Twenty-six yearz ago today, April 10, 1993, just over a year after finishing college at the University of Pittsburgh, I printed and distributed the first edition of Da Ghetto Tymz magazine—well, then it was a newsletter because I hadn’t even thought of creating a magazine. I just had a few thingz to say and knew I wasn’t the ‘standing-in-the-streets-on-top-of-a-soap-box’ type.


However, I felt a calling to write, even more-so to share both thoughts and viewz that pondered my mind since I was a youth and what I had been learning since my “re-awakening” that started in 1991 thanks to legendary emcee KRS-One spoken about at length in my first book, ‘Analitikul Cogitationz’.


M'BWEBE ISHANGI 1994Little did I know after publishing my premiere issue with the first article being ‘Mythologies of Black Versus White’ would lead to inner-viewz with some of the most mentally stimulating people of our time starting with my Jegna Anthony Browder (Issue #19, Dec’94), Sister Souljah (#22, Mar.’95), Naim Akbar (#24, May’95), KRS (#25, Jun’95), and Steve Cokely (#29, Sep’95).


Da Ghetto Tymz (DGT for short) became a voice where conscious info was shared in a way I felt our current black media was failing us since they began accepting white advertisements.


To stay with the ‘tymz’, DGT morphed as technology advanced: from newsletter, to magazine, to digital magazine. At the aftermath of the last economic recession, Issue #114 Jun’06 ended the streak of printed editionz. It’s also when the effects of gentrification began consuming Black businesses—namely Black bookstores (ask yourselves, where are they today?).


DGT had to evolve. The good thing is we were ready. I make it a point to not gloat and remain humble, but I’d be remissed to mention on our 26th Anniversary that is probably the longest running Afrikan-centered publication on the internet having debuted January 1, 1996.


When I look back, DGT has faired well over the yearz in contributing to the digital merge of conscious information to the internet allowing connectionz and commonalities to diasporically be discussed with the intent and eventual goal of collaborative resolution to our age-old challenge: the effects of Yurugu/global white supremacy.


May I gloat just a little more? Just a few timeline bullet-points (click here chart for closeup):



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“It is said that it only takes two willfully ignorant generations for a people to completely lose their way.” 
               — Mwalmu Baruti


Over the past quarter century, we’ve witnessed the deterioration of Afrikan consciousness. Gone are the Black bookstores and todayz current crop of youtube wannabe historianz are more into self-branding, preferring social media “likes” over the “love” of extending the works of our master scholarz like Chancellor Williams, Cheikh Ante Diop, John Henrik Clarke, Francess Cress-Welsing, Browder, Marimba Ani, and Mwalimu Baruti (to name a few).


Couple that with the millennial plague of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) where our youth haven’t the patience to read but rather indulge in youtube and social media “cliffnotes”, it’s clear the state of OUR-story is on the verge of intellectual distinction!


Technology in the form of digital eBooks (ie, Kindle, PDFs, and audiobooks) have replaced the value of actually having books in our home. What happenz if there was an extended blackout and all your books are on your laptop?! This has also put Black publishing houses at risk of going out of business—those that are remaining.


In sync with Baruti’s wordz, this is why this 26th anniversary celebration is more of a internal reflection on the dire need to continue this work!


Paraphrasing from my piece, ‘A.R.T.: Afrikan Ritual Thought of Protecting Our Writingz


Now more than ever is there a need for new vanguardz of Our-story. In the past two yearz, we've had two of our greatest and latest giants transition in now Ances-Starz Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan (March 19, 2015) and Dr. Cress-Welsings (January 2, 2016) as the Dr. Finch, Nana Sekhmet Newton, Marimba Ani, and Anthony Browder's assume position, so must ensuing generationz make the preservation of our history of major importance!



The horn of Akoben callz for those of you reading this, who are in the know and have supported DGT, to consider what your contribution will be to the preservation of OUR-story.


I humbly offer, we already have a playbook to follow created by Dr. Neely Fuller, Jr., Ances-Star Francess Cress-Welsing, and Keidi Awadu called ‘The Ten Areas of People Activity (10APA for short). These are created fields by white folks used to be in position of power (although their power is predicated on our continued ignorance). With each of these 10APAs just ask yourselves what race of people are in control and how has it served them versus how it’s served us.


Below is a synoptic overview with accompanying articles I’ve written over the yearz to counter for your review. Let’s “do it for the love and not for the likes!” (large up Chronixx!)


  1. Economics

It is 2018 and we are still 99% consumer and 1% producer! Gentrification has been effective because we finance it ourselves and it starts as early as where we deposit our paychecks! (hint: banks use our deposits to loan money to non-AfriKan developerz who come into our communities — and we get no interest or dividend from profits yield!)



Reading is becoming a pastime activity. Our greatest books are no longer being printed, Black bookstores are becoming fossilized before our very eyes, and Attention Deficient Disorder has clasped its grips into millennialz. this is why this 25th anniversary celebration is more of a internal reflekshun on the dire need to continue this work!


2. Education

Reading is becoming a pastime activity. Our greatest books are no longer being printed, Black bookstores are becoming fossilized before our very eyes, and Attention Deficient Disorder has clasped its grips into millennialz.


R.E.A.D. It’s not illegal yet!


3. Entertainment

Although this is an area we’re allowed to be the most free of all areas, it comes with a cost: the loss of cultural identity. From industrial patents to the arts (music, fashion, and even language), Afrikan people have been the seed of entertainment. Don’t take my word for it, ask Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz Venture Capital who intendz to make a billion dollarz off culture created by POADUS (People of Afriakn Descent in the United States)!




4. Health

Historically Afrikan men have the shortest lifespan. Collectively, we have inherited the poorest of diets due to economic deprivation, food desserts in our communities, and a cultural amnesia of how we once knew the importance of balanced mental, spiritual, and physical wellness.




5. Labor

The startling intergenerational stat of our being 99% consumer/1% producer lay in the fact we are not entrepreneurz. Instead, we ask everyone else for employment rather than what everyone else has done: Do. For. Self!




6. Law

The law was never meant to benefit us. Review the Three-Fifths Compromise of 1787 for starterz. This is probably one of white folks most impenetrable and effective areas.




7. Politics

A better term is Poli-tricks, as the latest we witnessed was the 2016 election where the popular vote was overturned by the electoral vote putting #45 in office.




8. Religion

One of the top areas, religion has been used to keep us in a stupor! Coupled with (mis)education told from their-story, the quest of self-reclamation has been on pause to the point it may never be resuscitated unless we train the new millennial generation!




9. Sex

Gender balance could be the perfect kryptonite to global white dependency. But it starts with us Brothas being able to step aside for our Sis-Starz to lead!




10. War

This is being fought on several levelz mentally, spiritually, and physically. In my opinion, Each of the previous nine APAs are strategic war tactics used to keep us in the state we’re in. What we must realize is this can be flipped to benefit us simply by countering and refraining from repeating history!




I am truly humbled to have been blessed to publish works catered specifically for the Afrikan Diaspora for the last twenty-six yearz. I’m even more humbled and grateful to you reading this, whether you’re reading my works for the first time, been rolling with me since ’93, or any period in between. I sincerely appreciate your interest and support over the yearz and hope it will not waver.


In the spirit of Marcus Garvey who created the Negro World Newspaper August 17, 1918—nearly 110 yearz ago—I look for DGT to continue to be of service standing on those Ances-Starz shoulderz (including JA Rogers, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ivan Van Sertima, Del Jones, and those known and unknown reach back to the antiquital dayz of Kush and Kemet… from ’93 ’til Infinity! (large up Souls of Mischief!)


Knowledge of Self Can Only Be Found Undaground!


May the Ances-Starz guide and protect you as you venture on the road of righteousness…





M’Bwebe Aja Ishangi

Founder & Creator

Da Ghetto Tymz magazine

Knowledge of Self Can Only Be Found Undaground

 ***Celebrating 26 Yearz: 1993-2019***



fb: @daghettotymz

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