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(written 2001)

Fast-forward...the dawn of a new millennium, 2001. Twenty-two semesterz in the realm of Afrikan-consciousness and it still mystifies me. Just over 3 yearz ago, I felt a need to be heard unlike anyway I had ever before. What better way, I thought, than to speak in a way to the masses seldom read! I decided that since there were many media outlets that refuse to hear Afrikan-centered expressionz, the best way to be heard was to do it myself. That's right, a one-on-one interview with myself, by myself.

The game hasn't changed, there's still madd hedz out here who disgrace spirituality; still hedz who belong to "organizationz" yet they continue to "-tion" or "shun" away from organizin'; the streets still crawl with peeps who feel their consciousness is based on the variety of Afrikan garb they have, goin' natural or loc's, blazin' incense and oilz and buyin' a book a month (of which might never be cracked open). The extreme challenge of maintaining a not too popular way of life that venture capitalists are on the verge of commercializin' again, becomes even more complex as the humble continue to seek truth.

Like our Ancestorz who refused to leave their ancient land the wicked mindz behind the Aswan Dam buried them under, my feet stand rooted on the quest of truth. Still, to this day, the footsoldierz voice go unheard mainstream. The dayz of undaground cella dwellaz need to be numbered. In order for us to win back our youth from the clawz of commercialized stereotypes, we must surface above ground. If there are no outlets that will listen to our voice, we must create our own outlets.

"Like a feen searchin' for his pipe, I yearn to politic on relevant issues of Afrikan advancement, but I keep runnin' into pimps and pretenderz. Abandoned, alone, yet still motivated, I find my pineal my safe haven. Since there ain't many doin' shit, I'll do it myself. Since no one else will interview me, I'll interview myself..."
xxxxxxx — from Inner Thoughts pt.1, 1998

Actually, I believe there's a conspiracy on conspiraceez! I mean, for the last 10 or so yearz, many Afrikanz have started doin' further research on the topic of white supremacy—Steve Cokely being one of the best. This lead to books like Tragedy & Hope by Caroll Quigley and William Cooper's Behold A Palehorse, as well as a host of other books on the Rhodes/Rothschilds-based Illuminati and New World Order. It particularly escalated as we were approaching the end of the 1990s, where many felt—including myself—we were probably in the 'Last Dayz' of life as we know it.

Why I believe there's a conspiracy on conspiraceez is because it is a multi-million and soon billion-dollar industry! Just think of all the cheddar that was made during the Y2K scam! Books upon books, cypherz upon cypherz; the message even got out through the music industry!

I needed to ask myself, as protective as YT is about his world, he couldn't possibly think of lettin' blatant, Afrikan-centered Hiphop hedz like Boogie Monsters, X-Clan, and KRS-One drop what they did on wax unless they thought they could make a profit and simultaneously not lose their empire. As big as Time Warner is, with all its backin' from white supremists, there's no way they would allow this to be heard if they thought it would jeapordize their position!

Don't get me wrong, I still believe there are conspiraceez, but I also realize there's a market out there for people with some level of consciousness or even lesser, just plain 'ol conspiracy theorists! It's business. See, this pool of people could be their ultimate demise, so it is essential for the survival of white supremacy to be in control of what we are exposed to. This would consist not only in the music industry, but the entire entertainment industry as a whole. See, Neely Fuller, Jr, and Dr. Francess Cress-Welsing made reference in their books, The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept and The Isis Papers, respectively where they break down global white supremacy's playbook into 10 Areas of People Activity: Economics, Education, Entertainment, *Health, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War.
*Health wasn't initially included but has been embraced by many, for what goes into our bodies is one of the biggest conspiracies of all!)

In addition, we have to acknowledge the arrogance of YT as they are convinced through the actionz of our Ancestorz that within the last 150 or so yearz in America, there's been a 30-yearz surge towardz Afrikan consciousness. This leadz them to believe they can exploit us simply because we'll speed through this faze just like any other fad. Look at how we went from jheri curl, to the fade, to the box-cut, to ball head, braidz and nubian loc's—all in a matter of 15 yearz?!

To a large degree, I kinda believe Afrikanz look at liberation as a fad. How else could we allow a potato chip company to sell Malcolm X chips after the movie came out?! How we allow there to be a million 'Million-blank-Marches' to happen when all we get from it is an increase in Farrakhanz bank account a million tymz over?! Face it, the conscious community has not—to date—exemplified solidarity any more than the Black Church or Nation of Islam! And because of that, white-owned industries make unlimited profits sellin' us -ish like they've done to everyone else! Personally, I think this conspiracy on conspiraceez is used to delay us from what we really should be doin'... studyin', Knowledge of Self. More specifically, how we got in this predicament!

Even though knowing your enemy is vital to your survival, we consume ourselves in knowing them. Hedz can recite numerous Illuminati families but cannot name 5 countries in Afrika! They can mention all the warz America has been in, but never heard of Menelek and the battle at Adwa, which was just over 100 yearz ago. I think it serves 2-fold. While makin' loot for themselves, they derail our progress by getting' us to get caught up into Y2K, 5/5/2000, 2012, Jesus' 2nd coming and the next so-called catastrophe they decide to dream up.

Author of Ancient Future, Wayne Chandler stated, "As we approach the 21st century, we find ourselves morally bankrupt and spiritually destitute." Namely because we believed the end was comin' and when you break it down, who told you it was...YT! If it wasn't through his literature, it was through his religion!

I speak of this from personal experience. For several yearz I was "caught up", buyin' a book on the New World Order every week, doin' madd research on Lord Rothschilds, Cecil Rhodes, and Rockefeller. Don't get me wrong, this is very, VERY vital info, but there needz to be balance. Studying YT and not enough of us is imbalance, just as studyin' too much of ourselves and not enough YT — our #1 enemy!

Farra-who?? FarraCAIN'T is more like it! I mean, after the Million Man March of '95, I was given this tape with all the Afrikan-centered heavy hitterz who spoke the night before and they were blastin' Farrakhan. Dr. Clarke, Ben, you name it! I wish I knew about it 'cause I woulda rather been there than at the March, though it was a special spiritual experience to see the soulz of a million-plus Afrikan men answering the call, only we didn't get significant marching orderz!

All Farracain't did was get our loot, oh, and for us to be sorry for -ish we allegedly did (repentance), but no solutionz, not one! I began to suspect a change in him after this, even though most hedz were sayin' Farrakhan must be infiltratin' the establishment so he can destroy the cracka from the inside. But after this past year with his change to orthodox islam, refusin' to give props to his leader(z) Master Fraud—I mean, Farad, Elijah, and his all-being creator, Allah after his alleged bout with cancer, I know he's converted! He seemz to be too busy tryin' to be like Jesse—the safe Negro whitefolk trust; more than the firey motivational, INDEPENDENT, speaker he used to be. He claimed he was able to get through his bout with cancer because of the prayerz he received from the very people he used to bash.

I mean, look at him. We've seen him increasingly quote from the Bible and not the Koran (not that I'm for either story books!). The Nation used to never vote. Last election in 1996, he spoke of gettin' muslimz registered to vote so they'd participate in the 2000 election and that they'd have their own candidate. What happened? He registered them to vote and since there was no muslim candidate, they voted for either Gore or Bush! He's also met with Rhodes/Rothschild's Secret Society member, Edgar Bronfman tryin' to open hotelz he said would be black-owned. But after a little diggin' we found these hotelz would be owned by Bronfman with the workerz bein' Black.

Most importantly is his refusal to acknowledge the enslavement of Afrikanz by Muslimz in Sudan, Afrika! After 2 reporterz from the Baltimore Sun proved this was goin' after purchasing enslaved Afrikanz themselves, Farrakhan still claimz it ain't true. What's worse is, like Jesse, he won't even look into it himself! Probably because he's on the Khartoum Government's payroll!

What buggz me out is wonderin' how it seemz most if not all of his clones, oops, followerz in the Nation have accepted this change not only in his life, but have done so in theirz as well. It goes to show that if a member of the Nation of Islam no longer speaks what Elijah taught, calling YT a blue-eyed devil and whatnot, they are truly brainwashed. I guess if Farrakhan told the world he's a member of the KKK, he'd probably pull a large percentage of followerz with him there too!

I've heard there are memberz of the NOI that do not agree with his 18° philosophical turn, but the sad thing is that there are still memberz who choose to follow Farrakhan and not the Nationz version of Islam. This proves to be a pure example how Afrikan people have been conditioned to deify the messenger while not intuiting and comprehending the message.

That's what gets me red, because people don't study! I mean, first off, Islam is responsible for the enslavement of Afrikan people just like Christianity and Judaizm! Second, if you look at the history of the Nation, you'll find that their spiritual foundation is based on a white man! Two good books to read about the Nation have been written by Karl Evanzz. Yeah, if you look at a picture of Master Farad, you can see his pale white skin and jet black, STRAIGHT, hair! The excuses that have been told as to why he is white is crack-crazy, yo! The bottom line is you have this organization that is against whitefolk, yet their leader is one?!!? What type of mentacide ('mental suicide'—coined by Dr. Bobby E. Wright) is that?!!?

It's funny, people will question a fellow Afrikan but never question their teacher in school or reverend in church. I'm always asked, "where you get your info from?", claimin' they have a hard time believin' what I'm sayin'. Let me ask you somethin', what is a source? So you mean to tell me that you will not believe somethin' I say unless you read it somewhere else?! In other wordz, in order to feel what I'm sayin' you need to have validation from someone else who said it and who's been published? Well, what about them?? And what about who told them? and so on...

Information mainly comes from within. Of all the books who provided sources from where they got material from, it links down to an INDIVIDUAL who THOUGHT something! A thought starts somewhere and is uttered by someone.

A large percentage of my writing come from within. This source is a combination of Ancestral connection and plain old common sense. A source can come from within. In fact, I am a source, we're all sources! Everyday you may say or think something that was channeled from your inner thoughts. You mean to tell me it can't be believable unless you read it in someone else's book?! You either feel it or not!

Well, I think we need to get back into the spirit of the 1960s movement when hedz boycotted for months instead of 1 day. Ask yourself, why do you boycott? Because you are not satisfied with a certain situation. So why do we boycott and then give up before we get satisfaction?! Mainly because our self-appointed leaderz take us off track. See the goal of a boycott should not be equality but self-reliance. That's what we need. -eff equality! I don't wanna be equal to those racist pirates; we want liberation and that can only come with self-reliance!

We see that Harlem is being taken over by YT with their Walt Disney, Old Navy's, fast-food restaurants, and Blockbuster Video stores, while we stand and watch it happen. Today, our self-appointed leaderz enjoy boycotting Burger King and Mitsubishi, for a couple dayz instead of calling for the creation of Afrikan-owned restaurants and car manufacturerz!

See, you can't successfully boycott somethin' without offering an alternative. I can't tell you to boycott Old Navy and not offer an alternative store, nor compatible in price to shop at. Our people ain't on that level yet. The majority of our people are asleep, so they don't care to hear of our $600Billion spending power in the US, all they want is a pair of jeanz. The Selma, Alabama bus boycott of 1955 lasted 381 dayz forcing YT to see over a 12+month period how much money they lost due to Afrikanz carpooling instead of ridin' in the back of the bus. See, their alternative was the carpool. We need to create competitive outlets before we boycott the existing ones.

More importantly, we lack endurance because we lack vision. Every year, from November 1st to February 1st, there's a 90-day Selective Buying Boycott, calling for all Afrikanz to refrain from frivolous buying from non-Afrikan people during the holiday season. This is the end of the year YT makes most of their money, slapping 3 holidayz back to back. We need to add an additional mid-year 90-day boycott, maybe in the summer. As the word gets around, in conjunction with Afrikan-owned stores used as alternatives, we could see in a matter of a couple yearz, the effect on YTs economy.

Oh, they'd go through severe tactics to get your dollar. Trust me, you'll see sale after sale after sale. This is where we have to be vocally aggressive about the mission. See, YT can drop their prices but so low. After that, they will crack. We have to be willing to see this to the end. I'm not sayin spend all your money with Afrikan-owned stores, that's my eventual wish. Initially, we can see dramatic effects by just takin' 15% of what we spend on YT and spend on us! It's that simple! C'mon Afrikanz, liberation ain't that hard to attain. We just need to stop deifyin' these false leaderz and deal with the agenda at hand! You want freedom, then 'free' your 'dome'—which is your mind—and let's do this! But, relatively speaking, only a small percentage of us ready fi do sumting!

I can never express enough how effective the puppeteer/puppet theory works on our people. We are not critical about our "leaderz". True, no one is perfect, but we let too many blatant atrociteez go by. Take the latest catastrophe with Jesse. Now this so-called righteous leader got busted. Now he's a "baby-daddy". True, that's between him and his family, but what we should be critical about is how he's getting' the loot to pay for this child.

I heard on the radio he's giving his mistress up $6000 a month! Question, Jesse ain't never had no job, so how is he payin' for this? Who and where is he gettin' the fundz to pay for it? Ain't nobody checkin' him on this -ish! We too busy forgivin' him for stickin' his Johnson in another woman. In addition to forgiving him, we allow him to simply pay for his act, instead of bein' a father to this child. This child will have money, but lack in what's more evident, this child needz a father.

Same -ish happened with Elijah Muhammad and even Bill Cosby a couple yearz back, and what happened to his daughter he still claimz ain't his? She's in jail while Cosby goes on with his life. Ben (Chavis) Muhammad did his part in continuously sexually harassing our sisterz, as he made a complete mockery of the already melting pot, Million Family March.

Face it, our leaderz aren't our leaderz, they're pimps, pimpin' us, who're bein' pimped by YT, the puppeteer. Because of our unwillingness to be critical about them, we allow them to derail us from liberation. Not one of them have called for an economic boycott. In fact, it was Jesse who told Clinton NOT to apologize for the enslavement of Afrikan people on behalf of the United States!

All they've done is take our money and spend it on their habits, refilling their pockets every session with a boycott on this, boycott on that. And we faithfully support their habits by givin' their front organizationz money. A leader is a leader because the people supports that leader. A leader is 'sposed to be a spokeperson of the people, therefore, s/he should represent the collective consciousness of the people. If we stopped financially supporting Farracain't, Jesse, even brotha Sharpton and made demandz on what it is we actually want, they would be forced to deliver or be stripped of their leadership.

It's time we take responsibility of our progress and quit takin' the lazy route, leavin' it to these "leaderz". They should earn their money just as hard as we earn it. If you don't produce results, you're fired! Maybe then they won't be occupied with which young sista they can manipulate and focus on the task at hand, the emancipation of Afrikan people worldwide!

Shiiiit, after Y2K didn't, I had an epiphany, yo. As I said before, YT tries to keep the people baffled by conjuring up these catastropheez, meanwhile they go on with mischievous planz. Living in fear is not living in control. We get too caught up in the future that we forget the present. Although we are living in drastic tymz, we are still living! Since we've decided we are not at a stage of physical war — because as much as we talk about how "the man" is holdin' us down, we ain't our riotin' or organizin' — so it's safe to conclude we don't see ourselves backed into a corner just yet, so Y not live a little? I'm sayin' this based on our actionz.

Lemme break it down. There are a total of 168 hourz in a week. Of that week, the majority of us only spend a couple hourz a week "fightin' the power". This may include reading books about our people, goin' to see speakerz speak or goin' to town rallies. The rest of the week is spent workin' at the plantation—about 40-50 hourz a week. That roundz out to about 60 hourz. With over 100 hourz left, that leaves us to about 50 hourz for sleep, and let's say 20-30 for just chillin'. We still got 20 or so hourz where we do...NOTHING!! So if you don't wanna dedicate some of that time to uplifting yourself first and people second, live life! Take advantage of the time you have permitted on this earth because we don't know what happenz after this.

Personally, I use that extra 20 or so hourz to develop self. After a recent session with Tony Browder, thingz that were parlayed simply confirmed thingz I was already feelin'.

Listen up Star. See, life is a quest and on this quest lay infinite questionz. Hence the root word, 'quest'. This journey, though a challenging one, only openz to more questionz. This is where one has to learn the benefits of listening.

One of one of the most profound thingz about listening is realizing that in the word "listen" is the word "silent". Listening silently to your inner thoughts can also be equated to meditation. See, I've known that long before I read the works of Chancellor Williams, Drs. Clarke and Ben, Kwesi, and Browder, I knew consciousness. I think we all experience that intuitively. It is the burning desire to know more of thyself that bringz us to these scholastic works. When I reawakened in 1990, I didn't read my first book, From the Browder Files, until '92. For those 2 yearz, most of my knowledge came intuitively. As I read book after book, I noticed that what these authorz wrote, I had said or thought before. It was these inner thoughts that assured me I was not alone; that there was an Ancestral connection with seen and unseen forces. After vybin' with the very author of the first book I ever really read (Browder), I realized we are all, as he would put it, "conduits". What is a conduit? A natural or artificial channel through which something is conveyed. For yearz, even as far back as when I was a little kid, I can remember having spiritual encounterz! See, consciousness is alwayz around and when a person focuses on that channel (or freequency), growth happenz.

We are not just blood and oxygen, we are the blueprint of man creation manifest. Take the car for instance, the heart of the car is the engine. The gasoline that flowz through the valves fuel the engine to move just as the blood flow through our veinz propelling our parts mobility. Even the computer is designed off the human body! Browder related the movie Matrix with our ability. Just like they were able to download software into their harddrive, or brain, to learn karate or pilot a plane, so are we able to download the power of our Ancestorz, as well as the power of our Ancestorz enemies.

C'mon, yo. Be serious! These downloadz happen through electromagnetic waves. Y'kno, just like how music is transferred to your stereo via the antenna. As I said before, we're just not blood and oxygen, we are also made of electricity. Why do you think they use electric volts to restart a heart with a heart respirator? As conduits, we receive all kindz of wavelength activity imbedding all kindz of past, present, and future thoughts.

Have you ever been in a deep discussion with someone and you wound up sayin' somethin' you thought you didn't know? This happenz because you have the ability to tap into your inner self where there lies a connection to the lineage of the first mastermindz of the earth. Some may also equate it to hearin' voices. Whatever you call it is irrelevant, but this confirmz that we are not alone and YT knowz it. That's why they use radio and tv as diversionz.

Be it the lies television tellz to our vision or radio, our mindz are constantly bein' stimulated with thoughts and behaviorz, and just like anything else, the one you hear/see of most, you begin to adopt. Think of all the hourz our people spend on emulating black life from music videos and adopt poor dietary habits due to the countless Coca-Cola and McDonald commercialz between scenes during the show. See, we're only losing because negative thoughts are downloaded 24-7. We can see it by just watchin' the behavior of our people. We are truly actin' like niggaz?! No, I'm not sayin' we are niggaz, I'm sayin' we act like niggaz! Why and how are we actin' like this? This subliminal influence of livin' is chauffeured by the european mindset.

Day in and out we hear and see images propelling europeanz on the top of the ladder with us on the bottom and when they do portray us, we're either shakin' our ass, dancin', makin' someone laugh, playin' a criminal, pimp, drag queen, or dumb athlete. We are more than entertainerz. Overstanding this is the challenge. Although there currently is no way for me to stop Wendy's, Pepsi, and Hilfiger from poisoning us, we can still combat this by using some of that 20 or so extra hourz a week we have to focus on our inner power. We have to literally learn how to tap into that intuitive force to create balance. Browder spoke of how this mindset, once activated, can be heightened to the point where otherz will function on that level. He pointed out the importance of consciousness over culture. The consciousness of a people is witnessed through the creation of how they live.

An example is the 1000 Monkey Syndrome where 1000 monkeyz were divided into groups and spread across an island miles apart from each other. They were left to fend for themselves with yamz imbedded in the sand for them to eat. Most just dug up the yamz and started eating them despite the salty taste. One monkey in particular was seen diggin' up a yam and go over to the edge of the ocean, wash it off and then eat it. This allowed the sweetness of the yam to come out because the salt was washed off. Soon after, the other monkeyz of that particular group began doin' the same. The startling thing was, before long, the other groups of monkeyz, though separated many miles—too many to be exact for them to communicate with each other—began doin' the same thing! Without any kind of verbal communication, all of the other groups began diggin' up and washin' off the yamz before they ate them. How was this habit spreaded throughout each group without verbal communication? Simple, it was not verbal but mental communication!

Consciousness can be spread throughout despite time or space simultaneously! Just as easily as my foot taps to tracks I'm listening to as I write this piece—the speed rate of which my brain tellz my foot to tap each time, so can the rate of speed be in the monkey experiment, allowing instantaneous communication, as if using instant messaging on your *computer! How do you think Afrikan people across the Diaspora have been able to maintain our spiritual connection to our past? Think about it, not even 150 yearz ago we were not allowed to read, in addition to the countless books that were burned and plagiarized; so how were we able to still possess the knowledge of our past?! We have the same ability to communicate with each other worldwide, just like those monkeyz did! One way to heighten the connection would be through a more healthy diet.
*note: it is much faster than that!)

It is my wish that those on the path concentrate on enhancing the consciousness of our people. This way our consciousness will be move us to create a culture that will emulate our consciousness—just like our Ancestorz did in Kemet. These guiding forces are omnipotent in its presence, alwayz whispering solutionz to our challenges. If only we be 'silent' and 'listen' our inner thoughts. Bless...

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• I heard Dr. Clarke and Dr. Ben speak on Farrakhan before the Million Man March that's why I didn't go. Also, I saw a huge neon light welcoming people to the march. When does the enemy do that? Also, there was talk of a voting drive. We can't vote our way to freedom. Chief LongWalker of the Lakota nation was the first one on stage to say "You don't need to vote. Just face the man in the blue." This was the opposite of what Farrakhan was saying. I have Dr. Clarke on cassette. He spoke at a festival here call Nyansa about him not going to the march. He said we talk too much and always announcing we're coming.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by ( on Friday, April 20, 2012 at 5:34 PM

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