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DGT 2013 Review

Transition 13, by Anthony Browder
We knew not; We studied; We learned all there was to know; We taught others. Then we forgot what we had learned; And then we forgot that we had forgotten. Now we are taught (By those who where once taught by us) Knowledge (That we already had). So... We study. We learn all there is to know. We teach others. Will we forget...AGAIN?

If it's one thing I'm still grappling with is how time truly flies; 2013 literally came and went! Hard to believe another year is in the books. But I will say 2013 was a special year—it was Da Ghetto Tymz' 20th year! 2013 was a year of celebration... 20 yearz in fact! In the spirit of Sankofa, I look back at how this all started.

I'm often asked the question of why am I so fixated on Afrikan history. I mean, why even care about history, period?! Even a child adopted by the richest family still wants to know of its birthright. The parents of this child, no matter the circumstances they were not there; the child will still have a burning desire to know of their essence. The same applies to our collective history. Most Afrikan people, whether they've addressed it publicly or kept it inside, yearn to know who we are, where we came from, and in most cases, how'd it get the way it is now (this is what led me to writing the piece, 'When Knowledge Became Kryptonite').

Before I began DGT, I didn't see it as a magazine, it was just me sharing thoughts I needed to get off my chest. Back in the early 1990s, cypher circles were everywhere in the 'hood. Wherever you'd find a group of Brotherz, there was a big chance they weren't shootin' dice, but building on the plight of the Black Agenda.

I wasn't part of any religious group but standing in front solo was still taboo; yet I had somethin' to say; and in most cases, in direct contrast to the usual flow of the cypher. But who had time to stand all day listening? Realizing this, writing became the natural choice.

I was once told by a close friend yearz ago there was no money to be made in sharing Black History. This imposition coming at a time where I was fresh out of an Institution of Higher Learning Training, looking for work just to survive, made it an even steeper uphill climb trying to start a magazine.

In 1993, I hadn't any experience in printing, distribution, nor marketing and from the looks of my college transcript, far from a writer (two D's and an F). Still, I had a burning desire to share what I had begun learning. I was 23 with the truth of the world just unveiled to my eyes. The only natural thing to do was rebel.

See, global white supremacy exists in predominantly all facets of life. With a stagnant growth rate, American-Afrikanz have become third in population numerically while still king of ethnic purchasing power (99% consumer, 1% producer; $1.1 trillion buying power before 2015). I learned early on that in our fight for equality, we are consistently, ounce-by-ounce, losing our identity—a cultural gentrification if you will.

Naïvely, I wasn't thinking about making money, but with Black media resources having sold their soul to white advertisement and distribution dealz, I had to write; I was witnessing our full-mode transgression back to 'Transition 13'—DGT was born...!

Twenty yearz later, we can see a deeper physical manifestation of this attack. American-Afrikanz are watching more television and reading less, possess the poorest eating habits due to lack of awareness of what actually is food versus what isn't, and have ensuing generationz unable to see themselves making it to the wise yearz as an Elder.

As American-Afrikan culture becomes more white-washed, Conscious Hiphop—although in a deep coma with a depleting pulse—has become an urban legend of sorts; gentrification (which is synonymous with colonializm) run rampant throughout Black neighborhoodz throughout the country; and you're more likely to see a white person wearing a Black medallion or Afrikan clothe than an Afrikan—uncontested!

As with the notion of 'Change, Transformation, Rebirth' echoed by Professor Leonard Jeffries, we… are… slowly… changing… and… dying… BUT! After transformation, there is rebirth!

The rebirthing process is the vybration that will take DGT into into it's 3rd decade...

One of our most engaging pieces of the year was 'The Unapologetic Quest to G.E.N.T.R.I.F.Y.', an "elephant in the room" topic seen and felt by many American-Afrikanz and Afrikan people the world-over.

We are experiencing but the latest cyclical war tactic of colonializm with our neighborhoodz (namely 'land') being literally whitewashed while we're forced to relocate.

If you have not read this piece, please do so, and if you have, share as well as consider the solution offered at the end.

Take a look and review some of the topics we wrote about. Feel free to re-read and/or share for as the updated saying goes, "Each one teach MANY!"

With 20 yearz (18 online) under our belt, we enter our second decade on an accelerated mission: to research and create more content in ways you the reader can enjoy on various platformz.

This will be achieved with a more interactively diverse update to our site, mobile apps, audiobooks, video articles, and audio blogz.

As said, has been online for 18 yearz and houses 21 yearz of content on the Afrikan experience. Suffice it to say, we are more than just a website, but more of a virtual encyclopedia if you will. Throughout the year, you will see this migration.

4) 2014 PREVIEW

Black Imagery
Movies like Roots, Glory, Amistad, and Django Unchained are used as a cultural/political tool of the euro to perpetuate negative Black imagery. As such, it serves their purpose much more than ours. We are not afraid of history; we know such atrocities happened. But, we also know that the so-called history that is constantly shown to us tends to reflect Afrikans as inferior, docile, and more, but most importantly, this history is totally unbalanced.
Who is Saint Valentine?
Learn the historical story of how Valentines Day originate.
Boule' History Month - Recap PDF eBook
In case you missed it or need a refresher, we compiled a short recap of noted events that has transpired at the handz of Black America's first Fraternity, Sigma Pi Phi aka the Boule' into a free PDF eBook.

Juneteenth is Mis-Guided
I applaud the zeal and dedication of those who organize juneteenth celebrations around the country. It is a commendable effort to educate our people about this aspect of our history in America. Having said, and at the risk of receiving universal condemnation from the Afrikan community, I humbly declare that these juneteenth celebrations are mis-guided and are based on false historical premises!
Athletics vs. Slavery pt1.5: Time to Pay the Piper Enslaved
A recent lawsuit filed by ex-Athlete's against the NCAA and video game mogul, EA Sports is the latest chapter of the ever-pressing growth of injustice for profit that's finally beginning to sprout from its roots, cracking the white cemented pavement by modern slaveownerz who set up a system that has reaped benefits in probably the gazillionz since the Afrikan athlete has been "granted" access to play collegiate and professional sports.
DGT Celebrates the Legacy of Joel Augustus Rogers
One of the greatest mindz of Afrikan history in the 20th century was a Jamaican-American author, journalist, and historian who contributed research on the history of Afrika and the Afrikan Diaspora, especially on Afrikanz in the United States, for over 50 yearz. His research spanned the academic fieldz of history, sociology, and anthropology. He challenged prevailing ideas about race, demonstrated the connectionz between civilizationz, and traced Afrikan achievements.

The Hype Behind Friday the 13th

We should all know throughout history, whatever YT had a limited understanding to, their usual reaction is to label it a mystery. But for the elite, they don't want you to know either, so they make urban legend folklore of it! One of the most popular (and least studied) is the #13 and more specifically, the date 'Friday the 13th'.

The Unapologetic Quest to G.E.N.T.R.I.F.Y.: Ethnic Cleansing Through Economics

To be frank, Gentrification should be synonymous with Colonializm. Often promoted as the transformation of neighborhoodz from low to high value, the residual benefit is the displacement of long-time residents and businesses—which is cleverly and I dare even say purposely overlooked. Learn more of the driving forces behind it; you'll find ethnic racizm at its core.'

BlogTalk with AC World Wide: Is Knowledge the new Kryptonite

M'Bwebe Ishangi's Audio Excerpt: The Remix LP teaser: Why it's hard for Black Greeks Members to leave BGLOs

DGTs 20th Year on the Conscious Rasta Report

Inner-viewz Audio R-Kyve
M'Bwebe Ishangi was featured on several BlogTalkRadio showz. We created an R-kyve (archive) Vault. Visit and hear Knowledge of Self at its (cyber) highest!

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Burial Ground eBook & site
DGTs M'Bwebe Ishangi released his 3rd book and first made for iOS (iPad/iPhone) & Android Tablets/Smartphones, 'Urban Unrest - Afrikan Burial Ground: Remnants of Slavery in New York'. His-story has done a great job in havin' people think slavery in the United States was below the Mason Dixie line. They're doin' an even better one in tryin' to conceal its role in the cover-up of Afrikan free labor in both the building and maintenance of one of the worldz most popular city, New York.
Price: $12.99 USD eBook | $5.00 USD ($7.00 Canada/Int’l) eBook
Publisher: DGT NTR-Prizes
Copyright Year: 2013
DGT Proudly Honorz Our Afrikan Scholarz - Free Poster
As a continuous student of 'Knowledge of Self', humility is a constant principle I strive to practice and honor. With that said, it is important anyone who answerz the call of preserving the history of Afrikan people be it for themselves, their family and/or the Collective Diaspora, establishing a constant relationship with those whose shoulderz we stand on is a prerequisite—alive and transitioned! After all, what we learn comes from somebody! Download DGTs first FREE poster honoring our Afrikan Scholarz who's works enable us to know who we are and where we're going. Each one teach MANY!
DGT720: The Wholistic Truth! — Blog & Audio Blog Launch
Featuring current written and audio shorts, we've created a Blog and Audio Blog Index, DGT720: The Wholistic Truth.

DGT Celebrates Marcus Garvey's 126th bEARTHday with Garvey Griot DGTeez

The Terrorist Factory eBook

Right after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, M'Bwebe Ishangi produced a six-part series that appeared in Da Ghetto Tymz magazine and giving both a conspiratoral and metaphysical perspective of why this happened and the sublime historical context behind it. Read and become enlightened to the culprits we found involved. You may or may not be surprised...
73 Pages
Price: $12.99 USD eBook | $5.00 USD ($7.00 Canada/Int’l) eBook
Publisher: DGT NTR-Prizes
Copyright Year: 2013

Facebook 2013 Wall Post Compilation

We post a lot on historical and current facts on Facebook. We've compiled 2013s in a free eBook download.

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DGTs 20th Anniversary Celebration

April 10, 1993, M'Bwebe Ishangi founded Da Ghetto Tymz magazine, a publication and website that annihilates false perceptions of the Afrikan experience chauffeured by the western-eurocentric mindset. Whether for a season or seasonz, throughout the yearz many have read and shared DGTs articles, bought our magazines, books, and other products, or attended M'Bwebe's speaking engagements—or all of the above; in some way, you've supported DGT, of which we are eternally indebted. This is what makes 20 yearz so special, you've co-piloted this endeavor with us. Logon and celebrate with us!

DGT 20th: V4 - Video Viral Verse Vault
This is's Viral Video Verses Vault (V4), where supporterz have sent their thoughts on DGT dispersing Afrikan-centered information for 20 yearz!

R.E.A.D.: Restore Education of the Afrikan Diaspora — 30 days, 30 articles
DGT kicked off its second annual 'R.E.A.D.: Restore Education of the Afrikan Diaspora' campaign in an effort to increase literacy and cultural awareness among Afrikan people by reading an article every day for the month of September; "30 Days, 30 Articles".

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The Unknown-Known

M'Bwebe is working hard on the release of his fourth book, 'The Unknown-Known: Enduring the Seldom-Travelled Quest of Questionz'. This book takes off where the initial part of his first book, 'Analitikul Cogitationz', began, 'Deja Vu', exploring the metaphysical realm of question addressing thoughts that may have crossed your mind before, but was missing an outlet to further examine. You will find the discussion of the metaphysical phenomena deepenz in this epic conversation about the unknown realm of life oftentymz overlooked. Like 'Analitikul Cogitationz', this book will be available in hardcopy, eBook, and audiobook.

Launch: Fall 2014

M'Bwebe Ishangi Author/Books Page

We'll be updating this section with all of M'Bwebe Ishangi's books as well as an accompanying new interactive design.

Launch: Spring 2014

Versus Series
Having 13 to date in this series, we will be adding several more throughout the year. Here's a few we look to release:
- Djeli/Griot v Preacher
- Dogon v NASA
- Bennu v Eagle/Stork

We will also be releasing this series in a workbook format.

Release: Spring 2014

DGT Digital
We are slated to release four digital issues of Da Ghetto Tymz magazine this year. DGT Digital will have be subscription-enabled where userz can read online as well as iPad (and eventually Android) tablets.

In addition to our enhanced user-friendly features, each issue will have more pages than previous issues, new department features, and of course, dope articles written by Pan-Afrikanist's around the globe.

Relaunch: Spring 2014

DGTv Season 4
One of the first .tv sites on the web, we will launch Season 4 with new Video Articles formatted for web, digital download, and DVD.

Launch: Fall 2014

New Articles
• I Am Future of Black (Multi)Media pt2
• White Sugar pt3: the Dangerz of High Fructose Corn Syrup
• Boule' pt6: Boyz to (Converted Yes) Men
• IZ YT Human? or Mutant pt3
• Boom Shots: Queens & Kings of Antiquity
• When Knowledge Became Kryptonite pt2
• NAACP pt2: Spies R Us
• T.I.M.E. (The Inner Mindz Eye) pt2

Release: Throughout 2014

Read more from our Current and R-Kyvz Vault

I give humble thanks for your interest, your comments, as well as sharing our material with your friendz, comradz, and family over the yearz with us. All the interactionz we've had with you playz a vital role in DGTs motivation to continue to earn our self-appointed role of the universes #1 Pan-Afrikan website! We look forward to having an even greater impact in 2014 as we aim to continue to create a viral frequency throughout the Diaspora that will compel the manifestation of Afrikan liberation!

You can keep up with what's good on DGT by joining our eBlast list if you haven't already.

We hope you will continue to see DGT as a worthy source of information for your studies! Wishin' you a prosperous and insightful 2014!


M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi
CEO & Creator
DGT NTR-Prizes
Da Ghetto Tymz magazine
***Celebrating 21 Yearz: 1993-2014***
"Knoweldge of Self Can Only Be Found, Undaground"

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