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(written 2011)

1) Overview
2) Chronology
xxxxx.1 - The Nine Periodz of Civilization & the Four Golden Ages
xxxxx.2 - The Earliest City
xxxxx.3 - Genetic Geographics
3) The Invasion Beginz
xxxxx.1 - The Destruction of Black Civilization
xxxxx.2 - The Making of the Half-rikan: the Beginning of Self Hate
xxxxx.3 - The Great Migration
xxxxx.4 - Biblical Ramificationz
xxxxx.5 - Afrika Occupied & Plagiarized
4) Solutionz
5) Foundation

We knew not; We studied; We learned all there was to know; We taught others. Then we forgot what we had learned; And then we forgot that we had forgotten. Now we are taught (By those who where once taught by us) Knowledge (That we already had). So... We study. We learn all there is to know. We teach others. Will we forget...AGAIN?
xxxxx by Anthony Browder

The purpose of this piece is to never forget. I say this as my opening statement because it is evident the majority of us have. "Forgotten what?", you may ask. How Afrikan people fell from grace to the level of cellar-dwellerz on the socio-, eco-, and most important, spiritual- planes long enough for the world -- including ourselves -- to believe this is how Afrikanz have alwayz been!

Thingz are not the way they are simply because they are. There's the ancient Djhuitic principle called, 'Cause and Effect' where every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause. We've all had that conversation where we're told we come from a lineage of great King and Queenz, but when I would follow with the question, "how did we lose it?", the discussion goes into lyrical bewilderment -- and that's on a good day! Most come to an abrupt halt when left with the realization that somehow, we just -effed up. This is unsatisfactory to me. How did we -eff up?!

I know there are many who came to the same roadblock which led to most relinquishing this part of history to the vault of mystery. I can attest it would have remained for me had it not been for the phenomenal work by Master Historian and Author of The Destruction of Black Civilization, Chancellor Williams.

The premise of this piece is interwoven with this book as well as with Ivan Van Sertima's book, They Came Before Columbus. Saying this, some may think this is a racist piece. I'll say it's more racial than racist, for it seemz everyone knowz and/or benefits from the historical secret except Afrikanz, globally. This is the nature of this piece where we'll deal with how we descended and bring it to todayz standardz analyzing why we continue to remain at the bottom.

You may ask 'why discuss this now? After all, we have a Black President!' While many salvage this as a great leap in the stride for racial equality, the larger facet of this problem showz we've entered one of the last few phases before 'Transition 13' becomes reality.

In order for Our-story to survive, we must truly experience Sankofa, -- to go back, or look inward (our inner-conscience) -- or in this case, retrieve the history of our legacy. Interestingly enough, YT has knowingly or unknowingly preserved much of it, we just need to learn how to look, analyze, and decipher. We must know first, what we had, then how we lost it, then reveal the parties accountable; was it happenstance through migration, or was it taken through violent acts of war? For us to truly know who we are as Afrikan people, we need to be aware of what other races have historically done in hopes of erasing any and everything of Afrikan significance.

The system of Global White Supremacy (GWS) have effectively proven one can enslave the mindz of a race 100 generationz by simply rewriting the history books. And although whitefolk are at the core of this inhumane atrocity, I dare to say they've almost been given exclusive blame. To a fault of their own, many are not aware of the asian and arabic influence most notably because of the level of cruelty they used and continue using.

In this new era some may refer to as the dawn of Aquarius, the historical and chronological impact race relationz have had on the peoples of this planet need be brought to the table. This, I believe, is the only way Afrikan people can both heal and identify the culprits guilty for the delay in our healing.

Many of our people have been duped into believing what happened in the past is over. I seriously beg to differ. If that is so, why are we still at rock-bottom in every field of Drs. Neely Fuller, Jr and Francess Cress-Welsing's own '10 Areas of People Activity' -- 10APA for short -- (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, sex, religion, war, and health)?? It is because history has continued to repeat itself simply because we Afrikanz have yet to go back and retrieve (again, Sankofa) our true story.

In the same breath, multiculturalizm serves as the perfect covert detour to Afrikan liberation with the rising climb in interracial communionz and illusionary convictionz we live in a world of equal standing -- not to mention the backlash one receives when wanting to talk about the history of race relationz. The masses simply wish us to forget and move on; an act impressed on Afrikan people globally, but you won't hear of it when speaking of the so-called jewish holocaust, and I can understand.

Why? Because you simply cannot put a dollar-amount on Afrikan Diasporic Reparationz. It would have to be a multiplicity of blank checks from all beneficiaries from the enslavement and occupation of Afrika and all of her descendants -- ie, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), WHO (World Health Organization), world Banks, and all european, asian, and arab nationz, to name a few.

In addition, there are countless diversionz in place. Simply put, as a young comrad told me, "Hedz spend too much time on Facebook instead of havin' a book in their face! They waste time on MySpace but ain't even in control of their space! All this (and more) are methodz that can lead to a re-manifestation of 'Transition 13'.

The saying, 'History for history's sake,' comes to mind when I think of this seldom-discussed topic because I believe the average person may feel this does not pertain to them. "This is for the intellectualz," intimidated ones may think. On the contrary, Afrikan people suffer collectively! Whether you're in Brooklyn or Somalia, we're all experiencing some type of suppression that stemz from the dayz when the Nile Valley was invaded. But again, this is foreign to most of our people, further proving how effective trans-ethnic colonializm has been.

See Afrikanz, this is more than me spitting out historical facts to add to your mental arsenal to go out and have meaningless debates with other so-called 'conscious' hedz. As our legacy continues to be compromised through assimilation, brainwash, and basically being, as writer Suzar pointed out, "blacked-out through whitewash," our very existence is in serious jeopardy!

Puttin' it bluntly, Malcolm and MLK have been dead going on 50 yearz now which meanz the youth of the 1970-80s are soon approaching the role of Elder. Todayz youth (Generation Next) are barely (if at all) cognizant of the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements, respectively. They have even less comprehension to our legacy than Generation X, and if nothing is put in place to preserve our story, 'Transition 13' will manifest yet again -- only this time could be fatal!

If Afrikan people were a superhero, as kryptonite -- a radioactive rock -- proved to be the ficticious Superman's ultimate weakness, Knowledge has inherently become ourz. What's even deeper is to recognize Kryptonite is something that comes from his native planet, Krypton; it isn't foreign, it's actually part of his makeup, yet it has the ability to take away his power. The same analysis can be applied to Afrikan people, for Knowledge (again our Kryptonite) too is a part of us, most of which is innate (or from within). The only difference is in the presence of Kryptonite, Superman is affected, whereas in the absence of Knowledge, we Afrikanz are.

Today, ignorance run ramped throughout the homes of Afrikanz (again, this is global. Pretty much anywhere on the planet where there's Afrikan people cohabiting with other ethnicities, we are at the bottom. This is maintained most effectively with the invention of 'massa'-media with the creation of Reality TV, dumbed-down music, gossip websites, Hiphop and hair magazines. These have become the main staple on how we're informed. We'd rather talk about the latest sporting event or who's dating who in hell-y-wood -- which serve masterfully as diversionz to the real topic... the continued coverup of Afrikan people's place in history.

Chancellor noted how effective having lost a knowledge of ourselves have been: " a direct result of this continued universal enslavement through education, Black youth are in revolt. That revolt will become increasingly dangerous as they begin to realize how completely they are blocked from self-realization in the very institutions that should further it; how difficult it is to find suitable textbooks in Black history or even "Negro" teachers who do not limit themselves to the viewpoints of the white masters who trained them. The frustrations become more intolerable as the young find themselves between two fires: The white racists who determine the very nature of their education and the Negro educators who also see the world through the blue eyes of the Saxons. In short, they are forced to turn to their own devices because they find so many of their own race, who should be working with them, in the camps of the "enemy". Insofar as periodization is concerned, no one should be so naive as to expect a proper division of African history while the field is almost completely preempted [dominated] by the enemies of the history. A proper division would tend to encourage a more all- inclusive research and a less biased interpretation of the results. Neither will happen until a new generation of Black research scholars and historians take to the field, becoming the foremost authorities in their own right - Black historians."

Hence the dire need to write this piece.

Broken this into five sectionz, this piece will look at a brief historical timeline of the Afrikan and the relationships/encounterz we had with other races dating back in time, right before our decline. You may find some of this disturbing. Albeit true, it is my hope you can endure the detail because it is something they wish us not to know. As they say, the truth (no matter how painful) will set you free. It is my hope this inspires...

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"What became of the Black People of Sumer, for ancient recordz show that [they] were Black?" "Ah," the old man sighed. "They lost their history, so they died."
xxxxx -- A Sumer Legend

One of the greatest ongoing battles on the topic of race is the question of who is the rightful heirz of the Nile Valley, ancient KMT (Kemet, erroneously called egypt) to specific. Even though it sits on the Afrikan continent, many are still baffled to think of KMT as a black civilization.

In order for YT to validate their position as the founderz of civilization, they had to conjure up a big 'white lie' that would still note Afrika as the birthplace of wo/man but used the biblical fables of noah and his son to create a myth on racial originz (notice I didn't say 'little' white lie for we know all their tales have been larger than life!). Chancellor points out, "[I]n addition to the legend of how the different races came to be and then migrated, we also have quoted the Egyptian legend of how the god Tum assigned colors to the various groups."

Now this may blow your mind when I say this, but yes, the egyptianz were white. But your next question you should be asking is at what time where they white? They certainly didn't start out with pale-skin, straight hair and light eyes; not in the hot climate of the Nile Valley. See, that's the important element that's left out when this is brought up. Chancellor notes, "the head carvings, pictures and other representations of people are quite true, depending on the period in which the work was done. Was it done during the long era of classical representations when all portraits were of standardized form? The subject was idealized in an artistic attempt to make him look quite different than he actually was. In fact, a true representation of the individual was considered vulgar."

YTs claim as first could've held weight were it not for the rebellious efforts of Pharaoh Khafre who, in the 4th Dynasty broke tradition by having the face of Her-Em-Akhet (erroneously called the sphinx) sculpted with Afrikan features purposely, as if to cease the discussion on the identity of the people of the Nile Valley -- of which millenniumz later, Napoleon blew off the nose and lips so the world would not see its bold features.

It's funny how you'll find white "scholarz" claim anyone who speak the true story of Afrikanz as the first in civilization will call it baseless and even echo the sentiments of reverse racizm. This argument is unwarranted when you know what really happened. Rather than go into the origin of wo/man (whitefolk specifically), refer to my series, IZ YT Human? or Mutant! , but I will speak briefly on a tool YT has used effectively in fooling the world Afrikan people are cursed by the will of a mythical god.

What also supports my claim of YT whitening-out the history of Afrika is seen where earlier white scholarz documented these facts accurately! Their immediate descendants chose different and started the fabrication of lies white scholarz have used for centuries proclaiming them as the originatorz of antiquity, completely contracting the testimonial evidence of their white ancestorz strictly for racial advantage and dominion over all ethnicities. An example of this can be seen in physician Samuel Morton (17993851), who completely contradicted the accurate findingz of Herodotus [484-425BC (Before Christian Era)] -- who noted the people of the Nile Valley nearly a millennium-and-a-half before Morton, were a "black-skinned and wolly-haired" people (The History of Herodotus, G. Rawlinson) -- claiming whitefolk were indigenous to the Nile Valley.

Along with the multifaceted Cheikh Anta Diop's work in anthropology, physics, and research proving the ethnicity of the early people of KMT were in fact Afrikan through his tests on mummification and the high levelz melanin found on bodies from as early as the Second Dynasty (3000BCE), there's been evidence that show the people of KMT had the same features as Afrikanz who reside in todayz Caribbean, mainly Afrikan with traces of asiatic and caucasian.

If you read George G.M. James masterpiece, Stolen Legacy, you will learn of infamous greeks like Herodutus, Plato, and Socrates who revealed with pride their knowledge base came from the mystery schoolz of KMT.

Around 1783, French philosopher and historian Count Volney stood under the shadow of Her-Em-Akhet confused. He noted the "...broad and flat nose, very short, [and] large flattened mouth, ... thick lips," people were Negroid and native Egyptianz "with skins and features like many of the slaves of the French empire." Surprisingly, this also bothered Volney. He wondered when did this curse Afrikanz have endured begin? He then wrote the infamous statement, "how we are astonished when we reflect that to the race of Negroes, at present our slaves, and the objects of our contempt, we owe our arts and sciences." [It must noted the scientists who accompanied Napoleon concluded the egyptian civilization owed its inspiration to a black race. (Herbert J. Foster, The Ethnicity of the Ancient Egyptians)]

I'll throw in another seldom-known fact. Many don't know the egyptianz were also asian. And today, the arabz hold this title. This musical chairz on the racial identity of the first people of the Nile Valley can be cleared up both scientifically and historically if one uses a chronological timeline as the measuring stick. I say this instead of mainstream history books because they've only proven to continue to support GWS simply because whitefolk rewrote them!

Aside from all the racist theories giving false credit to the caucasian, there is scientific and historical data that prove otherwise. The issue is whitefolks have successfully maintained the degradation of Afrikan people despite the fact that we come from a lineage of the first builderz of the very civilization YT inherited, rather, stolen!

How'd they do this? Without blinking an eye, white "scholarz" simply put them in Afrika before Afrikanz (Black people)! But it didn't stop there. They needed to claim KMT, so they geographically took it out of Afrika, making it part of the Middle East!

These western conspiratorz -- I mean so-called 'scholarz' -- who consciously operate from the absence of solid fact, didn't hesitate to use myth and fairy tale to validate their interests in maintaing white supremacy. There are countless fabricatorz who've written volumes claiming whitefolk as the first people of KMT. For instance, you'll find a three-volume body of work written by Sir Garnder claiming the identity of the first people of KMT were caucasian. To further cement this lie, they hold numerous regional, national, and conferences to annually renew their pact. I'm sure it'd be hard to find an egyptologist say KMT was found by Afrikanz.

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The Nine Periodz of Civilization & the Four Golden Ages
Before going on, let me make it clear that KMT was not the first civilization Afrikan people created. There were civilizationz that existed before. Diodurus, a greek historian who lived in the 1st century BCE affirmed that the Thebanz (people of Thebes) were the oldest and possibly first wo/men on Earth of which he credited the systemz of philosophy and astrology.

Chancellor states, "...[O]ne must know the various names that referred exclusively to Blacks and by which they were known throughout the ancient world. For in addition to the more widely used "African" and "Ethiopian", they were also known as Thebans, Libyans, Thinites, Nubians, Cushites, Memphites, Numidians, etc."

We must realize the Nile Valley region of Afrika we see today was not how it originated. To date, there have been nine periodz:

1 - Wo'se (Nowe or Thebes) Prehistory
2 - Memphis 3100BCE
3 - Babylon 2100BCE
4 - Jerusalem 1400BCE
5 - Athens (Village) 1200BCE
6 - Rome (Village) 1000BCE
7 - Antioch 400BCE
8 - Athens (City) 360BCE
9 - Rome (Town) 250BCE

These nine periodz were further compiled by Historian and author, Asa Hilliard, into what's called the Four Golden Ages. Hilliard often spoke on the only way one can truly comprehend history is to do so chronologically with a timeline. That meanz, starting history with the bible, in particular, Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning..." is the reason we're experiencing traits of Transition 13 now. So from here (at least for this piece), we declare we will not use white-biased fantasy to tell our story. We will honor the legacy of our Ancestorz by using Hilliard's instruction.

With that said, using Master Historian, Anthony Browder's outline as well as Hogarth Blake's TimeLine, we know the time of Wo'se was the first recorded era before the period of invasionz by non-Afrikanz began. Hilliard created an indisputable timeline of the Nile Valley that both coincides Chancellor's findingz as well as adding further clarity of exactly when Afrikanz ran KMT and when we were invaded. Throughout all the KMTic dynasties, the Four Golden Ages transpired as followz:

3100BCE - Dynasty 1
Here we have the origin of *Memphite Theology with the third creation myth centered around the Neter Ptah. The two previous creation myths are:

1st: circa 4700BCE. Neter Atum being the first of nine Neteru ('god' plural) who created the world. The first four Neteru represented the key aspects of nature: Shu (Air), Tefnut (Moisture), Geb (Earth), and Nut (Sky). The second four personified human nature: Ausar, Aset & Set, and Nebhet.

2nd: circa 4200BCE, the Hermopolitan Theology. This theory on creation is centered on the male and female Neteru of the Ogdoad: Nun & Naunet, Heh & Hehet, Kek & Keket, and Amun & Amunet. These Neteru embodied the creation of water, space, darkness, and invisibility.
(*it must be noted the Memphite Theology was plagiarized by the Indian Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva)

This was the period that gave birth to KMT. Before there ever was a KMT, Afrikan Kingz (or Pharaohz) united the "Two Lands" [the name that preceded Upper and Lower KMT (Lower KMT is in the northern tip, with Upper KMT in the south)]. This era witnessed the end of the Old Kingdom and beginning of the Golden Age, an "age," Williams writes, "in which they reached the pinnacle of glory so dazzling in achievements that Western and Arab writers felt compelled to erase it by the sheer power of their position, beginning black history over 3000 years later, and limit it — such as they allowed, to 'Africa South of the Sahara.'"

2665-2160BCE - Dynasties 3-6. The 1st Golden Age - Old Kingdon: The Pyramid Age
This was the Mir (original name for Pyramid) Age where the Saqqara Step [circa 2660BCE, during the reign of King Djoser (26673648BCE)], the Bent (circa 2600BCE), and Giza Mir's were built by Pharaohz Khufu (25893566BCE), Khafre 25583532BCE), and Menkure (25323503BCE)

Elsewhere in the world:
- Beginning of the Indian civilization.

(circa) 2159-2041BCE - Dynasties 7-10. The 1st Intermediate Period
This period marked an era where KMT experienced the first intermediate period of instability and internal disorder that lasted 120 yearz. Ironically, this also marked the beginning the Age of Aries, aka the Iron Age, sparking off the first era of invasion in the Nile Valley. There's the saying, 'when you point a finger at someone, three fingerz are pointing back at you.' In this case, it must be known our Ancestorz played an influential part in this downfall. During this period, KMT started experiencing an almost endless power struggle within royal and political family lines. Wo'se, for instance, tried to force a state of national unity; something many chiefs in the surrounding areas were trying to do. What we had was probably the earliest recorded situation where nothing gets done when you have a room full of leaderz 'cause nobody wants to follow.

2040-1784BCE - Dynasties 11-12. The 2nd Golden Age - Mid Kingdom: The Literary Age
One of the greatest 11th Dynasty Pharaohs was Mentuhotep II. This brother wished to settle the Asian issue altogether by boldly kicking them out of Lower KMT, but this time was around 2040BCE, and way too late to do so because at that time Asians were the predominant race in the region--something they are actively gaining back today yet again! Instead, he focused on taking back the Delta--at that time controlled by the Asians who purposely blocked Afrikanz from conducting world trade. Accomplishing this, Mentuhotep II kicked-off the 2nd Golden Age where Afrikan ships of commerce sailed the seas once again, construction began anew, and the learning of science, arts and crafts was resurrected. According to Browder, this was the Literary Age where we had the first legal cases and even the first will and testaments were drawn.

By the way, this puts into question the reason the sect of Afrikanz who call themselves asiatic and not Afrikan — namely those of the 5% Nation and Moorish Science Temple of America. Choosing to name yourselves after yet another oppressor proves how effective the colonial effect has been, as well as our reluctance to do pure and thorough research before we start aligning ourselves with anyone. History will show, in most cases, anything Black people practice that isn't Afrikan in origin, was forced on us; this isn't a biased opinion, it's historical fact!

(circa) 1783-1555BCE - Dynasties 13-17. 2nd Intermediate Period
This marked the second intermediate period of instability that lasted approximately 230 yearz. During this time, the Nile Valley was invaded by the Hyksos beginning circa 1720BCE and they had only one thing in mind, annihilate the Afrikan people of KMT and replace them with the so-called children of, as Futurologist, Steve Cokely would call them, "is-it-real", I mean, Israel. They came as barbarianz having no concept of god, but after occupation, left with it. So don't be fooled, the belief in god came from Afrikan people!

Elsewhere in the world:
- Beginning of the Chinese civilization with the Shang Dynasty (1706-1046BCE).
- Beginning of Abrahamic religionz (1750BCE)

1554-1190BCE - Dynasties 18-19. The 3rd Golden Age - New Kingdom: Temple and Imperial Age
This is the era where numerous temples were built: Luxor (circa 1400BCE), Karnak (1391-1351BCE), Abu Simbel (1244-1224BCE). This was also the era of Queen Tiye (1390-1340BCE), King Akhenaton (1358-1340BCE), and King Tutankhamen (1338-1328BCE).

Elsewhere in the world:
- Beginning Olmec civlization (1500-400BCE)
- Beginning of Judaizm (1530BCE)

(circa) 1189-761BCE - Dynasties 20-24. 3rd intermediate period
This marked the third reign of instability began and lasted roughly 430 yearz through political conquest.

Elsewhere in the world:
- Solomon's Temple built by Master Mason Hiram Abiff who's murdered by three vandalz during an unsuccessful attempt to force him to divulge the Master Masons' secret password. It's interesting to note that Masonz think the day will come when all of the Ancient Mysteries will be revealed. In the Masonic Legend of Hiram Abiff, that day will be marked by his resurrection to rule the world. According to the Bible, he will come as Hiram Abiff to the Mason, Crishna to the Hindu, Imam Mahdi to the Muslim, or Sosiosch to the Zoroastrian.
- The Olympic Games begin circa 776BCE

760-637BCE - Dynasty 25. The 4th Golden Age - Late Kingdom: Renaissance Age
Also called the Revival Age, this marked the last time Afrikanz were in control in the Nile Valley with Kingz Shabaka (716-702BCE) and his nephew, Taharqa (690-664BCE). The Shabaka Stone, the intricate piece making the connection to Ptah and the Memphite theology of the first Dynasty — proving Afrikanz originated the culture of the Nile Valley before and at the start of the KMTic Dynasties — was found by Shabaka. Karakhamun's, Temple of Karnak was built (currently being excavated by Anthony Browder's ASA Restoration Project. The Afrikanz of this era remained loyal to the Afrikan line by making it known we were the rightful rulerz of the Nile Valley. Taharqa successfully marched up from the south slaying all the assyrian troops (whose fatal deedz against Afrikanz were synonymous with Leopold II of Belguim).
(circa) 637BCE-Present. 4th Intermediate Period
The fourth intermediate period of instability beginz and has been to date. What followed was a series of invasionz, starting with the persianz [under darius the (not so) great] conquering KMT twice (525-405BCE then again 434-332BC). The greeks then conquered the persianz in 332BCE, reigning until 30BCE, followed by the roman invasion which lasted from 30BCE-395AD. Since 648AD, the arabz have been the beneficiaries of this atrocity as the current residents of the Nile Valley. During these eras, there was only pillage. Nothing was built nor where there added writingz on the temples. Each crew of vigilantes who occupied KMT possessed not one ounce of respect of any kind for her history; resulting in no effort to learn, preserve, nor even contribute. With this blatant disrespect so came the continued incomprehension of KMTs way of life. Temple-tombz were raided, wrapped corpses (mummies) ripped apart in search of jewelz, statues had noses and lips altered, were painted over with lighter skin, or plastered to change the Afrikan features around the region. Gentrification had transformed KMT into a modern-day Harlem or Brooklyn, New York almost overnight, and she hasn't been the same since.
(*credit, Anthony Browder research and Hogarth Blake's, TimeLine)

It must be noted the Dynastic period is not the beginning of KMTic civilization but a time in history when Upper & Lower KMT was unified by King Narmer (circa 3200BCE). Williams noted the first era should appropriately be called 'prehistory' because Wo'se, as one of the oldest cities on the planet, was founded by Black people before recorded history.

There are tonz of archeological findz proving there were Afrikan civilizationz well before the first Dynasty. The Lebombo and Ishango Bones is an example. The Lebombo Bone (35,000BCE) was founded in Swaziland and the Ishango Bone (25,000BCE) found near the headwaterz of the Nile between modern-day Uganda and Congo. Both are said to be mathematical bone toolz possibly created by a woman tracking the lunar phase and how it relates to the menstrual cycle.

Her-Em-Akhet, which many mistakenly call the 'Sphinx', the enormous relic that standz in front of the Giza Mir (Pyramidz), is said to have been built around 15,000BCE and repaired, not built, by Pharaoh Khafre during his reign much later during the 4th Dynasty, circa 2500BCE. [Watch 'Riddle of Her-Em-Akhet' on DGTv for more]

I must also point out the word 'pyramid' is of greek origin, and just like whitefolk, the renaming of Afrika and everything in it was a devious way of erasing the origin of it's name, thus making it difficult for descendants to reconnect. See, before the invaderz came to the Nile Valley, Afrikan people named thingz with reason and purpose. We didn't name ourselves after liquor, carz, or white-owned fashion designerz. As with any takeover, the enemy showz little to any respect to its victimz, unafraid to plagiarize and present themselves as the originator, even if they can't comprehend the nature of the land and civilization they now occupy. This is beyond disrespect, it's unintelligent intelligence -- a tactic that's enabled 1% of 1% to control the world today.

There is no better example of this when we learn the greek definition for pyramid meanz, 'little flat pancake' (?!!?). One other example is the definition of the word 'Tekhen'. The greeks called it 'obeliskos' which meanz 'meat cleaver'(?!!?). This is why it is so important for us to reconnect with the origin ceasing to use termz of our captorz to explain Afrikan thingz.

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The Earliest City
According to Williams, Thebes was the most important single city in the entire history of Afrikan people. There's extensive research that proves they were actually the builderz of KMT and stood as the earliest recorded city known to wo/man. Thebes was also less popularly known as Nowe. Diggin' a lil' deeper, we find one of the even earlier names is Wo'se. The area of Wo'se included all of Upper KMT and was symbolized as a golden royal staff with ostrich fealtherz affixed to the top.

White historianz claim these as epic eras (especially starting with Jerusalem) in the creation of civilization, but we know there were no significant or great contributionz that could compare to the areas of Lower KMT that birthed Wo'se and Memphis. I must mention it was the white invaderz, not Afrikanz, who called Afrika the "Land of the Blacks" until asian and european invasionz had them change it to mean 'Afrikan countries not yet taken over' and 'Afrika South of the Sahara.'

Wo'se was also known as the "Mother of Cities." It is not a mistake Afrikan people are the most expressive when it comes to religion and spirituality. The spiritual system our Ancestorz created was more than ritualz that reflected belief, it was truly a way of life.

I often wondered why it seemed they had this fixation on life after death with the many temple-tombz that were built. There was a grand overstanding of the link between the physical and metaphysical world. Coupled with being aware of the importance of preserving the knowledge (possibly more so then because of the invasionz), they found the best way to do so was to erect structures that could test the realm of time. This desire actually gave birth to math and science, for these were needed to calculate the designz for these larger-than-life relics (ie, the Mir's, Her-Em-Akhet, and other temple-tombz) ... deep, indeed!

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Genetic Geographics
It must be noted the continent of Afrika is uncanny, almost unnatural some may say. For one, the Nile, the longest river in the world (4130 miles long), flowz up (or North) instead of down mainly because the highest mountainous region is at in the middle part of the continent ending where the Nile spillz into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile is basically two streamz coming into one; the white Nile rises in the Great Lakes region of central Afrika and the Blue Nile is the source of most of the water and is where the most fertile soil resides.

Along the Nile, there are six cataracts or waterfallz. These waterfallz enabled culture from the Nile Valley to spread throughout the continent, and as well, attract the attention of enemies.

The northern section of the river flowz almost entirely through desert, from Sudan into KMT, a country whose civilization has depended on the river since ancient tymz. Most of the population and cities of KMT lay along those parts of the Nile Valley north of Aswan, and nearly all the cultural and historical sites are found along riverbanks. The Nile endz in a large delta that empties into the Mediterranean Sea at the northern tip of Afrika.

Around 3400BCE, climate change at the end of the most recent ice age led to the formation of the Sahara desert. Because of the masses reluctance to study history chronologically, most believe KMT alwayz resided in the desert. On the contrary, KMT wasn't... alwayz.

The close examination of the ridges in the chest of Her-Em-Akhet's implies water damage, yet YT wants you to believe the ridges came from being buried under sand several tymz. Sand does not erode solid limestone, water does (again, watch 'Riddle of Her-Em-Akhet).

The drying up of the Sahara pushed Afrikanz north up from central Sahara and the Sudan towardz the Nile. This migration is responsible for the later formation of the land of Chem (aka, Black Land).

We must realize one of the major thingz that made the Nile Valley so attractive to outsiderz was because, agriculturally, it provided the best living conditions. Plain and simple, where there's water, there's life. We must realize 6000 yearz ago was a very different time than how we live today. Even though studies show there were tymz in KMT where they had running water and even underwater sewage, it was not common practice (or even a conceived idea) in predominately the rest of the world. So you can imagine how you'd see this as a paradise knowing you literally lived off the land. The problem is, once the invaderz became aware of this, they had to be in control of it.

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"If the theme of the first voyage had been "discovery and exploration," the theme for the second was "colonization and consolidation."
xxxxx -- Ivan Van Sertima, They Came Before Columbus

The Destruction of Black Civilization
The premise of the piece is to focus on the role invasionz and conquests played in the destruction of Afrikan civilization which resulted in the ethnic transformation of KMT from black to *brown to white.
(*NOTE: brown included, as Williams noted, "Afro-Asian and Afro-European")

As mentioned, once hedz learned of the Nile Valley, they started licking their chops. But because of their initial small numberz, a bum rush on the land would not be successful, so they plotted...

The start of the 1st Intermediate Period began with them starting to arrive in small numberz and then spread out slowly forming communities right next to Afrikan villages or townz. "...the Asians were a very smart and very cunning people. Once conquered, they feigned complete and humble acceptance of African rule. Far from showing the slightest signs of any feeling of racial superiority, they were such masters of the art of dissembling that they could hoodwink the Africans, often under the guise of brotherhood, by capitalizing on their often dark complexions, similar institutions, intermarriages, and mixing with the black population," writes Williams.

During this, they befriended the top Afrikan officialz of settlements to the point where they started to marry into their families -- thus becoming chiefs themselves via marriage. After this, like a gold rush, YT came to KMT in droves and could do so unattested preparing the way for the invading armies that later came from asia and europe.

Simply put, there were too many cooks in the kitchen (so to speak), leading to the separation of Upper and Lower KMT. As a result, YT moved throughout Upper KMT forming alliances with regional leaderz to war against other Afrikanz. At this time, Lower KMT too was going through this radical ethnic change with the asianz becoming the dominant race.

From this integration came a new breed, the Half-rikan. YT and the Half-rikan (the son and daughterz of euro-asianz and Afrikanz) began to steadily infiltrate into the Nile Valley similar to what we're witnessing in most urban cities today. They show up initially causing no kind of alarm, we just suddenly realize all these whitefolk walkin' the streets of our hoodz! Trust, this is a tactic by design (I'm convinced there's some kind of newzletter that goes out tellin' YT when the goingz good to move in on us and take over our neighborhoods!). This was all strategic.

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The Making of the Half-rikan: the Beginning of Self Hate
For generationz Memphis was mainly an all-Afrikan city but then white asian villages slowly started popping up around the suburbz. Even back then we suffered from an identity crisis. Just as today collectively we are more forgiving of other races wicked deedz they brought on us while at the same time, will hold a grudge against our fellow bredren/sistren long enough to where neither party even knowz the reason, so did our Ancestorz in the Nile Valley, particularly once the invasionz began.

Because of this short-sightedness, asian villages were able to simultaneously spring up on the outskirts of Memphis -- the largest being the city of Fostat; today it's called Cairo.

After the unification of the "Two Lands" more asianz moved into Upper KMT and started to blend producing a new breed. This also spawned a new Afro-asian language and writing system different from the original Afrikan writing. Let's be clear, MDU NTR (or Medu Neter aka hieroglyphics) was an Afrikan language that, after invasion, had asian influence. In an attempt to erase us from history, it was totally destroyed and replaced just like many of the other Afrikan creationz. This was the protocol of a takeover.

The Nile Valley was under attack. Asianz wasted no time in trying to replace the Afrikan origin with a new face, the mixed-breed; the Afro-asian. This was done patriarchally where loyalty to lineage shifted to the fatherz native land. These new people of KMT.

Now under new rule, Afrikanz who remained in KMT had to make a choice: die or assimilate. For the many who chose the latter, they aggressively integrated with the asianz; many freely gave their daughterz as concubines thus expediting the newly-mixed population only to later realize they were still nothing less than an enemy. Puttin' it bluntly, our Ancestorz offered our women in exchange for acceptance, what we (in particular, our women) received was open season for there was no protection for the Afrikan woman the way it was for other women; they were fair game to all the exploits of men.

Because of this, KMT gradually began to change color. "As the centuries passed along and more and more white conquerers, their followers and other whites were attracted to the 'Bread Basket on the Nile' -- Jews, Syrians, Hittites, Persians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks, Turks, Arabs, Romans, et al. Intermarriages between conquerers and conquered continued along with concubinage as a national institution. The direct result was that more and more Egyptians became lighter and near-white in complexion... they did, in fact, become more Asian in blood than African. Yet this upper ruling class of near-whites was at no time more than a fourth of the population," Williams writes.

The offspring of these communionz, the Half-rikanz, turned against the original Afrikanz and sought integration with the asianz for meanz of securing security and social acceptance. Another reason is the fact their fatherz were euro-asian and since they claimed superiority over the Afrikan, these Half-rikanz now thought themselves the same -- not over their fatherz, but their Afrikan motherz.

It must also be noted the perception they had of their mother was that of a slave since most were concubines; there were a few legitimate wives and their offspring were the exception, but most of KMTs new sonz and daughterz were of enslaved motherz and 'upper-class' fatherz. Taught to be ashamed of a condition their motherz were forced into, they actually chose to preside on the side of their captor, meaning they chose to emulate the many who oppressed their mother -- how mentally/socially brainwashed indeed.

What's worse, the Afrikan women had no claim on her children, they belonged to the asian father. And because of this, they were considered free-born due to their asian blood.

But this wasn't enough for the Half-rikan. They wanted acceptance badly; so much so they made it known their hatred of Afrikanz. Many would lead raidz on Afrikan villages to somehow profess their allegiance to asian superiority. Of those who later became kingz vowed to enslave the entire Afrikan race. This, I believe, is the first recorded instance of the 'House Negro/Field Afrikan theory' thought to have originated from the dayz of the plantationz in the United States several millennia later.

Eventually, they realized they would never be accepted by their euro-asian tree. Declining any association with their Afrikan roots and not accepted by their euro-asian heritage, they decided to become a race themselves... the egyptian race. Asianz would be called asianz, Afrikanz, Afrikan, and they would now be the sole egyptian, but to many egyptianz dissatisfaction, they eventually preferred to be called arab.

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The Great Migration
The invasionz in the Nile Valley took the lives of countless Afrikanz, but there were also survivorz; survivorz who made the choice to avoid immediate death only to face the unknown fate long periodz of wandering, with no direction, all over the continent demanded. Mind you, outside of KMT, there wasn't much, civilization wise. Imagine leaving your comfort zone for a world that offered famine, disease, and encounterz with wild-life.Those Ancestorz faced the enormous challenge of leaving something they knew for something they had no clue offered; it was the ultimate leap of faith.

In his book, The Races of Europe, The White Race and the New World, anthropologist Carleton Coon concluded that sometymz different racial types annihilated other types while in other cases warfare and/or settlement led to the partial displacement of racial types. He believed historically different strainz in one population showed differential survival values and often one has reemerged at the expense of otherz. He further noted the "maximum survival" of the caucasian race was increased by the replacement of indigenous peoples.

Williams drawz attention to two questionz I can honestly say, most wondered:

(1) If Afrikan people were the first builders of civilization, exactly what happened and why are we still at this level?
(2) How was the art of writing lost by one of the first peoples to invent it?

The answerz are now obvious: migration stemming from invasion. The great migration our Ancestorz endured were literally dissected into numerous cellz scattered around into thousandz of villages and societies which gave birth to several thousand languages and dialects. From this, we also get the birth of black-on-black crimes (war, hatred, anti-trust, and yes, enslavement). The great migration is the common denominator of our continued disunity.

Hedz talk of our disunity and point to slavery; and although it played a vital part, a complete overstanding comes when you study the migration. If Afrikanz studied just this piece, we would have the direction needed to truly reunite and rise against GWS and all its allies.

Mind you, not all of our Ancestorz that left had a fateful ending. In fact, what they did was plant the seed of civilization around the world. If this weren't true, how would one explain the large amount of Afrikanz in Southern China; the Olmec Headz of Central America; the Caribbean, Australia, even Europe?! Yes indeed, the invasion may have ended our occupation of the Nile Valley, but it also ushered life to the rest of the world!

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Biblical Ramificationz
Moving up the historical timeline a bit, now that the Nile Valley was taken over, one of the next ital steps taken was the removal of the predecessorz identity and the implementation of a stereotype that would mentally paralyze the victimz form taking action. YT had to device a scheme that wool have the world think Afrikan people were uncivilized savages and not the true originatorz of civilization.

With this said, post-invasion, YTs rediscovery of KMT posed a serious threat to GWS. Even more embarrassing was the fact they now knew they owed the very civilization they claim as theirz is rooted in Afrika. All this could unravel all the fabricated stereotypes that justified the massive exploitation of Afrikanz.

A desperate strategy was in need and they had the right tool to deploy it... the Bible! Even though the bible makes no distinction from black and white people, YT felt it necessary to suggest it did to justify their inhumane acts. What followed came to be known as the 'Hamitic Hypothesis', a fictitious story of Noah cursing his son Ham for looking at him naked. All YT had to do was convey this fable to the world, and well, you can see it's a lie two hundred yearz strong -- and going, but they had to make it believable.

Many knew the curse of Ham symbolized the curse of all thingz Afrikan or black, but this ran into contradiction now that they knew the splendor that KMT was. So YT had to tweak this fable to further support their global scheme. After all, how could Afrika be cursed yet be the cradle of civilization?

What happened next should make every Afrikan who's of the christian faith think again. Christian theologianz immediately started to suggest that Noah only cursed Canaan, just one son of Ham. Canaan, of course, had been assigned to black folk, whereas Ham's other son, Mizraim, of which they now announced the egyptianz descended from, was not cursed. They went a step further denoting the sonz of Mizraim were of the cursed-free caucasian branch of the Hamites.

With this white, I mean, blueprint in place, they could now take claim of all the splendor that was KMT! In addition to YTs plot to steal our history through plagiarizm, they also had to totally discredit Afrikan people. They aimed to do whatever was possible to make it seem Afrikan people had nothing to do with the evolution of the Nile Valley. They did this by using historianz and anthropologists to makeup lies about the Hamitic culture (meaning YT) coming into egypt (again, meaning, 'the Black lands') and blessing them with the birth of civilization.

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Afrika Occupied & Plagiarized
Around 3400BCE, the Two Lands was first a part of the old Ethiopian Empire. In the north next to the Mediterranean was a piece of land a quarter the size of Lower KMT that was occupied by asianz and a few whitefolk who later waged a losing battle against our Ancestorz. It's said this is where the history of KMT beginz, because after this, the Afrikan king, Menes, joined the Two Lands (called Uazit and Nekhebit, according to Ivan Van Sertima). From here, the winged-disc emblem was created to signify this union.

As students and vanguardz of Our-story, we must realize with real eye's most of our story has been purposely interbred with lies. One of the most effective techniques used is the process of renaming. See, when you change the name of something, you can potentially erase its complete origin. Think of the names we Afrikanz have. I'm tempted to suggest well over 95% of Afrikanz (especially in america) have names that have no association to our Afrikan ancestry, but definitely can be linked to an overseer; and if it's not names, it's termz.

As mentioned, the theft of our knowledge fallz at the handz of white historianz who decided to rewrite and propagate his-story, literally. But what should be noted is that these plagiarizing pirates contradict the very white scholarz they revere. Williams noted ancient greek scholarz, through Herodotus, often noted the completion of their education in the Nile Valley with pride.

Let's be clear, absolutely nowhere in Afrika was the name egypt used in place of KMT. This name came from the greeks who unknowingly did us a solid. Williams wrote, "...the Greeks unwittingly applied the second name of the City of Menes (Memphis), 'Aigyptos' to the whole country... From the Greek 'Aigyptos' became Egypt., and Egypt became the name of the 'Two Lands'."

If you take coffee and start pouring in cream, you will see it turn from black, to brown, on down to an off-white (if you keep pouring). This is the best analogy I can think of as Suzar'z phrase, 'blacked-out through whitewash' speaks volumes when thinking about what the Nile Valley was about to endure.

With each invasion forcing Afrikanz to move toward the south, the physical features of the people of KMT changed more and more to the point they started to look white. Under white rule, Upper KMT was becoming less Afrikan. Wo'se was now the epic center for euro and asian thieves posing as collectorz, researcherz, and historianz.

In order for these new captorz to convince the world it was they who founded civilization in the Nile Valley and not our Ancestorz, the asianz and afro-asian offspring had to:

(1) Destroy everything that signified Afrikan intelligence and originality;

(2) On countless temple-tombz and monuments, Afrikan engravingz were erased and replaced with asian inscriptionz -- a clear act of plagiarizm. For the ones with carvingz too deep to change, they would hide them in hopes they'd' never be found. For the monuments and statues too big to coverup or move, they knocked their headz off; and

(3)Williams reports the Mameluke slave revolt of 1250AD against the Turk and Arab slavemasterz marked the last time whites were enslaved ushering the focus exclusively on the subjugation of Afrikanz. This point is key because it manifested stereotypical myth-to-reality the notion of the race superior/inferior complex. After a few centuries, our Ancestorz thought themselves inferior beingz and thus should be viewed to be no better than servants. This form of mental programming was evident the world-over when we see Afrikanz on every continent in the same situation.

As shown in the Four Golden Ages, there were four Intermediate Periodz. With each new era, the Nile Valley witnessed great leaderz and long periodz of phenomenal accomplishments. Each, however, was followed by incompetent rulerz and long periodz of chaos.

Throughout the four Intermediate Periodz, europe and asia have consistently gone into the Nile Valley seizing and transporting as many artifacts as they can, and from this, they've been able to amass a fortune! For example, Cambyses I (600-559BCE) transported over $100million worth of Afrikan relic's stolen from Wo'se !

In the invaderz relentless pursuit of material wealth, when they broke into these sacred temple-tombz in search of gold and precious stones, they overlooked the more important treasure, the knowledge (historical recordz, scrollz, etc), of which was inadvertently destroyed.

I produced a Video Article on DGTv entitled, "Secret In the City", that spoke of the history behind the Tekhen (obelisk) that sits in New York City's Central Park. Just 300 meterz from the Tekhen is the Metropolitan Museum of Art that's been the home of the remainz of the Temple of Dendur since 1978. But it's just not in New York. There are stolen artifacts all around the world, annually making sizable profits with their exhibitionz. I'm sure not a dime goes back to the Nile Valley -- and even if there is a percentage given, it does not reach those who are deserving, the Afrikan people.

Because of their possession of our relics and recordz, today, those descendants of these pirates boldly claim Afrikanz had no history of worth mainly because they're rewriting the script! But in order to sell this idea of Afrikan inferiority/euro-asian superiority, slavery had to be the most effective method of control.

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"Jews and Christians go to Temple and Church and speak about God. Muslimz go to mosque and speak to God. Afrikanz go in the forest and through ritual and dance become God."
xxxxx -- Wade Davis (from the book Avatar, by Anthony Browder, p.43)

As previously stated, hedz label slavery as the foundation of our disunity and point to slavery. I believe a complete overstanding comes when you study and factor in the migration component that happened due to the invasions. If we Afrikanz fully researched this subject, our internal differences would most likely come to an end, enabling us to finally focus on the rise against GWS and all its associates.

With that said, and you now having read this piece, the question now is where do we go from here? In addition for the need of additional research on this subject, here are a few more thingz for consideration:

1) Do Something! -- Review the 10 Areas of People Activity (10APA). We have been enduring a nearly 6 thousand-year downward spiral. This plan, as proven by the ages that followed the intermediate periodz, isn't perfect having to be tweaked as time goes. Realizing this, GWS' plan is fallible, and as in cases where they say the best way to fight a fire is with fire, so should we take the 10APA to provide counter-solutionz. As an individual, don't try and take on all of them, concentrate on a few, at the very least, one. If entertainment is your thing, create wayz to counter-attack the negative stereotypical roles Afrikanz play; perhaps your interest is in Health, what endeavorz can you come up with for clean water, seed banks, the ideas are endless. Point is, as Master Historian and Ancestor John Henrik Clarke once said Afrikan "people can employ 2/3rd's of our people just by taking care of ourselves!"

As the Four Golden Ages outlined, this process took a long time, picking up speed during each Intermediate Period. That does not mean one should do nothing because one might not personally witness positive change firsthand. We must become selfless and contribute to the liberation of our people whether we see the fruits of this labor in our lifetime or not. We can't expect this to turnaround overnight (unless there's some kind of natural catastrophe -- these dayz, it's possible!).

2) The re-exploration of deciphering the meaningz of ancient Afrikan names and use those original names instead of the purposely altered termz our captorz imbedded into our vocabulary is vital! There is no reason we should be calling KMT 'egypt' or use any other non-Afrikan term coined by any invader to describe Afrikan thingz! As this lesson becomes viral, we will be able to use these Afrikan termz without hesitation not having to bother having to explain with parenthesis.

3) One of the major thingz that allow a country to flourish is the ability to trade. During the first Golden Age, the people of Wo'se were in control of their seacoasts, thus could import/export goodz and services at will. The South was where KMTs greatest riches lay -- from gold mines, stone quarries, and even papyrus plants. Once the first invasion began, one of the initial thingz done was controlling the seacoast, thus blocking Afrikan contact with the rest of the world.

The import/export of goodz and services is essential to the liberation of Afrikan people. Although this isn't something that can be done on the fly, with this as the ultimate objective, other components must be in place, namely, a military force -- this criteria fallz under 'War' of the 10APA. There's no way we can discuss liberation without an army, for our enemy has proven the only thing they respect is might.

After understanding the relationship we've shared with the rest of the world and how they view us, could it be the Afrikan boat pirates are really the good guyz? After all, these ships were sailing in near their territory, right?

Couple this with the fact that America is probably the only nation that has multiple military bases abroad. Have you ever seen a Libyan or Vietnamese military base on U.S. soil?!

4) Don't' reinvent the wheel -- Study the works of our Ancestorz for there are many who fought successfully against invasion. One in particular is Queen Hatshepsut (15083458BCE), the 5th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty and daughter of Thutmose I. She was an absolute ruler who, although was seen often dressed in royal male attire including a false beard and wig, knew the power of using her feminine charmz to get what was needed. During her reign she effectively worked with Afrikan leaderz to "expand foreign trade, international diplomatic relations, perfection of national defenses, vast public building programs, securing the South and North through either peace or war, and building a great navy for both commerce and war," Williams writes.

Williams believes one of the reasonz Afrikanz have fallen so far behind the race race points to the memory of our former greatness that hasn't been able to inspire a revival because the memory has been nearly blotted out! How can a people rise to their rightful place as the best and brightest beingz on the planet if the fact they once were is concealed? We must study then share!

5) Study history in chronological order -- Read Chancellor Williams book, The Destruction of Black Civilization and study the Four Golden Ages and learn exactly how we were invaded. His work should be the staple of every student, historian, and orator. No one has documented our rise and fall any better! It is evident we have not truly learned the effect of Sankofa, for if we did, this history of our rise and fall would be common knowledge. His book should be read annually by every Afrikan family around the world.

6) The topic of Gentrification must be addressed -- It's happening in urban areas around the country and has coincidentally a similar pattern to ancient tymz -- they settle on the outskirts of an urban (specifically Afrikan) community, then move in either by force or missionary (religion).

There's an old axiom, "When YT (including asianz and arabz) came to Afrika, they had the bible/koran and we had the land. They convinced us to coagulate, closing our eyes to the path that was being laid ahead for invasion. When we finally opened our eyes, we had the bible, while they had the land."

Our problem is we do not practice race-first like everyone else does. Far too often one can see YT at our sacred engagements as well as the asian adoption of our culture. Have we not learned what they did to us during the 2nd Golden Age? Some may say that was then, well this is now...

The asianz are currently on the move to takeover Afrika! Around 19993000, the chinese began moving into Dakar, Senegal, and have, to date, opened over 200 retail businesses with imports from china, with over 700 more across Afrika that sell everything from jewelry, pesticides, restaurants, flowershops, and nightclubs.

China is now biggest trading partner with Afrika. In 2008, the trade volume reached $106.8bilion. In 2009, Senegalese President Wade welcomed chinese President Hu Jintao and gave him a golden key made of Afrikan wood. "Senegal is the gate of Afrika...", said Wade, "and this is the key to open the gate of Afrika," meaning Senegal is willing to be china's entry gate into Afrika.

What you'll see today are local Afrikan vendorz set up on the street with chinese stores behind. The takeover is further confirmed when you reach Boulevard General Charles De Gaulle, Dakarz main street. This street is where their annual Independence Day parade takes place. What's shocking is this strip is now called 'chinatown'?!!?

What's more, we find the chinese, like their asian ancestorz who invaded the Nile Valley several millennia ago, have shown no hospitality to the localz. They're there for financial reasonz only and have even stooped to the level of bootlegging, copying product designz (like shoes) and selling cheaper -- in most cases they sell for 50% less. This forces local Afrikan business ownerz to go out of business because they can't compete with the lower-cost chinese products.

They do not participate in the growth of the Senegalese economy in any way whatsoever, they are simply leeches there to suck the blood out of Senegal. If we do not become aware of this, we will remain 99% consumer, 1% producer.

7) Practice Ethnic Pride -- We are losing our future with past-time eugenic tactics like interracial relationships which help blur the focus of historical ethnic racial crimes against Afrikanz. Today, Jungle Fever spreadz faster than a salmonella outbreak!

We're the only race still open to the conversation of racial equality --a typical plea from the most oppressed; an imbedded seed placed by YT with one of their most successful formz being religion.

If it's not interracial relationships, it's the rise in homosexuality. In New York City, a recent survey reported that 10% of students have engaged in at least one same sex act (read Mwalimu Baruti's, Homosexuality and the Effeminization of the Afrikan Male).

It must be noted our Ancestorz initially knew integration with YT would lead to our downfall which is why they were opposed to it. YT knew it was one of their better long-term weapons where they could not only become the dominant race, but possibly annihilate us from existence as well. Interestingly enough, we find there's a counter to this happening naturally.

It is my hope this piece gave you some insight on how we fell from grace. More importantly, knowing the parties resposible for this fall is key, for this enables us to discontinue thinking Afrikan people are sub-par because races of people want us to believe we are born slaves, or a religion and/or educational system sayz so. We are victimz no more! Now that we know, the work beginz...

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- Ancestorz: Chancellor Williams, John Henrik Clarke, John G. Jackson, Amos Wilson, Ivan Van Sertima, Asa Hilliard
- Living: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, Anthony Browder, Mwalimu Baruti, Drs. Neely Fuller, Jr. & Francess Cress-Welsing

- The Destruction of Black Civilzation, Chancellor Williams
- They Came Before Columbus, Ivan Van Sertima
- TimeLine by Hogarth Blake

Read more from our Current and R-Kyvz Vault

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• I felt compelled to email a question having just read your piece, Kryptonite. I find a dichotomy in your writings that I would appreciate your addressing, namely the dumbing down of your writing. Within the Kryptonite article you criticize the cultural phenomena that are reality television, and hair magazines, yet write considered articles in a tone that I perceive as cliche; a trite attempt to appear 'gangsta.' Though critical of the approach, I am curious to understand the motivation; Is this an attempt to make serious academic content more accessible? Is this a proactive approach to avoid Oreo classification for being educated? Is 'underground research' a new euphemism for unemployment? As a professional in South Africa, educated in the UK as well as the US, I support discussion within the community of the disparity of the African reality, and the media portrayal of Africa and Africans. As you say, with negative and erroneous stereotypes being portrayed through rap culture/MTV, professional sportsmen in the US, and many other channels, I am disappointed that a potential change-agent would debase their argument with the same dumbed down approach as you would otherwise call cloying and offensive were it to come from mainstream media. I would appreciate a measure of explanation, and thank you in advance for your response.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by MAH, (, Durman, SA on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 6:33 PM

M'BWEBE'S RESPONSE: Perhaps you may not fully understand Afrikan culture in america, so allow me to give some background.

First, urban life in america for Afrikanz has its positives and negatives. Most of the negatives are fueled (if not originated) by whitefolk through their media outlets (tv, radio, newspaperz, magazines); hence the probable reason you would think to equate my writing style as 'gangsta'.

You may or may not be aware of the term Ebonics, which is an Afrikan version of "broken" english. It is not associated in any way to any form of gangsta-izm. Although, if bein' culturally aware of your roots including enemies is perceived as gansta, I'll accept that (yes, we do use the term positively, as if to say one is 'on-their-business').

I have been writing like this since my magazine's inception in 1993--before it became as widely used today. Not that my writing style needz accreditation from western so-called intellectualz, but you will find in studying Ebonics, it is not because we're unable to speak it as they (europeanz) do. It has been proven our version of this language, primarily the pronunciationz, can be traced to Afrika.

I alwayz tell those who ask of my writing style not to get so caught up in how I'm writing, but what I am saying. Ask yourself, is what I wrote valid and/or worthy of consideration in the plight of Afrikan liberation? That should be the focus, not HOW it's written, but WHAT'S written.

As an artist who chooses to freely express myself, I know I can never appease everyone at the same time. What you dislike otherz have no problem; you are entitled to that.

You bring up education and make a false assumption my writing is academic when it isn't, it's history. I write for my people who aren't impressed with the false illusion of inclusion "education" from western-white-based institutionz of higher training portrayz.

Education? What is education? The root word is 'educere' which meanz to come 'from within'. The knowledge of Afrikan history/culture is just as innate as it is inside a book. Being intelligent is not because you were "schooled" in a western frame of work, I can attest, I have learned more about my culture outside their schoolz and universities, namely because they wouldn't dare have this available; it would be to their detriment.

As you speak of your being a "professional" in South Afrika, and "educated in the UK and the US", it's sad, as well as typical, you come across as one who thinks "making it" can only be done via their vehicles and for those who strive to pave their own (Afrikan) way, you associate the term "unemployment". That's the main reason Afrikan people have yet to be liberated, the lack of knowledge of self, determination, and self-reliance.

You can classify my works as dumbed-down, and again, that's your opinion, but you are in the minority. And it also showz your lacking ability to identify what's really relevant... the information.

• Thanks for the knowledge. Something to share with my family and others. It's above delahing this to da people. Please keep us posted! My daughter thrives for knowledge. Please keep her informed also.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by joyce dunbar ( on Friday, September 9, 2011 at 12:38 PM

• Once i began reading, my whole thought process of what is considered truth has been questioned. After reading this powerful article I understand the difference now of being taught and being educated. Society only believes what is presented and not what is real or what is truth . I have been following many of your articles for a while and I really must say you have topped yourself with this one. Don't stop this huge fire you have of uncovering the truth that needs to be said. Thank you.
xxxxxxxxxxPosted by keith green ( on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 4:42 PM

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