemistry’ is profound. The word Chem comes from Khem or Kemet which meanz ‘black’. -istry defines as ‘the study of’. So what does chemistry actually mean? The ‘study of Black’ which includes melanin and carbon as well as Afrikan people!]

Now ask yourselves, how long has YT been studyin’ us? They studied our endurance during enslavement and injected us during the Tuskegee Experiment and continue to use us as guinea pigz with their Global2000 and Eugenic projects.

The major element in space is carbon, one of the elements that produce the gas our temples create when we exhale; the same vegetation needz to survive which is also called photosynthesis. What many don't realize is carbon is also out in space and if we were to see it as a hard substance, its color is black.

Space is said to be at least -1440°K; well below zero! Meaning if you were to step out in space wearing a bubble goose, you would immediately turn to glass-like matter, frozen stiff!

It's said space is infinite, so to say that space continues to grow is oxymoronic, and if space is infinite, as we will see, there HAS TO BE other ‘Afrikanz’ or more correctly, "melanated dark-skinned beingz" out there (not to mention the possibility of hedz with shades of all the colorz of the rainbow)!

Now travel with me Afrikanz, let’s go out in space and witness a star explode. What usually happenz is a very white-hot star growz in size to the point where it explodes. Before it does, there’s a possibility it was the nucleus of a solar system possibly, but not necessarily identical to ourz with rotating planets which may have inhabited life as we know it.

Unfortunately, those planets and inhabited life on those planets probably died due to either the explosion or perhaps the sudden elimination of heat which caused a planetary freeze or even the explosion of the star moved the planet out of it's gravitational pull causing changes in the planet's climate. We must also realize if the natural cycle of life is birth then decay, when starz explodes, although it's tragic, it’s part of life's cycle... [Dr. Leonard Jeffries speaks of it in a better tone, called the Remi Masu or Repetition of the Birth: 'Change, Transformation, Rebirth'. This concept defines nothin' ever dies, it simply changes, transformz and is reborn.]

After the explosion, a new star is created, which was the core of the exploding star. With the heat of this new star it is able to grab debris and melting rock floating around and pull it into its new gravitational pull, makin’ these pieces of rock rotate around this new emerging star which is now equivalent to what we identify as our Sun.

Over time (probably thousandz if not millionz of Earth yearz), what do you get when the coldness of space fuses with the heat of a sun star beamin’ on these planets in the making? You get water! Now what is water but 2-parts hydrogen-1-part oxygen, which are two key elements that support life as we know it here on Earth!

Followin’ me Afrikanz?? What happenz along with the water flooding the land? All kindz of elements are created, from algae to all sorts of microorganizmz that create/support life on this planet. What comes after? Vegetation!

Now of all the UFO movies we’ve seen, every plant that was shown was green. Melanin makes plants that color, so why doesn't the same fact hold weight when it comes to the complexion of people (in humanz, melanin is at its most potent in darker-hued humanz)?! Because Global White Supremacy couldn’t let you know the dominance of the color Black; which is, by the way, the consumption of all colorz!

Along with the new plant life, you will have aquatic life. Eventually, some evolve to become land dwellerz, and so on. Now, I’m not actually sayin’ we stem from fish, but we do come from water — over two-thirdz of us is water; the same ratio as planet Earth! Note that we also spend the first nine months of our lives in liquid. But YT wants you to think we evolved from apes!

Now remember, this relationship is likely happenin’ throughout the universe as we speak and the rise and fall of galaxies are as common as we rise and fall at the beginning and at the beginning and end of each day. Eventually, this will happen to our star, the Sun, in what scientists think will burn another 93 million yearz. As each million or so yearz, pass, the Sun will enlarge and eventually turn from orange to an oversized white star, possibly engulfing Mercury, Venus and even Earth!

This points to a possible reason we’re havin’ this so-called ‘Global’ Warming, when in actuality it should be called a solar system warming. After the star explodes (or implodes possibly creating a Black hole) a new solar system will be born with the planets as we know it replaced by other pieces of debris that eventually come together.

If this makes any sense to you Afrikan, if the plants are green, the soil is dark and the water is clear on these planets, why wouldn’t the first inhabitants of these planets have naturally kinky hair, thick lips and noses?! Deprogram your mind of all the movies and showz tell-a lie-vision (tv) told you about life. There's a reason YT won't ever tell us who we are! That is the reason they’ve established white societies of secrets like the freemasons and the Illuminati!

But we don’t need them to tell us 'cause we already know. We just need to focus and transmit the correct energy towardz our inner-selves where the true blueprint of life is imbedded in our DNA and ADB (Ancestral Data Banks).

One way to fine tune this frequency is to live clean (as possible as you can in this day and age) and keep as many impuriteez from your temple (your body) as possible, physically and mentally. However, admittedly, trying to tune in has its share of ‘channel blocks’ [read Free-quencies series].

See, I believe YT knowz this which also explainz their fascination with space, explaining the close relationship National Aeronautics & Space Administration has with and Masonry.

As mentioned in my Video Article, 'Numerical Mystereez' (on DGTv), the number 39 takes on esoteric values when we find numerical mystereez have reached NASA. Space Shuttle launches happen in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The shuttles takeoff from the Kennedy Space Center that has two launch padz numbered '39a' and '39b'. Now ask yourself, Afrikan, why would they start the number at 39? I mean, if you’re gonna start with 39, why isn’t the second one numbered 40?!

It get’s blatantly deeper when we find out the runway down to the launch padz is numbered ‘Runway 33’ [again watch, 'Numerical Mystereez' on DGTv]!!

The name ‘Cape Canaveral’ is deep too! It translates to the “Cape of Reedz.” This can be linked to the ancient Kemetic deity associated with reedz, Ausar of the original (Afrikan) trinity, Ausar, Aset, and Heru or as YT has the world thinkin' their names are Osiris, Isis and Horus! An even deeper note is knowing the purpose of NASA: to explore space (or the heavenz where Ausar resides)!!

Back in 1976, NASA had a probe land on Mars called the Viking 1 spacecraft (weren't Vikingz known to be some of the most notorious murdererz and thieves of their time?). Twenty-one yearz later, on July 4th, 1997 they revisited Mars landing in a region called Cydonia with the Pathfinder.

Now, as I’ve alwayz stated, when studyin’ YT and global white supremacy, there is no such thing as coincidence! So the landing being on the day of America’s independence, should not shock you, it was planned. However, according to Astrologist’s and conspiracy theorist’s alike, this date had no numerical symbolz like all their other missionz.

The key ritual star, Sirius and the Belt starz of Orion did not line up at the expected 19.5° x 33° above or below the horizon, nor on the horizon. But something did fit in Cydonia, but not for July 4th but July 20th.

Further research showed the point of Masonic reference was not in the sky but on the surface of Mars itself. Again, it was not a coincidence that NASA decided to land the Pathfinder where they did. As big as Mars is, they chose to land at Cydonia for a reason. One being the landing site was precisely 19.5°N x 33°W!

The landing was aired live on CNN that day and some tricky -ish happened soon after. Pathfinder began transmitting image after image of the scene around the landing. The shots varied from right in front of the vessel to as far as the horizon could see.

Viewerz watching it live began calling in about the “strange geometric rocks” they saw on the landscape. There were so many callz, CNNs science anchor, John Holliman asked the Pathfinder scientists about it on air. What hedz were seein’ was something NASA and the classified elite behind them were not ready to explain to the masses.

What was seen were corroded metal objects, cannisterz with handles, shimmering glass-like geometric structures and even a couple of recognizable vehicle tracks! The illest is in that first hour of broadcast everything was seen. Soon after, all the sharp images suddenly became blurred. Also, the images NASA made available for download out of the blue, were no longer easily visible. What was YT tryin to hide? This is where it gets serious...

There was something more intriguing to see than the metal objects and cannisterz. About a kilometer away, the Pathfinder took images of two mountainous regionz on the horizon of the landing site, again at 19.5°N x 33°W. In front of the highly eroded, pyramid-like mountainz was something NASA blatantly attempted to coverup. But it was soon "unearthed" after using a then new software application defined as 'Super Resolution Surface Modeling' which was invented a couple yearz after Pathfinder, where once blurred images can be made to look more clear.

These images that were initially downloaded of the Cydonian region, revealed there was a Sphinx-like face on Mars! Exactly like Her-Em-Akhet that sits in front of the Pyramidz of Giza in Kemet!

In addition, the mountainous images on Mars turned out to be the exact replica of the Pyramidz of Giza! There is no way other than that our Ancestorz in the Nile Valley of Afrika had some kind of relationship or connection with the melanated lifeformz on Mars!

And although there are skeptics today who claim there is no "Sphinx" on Mars, this Sphinx-like structure — whether natural or man-made — is still sitting at idential coordinates on separate planets. There's no other logical way to explain it.

On top of that, like on Earth, this Sphinx faces east directly toward the Martian equinoctial sunrise sitting in its ready-to-attack position, guarding the temples behind it, just as Webster defines it, “to guard or protect”.

It has a triangular body, rectangular forepawz, a square face and a symmetrical style headdress. Behind the Sphinx is a flat, vertical wall, with a wedge shaped and hexagonal protrusion to the left. Regardless of whether the Sphinx is one object or two, it clearly has distinctive block-like features that are not produced commonly in the natural erosion, shift and change of rocks, especially rocks that sit at the base of layered, structured pyramidz that just happen to be at 19.5°N x 33°W (read The Monuments of Mars, by Rovert Hoagland)!

If you remember the 2000 movie, ‘Mission to Mars, that starred Don Cheadle, the crew found what later was seen as a huge face in the ground that, on ground level, can be perceived as a mountainous region, but from atop looks like the now infamous, ‘Face on Mars’. This face turned out to be a spacecraft.

Towardz the end of the movie, they were able to crack the frequency code, get inside the face and was approached by a “Martian” that showed how the planets were shaped and how life evolved on earth. The only thing that disappointed me was how the Martian looked. As I said, to me, logic would support that this being — if it was an oxygen breathin’ land dweller, would be dark skinned and kinky-haired. But again, we know YT wouldn't dare reveal that!

Stay tuned for part 5…


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• This has to be one of my favorite articles. It really put things into perspective for me. Nearly all of the 18 years of my life I bought into the whole religion bullshit until I decided one day to look up "Jay-Z Illuminati" and haven't looked back since. Its a shame the majority of the chosen people refuse to see their greatness. If you could, PLEASE do an article on how crakkaz and brainwashed bible-thumpers try to distort our past by labeling it as "pagan" and "evil", thus why a lot of our people believe things such as the eye of Heru and other symbols are bad. Funny how such a great civilization is labeled "pagan", but people celebrate all those major holidays the government sanctions have very deep pagan origins.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by Arquis Spearman ( on Sunday, January 2, 2011 at 4:40 PM

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