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(written 1996)

No time for an intro, I need to go straight to the ingredients of this piece. MATHEMATICS: For those that are caught under the biblical spell, you can recall a passage that talks about the enslavement of a people for 400 yearz in a land unknown to them. For those avid readerz of DGT you've heard me numerous tymz talk historically of there being no race of people other than Afrikanz that not only went 400, but whose number is fast approaching 6000 (refer to, "IZ YT Hueman? or Mutant!")! But let's deal with the 400.

In 1444, the first Afrikanz were stolen from Afrika by the Persianz. The bible sayz we would be enslaved for 400 yearz, which comes to 1844. The so-called Emancipation Proclamation didn't happen until 1863 (19 yearz late!). Now what did the bible "promise" after the 400 yearz? That "...they would inherit the earth and everything that's in it." We're in a new millennium now and we haven't even collected on the 40-acres and two mules we were promised! Suffice it to say the *reporterz of the bible's prophesies were inaccurate... in fact, I'll even venture to say they lied (the history of the bible and the hundredz-of-thousandz of revisionz is another story)!
(*'cause they weren't alive when the alleged biblical jesus was supposedly alive)

SO! If the bible is truth, why has our liberation been delayed so long?! Probably because we have stopped looking for truth and instead, settled for following man.

Who do you follow, Truth or Man? For one, any "leader" that uses toolz of enslavement (ie. Bible/Quran/Koran) as their primary toolz is not a messenger of truth! When we analyze todayz "negro" leaderz, most have some sort of (man-made) religion as their foundation. There is a difference between 'the Gospel' and 'the Spoken Word'. Most Afrikanz have been duped to be receptive to listening to the gospel, aka 'Feel Good Sessionz', where there's no need to worry about responsibility of living what you believe; no obvious instructionz to defeating the ones who got us in this state of injustice; just "let the wrath of God take care of it". You know, that preacher many revere as the man with the golden tongue, who tellz you a bunch of confusing romanticismz of God and how he defeats satan but never tellz you any names of the workerz for evil, nor points you in the direction of the physical oppressor who just claimed another Afrikanz mind through white supremist tactics. When have you ever heard of your pastor tellin' you we need to make a move on Oppenheimer or Rockefeller?? Truth existed before it was written because truth was a way of life!

Negroes sprint from the Spoken Word because it deemz responsible reaction. The Spoken Word comes from within—you don't need to read a book to realize -ish ain't right. We have been drained of self-redemption through assimilating YTs value system. YTs system benefits only those of pale skin (not even those who consciously and subconsciously try to be white are prohibited). So if you tryin' to exist equally in a system specifically designed to benefit white people, what type of mentacide (mental suicide) are you suffering from?!!? But it isn't entirely our fault. So far in this analogy we have talked about the puppet, what about the puppeteer?

Back in the day leadership was won through initiative and proof-positive action. Todayz negro leaderz merely shame freedom fighterz of the past because they have consciously chosen not to live up to the legacy of "do or die". I'm talkin' 'bout the so-called leadership of Jesse Jackson, Congressional Black Caucus(Caucasian), the Boule', NAACP and yes, even Louis Farrakhan. People come out in droves to see Jesse or Farrakhan speak whereas we couldn't pay you to come and see modern freedom fighterz like Dr. Ben Jochannan or Anthony Browder. Why? Mainly because they have a man-made religion as their foundation and white supremacy has made it so we look outside of ourselves for spiritual enlightenment (like in books and churches/mosques) opposed to 'knowing thyself' and that all the answerz lay within. White supremacy chooses our leaderz by utilizing their, already globally effective, massa-media outlets. They also place these negroes as diversionz to any "black messiahz" (as Gay Edgar Hoover put it) that may awake our people from our hibernation.

Each of our "leaderz", again appointed and endorsed by YT, have rapsheets that detail alliances with YT. The heavy hitterz, Jesse and Farrakhan are the two examples I shall dissect. Jesse, a member of the Boule', Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity, Trilateral Commission and was groomed since his collegiate yearz, spied on Martin Luther King and was strategically placed to replace him before and after they killed him. Steve Cokely did some extensive research on this in one of his many lectures on video.

If you can recall, Farrakhan, some 20 yearz ago he basically received NO PRESS! Shortly thereafter, the only coverage he would get is of his anti-semetic bashing. Now, he graces the coverz of TIME, Newspaperz, appearz on 60 Minutes, etc. Why? Because he claimz to no longer be anti-semite and is on this atonement kick.

In the past YT gave us WEB DuBois (Boule') and Alaine Locke (Cecil Rhodes Scholar) to kill off the Marcus Garvey movement; Martin King to water down Malcom X and the OAAU (Organization for African American Unity); Jesse and Maulana Karenga for the Black Panther Movement; and now Farrakhan. His has been a more devastating blow because he is the first pawn that has(had) a militant background (when's the last time you heard him say, "Blue-eyed devil"?). What has happened to his pro-black philosophy??... ATONEMENT?!!?

Why should I atone for unknowingly being miseducated, deprogrammed, despiritualized, and severed from the umbilical cord of ancient Afrika?! Atonement detainz action! While we're sittin' here bein' sorry, YTs instituting FEMA, NAFTA, Global 2000, Biochip Technology, Cloning and an all-out preparation of war on people of color from health to education (10 areas of people activity by Dr. Francess Cress Welsing and Neilly Fuller). Atonement has had a docile effect on the progression of Afrikan liberation and Farrakhan, with his fortress in Chicago with golden ceilingz. The money it took to buy that gold could have been used to feed, clothe, and educate countless Afrikanz right there on those Chicago streets. Instead he's singing lead as YT serves as the maestro to the acapelo number, "Afrikan Mentacide 666"!

Be careful who YT sayz our leaderz are. The people they've "told" us to accept have enormous influence but refuse to use it! All todayz leaderz want to do is be on tv, pack lecture hallz and make numerous unfulfilled socio-economic pacts with the Afrikan community.

I'm on Farrakhan because he is (currently, though fading) the only man that had the clout to call for a million-plus Afrikan men to meet in Washington, DC twice! So much could have been achieved there other than talkin' this atonement crap! He could be the messiah Gay Edgar Hoover was talkin' about, or maybe not. Maybe he's the "anti-christ" (you decide, look at the facts!). I begin to wonder when I hear he met with the head of the Anti-Defamation League, Edgar Bronfman and Mike Wallace (who set up Malcolm X for his death on 60 minutes), and talked about opening up some hotels OWNED by YT (Illuminati) but—get this—RAN by blacks. WTF?! Just because you see Afrikanz working and the manager is black, doesn't mean it's black OWNED! In the book, The Rockefeller Files, by Gary Allen, he talks about how the Rockefellerz stressed the necessity to OWN (through financial investments) not RUN a company because it allows you to remain anonymous.

Did you ever wonder why you never heard of the KKK, during the civil rights era lynching any memberz of the NOI (Nation of Islam)? In Malcolm's autobiography, he talks about how they had a peace pact with the klan. I admire that they were able to basically tell the klan not to even think about lynchin' one of them, but why did the pact only include memberz of the NOI? Afterall, YT didn't care what group you belonged to; all they saw was that you were black!!

So why would they segregate themselves and not speak for the whole black race?? In 1995 American-Afrikanz were told of chattel slavery (the same our grea- great's experienced here) going on in Sudan, Afrika. In October 23, 1995s edition of National Review, the NOI spoke in defense of slavery in Sudan and it's muslim oppressorz. Augustine A. Lado, president of the Human Rights group Pax Sudani Network, said, "the Congressional Black Caucus, Trans-Africa, the Rainbow Coalition, the Nation of Islam and the NAACP have forsaken us." AASGs (American Anti-Slavery Group) research director, Charles Jacobs, noted, "for 2 years we tried to get Rev. Jesse Jackson on the record against slavery, but he returned our document packages unopened, saying this issue seemed anti-Arab." One of Jesse's aides further noted, "Right now, slavery is not on his agenda." WHAT?!!? You mean he'd rather boycott some japanese car dealer rather than save the already half-million (and counting) Afrikanz that have been murdered in concentration camps in Zaire, Rwanda, Burundia and Sudan by the Committee of 300 (the Resurrected Illuminati)?!

Why didn't Farrakhan allow the numerous anti-slavery organizations speak at the Million Man March?! Why, instead, did we have to settle for Maya Angelou's, 4-white-husband havin' ass?! This shedz new light as to why nothing has really been accomplished since October 16th, 1995 (the Million Man March) — besides Farrakhan blowin' up!

The CBC [Congressional Black Caucus—should be Black (wannabe)'Caucasian' Caucus] is another house negro organization. Any organization that claimz to be for Afrikanz but got the word Caucus, where the Caucasian came from (Caucus mountainz in europe; DO YOUR OWN RESERACH! WE AIN'T MAKIN' THIS UP!), should be taken as one of the many front organizationz for white supremacy. The CBC has never expressed an interest in stopping the recolonization of Afrikan by the NWO (New World Order aka One World Government). Former head of CBC and New Jersey Demo(n)crat, Donald Payne has fully supported the actionz of Laurent Kabila (responsible for troops who've killed more than 2.2 million Afrikanz since the invasion on Rwanda in 1994) and Yoweri Musevini (who issued, from direction of the Illuminati, to brutally takeover Rwanda, Burundi and Zaire). Payne was also against Million Man March. Y do we allow negroes like these to remain in power? Probably because we too, need a lesson in the history of the freedom fighter.

Truth was the motivation for Afrikan freedom fighterz, not glory, money or power, but freedom. White supremacy is the reason the white american school system will not teach us of these wo/men, because they know it would be like equipping a starving man with seedz, water and a shovel. If we "knew thyself" we would "know our enemy" and take liberation into our own handz doing away with the front negro organizationz (NAACP, Urban League, UNCF, HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities), Boule', Masonry, Religious sects, college frats/sororities, etc.).

Below, you will find a list of wo/men of antiquity who fought for Afrikan liberation at the handz of colonializm. These are the stories that should be told and the spirit we should embody for our present and future...

One of the greatest queenz of ancient Kemet was Queen Hatshepsut. While she was known as a "warrior" queen, her battles were engaged with her own rivalz for the position of power in Kemetic hierarchy. A born dynast in her own right, Hatshepsut proved to be an aggressive and overpowering force. However, it was not in war, but in her aspiration to ascend to the "Heru consciousness," she displayed the strength that has given her a place in history.

She adopted the Truth of Maat and became involved in the elimination of undesirable people and elements from Kemet. Determined to be revered in tymz yet to come, Hatshepsut depicted herself in as many masculine attributes as possible, wearing male attire, kingz beard, etc. Although she ascended to the throne upon the death of her king-brother Thutmose II, she exerted her rightful claim to the throne.

In exercising her power, she involved herself in foreign campaignz, a concentration on domestic affairs, extensive building and commercial ventures. The most famous of her commercial ventures was the Punt expedition in which goodz and produce were acquired from the rich market there to be brought back to Kemet. While it would appear that her opponents were not antagonistic regarding her sex, they were so regarding her non-aggressive philosophy.

Even before becoming legal ruler, Hatshepsut, was actively pushing thingz dearest to the hearts of all Africanz leaderz: the expansion of foreign trade, international diplomatic relationz, perfection of national defense, vast public building programz, securing the South and the North through either peace or war and, one of her "pet projects", building a great navy for both commerce and war. Her success on most of these fronts made her one of the giants of the race.
(learn more of her in Chancellor Williams book, 'The Destruction of Black Civilization')

Black, beautiful, and georgous, Queen Tiye is regarded as one of the most influential Queenz ever to rule Kemet. A princess of Nubian birth, she married the Kemetan King Amenhotep III who ruled during the New Kingdom Dynasties around 1391BC. Queen Tiye held the title of "Great Royal Wife" and acted upon it following the end of her husbandz reign. It was Tiye who held sway over Kemet during the reign of her three sonz Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton), Smenkhare, and the famous child king Tut-ankh-amen. For nearly half of a century, Tiye governed Kemet, regulated her trade, and protected her borderz. During this time, she was believed to be the standard of beauty in the ancient world.

It is believe by some historianz that Nefertiti was the daughter of Aye and Tiye, while other claimz her as the oldest daughter of Amenhotep III. Nefertiti was married to Akhenaten who originated the one god concept(monotheizm) as it became known today. During the early life of Nefertiti she lived in a Kemet where a new model of human nature in relation to god was emerging. This belief considered man primarily has a material entity, whose happiness was measured by his ability to acquire and maintain a material heaven (wealth and pleasure). In this material heaven women were not principalz that predicted or participated in social policy, but were objects of sensuality or objects to be used by men. As weaker memberz of this paradise women could not be participants in its building. This belief was completely contrary to the beliefs of the ancients and the principles of Ma'at. Akhenaten developed another model. The nature of his new religion was that Aton represented by the Sun was the sole god and creator of all life.

Nefertiti could not relegate herself to the traditional role of subservient-queen. She envisioned an active role for herself in reshaping civilization. This was later manifested as she is shown participating in all the religious ceremonies with Akhenaten. It was only through the combined royal pair that the god Aton's full blessing could be bestowed. Nefertiti is displayed with a prominence that other Egyptian queenz were not. Her name is enclosed in a royal cartouche, and there are in fact more statues and drawingz of her than of Akhenaten. Yet the priest with their materialist model were powerful and they dominated the higher government offices. In this arena women were incapable of divinity.

Akhenaten and Nefertiti countered a revolt by the priest and emerged victorious and created a new capital for Kemet called Akhetaten, a city that could give birth to their scared mission, a mission in pursuit of Divine life. She insisted on being portrayed has a equal divine partner to Akhenaten and their exist many illustrationz of her riding a chariot with Akhenaten during major ritualz. While Akhenaten's ideas wanned without him their to defend them. The priest still considered Nefertiti's heresy a greater threat. The concept of a woman bypassing the male priest hood via a mother-goddess to worship the divine was totally unacceptable. And sadly enough continues to be unacceptable in the major religionz that dominate the world today. Nefertiti though her devotion and her demand for respect proved she deserved a special place in the history of women.

Her marriage to the great Rameses II of lower Ancient Kemet is known as one of the greatest royal love affair ever. This marriage also brought an end to the hundred year war between upper and lower ancient Kemet, which in essence unified both sectionz into one great Kemet which was the world leading country. Monuments of this love affair still remainz today in the temples that Rameses built for his wife at Abu Simbel.

The immense structures known as the two temples of Abu Simbel are among the most magnificent monuments in the world. Built during the New Kingdom nearly 3,000 yearz ago, it was hewn from the mountain which containz it as an everlasting dedication to King Ramses and his wife Nefertari. Superb reliefs on the temple detail the Battle of Kadesh, and Ramses and Nefertari consorting with the deities and performing religous ritualz.

The rayz of the sun still penetrate to the Holy of Holies in the rock of the main temple on the same two dayz of the year: the 20th of October and the 20th of Febuary. This timing is probably connected to the symbolic unification, via the rayz of the sun, of the statue of Ra-Herakhty and the statue of Ramses II. Up to today these structures remainz as the largest, most majestic structures ever built to honor a wife.


"I am black but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, As the tents of Kedar, As the curtains of Solomon, Look not upon me because I am black Because the sun hath scorched me." (Song of Solomon)

Although most of Afrikan history is suppressed, distorted or ignored by an ungrateful modern world, some Afrikan traditionz are so persistent that all of the power and deception of the Western academic establishment have failed to stamp them out. One such story is that of Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, and King Solomon of Israel.

Black women of antiquity were legendary for their beauty and power. Especially great were the Queenz of Ethiopia. This nation was also known as Nubia, Kush, Axum, and Sheba. One thousand years before Christ, Ethiopia was ruled by a line of virgin queenz. The one whose story has survived into our time was known as Makeda, "the Queen of Sheba." Her remarkable tradition was recorded in the Kebar Nagast, or the Glory of Kings, and the Bible. The Bible tellz us that, during his reign, King Solomon of Israel decided to build a magnificent temple. To announce this endeavor, the king sent forth messengerz to various foreign countries to invite merchants from abroad to come to Jerusalem with their caravanz so that they might engage in trade there.

At this time, Ethiopia was second only to Kemet in power and fame. Hence, King Solomon was enthralled by Ethiopia's beautiful people, rich history, deep spiritual tradition, and wealth. He was especially interested in engaging in commerce with one of Queen Makeda's subjects, an important merchant by the name of Tamrin.

Solomon sent for Tamrin who packed up stores of valuables including ebony, sapphires and red gold, which he took to Jerusalem to sell to the king. It turns out that Tamrin's visit was momentous. Although accustomed to the grandeur and luxury of Egypt and Ethiopia, Tamrin was still impressed by King Solomon and his young nation. During a prolonged stay in Israel, Tamrin observed the magnificent buildingz and was intrigued by the Jewish people and their culture.

But above all else, he was deeply moved by Solomon's wisdom and compassion for his subjects. Upon returning to his country, Tamrin poured forth elaborate details about his trip to Queen Makeda. She was so impressed by the exciting story that the great queen decided to visit King Solomon herself.

In ancient times, royal visits were very significant ceremonial affairz. The visiting regent was expected to favor the host with elaborate gifts and the state visit might well last for weeks or even months. Even by ancient standardz, however, Queen Makeda's visit to King Solomon was extraordinary. In I Kings 10:1-2, the Bible tells us:

"1. And when the Queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the Lord, she came to prove him with hard questions. "2. And she came to Jerusalem with a very great train, with camels that bear spices and very much gold, and precious stones. And when she was come to Solomon she communed with him of all that was in her heart." I Kings 10:10 adds: "She gave the king 120 talents of gold, and of spices very great store and precious stones; there came no more such abundance of spices as these which the Queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon."

We should pause to consider the staggering sight of this beautiful Black woman and her vast array of resplendent attendants travelling over the Sahara desert into Israel with more than 797 camelz plus donkeys and mules too numerous to count. The value of the gold alone, which she gave to King Solomon, would be $3.7million today and was of much greater worth in antiquity.

King Solomon, and undoubtedly the Jewish people, were flabbergasted by this great woman and her people. He took great painz to accommodate her every need. A special apartment was built for her lodging while she remained in his country. She was also provided with the best of food and eleven changes of garments daily. As so many Afrikan leaderz before her, this young maiden, though impressed with the beauty of Solomon's temple and his thriving domain, had come to Israel seeking wisdom and the truth about the God of the Jewish people.

Responding to her quest for knowledge, Solomon had a throne set up for the queen beside his. It was covered with silken carpets, adorned with fringes of gold and silver, and studded with diamondz and pearls. From this she listened while he delivered judgments. Queen Makeda also accompanied Solomon throughout his kingdom. She observed the wise, compassionate and spiritual ruler as he interacted with his subjects in everyday affairz. Speaking of the value of her visit with the King and her administration for him, Queen Makeda stated:

"My Lord, how happy I am. Would that I could remain here always, if but as the humblest of your workers, so that I could always hear your words and obey you. "How happy I am when I interrogate you! How happy when you answer me. My whole being is moved with pleasure; my soul is filled; my feet no longer stumble; I thrill with delight.

"Your wisdom and goodness," she continued, "are beyond all measure. They are excellence itself. Under your influence I am placing new values on life. I see light in the darkness; the firefly in the garden reveals itself in newer beauty. I discover added lustre in the pearl; a greater radiance in the morning star, and a softer harmony in the moonlight. Blessed be the God that brought me here; blessed be He who permitted your majestic mind to be revealed to me; blessed be the One who brought me into your house to hear your voice."

Solomon had a harem of over 700 wives and concubines, yet, he was enamored by the young Black virgin from Ethiopia. Although he held elaborate banquets in her honor and wined, dined, and otherwise entertained her during the length of her visit, they both knew that, according to Ethiopian tradition, the Queen must abstain from extramarital, or from all, sexual intercourse.

Nevertheless, the Jewish polygamist-turned serial rapist wished to plant his seed in Makeda, so that he might have a son from her regal Afrikan lineage. To this end the shrewd king conspired to conquer the affection of this young queen with whom he had fallen in love. When, after six months in Israel, Queen Makeda announced to King Solomon that she was ready to return to Ethiopia, he invited her to a magnificent farewell dinner at his palace. The meal lasted for several hourz and featured hot, spicy foodz that were certain to make all who ate thirsty and sleepy (as King Solomon had planned.)

Since the meal ended very late, the king invited Queen Makeda to stay overnight in the palace in his quarters. She agreed as long as they would sleep in separate beds and the king would not seek to take advantage of her. He vowed to honor her chastity, but also requested that she not take anything in the palace.

Outraged by such a suggestion, the Queen protested that she was not a thief and then promised as requested. Not long after the encounter, the Queen, dying of thirst, searched the palace for water. Once she found a large water jar and proceeded to drink, the King startled her by stating she broke her oath that she would not take anything by force that is in his palace. The Queen protested, of course, that surely the promise did not cover something so insignificant and plentiful as water, but Solomon argued that there was nothing in the world more valuable than water, for without it nothing could live.

Makeda reluctantly admitted the truth of this and apologized for her mistake, begging for water for her parched throat. Solomon, now released from his promise, assuaged her thirst and his own, immediately taking the Queen and raping her. The following day as the Queen and her entourage prepared to leave Israel, the King placed a ring on her hand and stated, "If you have a son, give this to him and send him to me."

After returning to the land of Sheba, Queen Makeda did indeed have a son, whom she named Son-of-the-wise-man, and reared as a prince and her heir apparent to the throne. Upon reaching adulthood, the young man wished to visit his father, so the Queen prepared another entourage, this time headed by Tamrin. She sent a message to Solomon to anoint their son as king of Ethiopia and to mandate that thenceforth only the males descended from their son should rule Sheba. Solomon and the Jewish people rejoiced when his son arrived in Israel.

The king anointed him as the Queen had requested and renamed him Menelik, meaning "how handsome he is." Though Solomon had many wives, only one had produced a son, Rehoboam, a boy of seven. So the king begged Menelik to remain, but the young prince would not. Solomon therefore called his leaderz and nobles and announced that, since he was sending his first born son back to Ethiopia, he wanted all of them to send their firstborn sonz to be his counselorz and officerz.

They agreed to do so. Menelik asked his father for a relic of the Ark of the Covenant to take back with him to the land of Sheba. It is said that while Solomon intended to provide his son with a relic, the sonz of the counselorz, angry at having to leave their homes and go to Sheba with Menelik, actually stole the real Ark and took it to Ethiopia.

Menelik returned to Sheba and, according to tradition, ruled wisely and well. And his famous line has continued down to the 20th century when, even now, the ruler of Ethiopia is the "conquering lion of Judah" descended directly from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.
for more on this read, 'Do Rasta's Have 'Jewish' Roots?'

She fought against the Arab incursion in North Afrika where under her leadership Afrikanz fought back fiercely and drove the Arab army northward into Tripolitania. Queen Kahina was of the Hebrew faith and she never abandoned her religion. Her opposition to the Arab incursion was purely nationalistic, since she favored neither Christianz nor Muslemz.

Her death in 705 A.D by Hassen-ben-Numam ended one of the most violet attempts to save Afrika for the Afrikanz. She prevented Islam's southward spread into the Western Sudan. After her death the Arabz began to change their strategy in advancing their faith and their power in Africa. The resistance to the southward spread of Islam was so great in some areas that some of the wives of Afrikan kingz committed suicide to avoid falling into the handz of the Berberz and Arabz who showed no mercy to the people who would not be converted to Islam.
for more on this read, 'IZ Islam 4 Afrikanz?'

Alexander the (not so) Great reached Kemet (Ancient Egypt) in 332 B.C., on his world conquering rampage. But one of the greatest generalz of the ancient world was also the Empress of Ethiopia. This formidable black Queen Candace, was world famous as a military tactician and field commander. Legend has it that Alexander could not entertain even the possibilty of having his world fame and unbroken chain of victories marred by risking a defeat, at last, by a woman. He halted his armies at the borders of Ethiopia and did not invade to meet the waiting black armies with their Queen in personal command.

Although known to be of Afrikan descent she is still deliberately portrayed as being white. She came to power at the tender age of seventeen and the most popular of seven queenz to have had this name. She was also known to be a great linguist and was instumental in making Kemet into the world number one super power at that time.

Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba or present day Angola. This beautiful woman was a warrior queen that opposed slavery and all the sell out blacks who supported the Portugese. I suggest everyone do a little more research on Queen Nzinga during the 1500s-1600's when Portugal set off the slave trade. She fought battles that would make most of us crack, some of her own family was in the slave trade but for the righteous path of her people she chose principle over family. This is why the men fought for her because she was uncompromising for our freedom.

A very good military leader who waged war against the savage slave-hunting Europeanz. This war lasted for more than thirty yearz. Nzingha was of Angoloan descent and is known as a symbol of inspiration for people everywhere. Queen Nzingha is also known by some as Jinga by otherz as Ginga. She was a member of the ethnic Jagas a militant group that formed a human shield against the Portuguese slave traderz. As a visionary political leader, competent, and self sacrificing she was completely devoted to the resistance movement. She formed alliances with other foreign powerz pitting them against one another to free Angola of European influence.

She possessed both masculine hardness and feminine charm and used them both depending on the situation. She even used religion as a political tool when it suited her. Her death on December 17, 1663 helped open the door for the massive Portuguese slave trade. Yet her struggle helped awaken otherz that followed her and forced them to mount offensives against the invaderz. These include Madame Tinubu of Nigeria; Nandi, the mother of the great Zulu warrior Chaka; Kaipkire of the Herero people of South West Africa; and the female army that followed the Dahomian King, Behanzin Bowelle.

AMINA: QUEEN Of ZARIA (1533-1589)
This queen of Zazzua, a province of Nigeria now known as Zaria, was born around 1533 during the reign of Sarkin (king) Zazzau Nohir. She was probably his granddaughter. Zazzua was one of a number of Hausa city-states which dominated the trans-Saharan trade after the collapse of the Songhai empire to the west. Its wealth was due to trade of mainly leather goodz, cloth, kola, salt, horses, and imported metalz.

At the age of sixteen, Amina became the heir apparent (Magajiya) to her mother, Bakwa of Turunku, the ruling queen of Zazzua. With the title came the responsibility for a ward in the city and daily councilz with other officialz. Although her motherz reign was known for peace and prosperity, Amina also chose to learn military skillz from the warriorz.

Queen Bakwa died around 1566 and the reign of Zazzua passed to her younger brother Karama. At this time Amina emerged as the leading warrior of Zazzua cavalry. Her military achievements brought her great wealth and power. When Karama died after a ten-year rule, Amina became queen of Zazzua. She set off on her first military expedition three months after coming to power and continued fighting until her death.

In her thirty-four year reign, she expanded the domain of Zazzua to its largest size ever. Her main focus, however, was not on annexation of neighboring landz, but on forcing local rulerz to accept vassal status and permit Hausa traders safe passage. She is credited with popularizing the earthen city wall fortificationz, which became characteristic of Hausa city-states since then. She ordered building of a defensive wall around each military camp that she established. Later, townz grew within these protective wallz, many of which are still in existence. They're known as "ganuwar Amina", or Amina's wallz. She is mostly remembered as "Amina, Yar Bakwa ta san rana," meaning "Amina, daughter of Nikatau, a woman as capable as a man.

Lerone Bennet's, Before The Mayflower, we find L'Ouverture, a Haitian born in 1743, was one of the first anti-slavery freedom fighterz during the time of slaveholderz, thomas jefferson and patrick henry. Once a slave, it wasn't until the Haitian Revolution (he was almost 50) gave birth to a man that literally sent shiverz down the backs of YT. He defeated the english and spanish armies, unified Haiti and rocked Napoleon. Toussaint joined the rebel army, "serving as an ally of spain against france then as an ally of france against england and spain. Playing off the spanish against the french and the french against the english, he outmaneuvered the best diplomats of his day and gained freedom for the slaves." (Bennet)

After the Revolution, he administered the building of roadz, buildingz and bridges. He made every citizen a soldier and spurred advancement in agriculture; clearly strategic tactics of self independence. Toussaint was a devout roman catholic, but gave up the oppressive faith in his later year. His nephew stated that he dissed the religion in a village church, "You! You are the God of the white man, not the God of the Negroes! You have betrayed man, and deserted me! You have no pity for my race!" He then hurled a marble crucifix to the floor. On April 7th, 1803, he died in a cell in a fortress on the french-swiss borderz after being captured by Napoleon.

Mother of the great leader Shaka Zulu. Nandi is the evalasting symbol of hard work patience and determination. She withstood and overcame many obsticles to raise to a position of power in all Zululand.

GABRIEL PROSSER (1776 October 10, 1800)
Born the same year YT declared its independence (1776) and bursting onto the scene 24 yearz later, Gabriel meditated on dreamz of a black state in the land of Virginia. In the summer of 1800 he held meetingz at fish fries and barbecues. Every Sunday he dipped into Richmond and studied the town, making a mental note of strategic points and the location of armz and ammunition. His plan was simple, the right wing would grab arsenal and seize the gunz; the left would take the gun powder house; the key central wing would enter the town at both endz simultaneously and would cut down every basically every white person. After Richmond, he planned attacks like that of a virus on neighboring cities. Unfortunately, on Saturday, August 30th, 2 negroes sold them out telling their master. Unaware of the betrayal, Gabriel and some 1000 slaves were unable to enter Richmond because a thunderstorm washed out the bridges and roadz making it impossible to enter. Before he could reassemble, the state attacked, arresting Gabriel and 34 of his men. They were all convicted and hanged in 1800.

DENMARK VESEY (1767? July 2, 1822)
An ex-slave of a slave trader, he knew the wickedness of slavery and that man was not meant to slave for man. It got to the point where Vesey couldn't bear to have a white person in his presence. He was very outspoken with his hatred for YT—which should be noted, was based soley because YT hated Afrikan people; so don't get it twisted thinkin' he hated whitefolk for no reason! When slaves bowed to YT in the street, he would rebuke them. When the slaves replied, "But we're slaves," Vesey would reply, "You deserve to be slaves." An infamous quote of Vesey was when he said, "We are free, but the white people here won't let us be so; and the only way is to raise up and fight the whites." One of his planz was to takeover of arsenalz, guardhouses, powder magazines and naval stores in Charleston, South Carolina, but, he too, was betrayed by a house negro. Vesey and 5 of his aides were hanged on July 2, 1822.

NAT TURNER (October 2, 1800 November 11, 1831)
Born the year Gabriel died, his mother had to be tied to prevent her from murdering him because she couldn't bear to bring another child into slavery. Madd humble and spiritual, he renounced tobacco, liquor and money. Turner explained Y he was what he was, "...Having soon discovered that to be great, I must appear so, I studiously avoided mixing in society and wrapped myself in mystery, devoting my time to fasting and prayer." He was clearly not the average enslaved Afrikan. He saw visionz and heard voices. One day he had an unusual vision: there were black and white spirits wrestling in the sky. The sun grew dark and blood gushed forth in streamz; while walking in the woodz, he found hieroglyphic characterz and blood on the leaves. He concluded the day of reckoning on YT was near. Another vision validated this theory. The "spirit", he said, told him that on the appearance of a sign, "I should arise and prepare myself and slay my enemies with their own weapons." The sign appeared in the form of a solar eclipse in February 1831.

There was a Jerusalem in Southampton, Virginia in that year. Turner decided to attack it on Sunday, August 21st. They would strike that night, beginning at the home of his master, and proceed from house to house, killing every white man, woman and child. His first hit happened to be the home of Joseph Travis, Nat's slaveownerz. They killed the overseer, his wife, 2 teenagerz and an infant. They continued to kill some 60 whites, with additional slaves joining them as they leveled each plantation. While he was at large, from North Carolina to Maryland, not a single white family could relax for fear the antidote to white supremacy would catch on.

When he was finally captured, he was taken to trial where he pleaded not guilty, saying he did not feel guilty. On November 11 he was hanged. Some may feel his acts were violent, but the violence was already there. Slavery was violence and Nat's acts were responses to that violence; fighting for his right to live free. He should not be condemned, he should heralded as a hero!!

Prosser and Vesey plotted revolts and were betrayed. Nat plotted and successfully executed. The deedz of these bruthaz are but a few in the history of freedom fighterz. They were not afraid to shed blood nor lose their life for they were not bonded to physical life. They believed life was everlasting and if you remain a part of the problem, there will never be a solution. Are you a Farrakhan or a Turner? The so-called ending you may hear about is not the end of wo/man but the end of YTs 6000 year reign. There will be many that will perish (many of whom are waiting for that mystery god to come out of the sky), but the strong will survive. Those that use truth as their measuring stick realize the alleged "2nd coming" is not coming from a man, but from a movement. As my comrad E.D. once said, "just as YTs New World Order cannot be linked to one man, it is a movement—and so is the 2nd coming. It's not going to be Jesus—which is a movement outside of you—it's a movement (of the people) from within!" Stop lookin' for leadership and be one!

*Nat Turner History Note: New research now documents that the picture painted about our courageous ancestor, Nat Turner in Thomas Gray's book "The Confessions of Nat Turner" is a gross distortion of facts — LIES!

Nat Turner, who led a brave revolutionary army of enslaved Afrikans August 21, 1831 to strike a decisive blow against chattel enslavement in Southampton County, VA, did not Confess as alleged in Gray's book. Instead, Turner and his army pled "NOT GUILTY!" Further, Thomas Gray was NOT Turner's attorney. His attorney was William Parker.

These revelations are stated in a new book "Resurrection of Nat Turner" by Sharon Foster, a sister, who bases her book on her reading of the actual, hand-written court trial records in the Southampton County, VA courthouse.

Gray's book has tarnished the honorable image of Nat Turner in the minds of those who believed the hype for over 180 years! It is up to US to ensure that the truth about Nat Turner trumps the lies for the next 180 years!

"Long live the spirit of Nat Turner!"

— Bro. Kwasi (kwsi708@aol.com)

YAA ASANTEWAA (1840 – October 17, 1921)
With the close of the slave trade the Ashanti found themselves at a disadvantage with no other form of export. Slave trading had also caused neglect on basic demands such as agriculture and cloth manufacturing. Severely weakened, soon they found themselves the targets of their former European allies. Ironically with reconstruction occurring in America, the British were trying to take possession of the Gold Coast, now known as Ghana.

The proud warrior people known, as the Ashanti, inhabited this region. The British began their move by exiling the Ashanti’s King Premph in 1896. When this did not succeed in breaking the peoples’ spirit they demanded the supreme symbol of the Ashanti people: the Golden Stool. On March 28, 1900, the British Governor called a meeting of all the kings in and around the Ashanti City of Kumasi ordering them to surrender the Golden Stool. Deeply insulted, the Ashanit silently left the meeting and went home to prepare for war. Nana (Queen-Mother) Yaa Asantewa became the inspiring force behind the Ashanti. This began with an unforgettably stinging speech.

One evening the chiefs held a secret meeting at Kumasi. Yaa Asantewa, the Queen Mother of Ejisu, was at the meeting. The chiefs were discussing how they should make war on the white men and force them to bring back the Asantehene. Yaa Asantewa noticed that some of the chiefs were afraid. Some said that there should be no war. They should rather go to beg the Governor to bring back the Asantehene King Prempeh. Then suddenly Yaa Asantewa stood up and spoke. This was what she said:

"Now I have seen that some of you fear to go forward to fight for our king. If it were in the brave days of, the days of Osei Tutu, Okomfo Anokye, and Opolu Ware, chiefs would not sit down to see thief king taken away without firing a shot. No white man could have dared to speak to chief of the Ashanti in the way the Governor spoke to you chiefs this morning. Is it true that the bravery of the Ashanti is no more? I cannot believe it. It cannot be! I must say this, if you the men of Ashanti will not go forward, then we will. We the women will. I shall call upon my fellow women. We will fight the white men. We will fight till the last of us falls in the battlefields."

The speech so moved the chiefs that at once they swore the Great Oath of Ashanti to fight the British until the Asantehene King Premph was set free from his exile. Yaa Asantewa began by having her troops cut telegraph wires and blocking routes to and from Kumasi where the British had a fort. For several months the Queen Mother led the Ashanti in combat, keeping the British pinned down.

After sending 1,400 soldiers to put down the rebellion, the British captured Yaa Asantew and other Ashanti leaders. All were exiled. Yaa Asantewa died in 1921 far from her homeland. Her bravery and name is still remembered by those who refer to one of the last great battles for Ashanti independence and the last war fought in Black Africa led by a woman.

NEHANDA MBUYA (Grandmother) OF ZIMBABWE (1896)
When the English invaded Zimbabwe in 1896 and began confiscating land and cattle, Nehanda and other leaders declared war. Nehanda also displayed remarkable leadership and organizational skillz at a young age. Though dead for a hundred yearz, Nehanda remainz what she was when alive, the single most important person in the modern history of Zimbabwe. She is still referred to as Mbuya (Grandmother) Nehanda by Zimbabwean patriots.

"Never give up until you either win or you die." — The Spook Who Sat Beside The Door.


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• After reading this, I am changing my mind about needing Farrakhan to restart the revolution. You're right. He's an asshole. We must start a small organization having no leader and physically separated so we cannot be infiltrated by YT. Peace and Blessings...
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• please keep the knowledges coming! i do believe jesse jackson is a sell out. the whiteman never tries to kill or harm him. i do believe that jesse jackson had or knew about king death. now farrakhan is a another story i think he is the man to show us the way toward ALLAH. farrakhan is wise enough to know that this devil is about to fall. he knows and teach the history of white people and our people. i know he is not a sellout. he went into the church to get our people. look what the enemy did to khallid muhammad. they poisioned him. it does not make any sense to call the whiteman a blue-eyed devil especially in these times we live. the brother is doing all he can to save us from the destruction of the whiteman. please my brother on the web, google search 'ZEITGEIST movie'. knowledge is power. also please go to youtube.com. type in 'pork and coke' and you will see everybody pouring coke on the pork. 1 hour later worm's come out the meat. also type in 'origin of aids' you will see a documentary that takes place in the congo where the white scientist's took the diseased kindey of a monkey and passed a law that everbody in the congo must take the polio shot given by the world health organization. if you miss the shot, you must take the shot another day. they killed over 40 million in the congo! everywhere they gave the shot is where the gold diamond mineral's are. may allah bless you with knowledges wisdom understanding!
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