The Merry Christ(MESS)

Thousands of years ago, your Afrikan ancestors in KMT observed in the temples, the "birthday of the Sun-Ra", an astronomical event, we call the Winter Solstice, complete with many of the symbols, except western religious icons, of what Pope Julius I (4th century) called 'christmas. Free yo' mind-return to the source-Afrikan origins.'
— Kwasi Imhotep

American-Afrikanz have been the victims of a vicious reprogramming (or whitewash) operation that has engulfed our mindset for over 500 years in this part of the western hemisphere. As the new millennium approaches, Afrikanz are waking up. We have started deprogramming our mental psyche by embracing Afrika. However, YTs still putting up a good fight for they will not allow us to turn our back on the empire we built for them. Their efforts include numerous diversion tactics like giving us hollow-daze, pay raises, and weekly sales on their merchandise. And it's sad to say, the majority of Afrikanz are still complacent linvin' in good ol' massa's world!

This piece serves to inject another antibiotic for Afrikan healing. This time its for the virus or "merry mess" we've embraced since our promotion from physical to mental enslavement... CHRISTMAS! And what a christ(MESS) it is!


The first step in reprogramming oneself is admitting the faults. It is our fault that we still believe a system designed by those who enslaved us, wants to now help by integrating us into their culture. It's our fault we still allow YT to be our teachers, leaders, employers, doctors, lawyers, preachers and s/heroes after we were allegedly set free from physical bondage. Because this link in the chain of our collective behavior has an origin (if not critical footnote) from the Atlantic Slave trade era, this mentality has been passed throughout generations on up to the present. This chain is responsible for the 500 year delay of Afrikan liberation many read of in the so-called 'holy bible'.

We have a historical pattern of accepting things we've been duped to believe as normal simply because it exists. I'm sure most Afrikanz who partake in YTs satanic ritualz we call holidays, have been misinformed of the origin due to our acceptance of white culture. But that still doesn't make it right to continue, especially after being schooled about YTs, what I call, hollow-daze ('hollow' because the folklore has no Afrikan significance whatsoever and 'daze' because it has us in one, obeying their every command, "eat this, pray to this, buy that...").

We are responsible for the predicament we're in. It is no one's fault but our own that we continue to be 99% consumer and 1% producer. There is no one to blame but ourselves for the $450 billion spent this year (1995), yet the majority of it goes to non-Afrikan businesses. Understanding the math behind this, one should realize we are not only the arms of YTs economic structure, we damn near the whole body! During this Christ(mess) season, Afrikanz spend more money than any other race, trying to please each other and partake in the illusion of a fat white man breaking in people's homes leaving gifts. Christ(mess) is actually nothing but a commercial season where we are subliminally coerced to spend money we don't have (or money that could be used to open or support businesses, or even use to own land) through sales displayed in stores, tv commercials, radio and newspaper ads, constantly reminding us how much time we have until Christ(mess).

For all those Christians out there who put a tree up every Christ(mess), maybe you should re-read Jeremiah 10:2-4.


As always, when trying to understand anything, you must start at the root, origin, or the topic at hand. The practice of Christ(mess) comes from the ancient customs and beliefs of the greek, roman, celt, teutos, nordic, german, slavz and other backgrounds from the eurocentric family tree. This celebration is a direct extension of european customs which took place during the coldest and darkest part of the year. Furthermore, author of, Afrikan People and European Holidays: A Mental Genocide, Rev. Ishakamusa Barashango explains, "christmas supports the existing economic power of euro-america and other European countries. What it does is bring up the slack in the gross national product (GNP) at the end of the year."

So why is this day such a mess? When did it start? Who started it? What is the Afrikanz role in this perceived holy-day? Questions seldom asked by Afrikanz worldwide. Yet we still continue to exchange expensive, white-produced gifts, send white manufactured greeting cards, while dreaming of a white Christmas, and aiding YT, in the depletion of the ozone layer by purchasing cut down trees to decorate.

The term 'Christmas' comes from the old english term, "Christ maesse", which means the celebration of the birthday of Jesus. This was first issued in the 11th century during the reign of the christians–which was over 1000 years AFTER the alleged biblical Jesus was born! Barashango noted, "It is important for us to keep this fact in mind because many believe that on the day Jesus was born, his mother looked at his father and said, 'Let's celebrate Christmas, when in actuality the word 'Christmas' did not come on the scene until some ten centuries, that is, over 1000 years after the birth of Jesus."

Since we are on the topic of Jesus and his alleged affiliation with this hollow-day, December 25th was commemorated in the ancient world long before Jesus was born. December 25th was also the birthdate of Heru of ancient Kemet some 4000 years ago. He was the halo (sun disc) wearing son of Ausar and Auset which is at least 2000 years before the new testament of Jesus.

In 1971, CM. Bowra wrote in Time Life Books, pg. 90, "The Ancient Greeks, some centuries later, created Dionysus—a Greek adaptation of an African savior god commonly associate with the vine and the romanized version of Dionysus eventually became a homosexual god of the Europeans whom they delighted in worshipping through a ceremony which consisted of the men coming together, getting sloppy drunk, stripping themselves and each other naked and engaging in the filthy practice of same gender copulation."

All the above mentioned deities share the same tradition of having died and been resurrected as Jesus does. The concept of a savior dying and coming back to life again was already practiced in the ancient world, so this did not originate from YTs religion, christianity. As well, the acceptance of Jesus' birthdate being December 25th was not adopted until 325AD at the infamous Nicaean Council. In an effort to harmonize and systemize (cover word for control) the complex and diverse Christian dogma which existed at that time, a council of 318 bishops met in the city of Nicaea, in the kingdom of Bithynia (currently Turkey) at the mandate of the roman emperor bishop Constantine. The date accepted by the majority of the bishops assembled was not finalized until the publishing of the Philician calendar by the roman catholic church in 354AD (350+ years after the birth of Jesus). What's deep is there was not one Afrikan there to bear witness of this hoax on history, most likely because we were enslaved!

It is clearly noted that the European contradicts their own book (bible) by not accept the identity of the biblical Jesus. Even though they "preach" and base their "beliefs" on the bible—with all the tampering and reediting YT has done to this once holier-than-thou text—they still refuse to acknowledge what the biblical Jesus looked like! Using this same book YT used to mentally enslave us, we can see in Revelations 1:13-16, that the biblical Jesus had wooly (kinky) hair and feet like burned brass (dark brown). If YT truly did believe in the Jesus this book speaks of, they first wouldn't have the lilly-white version we see everywhere, and they wouldn't even think of overlapping this story with an oversized, malnutritioned, deceiving rapist who went by the name St. Nick!

YT has a history of taking Afrikan concepts and changing the origin by first dehumanizing the heir of said history to where they no longer recognize themselves nor their culture. Then, gradually alter the facial features PLUS change the names so the original meaning will hopefully be untraced. With this process completed, it is now easy to claim it as theirs.

"After the crucifixion of Jesus, as knowledge began to spread of Christianity, icons, crucifixes, Madonnas and all related Christian artifacts were done in the image of Africans. St. Maurice, an African, became the patron saint in Rome; there were three African popes. It was not long after the first slaves were taken from Africa by Europeans that pope julious II in 1505, commissioned the painting of certain biblical works by michaelangelo (buonarrotti) and in doing so initiated the concept of God being white. Included in the paintings is the portrait of Mary, mother of Jesus, whose prominent black features were started to resemble a florentine italian woman. Likewise, the images of the Christ child, three wise men, the last judgement and resurrection were changed until no trace of their original blackness remained. Not only were images changed (like the ancient Egyptians, the Israelites, Babylonians, Persians and Chinese) but they started to look caucasian", states author of The Black Biblical Heritage, John L. Johnson.

WHY THE 25th?

Choosing December 25th was no cut-and-dry deal for YT. The eastern church at Constaninople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, celebrated on January 6th. This date is still observed by the eastern orthodox church. Other dates celebrated before the final date were January 8th, February 2nd, March 25th, 29th, April 19th, May 20th, September 29th and even November 17th (more on this here). As you can see this holy-day was once celebrated through all 4 seasons. By the look of it, YT didn't know exactly what day the biblical Jesus was born, so they chose one at random. This led to European bishops getting together (via armies of Constantine) to enforce December 25th as the day—where if anyone chose different would pay severely with their life.

After the people were forced to accepted this law, next needed were symbols and rituals so it would be perceived as a 'holy'-day. One idea was the evergreen tree. The romans decorated trees sacred to Bacchus—the greek version of the homosexual Dionysus—by hanging masks of fertility and symbols on it. It must be noted because YT lived in such a cold climate, they were amazed this tree had the capability to stay green year 'round.

The first Christmas tree is estimated to have appeared in germany around 715AD, after an English missionary (mental programmer) Winfred, later dubbed St. Boniface, stopped some germans from sacrificing their young prince to an oak tree. However, the recognition of the evergreen did not come until the 17th century. The tree was then adopted in england through the influence of prince albert, queen victoria's husband. Following that, the founding pirates of this country brought the tree westward. Today, many uknowingly honor this history when hedz either chop or buy cut-down evergreen trees, decorate, then put gifts under it.

For those who consider themselves believers in christ and students of the holy bible might consider taking a second (probably first) look at this religion and ask yourself, HOW CAN YOU CALL JESUS, JESUS "CHRIST" WHEN CHRISTIANITY WAS FOUNDED 1000 YEARS AFTER HE WAS ALLEGEDLY BORN??!! 'Christ' is a title, like 'Commander', so this biblical Jesus wasn't walkin' 'round callin' himself 'Christ'!

What's also puzzling is wondering how many actually read and overstand Jeremiah 10:2-4:

"Thus says the Lord: 'DO NOT LEARN THE WAYS OF THE GENTILES; do not be dismayed (fear) at the signs of heaven for the gentiles are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are futile; FOR ONE CUTS A TREE FROM THE FOREST, THE WORK OF THE HANDS OF THE WORKMAN, WITH THE AX. THEY DECORATE IT WITH SILVER AND GOLD; THEY FASTEN IT WITH NAILS AND HAMMERS SO THAT IT WILL NOT TOPPLE."

Sounds pretty clear to me that christmas trees are an abomination, yet hedz will still find a way to interpret this in a way that'll allow the tree to stay up.


The biblcal character, Moses, had beef with the people when they worshipped the golden calf, todays version of that can be attributed to the Rockefeller clan which can be seen in New York City. A gold-tainted bust of Prometheus (the mythical—or made up—greek god said to have stolen fire from another fairy tale deity, Zeus, and gave it to mortals to use), stands in front of Rockefeller Center, a complex of 19 commercial buildings covering 22 acres between 48th and 51st streets and is considered the largest privately held complex of its kind in the world. Prometheus can be seen in many images holdin' a torch just like the Statue of Liberty.

This torch is well known to be a symbol of the Illuminati or the elite enlightened one's—the 1% of 1% if you will, whose goal is to control the world through global white supremacy.

This complex served as the primary location of the U.S. operations of British Intelligence, British Security Coordination (BSC) during the War as well as the office of the future head of what was later to become the Central Intelligence Agency, Allen Welsh Dulles.

Today, Lehman Brothers Building, The Time-Life Building, McGraw-Hill and News Corporation/Fox News Channel headquarters make up the complex now owned/managed by the major private real estate firm, Rockefeller Group. In 1985, Columbia University sold the land beneath Rockefeller Center to the Rockefeller Group for 400 million dollars. The entire Rockefeller Center complex was purchased by Mitsubishi Estate, a real estate company of the Mitsubishi Group, in 1989, which fully bought out Rockefeller Group. In 2000, the current owner Jerry Speyer (one of David Rockefellers boys), of Tishman Speyer Properties, L.P., together with the Lester Crown family of Chicago, bought for $1.85 billion the estate from the previous syndicated owners, Goldman Sachs (which had 50 percent ownership), Gianni Agnelli, Stavros Niarchos, and David Rockefeller, who organized the syndicate in 1996 and is historically associated with the other partners.

Each year millions of hedz come to Rockefeller Plaza—many unknowingly—and pay homage to Nimrod and the Illuminati as they stand in awe of the annual christmas tree is lit up.

Ignorance truly is bliss here for the masses don't even know (nor probably care once they know) that they are honoring the biblical great-grandson of Noah, founder of the first empire after the Flood (Babylon) and builder of the tower of Babel, Nimrod—a man who proclaimed himself to be 'god'.

Author, Tingba Apidta wrote in, 'Black Folks Guide to Understanding Christmas',

During Europe’s Middle Ages rulers, trying to instill Christian principles into the peasantry, attempted to infuse a religious component—the birth of Christ—into their well-established and debaucherous winter solstice celebrations. This, they hoped, would aid in the transition they envisioned for Europeans from paganism to Christianity, even though they were well aware of the fact that Jesus was born more than three months earlier in the year. They also knew that Nimrod, the wicked one who lived to undermine the civilization of Moses, was born on December 25th. The wise could secretly maintain their worship of him while the masses observed the "birth" of Jesus. This scheme, hatched by Europe’s clergy, inspired the gluttonous celebrations we now call Christmas.

The Rockefeller's, who were not born into the Illuminati like the Rothschilds and Rhodes familes, but tapped, have been North America's most allegiant followers and financial benefactors to Global White Supremacy.


First you will be surprised that in Holland they do not celebrate Satan, oops, Santa Claus on December 25th, but on the evening of December 5th, which is the eve of the day the real Sinterklaas died. Yeah folks, there really was a Sinterklaas! Born in 271AD and died on December 6th, 342 or 343AD in the town of Myra in Asia Minor. Several years ago, his tomb was dug up by archeologists. He came from rather a wealthy family and was brought up a Christian. When his parents died of an epidemic, he gave away all his wealth to the poor and entered the priesthood. Much later he became the Archbishop of Myra (that’s why you can see pictures of Sinterklaas dressed in the robes and with the mitre of an Archbishop and not in the usual Santa Claus way). After he died, fact and myth mingled and so the legend of Sinterklaas was born. St. Nicholas became the patron Saint of sailors, merchants and especially children.

In the 12th and 13th century, Holland built 23 St Nicholas Churches (probably with stone stolen from the Pyramids of Kemet). Amsterdam and several other European towns adopted St. Nicholas as their patron saint and Rome decreed that December 6th, the anniversary of his death, be his official Calendar Day.

Somehow Sinterklaas became more and more known as the benefactor of children. In the 14th century choir boys of the St. Nicholas Churches were given money and the day off on the 6th. Then, a little later, the monk teachers in convent schools would disguise themselves as Sinterklaas and either punish or reward the pupils as the case might be. From that, the Sinterklaas saga spread to the homes of the pupils and then developed over the years into the full tradition it is today.

By the 17th Century Sinterklaas Day was firmly established and at this time, where the Dutch settled in The New World, they took this custom with them. Somehow later Sinterklaas and Father Christmas, who was introduced by the British settlers, merged into Santa Claus who lives at the North Pole and drives a sleigh with reindeer.

It gets deeper when we look at the racizm in this holyday. Painted as some historic monarch, what is overshadowed is the blatant racizm practiced in this european-based catastrophe. In Holland, Sinterklaas nowadays arrives around the middle of November in Amsterdam by means of a Steamship which comes from "Spain", where he now is said to live.

He is accompanied by his Moorish helper, Zwarte Piet (Black Pete), who is dressed in an outfit in a style from the Middle Ages: knee pants, jacket with puffed sleeves and a beret with a long feather trailing from it.

Sinterklaas rides on a WHITE horse, holding his golden crosier in his hand. Piet carries a birch rod and a sack with goodies. Usually, there are about 20 Piets present at this occasion, just like Santa and his elves, but traditionally there is only supposed to be one Piet. Piet serves as Sinterklass' boy as he goes out, threatens children and grown-ups with the birchrod and throw the sweets and special baked "pepernoten" into the crowd.

The thing is that today, these elves are sposed to Moors, who are Afrikan (or Black people), but when you look at them today, they are in fact, whites in black-face, just like white actors used to do in the old Hollywood Tarzan movies, playing (really mocking) Afrikanz. I'm sure if this version of Christmas was celebrated here in the US, most if not ALL Afrikans would discontinue celebrating it. Point is, we shouldnt be celebrating ANY european man-made holydays because the historical story shows that racizm is evident somewhere along the lines!

I'm not makin' this up, Sun! It's written in the holy bible!! It's well past time to reinvestigate a religion whose legs, in my opinion, stand in a puddle of blatant contradiction! Now that you know, you cain't say you don't. Better yet, even if you wanna disregard this and say it's lies, do the reserach yourself, if you truly want the truth, you will find it. At they very least, you will be able to stand by your decision instead of doin' it 'cause everyone else does or because you've always celebrated it since you were little. I say this because it is time we refrain from letting our ignorance imprison our seeds (children) havin' them carrying on rituals we refrained from learning the origin of.

It is a shame Afrikan people only come together when YT permits us to. When we do get together, rather than concentrating on the principles of family, we drown ourselves with alcohol, nicotine, weed, sugar and other unhealthy substances and practices that continue to divide, desecrate and impair the Afrikan family—all in the name of celebration. All we're really celebrating is mental and temple (body) assassination?! We don't need hollow-daze to celebrate family. It is time the Afrikan family rid itself of this merry mess. And a bah-humbug to you!



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• Read about other Hollow-Daze
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